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My Final Race as an RD

After nearly 32 years of organizing trail races in California, I have decided to pull the plug and think about what I might want to do the rest of my life. As you can imagine being in the sport since I was 35, first as a beginning runner and later as a race director starting back in November 1984, the magic sport of running has meant a lot to me.  Going to races around the State as a competitor was very rewarding as was meeting great people, many of whom I am happy to say remain mates. 

My sporting life started out playing soccer in the UK, where I grew up. I carried on playing in Australia after migrating with my wife Susie in 1965. I was lucky to play semi-pro in Sydney, back when the game was just catching on down under.  My design- engineering background kept me busy with most of the major car manufacturers, finally ending up with my own design office. At 28, a collision on the field of play brought my soccer career to an end when I suffered a knee injury that required a cartilage operation.  Fortunately for Baz all went well using the old fashion way of cutting and stitching, but I was never able to kick a ball again.  My second favorite sport at the time was boxing.  I would train a couple of days a week anywhere I found a gym. One day, the local trainer in Adelaide, Australia asked if I was interested in a real fight. I won and the rest is history as they say.  I had a few fights earning 50 dollars a fight until my engineering brain said maybe time to quit, because the competition was getting increasingly tougher as I moved up the charts. The actual need to run started in Brisbane in Queensland, Australia when I belonged to an elite bunch of gambling drunks. I had no clue what I was going to get myself into.  Coming in last in a group of about 20 runners over a 7 mile hilly road course was not acceptable. Slowly but surely, I got the hang of putting one leg in front of another.

My move to Southern California back in 1975, after a brief visit for nearly a year back in 73, was something I wanted to do.  With the help of a manufacturing company in CA who needed my expertise, things worked out for me to be a permanent resident in the US.  I joined a bunch of road runners in Irvine called the OC Supper Club.  That started my love of the sport.  Many years later, although only a few of the guys are still able to run, I will be forever grateful for their help and friendship.  My good club mate, Herb Killackey, gave me an introduction into the world of ultra running by asking me if I would help him run the Western States 100 mile ultra race up near Squaw Valley. Knowing nothing, I agreed and in 1980 we crossed the finish line in Auburn in under 24 hours.  After 2 tries, I managed to get the silver belt buckle in 1984, the same year I organized my first San Juan Trail 50 miler.  What came after were many years of running around the world and, of course, putting on many trail races in California. During the many years I have been involved in the sport I have met many magic people, a couple of “dick heads” along the way of course, but considering the thousands of runners I have met I would not change a thing.


Having my long time good friend Doug Malewicki take care of my website provided much info to share.  All the support at my events has also been magic.  Of course, since I started race directing much has changed; so many more races have been started throught the US and the world...  all good I think.


My final curtain call will be the Shadow of the Giants 50K race on June 11, 2016.  I hope to see many of you at Fish Camp.  Especially that ever strong ultrunner, my good mate Rob McNair, who has completed every single Shadow race since 1990.


My WTRS (Winter Trail Run Series) up in Cleveland National Forest will continue with lovely Molly at the helm and my Shadow race will still go on with my mate Nate taking control.  they have insisted I turn up whenever I can to abuse and corrupt, as I have tried to do since 1984.  So my running friends - life goes on!  I hope to be healthy and running strong myself for years to come.  You can be sure I will pat you on the ass when I pass you in a race.  I wish everyone the best, you don't have to be the best, just DO your best




Big Baz will celebrate his 75 Birthday in late October!
He has booked a nice room in Laguna Woods, same location as his 70th bash.  He would like to invite all the WTRS runners that would like to attend.  More information will be given out later as to the exact date and time... hopefully a Saturday night.  You will meet a lots of his old mates and share many bullshit stories of the many adventures he has had through life.

Stay tooned.

Big BAZ has moved back into Laguna Woods (with the other old geezers)!
His only phone number is his cell: 949-355-3599. 
Same email address:
3336 Punta Alta unit 1F, Laguna Woods, CA 92637. 

Big Baz's "2016" Trail Race Dates

The Forest Service limits the number of runners to 150.  Please sign up early!

(Online registration available once race date link is active)
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2016 Jan 9

Winter Trail Run Series

(If you haven't done a   
trail race before, click
Beginner's Page )

12K 1,310'
Jan 23 15K 1,327'
Feb 6 18K 1,429'
Feb 20 21K 2,850'
June 11 Shadow of the Giants 50K
     and 20K FUN RUN!
50K 3,750'


Results & photos from all 2007 through 2015 Big Baz races:
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New feature: A quiet word from RD BIG BAZ!

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Big Baz wants to recommend these Nov 15. 2014 - 50K and 50 Mile trail races
to his fellow Fresno, Oakhurst and Yosemite area trail runner friends
Go to.....  www.sanjoaquinrunning.com

Big Baz has been running trails for decades! This 1984 picture is from their OLD GOATS running group
 while running the famous Grand Canyon R2R2R (Rim to Rim to Rim).  Big Baz is all the way on the right!

 "Big Baz" greeting the New Year & at age 32 with Doug Malewicki's brand new 1972 Porsche 914
(Taken in 1973, back when "the ladies" regularly mistook him for either Evel Knievel or Paul Newman.)


A few scenes from Big Baz's Magic Trail Races!
(Click on any photo on Big Baz's website to see a larger version)

Pre-race gathering at Blue Jay Campground

They're OFF!


Bill & Sandy





Matt & Jezza
leaving Blue Jay 

Girls in the WTRS
Cleveland National Forest

Matt happy to see Big Baz
at the FINISH line

Winter Trail Series winner Jon Clark


Mrs. Fitzer with
WTRS award winning tot

Article on Big Baz's 2012 Shadow of the Giants 50K
the Fresno Bee newspaper
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Speedsters Greg and Amy Friedman from Lafayette, CO with their first place awards

RD Big Baz with old friend
and fellow old fart Doug

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