January 27, 2007
12K Results

Winter Trail Run Series 12K Results - January 27, 2007


Well here we go again, it was really magic to be back in Blue Jay with all those smiling faces. Thanks for the welcome back, from the old farts to all the new runners to Blue Jay. We were lucky the weather was nice, although the usual complainers were back! Marking the course the day before reminded me how tough it is, especially if you don't go out slow the first few miles! Poor Linda Kassmen found out the hard way, that staying upright is good, her scares will tell the story, and she even refused medical help from yours truly.

As for the race itself, 57 runners listened intently to all the instructions at the starting line, sorry to say 3 people missed because they came late... no worries they made it in the results. I had to go out onto the course to redirect the route and was returning when I heard footsteps pounding somewhere in the forest. I was just in time to direct Eric Frome onto the final turn. I remember running that fast!!!

Before I made it back to the finish line about 5 runners had finished. Lucky for me my good mates were there to greet Eric crossing the line, under one hour I might add. Amazing! The famous local Rob McNair was real happy to finish only 7 minutes back to take second overall. Being twice Eric's age was his excuse. Kyle Huang took third just seconds in front of Brian McDermott. Brian's pop Bill came in sixth overall, not bad for a 55 year old, good training for his Catalina Marathon.

Lovely Michelle Barton just has it all, speed, endurance and hair! Very happy to win, but was only 30 seconds in front of Ann Hall. 42-year-old Sherry Kilersby was 3rd and smiling. Congrats to all the award winners, including 10-year-old Max Stein and the oldest bloke out there on the course, Mr. Malewicki. I will increase the award as we get more runners and it helps me when you enter early, thanks to all who entered all the 4 races. Michelle and her dad did good work with helping attract runners and everyone enjoyed the detailed web site. All this tech stuff is beyond me! My good mate Bill Ramsey did well with our friendly raffle.  Hope you enjoyed the spoils thanks to our local sponsors: Crank Sports and Fleet Feet Sports in Laguna Niguel. Those runners who had to leave early missed out!

Must thank Bill and Sandy Johnson for helping at the start and then going out onto the course to remove all my ribbons. I did notice Rob got an extra loop in, too old to know any better! I am really happy to be back in the Cleveland National Forest, lets hope we get more street runners, they just don't know what they are missing, right! See you on February 10th, bring the smiles and stay healthy, I do try to make each race special. Don't forget to tell a friend. 
Love BAZ

RESULTS - WTRS 12K - January 27, 2007
Place Name m/f Age Time
1 Eric Frome m 26 57.17
2 Rob McNair m 52 1.02.36
3 Kyle Huang m 35 1.03.10
4 Brian McDermott m 23 1.03.26
5 Mike Mathewson m 44 1.04.26
6 Bill McDermott m 55 1.09.59
7 Chandler Gelhausen m 27 1.10.06
8 Tom Gey m 54 1.11.00
9 Michelle Barton f 36 1.11.28
10 Bob Harris m 47 1.11.44
11 Ann Hall f 39 1.11.58
12 James Tayior m 42 1.14.22
13 Mike Matrtin m 51 1.14.40
14 Sherry EItersby f 42 1.15.28
15 Phillippe Marchand m 34 1.18.31
16 Steve Merelees m 55 1.19.50
17 Marisa Willment f 43 1.22.02
18 Jennifer Forman f 34 1.24.07
19 Jeff Brack m 45 1.24.11
20 Tamara Fortney f 44 1.24,55
21 Charlie Nickell m 44 1.24.55
22 Max Stein m 10 1.27.10
23 Jeff Stein m 40 1.27.10
24 Tim Kliegl m 56 1.27.44
25 Steph Kinley f 36 1.27.44
26 Miwa Kawai f 33 1.27.44
27 Linda Kessman f 47 1.27.44
28 Tim Patterson m 42 1.28.30
29 Leon Gray m 61 1.28.34
30 Arne Gunnarssen m 64 1.29.36
31 Pam Everett f 46 1.29.36
32 Mark Eichoff m 45 1.31.32
33 Bob Hancock m ? 1.31.56
34 Carol Ruprecht f 47 1.32.34
35 Andy Bison m 51 1.32.52
36 Rick Noer m 56 1.34.10
37 Don Bach m 46 1.34.19
38 Steve Delatorre m 26 1.36.00
39 Kate Griffin f 39 1.36.00
40 Tara Termezy f 32 1.36.00
41 Eric Lumba m 40 1.36.19
42 Kedric Francis m 46 1.36.49
43 Deven Hollriger f 36 1.37.32
44 Molly Donnellan f 44 1.38.12
45 Hans Duncan m 54 1.38.13
46 Steve Curtis m 50 1.38.56
47 Chris Diaz m 47 1.39.34
48 Melanie Weir f 42 1.39.58
49 Maurie Bousquet m 64 1.42.00
50 Larry Laguna m 46 1.43.08
51 Doug Malewicki m 67 1.44.20
52 Dave Saine m 57 1.45.10
53 Tara Jordon f 36 1.48.33
54 Jessica Deline f 29 1.59.28
55 Wendy Garcia f 38 2.03.36
56 Skip Molina m 58 2.03.55
57 Leigh Corbin f 45 2.08.28
58 George Velasco m 53 2.08.32
59 Sue Backer f 61 2.50.17
60 George Baker m 61 2.50.17

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Identify it by section, row and column.  Free of course.  Baz will buy me a Starbucks next month!)

Back row - Chandler Gelhausen, Don Bach, Sierra Barton.  Front - Doug Malewicki, Michelle Barton, Tamara Fortney, ? & ?

Tamara, Michelle & Pam Everett

The Ortega Highway  Starbucks gang!

?, Michelle, Tamara,  ? & Sierra in the front.

Sierra Barton, Grandpa Doug, RD Baz Hawley & mom Michelle Barton

Leigh "Turbo" Corbin and best Friend Michelle Barton

Leigh and George Velasco keeping warm before the 12K race.



Leon Gray - 1st over 60!

Arne Gunnarsen - #2 over 60 - just a minute behind leon.

Sierra has a high 5 for Tamara Fortney


Don Bach - How did he rate the #1!

Maurie Bousquet

After a long wait, Sierra spots grandpa Doug coming up the trail.

Com'on Grandpa you're almost there!

Whew!  Sierra don't go so fast!
The 3 generations cross the finish line together!  Grandpa Doug - 67, Michelle-36, Sierra-7.


Garmin GPS data with Google Earth Views

Aerial View of the Course

Google Earth 3D view of the 12K terrain

GPS record of the elevation changes.  The Garmin sums all those ups and downs.  Tells us we climbed a TOTAL of 1/2 mile (2,604 feet)!  The Garmin measured a distance of 8.15 miles, whereas 12K = 7.456 miles (we ran an extra 9% = 0.7 mile).
12K Race Google Earth Flyby Tour
Double click on this link and wait for Google Earth to zoom in from orbit to the view that shows the red outline of the entire 12K course.  Once it stabilizes, click on PLAY TOUR button or select PLAY TOUR from the drop down VIEW menu.   That starts the animated flyover of the entire course.  Awesome!



Marg ?, Bill Ramsey & Race Director Baz Hawley busy tracking the incoming runners.

Ann Hall, Michelle Barton & Chandler Gelhausen

Sierra leaping in the piles of leaves.

The speedy 10 year old Max Stein with Dad Jeff & Sierra Barton.

"Turbo" got a trail owie!

Close up.  Yuk... Is it TIME for surgery?

Naw!  Leigh "Turbo" Corbin just keeps on smiling.  She had a great time accompanied by George Velasco.

Leigh, George and Michelle.

Need names???

Ann Hall & Michelle Barton

The all important score keeping team!

Michelle and Pam Everett



OK folks - the TIME has come!

Max Stein, age 10 won 1st place in the 20 and under category with an amazing time of 1:27:10 (Max was 22nd overall!)

Leon Gray- First place in the 60+ age group

In FIRST place overall was 26 year old Eric Frome with a fast time of under 1 hour (57:17!)


52 year old Rob McNair was 2nd place over all with a 1:02:36 time.

The elusive camera shy Rob McNair is caught SMILING!

35 year old Kyle Huang earned 3rd place overall with a 1:03:10 time.

Kyle Huang
FIRST female overall is Michelle Barton in 1:11:28

Michelle with daughter Sierra and her 1st place award.

Fleet Fleet employee Michelle gets a special thank you from Baz for their support.

? won a pair of trail running shoes compliments of Fleet Feet Sports of Laguna Niguel.

? also won a pair of Fleet Feet Trail running shoes.

Turbo won a Fleet Feet shirt!