February 10, 2007
15K Results

Winter Trail Run Series 15K Results - February 10, 2007

It's raining outside as I am writing this, a little different to the magic weather we had yesterday up at Blue Jay for the running of the 15K. We are so very lucky living in Southern California.

Had a nice colorful turnout, I love the camaraderie we share, and the return of some of my older mates.  We must be doing something right to get them out of their wheel chairs! There was one name missing on the finishers list for the 12K.... must say sorry to Jonathan Jordon, he finished with his wife Tara. We did have one little problem with a missing runner, a first timer decided to get sore feet and maybe made a wrong turn out there at Sugar Loaf. It was good to see his smiling face as we were leaving to check out the trail. I know it made his wife Jennifer and daughter happy; just hate to lose anyone.

Young 26-year-old Eric Frome is making it real hard for the other speedsters.  He already won the 12K and again was first to cross the finish line, making it look easy I might add. Brian McDermott moved up one spot from his 12K finish, coming in second - 5 minutes behind Eric. Rob McNair walked the last 100 meters to finish third, smiling as usual; he sure loves his trail running. Brian's dad cruised in taking 4th place and we welcomed back me good mate Scott McKenzie; who came in only seconds behind Mr. McDermott.

As for the fairer sex, Miss Michelle Barton won again coming in 8th overall. She won a 50K the week before! Annie Hall took second overall as she did at the 12K. Young Leilani Rios was real happy with her 3rd place finish award; her cross-country season starts soon.

The over 60 division was won again by Leon Grey; he loves it out there. My 67-year-old mate Doug Malewicki enjoyed another finish, but was not happy about seeing his own blood from a fall on the trail; those dam rocks. Bill Dickey missed the 12K, but will be back for the remainder of the series and the 50K in April. Entry forms for the SJT50K are available.... bazhawley@sti.net

All in all we had a magic day in the sunshine, maybe we can attract a few more that are missing out on the fun. I suggest all runners carry water for the 18K run and don't forget your parking permit. Marg and Bill did do a good Job at the start and the finish line, I need all the help I can get. For entry forms go to scausatf.org.. we are working on a new WTRS site, I will keep you posted. Stay healthy and don't forget the glass is always half full, mine is! See you all on February 24th.  Love BAZ

WTRS 15K - February 10, 2007
Place Name m/f Age Time
1 Eric Frome  m 26 1.06.59
2 Brian McDermott  m 23 1.11.55
3 Rob McNair  m 52 1.16.03
4 Bill McDermott  m 55 1.17.14
5 Scott McKenzie  m 52 1.17.32
6 Chandler Gellhausen  m 27 1.18.15
7 Tom Dellner  m 42 1.20.36
8 Michele Barton  f 36 1.21.41
9 Pat Knoff  m 41 1.21.48
10 Tom Gey  m 54 1.22.48
11 Robert Harris  m 47 1.23.51
12 Annie Hall  f 39 1.25.01
13 Mike Martin  m 51 1.25.01
14 Leilani Rios  f 27 1.26.33
15 Steve Merilees  m 55 1.29.50
16 Jay Olsen  m 53 1.34.10
17 Darrell Rowe  m 31 1.36.44
18 Jennifer Forman  f 34 1.37.43
19 Norene Matsuda  f 42 1.40.09
20 Miwa Kawai  f 33 1.41.34
21 Tamara Fortney  f 44 1.43.04
22 Leon Grey  m 61 1.43.13
23 Michele Menton  f 35 1.44.01
24 Pam Everett  f 46 1.44.05
25 Jim Engle  m 55 1.44.23
26 Carol Ruprecht  f 47 1.45.48
27 Robert Hancock  m 48 1.46.28
28 Mark Eichoff  m 45 1.47.54
29 Linda Kessman  f 47 1.50.30
30 Andrew Bison  m 51 1.51.35
31 Kersten Seyferth  f 41 1.53.28
32 Melanie Weir  f 42 1.54.02
33 Deven Hollrigel  f 36 1.56.28
34 Hans Duncan  .m 54 1.58.07
35 Maurie Bousquet  m 64 1.58.47
36 Ann Marie Sharp  f 31 2.00.49
37 Doug Malewicki  m 67 2.01.13
38 Dave Saine  m 57 2.05.07
39 Anne Harvey  f 52 2.08.12
40 Steve Harvey  m 62 2.08.12
41 Leigh Corbin  f 45 2.13.37
42 George Velasco  m 53 2.13.46
43 George Baker  m 61 2.25.22
44 Karen Knoff  f 37 2.26.27
45 Bill Dickey m 67 2.29.05


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Identify it by section, row and column.  Free of course.  Baz will buy me a Starbucks next month!)

Pam Everett, Michelle & Sierra Barton, Chandler Gelhausen.  Pam gave Michelle photo birthday presents.  Her & Dean Karnazes running in AZ.

The Ortega Highway Starbucks gang.  Good place to get the day started and meet for car pools to the WTRS.


Leigh Corbin, Chandler, Michelle and Ken.

Pam, Sierra, Michelle & Chandler

Pam, Turbo, Michelle and Chandler

Turbo and George Velasco

Grandpa Doug & Sierra



Milling around in the cool pre-race air.

Trail instructions by Race Director, Baz Hawley.

Boon and its off and running!

Up the paved hill we go!

Here comes Pam

Pam Everett

There goes Pam!

Michelle Barton finishes in 1:21:41

Leon Grey

Maurie Bosquet


Leg trail owie's

Arm trail owie's

The 3 generations crossing the finish line.

Reenactment - as Sierra didn't want to hold grandpas bloody hand.

Miss future trail runner supreme - Sierra Barton!

Chandler Gelhausen


Garmin GPS data with Google Earth Views

Aerial View of the 15K Course

Google Earth 3D view of the 15K terrain

GPS record of the elevation changes.  The Garmin sums all those ups and downs.  Tells us we climbed a TOTAL of 2/3rds of a mile (3,502 feet)!  The Garmin measured a distance of 9.39 miles, whereas 15 kilometers = 9.32 miles.  Baz did good!

15K Race Google Earth Flyby Tour
Double click on this link and wait for Google Earth to zoom in from orbit to the view that shows the red outline of the entire 15K course.  Once it stabilizes, click on PLAY TOUR button or select PLAY TOUR from the drop down VIEW menu.   That starts the animated flyover of the entire course.  Awesome!



For a small fee your handsome, dashing , charming Race Director Baz Hawley will allow YOU to have a personal photo taken with him. 

Here he is on the left posing with Sierra and Michelle Barton.

 ? with Michelle & Sierra

 ? & Leilani Rios 

Maurie Bosquet, Ken & George Velasco

Clean up time! A sprint to the aid station.

But first a picture.

Sierra inspect grandpa's trail owie's.

1st time in 7 years!

Michelle, Turbo, Chandler & Sierra

The sun feels good!



Time for the award goodies!

Hear Ye!  Hear Ye!

3rd place overall is 52 year old, Rob McNair who finished in 1:16:03

2nd place overall

Same picture? No - his award was upside down

1st place overall, 26 year old Eric Frome gets a hug from RD Baz Hawley.

Eric blasted the 15K course in 1:06:59

Eric Frome

Turbo, Chandler, Sierra and Pam enjoying muchies and Baz's ribald commentary.

Pam Everett, Doug Malewicki & Maurie Bosquet enjoying some post race munchies

Hey you - I'm talking! I'm serious!! (No, I'm not!  I'm NEVER serious!)  Baz likes to have fun giving his best friends a hard time!.

Scott McKenzie, Bill Ramsey & Marg

Chandler Gelhausen -1st place under 30 in 1:18:15

Leon Grey - 1st place 60+ in 1:43:13

Congrats from the RD to Ann Harvey - 1st place female 50+

Hey Steve - your perv buddy Baz patted my butt again!

Obviously, my buddy Baz has good taste!

Husband & wife & long time trail runners, Steve & Ann Harvey, ran the 15K together.

Baz announces 1st place female.  Yes - Ms. Barton really has LONG red hair!

Baz's English friend ?, Sierra & Michelle Barton with RD Baz.

Cool plaque!

The girls showing their 1st and 2nd place awards.