February 24, 2007
18K Results

Winter Trail Run Series 18K  - February 24, 2007

Well, did we have another magic Saturday morning up at Blue Jay Camp Ground or what?  38 starters were treated to sunshine and a nice trail course, not to mention the growing camaraderie we all share.  Just a shame more runners canít come and enjoy, hopefully we are still growing.  Our local Forest Service mate Virgil was there with his big bossÖ. That is why I was so nice to Keith the District Ranger.  He enjoyed the fun to; but not interested in running. 

We had another bunch of first timers, me new mate Ryan Blazejewski came over from Narragansett, RI, not been there myself.  Must thank Miss M for bringing him for his first trail run.  Overall winner Eric Frome; you remember him he won the 12 and 15k, well he was a little nervous this time cos he didnít know the new faces.  He soon gained his confidence running the new part of the trail on his own.  Brian McDermott was not far behind to take second overall and one of the new comers Eric Wellmeyer took third and really enjoyed his run.  55-year-old Bill McDermott finished 7th overall and had lots of good things to say about the course, not to mention the new shoes he won in the Raffle.  Donít think they have his size at Fleet Feet!!!! Congrats to all the award winners, Leon Gray won the old farts division again. 

Michelle Barton loves those San Juan Trails and won again, finishing just seconds behind Brianís old man.  Marisa Willment was very happy with her second place finish and another MÖ Michele Menton was only seconds behind MW.  We had 10 of the best-looking women runners in the world out thereÖ so say all the blokes.  Maybe one of those group photos next time! Canít say what I am thinking! 

I did screw up the awards, I put them in a safe place in my condo and of course they were still safe when I got home on Saturday afternoon.  I will bring them to the 21K on the 10th, or I live in Laguna Woods, you can call by anytime.  Phone 949-830-5008 first. 

Thanks to our mates at Fleet Feet in Laguna Niguel and Crank Sports for the entire raffle prizes. I hope most of you got something, I do try to get everyone involved.  Took me 3 hours to retrieve all the ribbons, but I enjoyed every minute in the magic sun.  I hope to get the results out via the Internet, or for those with no computer, call and I will send via our postal service.   

Be prepared for the not so easy 21K, carry water, but I will have an aid station out there at the top of Trabuco, you hit it twice in the half marathon distance.  Good training for the SJT50K on April 7th.  So, keep smiling and we will get together again on March 10.   

Must thank Bill and Cass for their good work at the start/finish line.  We go back many years and we are still good mates; must be the sport.        Much Love BAZ XXXX

Entry forms for the SJT50K are available.... bazhawley@sti.net


Place Name m/f Age Time
1 Eric  Frome m 26 1.18.55
2 Brian  McDermott m 23 1.23.07
3 Eric Wellmeyer m 32 1.25.32
4 Ian MacDiarmid m 35 1.28.03
5 Ryan Blazejewski m 30 1.30.49
6 Chandler  Gelhausen m 27 1.31.32
7 Bill  McDermott m 55 1.32.32
8 Michelle  Barton f 36 1.34.37
9 James Taylor m 42 1.35.21
10 Mike  Marquis m 45 1.35.49
11 Tom  Dellner m 42 1.36.31
12 Tyler  Holt m 25 1.38.08
13 Steve Owen m 55 1.41.38
14 Evan MacDougall m 25 1.43.43
15 Steve  Merilees m 55 1.45.37
16 Ken Dempster m 36 1.48.26
17 Charlie Nickell m 44 1.51.54
18 Marisa Willment f 43 1.54.02
19 Michelle Menton f 35 1.54.43
20 Leon  Gray m 61 1.59.30
21 Stephanie Kinley f 36 2.00.39
22 Pam  Everett f 46 2.03.04
23 Linda  Kessman f 47 2.06.52
24 Eric Lumba m 40 2.10.13
25 Mark  Eichoff m 45 2.10.29
26 Steve  Harvey m 62 2.11.05
27 Mark Coleman m 48 2.13.04
28 Ann  Marie  Sharp f 31 2.13.54
29 Anne  Harvey f 52 2.15.58
30 Paul Peck m 65 2.17.27
31 Doug  Malewicki m 67 2.26.19
32 Hans  Duncan m 54 2.26.19
33 Dave  Saine m 57 2.31.28
34 Dan Dibb m 49 2.37.19
35 Sandra Larsen f 50 2.37.19
36 Leigh  Corbin f 45 3.06.15
37 George  Velasco m 53 3.06.15
38 Bill  Dickey m 67 3.09.11


(click on this or any any picture to see a larger detailed version)
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Identify it by section, row and column.  Free of course.  Baz will buy me a Starbucks next month!)

Left to right:
Ryan Blazejewski came a long way from Narragansett, Rhode Island. Pam Everett, Michelle Barton, Alicia and Chandler Gehlhausen, Doug Malewicki & Sierra Barton.

The Ortega Starbucks gang!

Chandler's sister, Alicia just moved out from Chicago, Illinois (the flat & the gray).  Came out to see her  brother run some REAL mountain trails.

Chandler & Alicia

Michelle "Redblur" and Leigh "Turbo"

Chandler, Sierra, Michele and Ryan

Chandler, Michelle & Ryan

Turbo with the gang & RD Baz

Doug's graphical comment on his recent 15K trail crash & burn!

Baz was kind enough to move the start line into the sunny area.  Was 34 degrees at the start & warm and sunny when we finished.

District Ranger Kieth with WTRS race Director Baz Hawley.  Keith was the official starter for the 18K race.



Steve Owen, 55, finished 13th in 1:41:38

Some of the great trail scenery!

Pam Everett on the trail.

Pam finished in 22nd place in 2:03:04

Ryan Blazejewski, age 30,  finished 5th in 1:30:49

Ryan from Rhode Island had fun at the WTRS!

Chandler Gehlhausen, age 27, finished 6th in 1:31:32

Michelle "Redblur" Barton finished 8th overall in 1:34:37 and was 1st female

Where is grandpa Doug?

Hans Duncan, 54, and Doug Malewicki, 67, finished 31st & 32nd together in 2:26:19.

When Doug finished, his Polar Heart Monitor said his average heart rate was 147!  The formula of 220 minus your age says the "average" 67 year old maxes out at 153.  So old Doug was operating at 96% of max for 2.5 hours! Nah!

Leigh "Turbo" Corbin with  Catalina Island way in the back ground.  What?  You didn't take 3 seconds to grab that view from the Sugarloaf Junction.  Tsk!  Tsk!

George Velasco and Leigh Corbin at the Sugarloaf Junction.  They got one of the mountain bikers, who take scenic breaks there, to shoot the picture.

Hey we all know this little bit of treachery some 8.5 miles into the race. 

Great picture by Turbo of George crossing the "Bridge of Roots"!


Garmin GPS data with Google Earth Views

Aerial View of the 18K Course

Google Earth 3D view of the 18K terrain

GPS record of the elevation changes.  The Garmin sums all those ups and downs.  Tells us we climbed a TOTAL of 3/4ths of a mile (4,020 feet)!  The Garmin measured a distance of 10.65 miles, whereas 18 kilometers = 11.18 miles mathematically. 

18K Race Google Earth Flyby Tour
Double click on this link and wait for Google Earth to zoom in from orbit to the view that shows the red outline of the entire 18K course.  Once it stabilizes, click on PLAY TOUR button or select PLAY TOUR from the drop down VIEW menu.   That starts the animated flyover of the entire course.  Awesome!



Chandler, Sierra & Michelle

Pam, Ryan, Michelle & Chandler

An interesting wild life remnant that Sierra found.

Ryan, Sierra, Alicia and Chandler

Now - what do you think Leigh and George did after the 18K (10.65 mile) race?  They kept on going and added the entire half marathon course to the 18K distance.  About 24.8 miles total!

Here is Turbo up along the Main Divide.  You can see Lake Elsinore way down and to the right.

Looks like George Velasco is on a familiar section of the trail going down from the aid station area.  Down and down to the creek crossing and then up and up the evil steep Horsethief trail to get back on the Main Divide trail and headed back to Blue Jay.



Your Race Director - Baz Hawley (Sorry, I didn't have a picture of a donkey.)

No it's NOT Baz the Llama, it's Baz the L-lame - WHO forgot to bring the AWARD PLAQUES!  All the 18K winners can get them in two weeks at the 21 K or call Baz at (949) 830-5008 and arrange to pick it up.

Baz is really in trouble because even the COOKIE MONSTER and ELMO are upset with him for forgetting to bring the awards.  They have, however, both forgiven him after finding out he did such a great job of marking the trails and entertaining the runners.