March 10, 2007
21K Results

Winter Trail Run Series 21K  - March 10, 2007


All good things must come to an end at sometime.  The 2007 WTRS was another success. Although our numbers were small, everyone seemed to have a good time at Blue Jay, maybe next year we can do better.  The weather for the 21K was magic, we have been so lucky having good conditions for all the races. 

7 runners made all the 4 runs by my calculations, thanks!  There are so many different success stories I can relate to, but Brian McDermott takes the overall champ position.  He turned 24 during the series, always challenged for that number one position and finally made it Saturday.  Although he was looking over his shoulder coming down the final hill, seems Kyle Hoang was real close at the last aid station.  Kyle was less than a minute behind Brian at the finish line.  52 year-old Scott McKenzie knew it was going to be hard to stay with the younger runners, but his concern was the older bloke behind him.  Mr. Buffalo Bill McDermott was again pushing as he has done his entire running career. 

Lovely Ann Hall came in with a smile to win the women’s race and 8th overall.  Sharon L’Heureux finished strong in second place and me mate Marisa Willment took third.  All the lovely ladies did well again, look forward to seeing them all next year. I didn’t manage to get a phone number! 

Leon Gray did his usual and won the over 60 division…. Again!  My good mate Doug Malewicki had another good day…. Runs the race, takes all the photos and then does my posting for me… what a mate!  We hope his daughter Michelle did good in her Saturday race.  Again thanks to Bill and Cass at the finish line, must mention my new mate Tony who handled the aid station on his own.  We all need mates like that; I am lucky. 

My SJT50K is April 7th up at Blue Jay, then, I have my favorite Shadow of the Giants 50K on June 2nd for those who like to head north for a fun weekend in Fish Camp. My Saddleback Marathon will be in October sometime…. Maybe a 50 miler on the same day if things work out with mate Steve.  That should be fun. 

Again thanks for coming, will keep you all informed of next years WTRS, hopefully same time and same place.  I do wish everyone a good summer of running, don’t forget Fleet Feet Sports have supported the series and they do give good service on all running apparel in lovely Laguna Niguel, mention the series when you buy your next trail running shoe.  Crank Sports have also supported the series; e-Gell seems to be the product that works for all endurance events… we hope to get their support next year. Must thank the local Forest Service, we are lucky to have our little space in the woods.  Any suggestions to improve our WTRS in the future I am on Love to hear from you.  I return north to my little property outside Oakhurst to build fence and enjoy the Sierra Mountains trails for part of the summer months.  

Lets stay in touch.  Much Love BAZ  XXX 
                                   Entry forms for the SJT50K are available....

WTRS 21K - March 10, 2007
Place Name m/f Age Time
1 Brian    McDermott m 24 1:47:26
2 Kyle     Hoang m 35 1:48:26
3 Scott    McKenzie m 52 1:55:27
4 Bill       McDermott m 55 1:57:33
5 Ryan    Privratsky m 39 2:00:47
6 James  Taylor m 42 2:05:22
7 Tom     Gay m 54 2:07:25
8 Ann      Hall f 39 2:10:41
9 Mike     Martin m 51 2:10:42
10 Steve    Merrilees m 55 2:11:50
11 Andy      Kumeda m 39 2:11:55
12 Sharon   L'Heureux f 39 2:13:11
13 Chaz      Nickell m 44 2:16:44
14 Marisa    Willment f 43 2:22:45
15 Pat         Norff m 41 2:25:09
16 Stephanie Kinley f 36 2:25:44
17 Miwa       Kawai f 33 2:25:51
18 Linda      Kessman f 47 2:25:56
19 Leon       Gray m 61 2:26:44
20 Edwuardo Robelo m 43 2:26:55
21 Dee        Payton f 46 2:27:11
22 Jennifer  Forman f 34 2:29:16
23 Tim       Kliegl m 56 2:32:23
24 Katie     Rzadowokka f 28 2:34:07
25 Pam      Everett f 46 2:34:31
26 Arne      Gunnarsson m 64 2:40:01
27 Carol      Ruprecht f 47 2:41:55
28 Melanie  Weir f 42 2:48:28
29 Steve     Harvey m 62 2:50:33
30 Andrew   Bisom m 51 2:51:08
31 Rick       Noer m 56 2:56:56
32 James    Howorth m 36 2:58:58
33 Hans      Duncan m 54 3:03:41
34 Doug      Malewicki m 67 3:04:28
35 Eric        Lumba m 40 3:05:47
36 Jonathan Resnick m 46 3:05:47
37 Sandra   Larsen f 50 3:07:36
38 Dan        Dibb m 49 3:07:36
39 Dave       Saine m 57 3:15:12
40 Skip       Molina m 58 3:34:24
41 Natalia    Norman f 31 3:24:29
42 Beiyi       Zheng f 43 3:34:30
43 George    Baker m 61 3:45:15
44 Billy        Dicky m 67 3:51:45


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Identify it by section, row and column.  Free of course.  Baz will buy me a Starbucks next month!)
Photos by Eric Lumba & Doug Malewicki.

Early morning fog on the Ortega Highway on the way to Blue Jay.

Registration & bib number pickup

Dan Dibb, Pam Everett, Sandra Larsen & Dee Payton

Chaz Nickell, Marisa Wilment and Race Director, Baz Hawley

Bill & Brian McDermott with ?

Wild, wild west cowboy trail runner, Steve Harvey and his lovely ultrarunning wife Anne, who was sidelined for the 21 K with a pulled muscle.

Kyle Hoang

Charlie Nickell - Check out Chaz's fun WTRS blogs at:

?, Miwa Kawai,Tim Kliegl, Dee Payton, Stephanie Kinley

Pam Everett with Steve "E equals M times C squared Einstein" Harvey.  Any resemblance to true genius is purely coincidental!

Pam & Scott McKenzie

OK ladies and gents - Time to pay attention to the BAZ!

Pre race course explanations (and entertainment) by Baz.

Angelina Jolie came disguised as ultrarunner Nattie Norman.

Two minutes before the official start.



Arne Gunnarsson finished 2nd in the 60+ age group

Dave Saine & Steve Harvey climbing to the first aid station

Fake out hill! 
Newbies coming down the Trabuco trail see this nasty uphill trail straight ahead and are quite happy when the actual course splits off to the left!

Jon Resnick and Eric Lumba nearing the creek crossing at the bottom of Trabuco.

Jon Resnick working his way up Horse thief trail. 1,354 feet of climbing in only 1.4 miles. An evil steep 17% grade!

Dan Dibb & Sandra Larsen are almost to the top of Horse thief.

Dan & Sandra - the top is in sight!  Woo Hoo!

Jon & Eric Lumba along the Main Divide trail with lake Elsinore way down and to the right.

Motorcylist Eric Kosters

Eric, an injured member of the OCTR (Orange County Trail Runners) came out to cheer & support his friends.

Skip Molina, Natalie Norman & Beiyo Zheng finish the 21K!


Garmin GPS data with Google Earth Views

Aerial View of the 21K Course

Google Earth 3D view of the 21K terrain

GPS record of the elevation changes.  The Garmin sums all those ups and downs.  Tells us we climbed a TOTAL of over 1/2 of a mile (3,470 feet)!  The Garmin measured a distance of 12.68 miles, whereas 21 kilometers = 13.05 miles mathematically.  Almost exactly a half marathon distance.

21K Race Google Earth Flyby Tour
Double click on this link and wait for Google Earth to zoom in from orbit to the view that shows the red outline of the entire 21K course.  Once it stabilizes, click on PLAY TOUR button or select PLAY TOUR from the drop down TOOLS menu.   That starts the animated flyover of the entire course.  Awesome!

The fabulous Google earth views and flyby comes from uploading the Garmin GPS data to This site does a separate analysis of the elevation changes and came up with 4,214 feet of climbs!  80% of a mile.



Hear YE, Hear YE!  Time to gather around & give out the GOODIES!

Ryan Privratsky, 39, finished in 2:00:47 to earn 5th overall and 1st place in the 30-39 age group

James Taylor, 39, finished in 2:05:22 to earn 1st in the 40-49 group.

Bill Bill McDermott, 55 finished in 1:57:33 and was 4th overall and 1st in the 50 to 59 group.

Leon Gray, 61, finished in 2:26:44 for yet another 1st place finish in the 60+ age group.

2007 dominator of the WTRS 60+ age group. Leon's 21K "trail owies"!

Stephanie Kinley, 36 was 4th overall female and 1st in her 30 to 39 age group with a time of 2:25:44.

Linda Kessman, 47, finished in 2:25:56 was 6th overall female & 1st in the 40 to 49 age group

Sandra Larsen, 50, earned 1st place in the ladies 50+ group with a time of 3:07:36.

Marisa Wilment, 43, finished in 2:22:45 to win 3rd place overall female.

Ann Hall, 39, finished in 2:10:41 to earn
1st place overall female!

Overall first place winner of the 21K was Brian McDermott, 24, who finished in a time of 1:47:26!!

Trivia contest/raffle TIME!  Obscure, tough  questions from Baz's mate in England.  Some were quite impossible to answer.  You won those if you came up with a ridiculous answer that made Baz laugh!  Lots of prizes!

Baz with volunteer Tony Cherbak, who manned the Main Divide aid station.  Part of Tony's entry requirements for doing the Western States 100.

Lucky ? won the $100 certificate for running shoes donated by Fleet Feet Sports Laguna Niguel.

Well my sweeties - did you or did you not have a wonderful time out here today on my scenic Cleveland Forest trails? G'Day, see you next year.