April 7, 2007
San Juan Trail 50K Results

San Juan Trail 50K (31 miles)  - April 7, 2007

     It's amazing how lucky we get sometimes, Saturday's SJT50K was just one of those days. My mate Bob and I arrived up at Blue Jay in the dark, bit chilly and foggy. Andy Kumeda arrived early and said he couldn't wait to start, by 6:59 we had 54 excited runners at the start line. Shortly after 7 bells the race was on, then my job really starts, mates to organize, water to be delivered etc, etc.  Then we had runners turning up late, got lost in the fog I think. One being my good mate, Jorge Pacheco and his lovely Maria. Didn't take long to put on bib numbers, but all the other runners had an eleven-minute start.
       At the first aid station out next to the Ortega highway across from the Candy Store many magic volunteers were ready with everything prepared. As for the weather, it just wasn't going to improve, shitty fog, cold and drizzle, reminds are of my homeland! The runners arrived at 1 hour 20 minutes, running time, me old mate Eric Clifton leading the pack, Rob McNair knew it was going to be a challenging day, even with his new shoes on! All the runners were enjoying the trail and conditions. Becky Flowers, in only her third ultra, was in the top 5. Back at Blue Jay, more good mates had arranged the second Station. 53 year old Rob McNair had made his move and wasted no time passing through. Eric stayed to inhale several slices of orange then moved on. A new face moved into the top 5, Jorge was making up for his late start. Becky was still up there and local lovely Michelle Barton was staying strong in second place. El Cajon resident; Anne Langstaff was enjoying the day in third place.
     Yes, we had our cut off  time at BJ, but allowed all but a few to finish the tough last 12 miles. The first timers, including my new mate Chaz and runners from the OC Trail Runners were all smiles, they love their trails.
      Our Ham Radio team did another good job and let the finishing line know we had a new leader on the way down from the last aid station. There were no bets to who it was and no surprise to see the smiling face of Jorge racing through the mist. He had used all his talents and strength to catch his senior competitor. His next big race is Death Valley to Mt. Whitney - bet it don't rain that day! Rob was only 7 minutes back finishing second, his new shoes will need a face lift. Eric was 29 minutes behind to take third place overall.  We expect to see more of Mr. Clifton having now moved into our area.
      Becky Flowers maintained her pace to win and finish third overall in 5:20:30.  Michelle was only 9 minutes back, maybe doing a 50K the week before!!! Anne enjoyed her day coming 3rd overall. Jennifer Forman had a good day; she said it was nice to see her better half at the Trabuco Trail aid station twice. All the award winners did good, must give Fred Pollard kudos for his lonely finish. I was the only person to greet him. Leigh and George did not come in last!
       Must again thank all the many volunteers who spent a cold day in the woods. Local running store F
leet Feet Sports Laguna Niguel was good to us again with lots of goodies, along with Crank Sports (E-gel). Me old mate Matt did good helping with the Magic Raffle, nearly everyone who stayed around got something. Mate Maurie did good with keeping the finish line together, with many layers of clothing he was still cold. I was to, in me shorts.
       Another good day was had by all, maybe I can see some of you in Fish Camp for the
18th Shadow of the Giants 50K, June 2nd.  I know Rob will be there to continue his run. I have met some new good mates over the last 6 months. I hope to say involved with more races in the Cleveland National Forest. Maybe add a 50 miler to the Saddleback Marathon on November 11th. Hope to get a better website up. Stay in touch via bazhawley@sti.net ...I return to my home in Oakhurst for a few months. Keep training, but not too hard, save something for race day.  
Much Love Big BAZ XXXX


San Juan Trail 50K - April 7, 2007
Place  Bib# Time Name M/F Age A.G.Place
1 57 4:45:08 Jorge Pacheco M   39 1  
2 54 4:54:10 Rob McNair M   52 1  
3 16 5:20:30 Becky Flowers   F 31   1
4 55 5:23:47 Eric Clifton M   48 1  
5 2 5:29:49 Michelle Barton   F 36   2
6 4 5:30:59 Jamie Bocox M   47 2  
7 13 5:37:48 Robert Cowan M   46 3  
8 40 5:45:00 Robert Schipsi M   46 4  
9 49 5:52:05 Andy Kumeda M   39 2  
10 20 5:58:34 Rob Harris M   47 4  
11 21 5:59:57 Chris Jensen M   43 5  
12 28 6:00:34 Anne Langstaff   F 45   1
13 5 6:02:00 Jeremy Boyd M   30 3  
14 45 6:03:35 Cheryl Zwarkowski   F 49   2
15 34 6:04:39 Charlie Nickell M   44    
16 33 6:05:21 Steve Merrilees M   56 2  
17 19 6:15:58 Rob Harris M   47    
18 35 6:16:27 Bud Philips M   60 1  
19 51 6:24:46 Tim Downing M   40    
20 52 6:24:46 Kim Giminez   F 42   3
21 47 6:29:17 Michael Muenzer M   47    
22 43 6:30:57 Adam Walters M   35    
23 18 6:31:18 Steve Funke M   46    
24 17 6:31:55 Jennifer Forman   F 34   3
25 14 6:46:51 Lori Craig   F 39    
26 7 6:53:23 Daniel Byars M   27    
27 3 6:54:18 Don Bergeron M   36    
28 53 6:54:45 Carmela Layson   F 37    
29 26 7:00:53 Elizabeth LaBau   F 26   1
30 9 7:02:19 Tony Cherbak M   52    
31 24 7:03:48 Cindy Kieth   F 33    
32 8 7:03:48 David Cambell M   52    
33 6 7:04:11 Joe Brophy M   33    
34 46 7:05:26 Lorainne Gertz   F 52   1
35 30 7:12:50 Eric Lumba M   40    
36 10 7:17:43 Jill Childers   F 42    
37 50 7:24:39 Thomas Wilson M   49    
38 11 7:25:37 Lisa Conover   48    
39 27 7:26:40 May Lou Lackey   F 54   2
40 44 7:27:04 Xy Weiss   F 45    
41 41 7:35:50 Rick Spencer M   58    
42 22 8:03:27 Tanya Johnson   F 46    
43 23 8:03:27 Marc Johnson M   37    
44 1 8:15:38 Dina Aman   F 35    
45 37 8:20:24 Robert Rainey M   49    
46 48 8:39:22 Chris Diaz M   47    
47 12 8:42:34 Leigh Corbin F   45    
48 42 8:42:34 George Velasco M   53    
49 36 9:15:43 Fred Pollard M   67    


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Identify it by section, row and column.  Free of course.  Baz will buy me a Starbucks next month!)
Photos by Michelle Barton, Eric Lumba & Doug Malewicki.

Final instructions from RD Baz Hawley before the 50K race.

Everyone is ready to go!

The official start line banner.

Off they go!

Volunteers Doug Malewicki, 68 and Don Bach, 46 started out in the opposite direction from the runners.  They ran the final 12 miles of the course and marked that route for Race Director Baz, with ribbons and chalk arrows

"Hey Doug, where are those scenic views of Lake Elsinore you promised?"
Click: VIDEO

(540kb download)

Don & Doug reach the Main Divide aid station

Aid station volunteer Bob ? with Don Bach.

Level out finally after climbing Horsethief.

Wait for me!  Finally the TOP of the evil Horsethief.

Don along the Main Divide

When we got back to the Main Divide aid station, Bob had acquired some extra hands to help out.



Thousands of dew soaked cob webs along the course!  A site  

Trail markings

Thomas Wilson heading up Horsethief

Eric Lumba cruising along

Rob McNair, 52 was the 1st runner Don & I saw as we came down the Main Divide

Eric Clifton,48 in 2nd place -closely followed by Jorge Pacheco, 39

Jorge overtook Eric & Rob to earn 1st place in a time of 4:45:08

1st female was Becky Flower, 31 She held that position and came in 3rd overall in a time of 5:20:30

Michelle Barton, 36 finished 5th overall and 2nd female in 5:29:49.

This is a funny photo as Michelle was at most 50 or so feet past us when the picture was snapped.

Robert Schipsi, 46 finished 8th overall in 5:45:00.

Rob Cowan, 46 came in 7th overall in 5:37:48

Anne Langstaff, 46 came in 3rd female & 12th overall in a time of 6:00:34

Charlie Nickell heads up the long hill to the main Divide aid station

Carmela Layson, 37 & David Cambell, 52 arrive at the 19 mile aid station at Blue Jay

David had a trail owie on his arm and this beauty he wasn't even aware of!

Cindy Keith, 33 happy to arrive at the 19 mile mark aid station

Joe Brophy, 33 placed 33rd in 7:04:11

Eric Lumba, 40 ready to leave the 19 mile aid station.  He finished 35th in 7:12:50

Thomas Wislon, 50 coming down the road to Blue Jay.  Thomas came in 37th in 7:24:39

? No bib number visible?  might be Rick Spencer?

A most welcome sight!

David Cambell and Cindy Keith finish together in 7:03:48

Joe Brophy is done!

Eric Lumba showing off his first earned 50K T-Shirt!

Baz gets the medals for the finishers.

Bib #16 or 18 ??

Bib # 16 or 18 or 10??
Possibly Jill Childers?

Thomas Wilson gets his SJT 50K medal


Garmin GPS data with Google Earth Views

NOT AVAILABLE YET!  Looking to find someone who ran the 50K while wearing a Garmin GPS, so we can add the great 3D views and animated flyby of the entire route?  The purported elevation gain/loss for the SJT 50K is 6,500 feet.  We know for sure from the 21K race Garmin GPS data that the toughest part was Horsethief Trail, which climbs 1,340 feet in 1.4 miles!

If you wore a Garmin GPS, please contact:



7th overall Rob Cowan & 15th overall Charlie Nickell

Happy finishers Chaz & Eric Lumba

Matt ? & RD Baz H

Andy Kumeda -9th overall - with his medal & T-Shirt


Bud Philips, 60, 18th overall and 1st place 60 plus age group

Bud Philips finished in 6:16:27

Elizabeth LaBau - 1st in the 20-29 age group and the youngest finisher in 7:00:53 (29th overall).

Eric Clifton 4th overall

RD Baz with 2nd place female Michelle Barton who finished 5th overall and 2nd female.

RD Baz with 3rd place female Anne Langstaff who finished 12th overall.


Michelle BAZ & Charlie

Anne, Michell, Maria?  & Keira

Michelle & Keira

Michelle & Jorge


Post SJT 50K Race Party at Rob Cowan's home

Race Director Baz Hawley & Michelle Barton (Baz has known Michelle since she was 3 years old!)

Sierra Barton, Jessica Deline & Michelle

Easter day face painting

Congratulations to Eric Lumba for completing his 1st 50K!

The OC Trail Runner ROCKETTES! 
?, Nattie Norman, Jessica, Michelle, Wendy, Keira & Pam

Pam Everett with 7:26 miler - 7 year old Sierra Barton.

Woo Hoo! Birthday celebration time for Jessica who was 30 yesterday - April 6th.

The Birthday Girl - Jessica Deline

Host Rob Cowan shows his prized parrots to Michelle and Sierra

to Sierra

Grandpa Doug held two of those glowing talking critters!