April 12, 2008
Old Goats/San Juan Trail  50K Results

Old Goats/San Juan Trail 50K Report    April 12, 2008

Morning Runners.

Hands up those who had a bad time on Saturday at the Old Goats/San Juan Trail 50K?  OK, OK put them down! The heat did play a big factor for us all, plans were changed to accommodate for more water at aid stations, but our magic volunteers did their job and only a few didn’t make the finish line.  There is always next year my friend.  We did have a miss communication and was a couple of minutes late marking the section as you leave the Falcon Trail… you shouldn’t run so fast!  I will make up for that.  Starting early was another late decision to beat some of the heat and only a few arrived and missed the start.  You know what, no one really complained… that’s a first!

We know we have a tough course especially after the first aid station, millions of miles of elevation gain before you hit the top of Horse Thief Trail.  Some runners had made it back to BJ, but the thought of more up hill and the heat, are well!  The ones who just made the cut off I am proud of you for continuing and finishing with a smile.  All in all we had a good day, little mix up cos we had the 50 milers finishing before the tail- enders and my finish line crew of one got mixed up.  He will never be seen again… thanks Herb and as for Chuck who took over when there was no over time pay, well you get what your given…. Thanks anyway lads.  Our ham radio team kept all the runners in line, just a burmp up at the turn around, which didn’t affect the 50k.   

The Awards went to the right people, the winner was me good mate Rob McNair, challenged for awhile I might add, but then when it came to who has the big balls, say no more.  Me new mate Christian Haymes, 20 years younger than Rob I might add, was happy with his second place finish.  Sean O’Brian a 45 year old came in 3rd, he was also very happy and enjoyed his day in the Cleveland National Forest.  In the women’s race,   no real contest, but she suffered after a fall and was not happy with me playing doctor!  Michelle Barton will be back.  Shannon Waegner was 20 minutes back to take second and me ole mate Loraine Gersitz at an extremely old age, raced over the finish line to take third over all.  All the age group winners did good… Michelle Michem nearly cheated, winning the 29 and under division…. She is now 30. Me reporter mate Mr. Hardesty impressed himself and all his followers by winning a tough division.  Mary Lou Lackey at 55 still runs good, something to do with what she did the night before with her mate.  Dirty!  All in all things went good, those who hung around got treated to seeing the first runner in the 50 miler… Akos Konya is amazing, he may come to run Shadow at the end of May, hope so. There are still openings if you are nice to the RD.  The Saddleback Marathon will be mid November, stick that on your calendar, then you will see the rest of the 50 mile course, what fun! 

I do enjoy all the good camaraderie up at Blue Jay, we are lucky to have such a romantic setting. I didn’t get real lucky on Saturday night, but I slept with little worries. Did have a banging on the motor home door about 3, so I had to get up and let her out!!!
The RD wants to personally thank all the many volunteers who did such a magic job on a tough day. Without their support it wouldn't happen I know you all agree.  Thanks. 

Enjoy your summer training, don’t run too fast and get to the finish line. Love BAZ XXX   bazhawley@sti.net

Old Goats/San Juan Trail 50K Results 2008



m/f Age Time
1 Rob McNair m 54 4:58:24
2 Christian Haymes m 34 5:10:49
3 Sean O'Brian m 45 5:13:48
4 JD Freeman m 31 5:22:55
5 Michelle Barton f 37 5:30:24
6 MartinBrooks m 43 5:33:16
7 Greg Hardesty m 45 5:45:23
8 Phillip Yim m 27 6:40:58
9 Tim Downing m 41 5:51:12
10 Shannon Waegener f 29 5:58:38
11 Eric Kosters m 46 6:04:05
12 Michael Jacobs m 50 6:30:04
13 Phillip Gabriel m 52 6:30:05
14 Jimbo Warren m 55 6:30:06
15 Torfi Habib m 51 6:35:51
16 David Milsom m 38 6:41:30
17 Lorraine Gertitz f 53 6:54:54
18 John Pitt m 47 6:59:55
19 Dave McClure m 48 7:02:00
20 Jill Childers f 43 7:03:05
21 Kevin Petrisko m 38 7:03:23
22 Damian Michaels m 33 7:03:47
23 Joey Bryan m 38 7:07:56
24 Jennifer Griste f 44 7:18:05
25 Marla Hernandez f 34 7:18:40
26 Jeremy Boyd m 31 7:23:47
27 Christine Harrison f 48 7:30:17
28 Ben Stegner m 36 7:30:18
29 Shad Mickleberry m 32 7:31:45
30 William Regan m 28 7:32:54
31 Shelli Sexton f 40 7:33:24
32 Rene Gardener m 50 7:34:41
33 Chris Haymes m 49 7:39:16
34 Paul Ratt Rudman  m 40 7:39:38
35 Bill Ackerman m 54 7:40:20
36 Andy Savery m 34 7:47:02
37 James George m 53 7:48:07
38 Michael Crescenti m 28 7:49:00
39 Mary Lou Lackey f 55 7:49:58
40 Madona Bentz f 53 8:04:25
41 Rachael Kadell f 42 8:08:15
42 Kirk Fortini m 37 8:12:32
43 Elena Beacom f 36 8:28:18
44 Michelle Mecham f 29 8:37:45
45 Eric Lumba m 41 8:39:25
46 Wilson Liu m 50 8:39:37
47 Rich Adams m 49 8:45:17
48 Joey Brophy m 34 8:45:48
49 Victor Zamudio m 32 8:50:59
50 Kristen Trujillo f 37 9:25:03
51 Robert Boyles m 23 9:26:13
52 Lorelle Vascos Pages f 29 9:29:00
53 Mark Gleasom m 49 9:29:05
54 Laura Urish f   9:36:54
55 Mark Ryne m 53 9:36:55
56 Yen Darcy f 51 9:41:08
57 Big Larry Pustinger m 60 9:45:08
58 Robert Rainey m 49 9:46:02
59 George Velasco m 54 9:51:55
60 Kelly Seim f 43 10:11:25
61 Patty McGlasson f 51 11:00:21

Photos taken by Claudette Poole, Steve Harvey, Greg Hardesty, Michelle Mecham and Doug Malewicki

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Identify it by section, row and column.  Free of course.  Baz will buy me a Starbucks next month!)

The 50K and 50 Mile races started together - More start pictures on the 50 mile page

Future speedster, Mom Shannon Waegener & Michelle Barton

Greg Hardesty and Alexa Dickerson

Eric Kosters

Alexa & Doug Malewicki



Michelle Barton, a 50 mile entrant, had a bad fall (see pictures below) and switched to the 50K option.

Michelle heading up the Main Divide.  She went on to win 1st place female and 5th overall in the 50K in 5:30:24

Keira Henninger 1st place female in the 50 mile followed by Michelle Barton
David Milsom 38 -16th overall in 6:41:30 crosses the creek where the 50K and 50 mile split

Damian Michaels 33 - 22nd overall

Kevin Petrisko 38 - 21st overall in

Joey Bryan 38 - 23rd overall

Ben Stenger 36 - 28th overall

Christine Harrison 48 - 27th overall

Runners working their way down Trabuco trail (Does Trabuco mean rocky in Spanish?)

Jil Childers 43- 20th overall, followed by Lorraine Gertitz 53 - 17th overall & ?

Maria Hernandez 34 - 25th overall

Michael Crescenti 28 - 38th overall.  Started as a 50 miler and switched to the 50K

Rene Gardner 50 - 32nd overall followed by Paul Ratt Rudman 40 - 34th overall

Shad Mackelberry 32 - 29th overall

James George 53 - 37th overall

Anne & Steve Harvey at the main Divide AID STATION. To the far right is everyone's long time local running friend & competitor Lee Francis age 76 (in coat and brimmed hat) visiting  from Shasta, CA & happy to help out at the aid station. 

Kelly Seim 43 - 60th in 10:11:25 ready to head down Trabuco

Mark Gleasom and Lorelle Pages



Michelle Mecham & Kirk Fortini

JD Freeman 31 - 4th overall & Michelle Barton 37 - 5th overall & 1st place female

Michelle Barton's trail owies!

Eric Lumba, Michelle & Eric Kosters

Leah and RD Baz

Leah and "friendly, lovable" RD Baz


Michelle Mecham 2st place in the 20-30 age group.  (She became 30 the next day!)