May 31, 2008
Shadow of the Giants 50K Results

Shadow of the Giants 50K Report    May 31, 2008

So, where do we start this story!  One could say I had one of the best weekends of my life, one could say it was Magic!  All previous Shadows have been special, but this last weekend just seemed to be simply the best.  All the nice comments I received were great, including some from runners who have never commented before at a race.  The weather was perfect, never got above 70 degrees, no dust this year and the snow and the fallen tree were no problem.  Obviously those few who have the latest technology on their wrist questioned some of the distances, as they do at all races I suppose.  Yes the course is 55K, now I have said it. 

There was lots of competition for TJs “49” start in Green Meadows; you would have thought it was a hundred yard dash. Butch Wilson made an early move in the front pack after 5 miles, but after 11 or 12 miles cramps prevented him from continuing.  The first 5 guys were huffing and puffing, but lovely Michelle strode into the 10-mile aide station with a big smile…  although she had already made a wrong turn on the course.   Yes, someone had moved ribbons, but we fixed it.  Everyone was smiling and seemed to be enjoying their day. The aide stations were doing their usual good job of replenishing drink and stuff.  McDoogal didn’t spill any this year, but he had help from Pete the Sweep and lovely Cindy. 

Number 66 was really having a good day, Frank B and Ron Harding were duelling it out in the grandfathers division!  24 year-old Brian Vandenburg was holding close to the leaders and was real happy to take 3rd overall.  Oswaldo Lopes continues his domination at Shadow, 3 in a row now.  Well known Akos Konya was feeling his ham string towards the end, but managed second and was full of praise for Ossy.  Me new English mate Mark Hartell ran well for his first visit to Fish Camp, with a strong 4th place. Big Troy was happy to finish in front of 19th time finisher Rob McNair.  The women’s division was no contest with Miss M winning by over 20 minutes, could be Michelle’s year in ultrarunning.  Kris Whorton finished strong to take second and Natalie Sims ran just over 6 hours to finish 3rd women.   

By the way the 25k is only 20k, all the runners were happy to get there T-shirt, maybe try the longer run next year.  Cameras were in abundance cos of the magic scenery, those big giant sequoias have to be seen to be believed.  As for the runners who didn’t turn up at Green Meadows for the start, you guys really missed out.  There were so many personal stories, but a lesson for the few who made wrong turns, keep ye eyes open. Jack and Cal helped 4 lovely ladies return to GM, but by vehicle.  They were really lost and they were real happy Jack drove back over the course a few miles.  All the aide station crews did good work; we had sufficient supplies for all and for the folks who pitched in on race-day, a big thank you.  It does become a team effort and where would we be without lovely Karen at the finish line. The early starters will need identifying as they finish, their times have to be adjusted and that causes Karen a pain in the ass! The awards and raffle went OK as usual with more agro towards the RD than normal,  but sitting around on the grass after a hard day on the trails seems to work.  Hope most of you won something, I know Bill Dickey was happy with his shoe prize from me good mate Scott who gave use goodies for the raffle.  His Fleet Feet store is down in Laguna Niguel; he has supported my races a long time now.  I know Green Meadows enjoys having us in town; much of the money goes to the local school programmes.  It is open 12 months of the year and thousands of school kids get the benefit of visiting the woods around Fish Camp. I am considering putting on a marathon in October, maybe your input would help.  I know it isn’t an ultra! 

I have lots of stories and memories about the 19th Shadow, hope you have to, maybe you put next years date on your calendar, May 30.  I have my Saddleback Marathon November 15th this year and then my Winter Trail Run Series start Jan 10.  So my friends until that time, run safe and keep smiling at the world.  There is still lots of magic out there.

Enjoy the rest of your summer, don’t run too fast and get to the finish line. Love BAZ XXX

PS, my mate Mark took some magic shots… to get to his web site.


Place Name m/f Age Time
1 Oswaldo Lopez m 36 4:17:36
2 Akos Konya m 33 4:22:57
3 Brian Vandenburg m 24 4:33:23
4 Mark Artell m 43 4:38:45
5 Troy Limb m 47 4:54:40
6 Rob McNair m 54 4:55:48
7 Gilbert Salazar m 34 5:02:48
8 Sheridan Aimes m 47 5:09:59
9 Michelle Barton f 37 5:17:05
10 Andy Black m 50 5:23:40
11 Dennis Coors m 36 5:31:48
12 Dax Ross m 35 5:35:28
13 Larry Vandenburg m 54 5:38:48
14 Chris Pigmore m 23 5:39:35
15 Kris Whorton f 42 5:40:22
16 Randy Whorton m 47 5:40:22
17 Dave Covey m 47 5:40:55
18 Darren Townzen m 40 5:42:48
19 Rob Cowan m 47 5:45:00
20 Hegberg Thornston m 39 5:51:14
21 Bret Muldrum m 28 5:52:19
22 Lambert Timmermans m 41 5:53:38
23 Chris Jackson m 36 5:59:36
24 Mike Calabrese m 25 6:00:52
25 Mike Sanderson m 33 6:00:53
26 Ron Harding m 60 6:03:58
27 Natalie Sims f 34 6:04:32
28 Maura Preist f 34 6:05:41
29 Frank Bozanich m 64 6:09:54
30 Rafael Covarrubias m 39 6:09:55
31 Mike O'Donnell m 42 6:10:39
32 Loraine Gersitz f 54 6:13:36
33 Paul Brunner m 46 6:18:14
34 Sandra Draper f 45 6:20:49
35 Martin Macias m 43 6:23:49
36 Michele Africa f 35 6:24:12
37 Boris Romanowski m 50 6:25:09
38 Wayne Farrar m 60 6:25:53
39 Adrew Foote m 58 6:31:13
40 Kelly Beatie f 45 6:30:59
41 Debbie Leftwich f 54 6:34:10
42 Linda Dewees f 51 6:36:37
43 Tom Saunders m 51 6:36:54
44 Lisa Hansen f 46 6:38:45
45 Sharon Luk f 28 6:39:27
46 Matt Rasdeski m 48 6:45:03
47 Howard Gest m 56 6:45:33
48 Anne Shikuma f 47 6:47:10
49 Lisa Huerta f 46 6:47:46
50 Ashley Baker f 28 6:50:10
51 Gabriella Gilles f 37 6:52:07
52 Dan Dibb m 50 6:54:15
53 Gerry Gillissen m 58 6:54:54
54 Marcia Rasmussen f 48 6:57:09
55 Norma Roberts f 49 6:57:15
56 Scott Brower m 54 7:00:23
57 Jim M'Cone m 49 7:02:36
58 Chau Pham m 54 7:03:39
59 Rachael Kadell f 42 7:05:49
60 Wendy Young f 52 7:07:51
61 Sarah Muller f 31 7:08:35
62 Dave Simenson m 52 7:14:21
63 Gerry Wirz m 66 7:14:43
64 Carmela Rosas f 26 7:17:03
65 Rebecca Samet f 47 7:18:45
66 Brian Tsuyuki m 56 7:20:19
67 Mark Laws m 43 7:22:28
68 Lisa Thykjaer f 39 7:27:13
69 Nancy Williams f 41 7:27:39
70 Michael Finley m 42 7:28:23
71 Steve Harvey m 64 7:34:07
72 Mylinh Nguyen f 49 7:36:56
73 TJ Medinger m 57 7:40:43
74 Ted Liao m 47 7:46:17
75 Joanne Taylor f 51 7:46:34
76 John Fletcher m 29 7:50:08
77 Dave Kriegbann m 28 7:50:08
78 Randell Whorton m 68 7:54:13
79 Ofie Cruz f 53 8:24:47
80 Nancy Williams f 51 8:29:52
81 Janet Hayes f 52 8:29:32
82 Sandie Allen f 54 8:44:47
83 Anny Minter f 33 8:59:05
84 Greg Minter m 47 8:59:05
85 Stu Drake m 53 8:59:30
86 Christina Flexel f 50 8:59:31
87 John Rasmussen m 52 9:46:25
88 James Sewell m 50 9:48:57
89 Martin Diekhoff m 38 9:49:11
90 Bill Dickey m 68 9:52:00
91 Kevin Rogers m 49 9:53:48
92 Paul Piplani m 61 9:59:26
93 Donavon Sarka m 49 10:05:18

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This picture tells ALL!
Now you know WHY Big Baz named this ultra The Shadow of the Giants.

Lambert Timmermans, Michelle Barton and Rob Cowan in the pre-race darkness.

Skip Molina with Annie and Steve Harvey
  Steve Harvey, age 64, finished in 70th place in 7:34:07.  He is currently in training for the Transrockies 6 day stage race in Colorado in August.





Annie and Steve Harvey with Lambert Timmermans and Ted Liao.

Annie & Steve