November 8, 2008
Saddleback Trail Marathon Results

Saddleback Trail Marathon Report    Nov 8, 2008

G’Day ladies and gentlemen.   

Did we all enjoy our run in the Cleveland National Forest over the weekend?  After my wine tasting in my motor home the night before I managed to work out what I was doing in the woods, miles from home.  Hey, wine is good for you! 

Besides the noisy helicopter overhead during the awards I think the day was Magic, how about our Southern Cal weather in November! It was 32 degrees in the UK. The 85 starters were full of energy at the start line, one hopes me mate Bruce Carr received some of it laying in his hospital bed.  Our many volunteers did good, looking after some weary runners at the back of the pack.  I must thank George and Leigh for following the last three ladies home and collecting ribbons.  By the way we had the most magic sun set last night as I was leaving Blue Jay about 5:30, nice finish to a perfect day.  We are bloody lucky to say the least. 

It was good to see my young ole mate Ben Hian at the start line of a trail race, he and a few other speedies took the first hill at warp speed… Local runner Steve Lind really pushed the pace, but a couple of San Diegan rats took over around Bear Springs with Ben very happy to following Tracy Moore across the finish line.  54 year old champ Rob McNair was not far behind to finish 4th.  Big Mike Morey did good… finishing first in the over 60 division. Me mate Doug did good too at 69 yoa.  Lovely local champ Michelle Barton had her usual fast day coming in 9 overall, beating 49 year- old Judy Maguire by under 12 minutes, go Judy!  3rd place in the women’s division Cecilia Meech was all smiles crossing the line with her hubby Eric. Loraine Gersitz ran 4:42 and was 23rd overall, you little beauty at 54 yoa.  All the 29 women finishers looked lovely, even sweaty, some I know called me terrible names going up some of the tough climbs. The award winners were happy and gave magic hugs. I think the raffle winners did OK too.  Hope most of you got something.  Thank Fleet Feet Sports and me E-gel mate Mike. 

I really want everyone to finish and my mate Adam should get an award for finishing when nearly down and out on the course, he found some super strength from some place to finish… his dad will be proud. As you know my dead line is 7 hours, but be assured I get a kick out of seeing everyone finish even when I should be home and drinking my wine!  My new EMT guys did a good job, no bodies to recover was somewhat of a bummer to them, good for us!  My mates M&M did good all day at the start and finish line, wouldn’t be the same without all the good help I get.   

Don’t forget my Winter Trail Run Series starts January 10, go to my web site for details, www.bigbaztrailraces or  email me at  The races attract lots of new runners to the trails, one hopes they do good and can move up in distance and challenge the next Saddleback Marathon in November 09.  Don’t forget we are limited to 150 runners for any of the events in CNF, so get your entries in soon.  By public demand my San Juan Trail 50K is back on March 14th and that is good training for the Old Goats 50, two weeks later, I will be there helping at the Candy Store aid station.  Maybe call in for some red stuff. Until that time I wish you all a magic festive season, do everything in moderation, drinking red and driving is not good, maybe run more trails, slow of course.   

Much Love BAZ XXX

2008 Saddleback Trail Marathon Results

Place Name Age m/f Time
1 Tracy Moore 47 m 3:25:48
2 Ben Hian 39 m 3:30:51
3 Steve Lind 48 m 3:30:51
4 Rob McNair 54 m 3:46:34
5 Kevin Taylor 45 m 3:59:12
6 Jamison Smith 30 m 4:03:14
7 Scott McKenzie 53 m 4:05:28
8 David McKnight 52 m 4:06:11
9 Michelle Barton 37 f 4:04:46
10 Dave McClure 49 m 4:11:34
11 Damian Michaels 34 m 4:11:43
12 Martin Brooks 43 m 4:14:52
13 Judy Maguire 49 f 4:18:10
14 Robbert Garro 44 m 4:24:23
15 Henry Burkhardt 47 m 4:25:58
16 Peter Kalet 27 m 4:29:20
17 Eric Meech 39 m 4:31:31
18 Cecilia Meech 36 f 4:31:31
19 Dave Milson 38 m 4:32:14
20 Keith Kirby 44 m 4:32:27
21 Steve Merrilees 57 m 4:35:45
22 Jeff Smith 38 m 4:41:03
23 Lorraine Gersitz 54 f 4:42:22
24 Cheri Rich 46 f 4:43:14
25 Anne Langstaff 47 f 4:45:51
26 Maria Randall 50 f 4:47:11
27 Marisa Willment 45 f 4:47:50
28 Larry Rich 48 m 4:51:22
29 Rafael Covarrubias 40 m 4:51:51
30 Steve Mader 42 m 4:53:20
31 Shari Hammond 40 f 4:53:45
32 Maya Kass 38 f 4:54:33
33 Steve Funke 47 m 5:01:50
34 Ken Dempster 38 m 5:02:08
35 Leslie Buehler 40 f 5:11:14
36 Gretchen Garnett 46 f 5:11:43
37 Margaret Human 44 f 5:11:58
38 Justin Bernard 28 m 5:14:36
39 Chris Robinson 47 m 5:15:02
40 Kim French 36 f 5:15:38
41 Atuya Berube 41 m 5:16:22
42 Teekhnata Metzler 40 f 5:16:22
43 Kevin Nasman 53 m 5:19:13
44 Jake Moore 40 m 5:24:30
45 Renne Gardner 50 m 5:25:10
46 John Chin 50 m 5:27:21
47 Don Bergeron 38 m 5:27:56
48 James George 54 m 5:29:58
49 Laurie Singer 48 f 5:30:36
50 Michael Voris 45 m 5:31:08
51 Lare Wardrop 43 m 5:31:42
52 Beiyi Zheng 44 f 5:35:21
53 Robert Rainey 50 m 5:35:53
54 Alan Singleton 43 m 5:35:54
55 Mike Morey 60 m 5:41:20
56 Sam McClure 55 m 5:45:53
57 Tony Cherbak 54 m 5:54:13
58 Shellie Sexton 43 f 5:56:47
59 Rachel Kadel 45 f 5:56:58
60 Cyrus Olamai 56 m 5:57:43
61 Lisa Lower 51 f 6:02:03
62 Kedric Francis 47 m 6:05:43
63 Bill Hegardt 50 m 6:09:16
64 Kris Bhatti 45 f 6:17:16
65 Yolanda Holder 50 f 6:17:17
66 Jennifer Evans 50 f 6:17:50
67 Rico Ramirez 64 m 6:17:50
68 Margret Rainey 51 f 6:17:50
69 Steve Harvey 64 m 6:25:34
70 John Lower 54 m 6:28:09
71 Doug Malewicki 69 m 6:41:12
72 Adam Van Bercklaer 30 m 6:55:39
73 Kristen Truyillo 38 f 6:59:53
74 Chris Diaz 49 m 7:09:15
75 Tom Hosner 58 m 7:10:10
76 Nazaren Sestoso 47 m 7:10:15
77 Billy Dickey 69 m 7:15:20
78 Barry Wilson 44 m 7:23:15
79 Robbi Woolard 57 m 7:23:20
80 Jean Ho 40 f 8:00:00
81 Janet Waugh 46 f 8:00:00
82 Jill Nelson 45 f 8:00:00

Trying something new starting with this year's Saddleback Marathon. 
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 Photos submitted by  Michelle Barton, Doug Malewicki and Jean Ho


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Arriving in Blue Jay: Rachel Kadel, Maya Kass, Beiyi Zheng & Jeff Smith.

Maya with Yolanda Holder and Kristen Trujillo

Regsitration table maestro Muary Bosquet

Eric Lumba was a volunteer aid station worker at the top of Trabuco.

Top of Holy Jim aid station worker Kirk Fortini with Michelle Barton.

iMichelle with her Dad Doug Malewicki

? , ? & Jeff Smith

Doug with Old Goats 50 RD, Steve Harvey.

Gathering for Baz's pre-race briefing.

Great weather for the 8 AM start.

Race Director Big Baz.

The trails are well marked - don't get lost!

The 5 aid stations are well stocked with everything you will need.

"I'm ready" says Michelle Barton.

It is time everybody...

On your MARK. Get SET. GO!



A clear, clear day in the Cleveland National Forest!

?,  14, ? & 59.

Greg Hardesty and Keira Henninger were volunteers at the bottom of Holy Jim aid station.

Leigh Corbin was a volunteer at the top of Holy Jim aid station.

Volunteer Kirk at the top of Holy Jim

Marissa Wilmont and  Lorraine Gersitz

Calvin took care of the no man's aid station along the Main Divide.

John Resnik and Eric Lumba ran the top of Trabuco aid station.


? finishes in ?

? Cruising in to finish in ?

?, Michelle Barton and Tracy Moore

Doug Malewicki cheers Kristen Trujillo as she crosses the finish line.

Team CRC - Costa Rica  Cuties (?, Maya, Rachel, Beiyi, & Kristen)

CRC with Kirk Fortini

CRC admiring Kirk's six-pack abs!

Annie Harvey with the CRC ladies.

Annie Harvey says "My Turn!"

Old Goat Steve Harvey with his Transrockies team mate Doug Malewicki

Doug with Beiyi

Dirt? What dirt?


Michelle Barton (37) - 1st female in 4:04:46 with 1st male Tracy Moore (47) in 3:25:48.

Michelle Barton currenlty holds a dozen 50K and 50 mile female course reocrds

1st age ?
Happy RD Baz after another wonderful Saddleback Trail Marathon.