February 7, 2009
18K Results

Winter Trail Run Series 18K  - February 7, 2009
Post race story for the lucky

The words, Simply Smashing, comes to mind; I am English you know.

The magic still keeps flowing for the brave and hearty few.  Over 100 runners stood in front of me listening to all my good advice just before 8:30 AM, all eager to start the 3rd race in the WTRS for 2009.  Never seen so many smiling faces as I guided the flow of traffic to the reserved parking at Blue Jay… maybe I have a new job!  We are lucky, not one person complained about the weather, no one asked if the trail was marked, sorry to say Big Chaz did miss the Viejo Tie turn off, hey he has been under pressure this last few weeks and unfortunately he has missed the 2 previous races.  He will be back.

Our Forest Service friends were again out in force to suppress any rioting or misbehavior… they didn’t miss the thievery that was going on by big Maurie B.  Did you see all the nice expensive wood in the back of his Toy truck?  For a small fee it will not be reported to my mates in uniform.  Of course, they still think the runners are nuts for doing what we love to do, but have decided there is no help for us and look forward to the next race. 

Again we had a few “old” runners from the past making an appearance, which is magic to see from my standpoint, all enjoyed their day.  Some pre-entered runners missed out, which happens, but because of Big Doug’s magic computer skills we are able to recall the moment.  I hope you enjoy, especially those first timers to our woods.  I don’t think it would be the same if 500 runners turned up, I for one would have more personal controlling to do.   

Those who hung in after the race seemed to enjoy my little stage show. Giving away loot is something I enjoy. I think the wine was a winner thanks to Sommer. Of course, the award winners love the recognition and they deserve it. Big Dean Dobberteen ran away with the race for a second time… he just loves those trails, maybe talent has got a lot to do with it.  Jeff Wong moved up a couple of places to finish second overall and Luis Palacios ran well in his first trail race.  Our favorite girl, Lisa “The Flash” O’Leary just doesn’t have to think who is behind her, only catching those handsome blokes in front, coming in the top 10% ain’t at all bad.  Sharon L’Heureax was pleased I pronounced her name right and was real happy to come in second and only 90 seconds behind Lisa.  Our Princess of the day was Michele Barton.  She is finally coming up to speed as the distance gets longer, she was happy with being 3rd overall.  Must mention she did decide to go for a run with Kirk after the awards and hadn’t returned before I had to lock the main gate.  Yes, I found the keys to her car on the tire and moved her Lambo to the outside of the gate.   

Thanks to me ole mate Rueben from E-Gel who brought the canopy covers; he enjoyed his first run in the woods at the WTRS.  Thanks Vinny, he enjoyed his run nearly as good as his sailing around the world.  Again big thank-you’s to my mates Sands and Bill, without their help I wouldn’t look so good!!!!  Everyone got accounted for, although I do think the last runners had too much fun in the mud. We are lucky and maybe we can do it all again on a new part of the mountains for the accurate 21K… oh yes, it is a tuffy and we do have aid at 3 miles and again at about 10 thanks to big handsome Kirk and his truck.   

Don’t forget the SJT50K is March 14th.  The Big Baz Winter Trail Run Series races are great preparation for an ultra.  Any one wanting to help at the race could win a lot of points… maybe some cheap Oak.  The 20th running of the Shadow of the Giants 50K is already filling up; May 30th in Fish Camp, near Yosemite.  Keep an eye on UltraRunning Magazine over the next few months.  That is your lot for now, stay healthy and think how lucky we are.   

Love and Happy Valentines me ladies!  BIG BAZ XXX        

Results - 2009 WTRS 18K - February 7
Place Name m/f Age Time
1 Dean Dobberteen m 33 1:14:27
2 Jeff Wong m 50 1:19:09
3 Luis Palacios m 29 1:19:38
4 Adam Van Berckelear m 31 1:19:39
5 Brad Alexander m 42 1:21:35
6 Evidio Neri m 37 1:26:31
7 David Christof m 29 1:26:38
8 San Bosworth m 31 1:26:41
9 Brian McDermott m 25 1:27:27
10 Lisa O'Leary f 44 1:27:36
11 Barrie Williams m 53 1:29:28
12 Tom Gey m 56 1:30:19
13 Matt Ruis m 28 1:30:48
14 Sharon L'Heureax f 41 1:31:08
15 Michelle Barton f 37 1:31:38
16 Gilbert Zaldivar m 48 1:32:50
17 Laura Knight f 39 1:32:58
18 Lambert Timmermans m 42 1:33:11
19 Judy Maguire f 50 1:33:30
20 Nate Lampert m 32 1:34:31
21 Alex Hamlow m 42 1:35:27
22 Gina Natera f 34 1:35:58
23 Jon Nicanor m 29 1:35:59
24 Matt Lampert m 28 1:36:16
25 Sommer Van Berkelear f 32 1:37:21
26 David Bourguignon m 36 1:38:15
27 Jenny Fritsche f 43 1:38:40
28 Mike Hooker m 40 1:38:50
29 Steve Durant m 52 1:39:07
30 Jerry Fetzer m 38 1:39:16
31 Billy McDermott m 55 1:39:54
32 Tom Doyle m   1:40:02
33 Holly Anderton f 38 1:40:10
34 Reuben Gerber m 37 1:40:12
35 Jeff Harper m 40 1:40:39
36 Kirk Fortini m 38 1:41:08
37 Ann Willson f 31 1:41:11
38 Nattie Norman f 33 1:42:59
39 Michael Neal m 48 1:44:45
40 Gary Citron m 51 1:44:47
41 Zack Johnson m 40 1:44:55
42 Ingrid Peterson f 29 1:45:50
43 Antonio Pierola m 54 1:47:11
44 Stan Gertler m 56 1:47:50
45 John Ganahl m 64 1:48:40
46 Frank Mignano m 30 1:48:45
47 Megan Morris f 43 1:49:16
48 Dale Fietsam m 43 1:49:18
49 Brett Abbot m 31 1:51:23
50 Jennifer Fuller f 26 1:52:25
51 Chaz Nickoll m 46 1:52:47
52 Suzy Guttierrez f 33 1:52:55
53 Joy Blitz f 34 1:53:15
54 Dan Dibb m 51 1:53:55
55 Leon Gray m 63 1:53:58
56 Debbie Fischer f 55 1:54:06
57 Molly Kassouf f 38 1:54:17
58 Vinny Balch m 53 1:55:10
59 Sachiko Pedder f 55 1:55:22
60 Mark Dressel m   1:55:31
61 Laura Ouiment f   1:55:35
62 Colleen Foster f 28 1:56:22
63 Rhodri Lumba m 37  
64 John Kinley m   1:57:00
65 Stephinie Kinley f 38 1:57:01
66 Michele Mecham f 30 1:57:28
67 Mellisa Sheppard f 38 1:58:35
68 Neal O'Leary m 52 1:59:39
69 Danielle Lampert f 32 2:00:04
70 Hugh Marley m 46 2:01:18
71 Rick Noer m 58 2:01:20
72 Scott Jaggers m 28 2:02:05
73 Evan Devane m 17 2:02:22
74 Rich Merrit m 47 2:02:29
75 Mark Eickhoff m 47 2:02:53
76 Chris Diaz m 49 2:03:01
77 Jennifer Janis f 43 2:03:02
78 Melanie Weir f 44 2:03:45
79 Linda Kessman f 49 2:04:22
80 Maria Clark f 44 2:04:22
81 Eric Lumba m 42 2:06:28
82 Judy Gaukel f 48 2:07:13
83 Doug Malewicki m 69 2:08:52
84 Madonna Bentz f 54 2:10:55
85 Carol Stoyla f 52 2:11:55
86 Rick Spencer m 59 2:13:13
87 Lori Szika f 50 2:13:13
88 Paul Johnson m 55 2:15:28
89 Lindsay Handley f 25 2:16:42
90 Ken Dempster m 38 2:19:11
91 Nicole Vollenweider f 25 2:19:25
92 Jane McGrath f 59 2:19:32
93 Phil Anthony m 38 2:19:33
94 Jody Van Zanten f 39 2:23:14
95 Ernie Myers m 60 2:23:14
96 Hans Duncan m 56 2:24:40
97 Mike Barber m 47 2:26:32
98 Rick Paul m 40 2:26:35
99 Paula Paul f 44 2:26:40
100 Jeane Sesky f   2:27:39
101 Mick Hoodman m 54 2:27:39
102 Stephanie Guam f 25 2:50:19
103 James Guam m 26 2:50:19
104 Tracy Meinke f 46 2:54:50
105 Jean Ho f 41 3:21:43
106 Gregg Fricke m 39 3:21:43

We are still missing age data for 7 runners. 
If you know any of them, please hound them to email us that data.

Did anyone get a photo of the RAINBOW?  Please send.
Also we don't know all your names.  If you see yourself  in any photos below
email: DMalewicki@cox.net
with proper spelling & which photo you are in as  identified  by section, row and column.  Thanks.

(click on this or any any picture to see a larger detailed version)
(If you want an original full size of any of these photos to print out, EMail: DMalewicki@cox.net
Identify it by section, row and column.  Free of course.  Baz will buy me a Starbucks next month!)

18K race photos contributed by Michelle Barton, Jean Ho, Patrick Spencer & Doug Malewicki.

Landmark at 2 miles from the turn off to Blue Jay.

Lambert Timmermans, Molly Kasouf & Michelle Mecham,.

Big Baz & David Bourguignon

Kirk Fortini, Michelle Barton, Big Baz, Lambert & Doug

Eric and Rhodri Lumba with Mike Barber

Rich Merritt, Doug Malewicki, Leon Grey, Jean Ho & Greg Fricke

Chris Diaz, Rick Paul & Paula Paul

The old guys - Doug (69) & Leon (63).

That heinous villian, Big Baz, barely escaped from The Cleveland National Forest Rangers two weeks ago at the 15K, but they got him this time!

"OH yeah!  Go ahead and kick the chair out again you wankers.  I am wearing my anti-gravity belt and my BAZmobile is ready for my escape!!"

Big Baz has cleverly  camouflaged his 4,000 horsepower, bio-diesel, turbine engined, stealth  BAZmobile to blend in with the surroundings.  Average people only see trees and leaves.  Only, super healthy, intelligent, good looking people can see the BAZmobile in the photo above. 

Lisa O'Leary & Kirk Fortini

Baz's long time friends, Bill & Sandy Johnson.

Sandy & Bill
have been helping Big Baz with race day registrations and finishing results for years! 

The iMichelle has finally found a replacement for Brad Pitt, who abandoned her for Angelina Jolie.

"Michelle, it hurts to be replaced by a picture..."

Last minute entry

Time to get this race started.

Gather round for Baz's trail briefing.

"YES - that is correct everyone - the course is perfectly dry and there will be no rain today!"



Greg Fricke contemplates various paths to minimize getting his shoes soaked.

Mud bog number 17!!

Jean Ho hanging on for dear life trying to get past the gooey mud with out soaking her shoes & socks.  Talk about denial!

@*$# Baz! I'm slipping!

Jean Ho got all these great on-the-course photos with this clip on waterproof digital camera (Hi-tech that goes well with her Smart car!)

Wild flowers starting to bloom!

More spectacular scenery along the trail.

Running around a mud puddle

Lauri Szrikra, 50

Scott Yaeger, 28

The scenic San Juan trails

Runners on the trail close to Sugarloaf.

Michelle Mecham

Judy Gaukel

Baz &

Kirk Fortini, 38 finished in a time of 1:41:08

Zac Johnston high fiving the Big Baz at the finish line! Zac age 40 finished in 1:44:55


Ingrid Peterson, 29 finished in 1:45:50

Frank Mignano, 30 finished in 1:48:45.

Megan Morris 43 finished in 1:49:16

Lambert & Charlie Nickell

Dan Dibbs 51, did 1:53:55

Lambert, Chaz & Kirk

Debbie Fischer 55, finished in 1:54:06

Molly Kasouf 38, in 1:54:17

Sachiko Pedder 55, 1:55:22

Rhodri Lumba

Hugh Marley 46, finished in 2:01:18. 2 seconds behind and right on Hugh's tail is Rick Noer 58, 2:01:20

Judy Gaukel 48, 2:07:13

Doug Malewicki 69, finished in 2:08:52

James 26, & Stephanie 25, Guam finished in 2:50:19



Is it the the trail bogeyman OR Dean Dobberteen?

Holly Anderton 38, 1:40:10 & Tom Doyle 1:40:02

Lisa, Michelle & Holly

Lisa & Michelle


Tom Doyle & ?

The girls with ?

David Bourguignon - the walking wounded.

"No problem" says the stoic David!

Lambert "I love running through mud!" Timmermans 38, 1:33:11

Jennifer Fuller from San Diego with Michelle

Dean & Michelle



3rd place woman Michelle Barton

2nd place woman
Sharon L’Heureax

1st place woman overall Lisa O'Leary

Overall champs Lisa O'Leary & Dean Dobberteen

Whoo Hoo!  Women bearing gifts of fine wine for Big Baz's magic raffle!  Thank you Sommer & Adam Van Bercklelaer.

Big Baz had a helper passing out $5 discounts for Fleet Feet.

Cool technical running shirts for raffle prizes.

Raffle time!

Jennifer Fuller, David Christoff & Coleen Foster

with his medal

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