March 14, 2009
San Juan Trail  50K Results

San Juan Trail 50K Report    March 14, 2009

Morning All. 

The sun has not come up in Laguna Woods yet, but I thought I would get my message across the airwaves as soon as possible.  Where does one start to portray the events of this year’s SJT50K, besides using Stings words in one of his songs… Magic Magic Magic…Police 1970 maybe!

The few RD's that turned up for the race were spying I know… hey, I hope we can all learn!  Their nice words mean a lot, along with the many who took time out to comment.  But I realize the accolades really belong to the many volunteers that turn up and work all day under the hot sun!  My new best friend and future spouse, lovely Jody was the star of the show…. Came early, took the kids to a soccer game, then returned to duty at Blue Jay in time to catch all the runners crossing the finish line.  Of course, my ham radio team did splendid as usual, my mate Heiko is the man, our over 30-year friendship means a lot.  Of course, my medical team was always out and about on the course; only one runner was treated for a wrist problem after taking a fall in the first 15 miles.  He managed to finish and is going to be fine with a dislocated wrist; maybe can only drink with his right hand for a couple of weeks.  He thanks Harry for the temporary wrap support while out there.  My aid station teams did good, all the runners where taken care of, again thanks for the nice emails.   

As for the race itself, I had to open the main gate at 5:15, still bloody dark.  I had already hidden the empty wine bottles from the previous night.  Jody was on time as expected… all the runners were signed in and as usual we did have a delay in starting on time; who cares!  But we noticed many runners had not arrived?  Sorry to say there was another event in town and they had similar signage and at least 4 or 5 cars took a detour that went to some wedding site.  As the saying goes - the race must go on; none of the late entrants complained about their late start.   Of course, we adjusted their finish times.  I felt sorry for some of the ones shedding tears, but those big guys were tough and soon got over it. 

The cool weather worked, the first runner came through the first aid station in record time, and a group of about 5 runners were not far behind including our first women.  Must mention the course was changed at the last minute.  I did shorten the first 20 miles…  By the time the runners where heading back to Blue Jay the sun had started to shine, but the temp stayed cool.  My talented mate, Dean Dobberteen, was on a mission.  He knew he had hot competitors on his heels, but with a nice lead back at Blue Jay he said those old guys will have to work to catch me.  Included in the following pack was an East Coast runner Gary Harrington… noticeably not carrying a water bottle.  New mum Darcy Africa was still hounding the rat-pack in front, with our local favorite Michelle Barton grinding away at staying in the top ten.  Old man Scott Miles was sweating a little at BJ, his short pit stop behind a tree was interesting to the female on-lookers.  The runners were now spread out but our radio team kept us abreast of everyone over the last 12 miles…  A few dropped because of various problems, but I did allow a few to continue after our cut-off time at Blue Jay.  Sorry we did pull one runner… hopefully she comes back, sometimes an RD has to make tough decisions.  All runners thought the course was well marked, for the one or two folks who loved the little loop at the Candy Store so much and decided to go round twice, no extra charge! 

Dean Dobberteen came across the finish line in first place with his new running shoes not so new, his sweaty hug and the smile told us everything.  Of course, he did not tell others that he was doing another 20 miles later this evening - pulling a rickshaw at Disneyland.  His competition Big Tom Neilson and his mate with bib #1, Tracy Moore cruised in 15 minutes later, both happy with their magic day.  They did mention there competition, our man from the East Coast.  Tom said they were glad he didn’t carry water as he may have stayed in front of them.  Darcy Africa had a great race coming in first and 7th overall, but Michelle was not far behind to take second, a good confidence builder for her WS 100 race in June.  One of the late starters ran her legs off to take third and got a top 10 finish; Angela Shartel was now crying cos of her magic day on the trails…. Go girl. 54 year-old Gary Curry came all the way from Boulder to grace our presence - again, we go back a long running career.  All the age group winners were very happy and I want to thank all the runners who hung around to enjoy their day, we had plenty of beer and food left over, my local neighbors will be happy.  Must say thanks to my Forest Service team for my 2 tickets… how dare they!!!  The parking worked out fine and we are told the campground will be open to the public real soon. 

So, a good day was had by all, all though my mate Billy Dickey’s 10-hour walk was a little too much.  The cold beer I handed him made up for everything.  Thanks all for making my day!  Maybe the Shadow of the Giants 50K is on your calendar at the end of May?  If so, we will be celebrating twenty magic years in Fish Camp.  The Saddleback Trail Marathon is in November, stay tuned to my web sight, but most importantly stay healthy through your summer and enjoy the trails we are very lucky to have this sport.  

Much Love Big BAZZA XXXX

San Juan Trail 50K Results 2009

Place Name m/f Age Time
1 Dean Dobberteen m 33 4:21:00
2 Tom Neisen m 49 4:36:01
3 Tracy Moore m 48 4:36:01
4 Garry Harrington m 49 4:36:40
5 Pat Sweeney m 30 4:48:34
6 Steve Cunningham m 43 4:48:35
7 Darcy Africa f 34 4:52:45
8 Michelle Barton f 38 4:58:32
9 Scott Mills m 57 4:58:40
10 Angela Shartel f 34 5:15:05
11 Bart Davis m 39 5:19:46
12 Renee Robert f 44 5:21:00
13 Kim Gimenez f 44 5:25:43
14 Dave Milsom m 38 5:26:38
15 David Christof m 29 5:31:20
16 Garry Curry m 54 5:32:32
17 Mosi Smith m 26 5:33:10
18 Jonathan St Paer m 35 5:34:00
19 Michael Moretto m 37 5:40:04
20 Nicole Conrad f 35 5:44:53
21 Damian Michaels m 34 5:45:35
22 Rob Cowan m 48 5:46:50
23 Dave McClure m 49 5:47:27
24 Gina Natera f 34 5:53:42
25 Robert Hillery m 27 5:57:03
26 Pam Everett f 48 5:58:42
27 Cheryl Zwarkowski f 50 5:59:18
28 Alexa Dickerson f 21 6:00:37
29 Justin Bernard m 28 6:03:53
30 Phil Anthony m 38 6:08:34
31 Jay Anderson m 53 6:08:45
32 Mike Garritson m 39 6:10:13
33 Jeremiah Pollan m 23 6:12:24
34 Mark Chamley m 55 6:19:22
35 Gabby Gilles f 38 6:22:06
36 Bud Phillips m 61 6:22:38
37 Gary Levit m 53 6:29:32
38 Bill Banner m 20 6:29:24
39 Michael McDonald m 65 6:30:42
40 Jeff Smith m 39 6:33:09
41 Marisa Willment f 46 6:36:34
42 Robert Kirby m 33 6:43:23
43 Sam Bosworth m 39 6:43:38
44 Michael Neal m 49 6:44:33
45 Pete Kalet m 27 6:44:49
46 Min Chae m 53 6:48:18
47 Tom Kuerten m 42 6:49:04
48 Joy Blitz f 34 6:50:52
49 Eric Lumba m 42 6:52:32
50 Jerry Fetzer m 38 6:55:35
51 James Ferris m 25 6:57:17
52 Michael Walen m 54 7:09:02
53 Jason Shibata m 32 7:11;07
54 Grant Sisler m 32 7:11:07
55 Madonna Bentz f 54 7:15:35
56 Jason McAlister m 30 7:24:17
57 Jeff Harper m 40 7:34:04
58 Rita Pesi-Chambers f 55 7:30
59 Lori Szikra f 51 7:37:13
60 Rick Spencer m 59 7:37:14
61 Lisa Thykaer f 40 7:37:28
62 James Guan m 26 7:38:54
63 James George m 54 7:48:34
64 Doug Malewicki m 69 7:51:24
65 Pier Serota f 40 7:53:55
66 Hwa Ja Andrade f 69 7:56:19
67 Mark Hirsh m 32 7:58:58
68 Rico Ramerez m 64 8:00
69 Deanne Steele f 38 8:01:43
70 Paul Piplani m 61 8:19:53
71 Robbi Woolard f 54 8:24:52
72 Cris Haines m 50 8:25:39
73 Sara Near f 38 8:25:39
74 David Meyers m 39 8:25:39
75 Billy Dickey m 69 finished


(click on this or any any picture to see a larger detailed version)
(If you want an original full size of any of these photos to print out, EMail:
Identify it by section, row and column.  Free of course.  Baz will buy me a Starbucks next month!)

Dean Doberteeen

Michelle Barton

Rachael Kaddell, The Baz and Michelle

Pam Everett
Michelle & Pam

Rob Cowan, Michelle & Darcy Africa.



Runners in the mist.

Early morning clouds below us as the sun starts to rise.

Baz's good mate - hansum Bill Dickey will still be running the SJT 50K when he is 100!

Michael Moretto 19th overall in 5:40:04.

Rob Cowan, 22nd overall in 5:46:50,
turns for the camera.

Scott Mills 9th overall in 4:58:40

Michelle Barton 8th overall & 2nd female in 4:58:32.

Carefully dancing around the rocks

Robert Hillery 25th overall in 5:57:03

Bart Davis 11th overall in 5:19:46

Gina Natera 23rd overall & 7th female in

Cheryl Zwarkowski 27th overall in 5:59:18 & fast Sam Bosworth 43rd overall (he did an extra Candy Store loop)

Gabby Gilles 35th overall & 11th female in 6:22:06

Marisa Willment 41st overall & 12th female in 6:36:34

Dean Doberteen took a strong, early lead & took 1st overall in

Mark Chamley 34th overall in 6:19:22  & Michael Neal 44th overall in 6:44:33

Michael Neal 44th overall in 6:44:33 dislocated his wrist after a bad fall, got it wrapped and finished!

Pam Everett 26th overall & 8th female in
5:58:42 cruises into the Candy Store aid station.

World famous aid station volunteers - Annie & Old Goat Steve Harvey

The long climb back to Blue Jay

Alexa Dickerson 28th overall & 10th female in

Doug Malewicki is happy - only 12 more miles and 3,400' of climbing left!  64th in 7:51:24.

Michelle Barton is blasting down the final hill as her Dad Doug is going up.

Lori Szikra 59th overall in 7:37:
13 at the creek before starting the 1,400' climb up the evil Horsethief.

Kim Gimenez 13th overall & 5th female in 5:25:43


Damian Michaels 21st overall in 5:45:35

Dave McClure 23rd overall in 5:47:27
Rob Cowan proclaims that was a tough race!


SJT 50K Garmin GPS data with Google Earth Views
(click on any picture to see a larger detailed version)

Google Earth 3D view of the 50K terrain.

GPS record of the elevation changes.  The Garmin sums all those ups and downs.  Tells us we climbed a TOTAL of over a mile (7,859 feet)!  The Garmin measured a distance of
29.20* miles, whereas 50 kilometers = 31.0 miles.

Close up 3D view of the Candy Store loop.

Close up 3D view of the Horsethief loop.
Double click on this link and wait for Google Earth to zoom in from orbit to the view that shows the red outline of the entire 50K course.  Once it stabilizes, click on PLAY TOUR button or select PLAY TOUR from the drop down VIEW menu.  That starts the animated flyover of the entire course.  Awesome!  (
HINTS for using Google Earth Play Tour).

The GPS only recorded 29.20 miles for this supposed 31 mile race.  What is going on?  If you clicked on the Flyby Tour, you now see the course we ran outlined in RED.  Go to the Horsethief climb and zoom way in.  You can actually see the trail details that we ran.  However, Even though the trail has many obvious switchbacks, the GPS route has cut many of them and done simple long linear interpolations between points that it did successfully pick up.  The GPS lost needed distance data in several such places!



Jody Van Zanten, sidelined by an injury in the WTRS 21K, helped Baz register all the runners and did all the results scorekeeping.

Michelle with The Big Baz

San Diego Bad Rats - ?, Tom Nielson (2nd overall) & Tracy Moore (3rd overall) with Michelle (8th overall).

Big Baz with first female and 7th overall - Darcy Africa.

Baz with the #2 & #1 females

A happy Alexa Dickerson

Rob, ? & Alexa

Michelle and "Robo"

Rob &
Cheryl Zwarkowski

Tracy Moore 2nd (or 3rd) overall in 4:36:01 came in together with his San Diego Bad Rats buddy Tom Nielson.

Tom Nielson 2nd (or 3rd) overall in 4:36:01 is a former winner of the Angeles Crest 100 mile race!

Renee Roberts (4th female in 5:21:00)  & Pam Everett (8th female in 5:58:42).


AWARDS and...

Darcy Africa - 1st place female in 4:52:45 was 7th overall.

#2 female Michelle Barton in 4:58:32 (her fastest time ever for the SJT 50K) was 8th overall.

And while Grandpa Doug Malewicki, who will be 70 in two weeks (See: 70at70), went to bed at 8 PM after the SJT 50K, Michelle went out partying till midnight and, of course, did her usual run, swim & bike on Sunday morning! 

"Robo" Rob Cowan did the post 50K party to midnight with Michelle.  No word if he went running with Brandy, his faithful ultra running dog, the next morning?