May 30, 2009
20th Anniversary
Shadow of the Giants 50K

Shadow of the Giants 50K - Race Report Stuff

Now Sunday - just got back to my little property in Oakhurst and I am somewhat tired, maybe you are too!  Frank Bozanich and I returned from picking up many of the ribbons on the trail before 8:30 AM this morning.  Frank is off to his home in Reno and I left Green Meadows shortly after in my 20 year-old motor home, which I have called home for the last 3 weeks.

OK, what about the magic we had in Fish Camp for the first 6 hours of the race?  Lucky for some they finished in fine weather, but for those who got rained on, hey shit happens.  Our lovely Karen had to be dragged under cover so she could keep track of all the finishers, which we hope we got… especially the last 20 or so, cos things did get hairy including some timing calculation problems caused by those who started early.  I am sure you will let me know if you are not on the list in the right position. Karen was joined by her better half and loving daughter the final couple of hours, all good local Fish Camp folks.  We will hopefully become hi-tech next year and be using computers to record all the runner’s times. 

Firstly, let’s thank our good mates at Green Meadows; they are lovely hosts. Lewis did a good job with the pre-race dinner, everyone was happy and the 20th anniversary cake was magic!  As you can tell I enjoy my 15 minutes on stage, great playing to a good crowd; just hope you enjoy my sense of adult humor. Many of the 58 seated for dinner were first timers to GM, those are the ones that need as much info as I can give, while the rest are just open for my fun harassments.  I do appreciate the ones who eat and stay over in the dorms; the money is well spent on the school.  Shame my ole mate Rob McNair couldn’t attend the briefing… as you know he has ran all 20 Shadows.  We hope he enjoys his commemorative photo.  Jack’s weather report was partly accurate; his 20% chance of rain got screwed up…  Hey, old retired dentists make mistakes too.  Cal and Jack are my mates who come early every year to help; they look after the aid station at the big trees loop.  They had to leave early after the race cos they had to attend a wake for an old mate who had the first trail race in the LA area for many years, Joe Klass, another good man.  All my volunteers did a great job including Big John Medinger and “sweet lips” Lisa, who was hoping to run, but an injury struck at Miwok.  Good to see all my Bay Area runners again, especially Dave Covey, me long time mate.  We still had a few no shows, including female course record holder Michelle Barton who had a fall last week up at WS100 training camp… a face plant right into a field of Poison Oak… got the evil PO everywhere and had to cancel.  Hope she recovers for her big WS100 day in a few weeks.  No PO in Fish Camp!  The Ur magazine went down well thanks to JM.  He really helps me a lot and loves supporting Shadow every year.  His generosity is second to none.  Thanks mate.  All my many volunteers are appreciated I know. 

Race day started out magic, the rainbow was super above GMs; temperature was perfect; everyone was in good spirits; the gathering before the race was very kind to me.  Big John’s whistle got the race off nearly on time.  The 20k runners were not far behind to enjoy their loop back to GM.  Oswaldo Lopez, our previous winner was again late entering, so he missed out on bib number one… he was going to have to work hard looking at the front line of runners.  He had come in 24th at the LA Marathon on the Monday, so maybe some tired legs would take time loosening up.  At the 10 mile aid station on Jackson Road, he was doing the chasing; my new mate Clark Zealand from Virginia was a few minutes up and looking good.  Another new mate, Nathan Yanko was all smiles and wasn’t too far behind in third.  Several first timers were in the top ten and times were fast, maybe the magic weather!  Kelly Cronin was first women at 10 miles and lying 12th over all.  The Yosemite lady enjoyed swimming the river crossing, not very tall lady!  Larissa Polischuk and Audrey Gehlhausen were also running strong and enjoy their day just behind Kelly. 

Me ole mate Frank was in fine humor and was impressing himself with his overall position, but still a little concerned about last years age group winner Ron Harding.  Over 50 women runners attended this year; all beauties.  My Karen and I hung around Jackson until the leaders came through for the second time, no changes in positions with the RD from back East was increasing his lead.   Back at the finish line we waited, the 20K runners had all finished, showered and ready to clap the 50K finishers. CZ came into view still working hard, but with a smile of course, his finish time of 4:12 and change set a course record.  He said he never looked back the last 5 miles of down hill from McDoogal’s station just in case the competition was closing.  It didn’t happen, but Mr. Lopez was full of praise for the guy who led all the way.  Nathan came in third only six minutes back; Sean Meissner was happy taking 4th overall and will be back. 

Nothing changed in the women’s competition, lovely Kelly came in 12th overall followed by Larissa only 5 minutes back and Audrey kept her 3rd place.  4th women overall was 50 year-old Judy Maguire all the way up from OC California. Big Frank raced away with the over 60 age group, he was 65 last week and just retired after a career in police enforcement in Reno NV.  Must mention 58 year old Marcy Shone for her great race, all the age group winners did good.  My Transrockies duo, Doug and Steve did good too. Those two California Old Goats are looking forward to their second team effort in Colorado. 

Laura Ouimet was nearly a Did Not Finish, but with a sprained ankle she forced herself to hobble through the last down hill, a hug from yours truly did the trick at the finish line, red wine later helped of course - one tough blonde…  Her mate Gabby did OK and finished strong; both did the LA Marathon the previous Monday.  There were so many nice stories to be told, but the big one was the change in weather after about 6 hours into the race. The rain and sleet really came down, but no one really complained. 

Soaked gear!

Even my girl, Karen, sat for a long time under her umbrella at the finish line until we carried her and table under cover.  The rain did cause some finish line problems, which I am sure will be fixed.  I know I will hear from you if we missed you and your correct time and place.  Our early starters were again somewhat of a problem, but with a new computer system being set up by Karen’s hubby Jean we should be OK for next year. Don’t forget to check out the photos me mate Mark takes… another good Fresno mate.  So my fellow runners - I know you join me in thanking all the volunteers and the team at Green Meadows and we all look forward to another magic day in 2010…. Date to be announced, but it should be the weekend after Memorial Weekend. I will keep you all posted on my site:

Personally I had another magic weekend, it is a shame we can’t bottle the camaraderie and fun and share it with the rest of the world we live in.  So until that time, keep smiling and hug a friend, even if they beat you running!  Again my special thanks to Tropical John, he is the man for all reasons, glad to call him my mate.    TTFN  Love Big BAZZA  XXX

PS: my mate Mark took some magic shots… to get to his web site.


Place Name m/f Age Time
1 Clark Zealand m 36 4:12:57
2 Oswoldo Lopez m 37 4:23:45
3 Nathan Yanko m 27 4:29:09
4 Sean Meissner m 35 4:31:41
5 Christopher Wehan m 27 4:49:48
6 Gerad Dean m 31 4:52:50
7 Mark Hartell m 44 4:52:56
8 Brett Rivers m 27 4:58:37
9 Mark Dorman m 37 5:03:48
10 Rudy Montoya m 41 5:05:58
11 David Larson m 42 5:16:21
12 Kelly Cronin f 32 5:25:10
13 Howard Wood m 45 5:26:33
14 Randek Vander Tuig m 35 5:30:04
15 Larissa Polischuk f 31 5:30:41
16 Devin Martin m 30 5:38:44
17 Domonic Grossman m 22 5:39:44
18 Audrey Gehlhausen f 25 5:42:33
19 David Christof m 29 5:43:02
20 Mike Sweeney m 54 5:43:10
21 Frank Bozanich m 65 5:43:28
22 Mark Pulincinski m ? 5:43:49
23 Alberto Rodriguez m 25 5:44:03
24 Jason Williams m 36 5:49:22
25 Judy Maguire f 50 5:55:44
26 Joan Hellman f 28 5:56:12
27 Denis Coors m 37 5:57:59
28 Dan Brenden m 58 5:58:23
29 Sharon Luk f 29 6:00:39
30 Rob McNair m 54 6:12:34
31 Alan Barnes m 53 6:13:05
32 Tom Doyle m 44 6:14:30
33 Kristopher Hanson m 22 6:14:30
34 Gabby Gilles f 38 6:14:39
35 Steve Bordenave m 44 6:15:21
36 Loraine Gersitz f 55 6:18:34
37 Leslie Buehler f 40 6:26:31
38 Karen Plucinski f 46 6:27:32
39 Randy Richardson m 34 6:31:25
40 Terry Richardson m 48 6:32:00
41 Rafael Gonzalez m 48 6:32:02
42 Tracy Holland f 44 6:33:44
43 Todd Mikolajczyk m 47 6:35:57
44 Andrew Foote m 59 6:36:19
45 Nicholas Horton m 30 6:40:58
46 Brian Chontosh m ? 6:40:58
47 Gary Davis m 55 6:41:14
48 Katie deSplinter f 26 6:41:32
50 Charlie Bachman m 55 6:43:13
51 Jerry Wirz m 67 6:43:19
52 Bruce Kuecker m 49 6:43:34
53 Teresa Rensch f 41 6:45:06
54 Lee Anderson m 63 6:46:02
55 Lynn Schanlies f 42 6:50:08
56 Shari Todd f 34 6:51:29
57 Chris Gryszan m 26 6:51:29
58 Laura Ouimet f 39 6:54:52
59 Chris Mueller m 45 6:59:28
60 Ron Harding m 61 7:02:47
61 Dale Fietsam m 44 7:02:47
62 Marcy Shone f 58 7:03:50
63 Ana Braga-Levagga f 49 7:05:19
64 Jeff Olsen m 59 7:06:10
65 Matt Radeski m 49 7:07:13
66 Rafael Covarubias m 40 7:07:49
67 Sheryl Collmer f 50 7:09:??
68 Hector Escalante m 48 7:09:53
69 Marcia Rasmussen f 49 7:11:00
70 Ovilia Cruz f 54 7:11:45
71 David Simenson m 53 7:12:09
72 Phil Enriquez m 54 7:16:48
73 Sheryl Osbourne f 54 7:16:52
74 Rachel Jones f 47 7:17:20
75 Elisabeth Everly f 40 7:17:21
76 Lee Andersen m ? 7:20:03
77 Dan Dibbs m 51 7:22:55
78 Brian Tsuyuki m 57 7:22:55
79 Patty Geibel f 62 7:25:06
80 June Muller f 55 7:25:21
81 James Corbett m 34 7:31:18
82 Jennifer Fuller f 27 7:35:56
83 Mickey Ask m 58 7:38:05
84 Angie Fisher f 59 7:39:27
85 Domingo De Guzman m 44 7:39:27
86 Angie Orellano-Fisher f ? 7:39:27
87 Jim Tyler m 49 7:40:48
88 Jude Radeski m 49 7:42:21
89 Sandy Purtle m 54 7:43:03
90 Tammy White f 47 7:43:55
91 Kristin Searing f 23 7:44:41
92 Lisa Osinga f 37 7:46:32
93 Kate Reinsma f 26 7:46:52
94 Jonathon Tice m 49 7:47:03
95 Wendy Young f 53 7:47:03
96 Joe Nowkowski m 55 7:47:03
97 JR Young m 50 7:43:03
98 Allison Stewart f 38 7:49:03
99 Karen Storey f 32 7:49:03
100 Celeste Wilcox f 41 7:49:03
101 Shantel Beckers f 41 7:50:10
102 Adam Kast m 48 7:54:01
103 Jim Skelding m 38 7:55:59
104 Darcie Mueller f 40 7:56:25
105 Miguel Machado m 37 7:56:25
106 Mimi Champion f 51 7:59:17
107 Mark Giebel m 63 8:02:53
108 Betty Crowell f 53 8:03:23
109 Mira Reverente f 37 8:03:23
110 Julie Cross f 44 8:05:05
111 Doug Malewicki m 70 8:07:05
112 Craig Campbell m 53 8:07:26
113 Denise Matthias f 44 8:12:24
114 Martin Diekhoff m 39 8:23:44
115 Wayne Dysinger m 48 8:24:06
116 James Sewell m 51 8:25:02
117 Jerry Hansen m 49 8:34:18
118 Kathleen Rydgig f 56 8:40:28
119 Yin Goh f 41 8:42:17
120 Caroline Connolly f 40 8:42:17
121 Tessa Lucero f 46 8:47:58
122 Lindsay Anzelc f 31 8:55:59
123 Sue Rudolf f 56 8:57:11
124 Billy Dickey m 69 9:53:00
21 Runners DNF'd (Did Not Finish)

(Share your Shadow photos on Baz's website.  Please email them to
Photos submitted by:
Craig Campbell & Doug Malewicki
(The photos from Mark Haymond are copyrighted.  Go to:

WHY did Big Baz name this ultra The Shadow of the Giants?
These two picture tell ALL!

The lovely Annie Harvey with Old Goat RD & husband Steve visually demonstrate the size of this tree that lies right next to our trail.

"Hey!  Finally something older than me out here on the trail!"  says 70 year old Doug Malewicki.

(click on this or any picture to see a larger detailed version)
(If you want an original full size of any of these photos to print out, EMail:
Identify it by section, row and column.  Free of course.  Baz will buy me a Starbucks next month!)


Big Baz says hi to all before the pre-race briefing.

Baz had a special memento to present to Rob McNair who has run all 20 Shadows!

What could be nicer than a 1989 photo of Rob running with Baz!

The BOSS!  Super volunteer Karen Glendening

Panorama shot taken just minutes before the start of the
Twentieth Annual Shadow of the Giants 50K!

Off they go!

Jennifer Fuller from San Diego is ready to get going!



This strange wax-like plant is called a Snow Plant. Click HERE
to learn more.

(Thanks to Jennifer Fuller
for the link!)

Steve & Annie Harvey are cruisin
' the trails.

Slow down?  NEVER!

The fun creek crossing!

Doug splashes along.

Click HERE to see a VIDEO of the famous Roger Johnson doing his dual Yo Yo-ing stunts AS HE RUNS the Shadow 50k!

Getting near the Nelder Grove we encountered a horseman and his cute dogs.  With us is Melanie ?, a Santa Cruz graduate PhD student in the Earth Sciences

Doug Malewicki pretending to take a rest nap while getting a free ride to the Nelder Grove aid station.

Craig Campbell, age 53, enjoying the fantastic scenery.

Miles of gorgeous scenery!!

Craig Campbell's wife Janice ran the Shadow 20K.

Laura Ouimet
cruising along.

Laura Ouimet with helpful, friendly Big Baz after finishing.

Whoo Hoo!

A happy rain soaked Doug Malewicki finishes with Coors Light in hand in 8:07:05


Shadow of the Giants 50K Garmin GPS data with Google Earth Views
(click on any picture to see a larger detailed version)

Google Earth 3D view of the 50K+ terrain.
GPS record of the elevation changes
.  The Garmin sums all those ups and downs.  Tells us we climbed a TOTAL of 5,923 feet!  The Garmin measured a distance of
33.95 miles, whereas 50 kilometers = 31.0 miles. It's 55K!
Click on: Shadow 50K Flyby Tour (takes 2 steps)
 and wait for Google Earth to open, then zoom down from orbit to the view that shows the red outline of the entire 34 mile course.  Once it stabilizes, click on the Video Tour button shown on the left.  This will start the animation and bring up the control bar.
The view during the animation  will give you a great 3D feel for the mountains and valleys we traversed. Free download of Google Earth 5.0 (Feb 09) is at: