January 23, 2010
15K Results

Winter Trail Run Series 15K Report - January 23, 2010

G'day Mateys, 

Well, well, well what a week it was, earthquakes overseas, landslides, rain, snow and I ended up in the Emergency Room in Woodbridge… more on that later.  It was another Magic day up at Blue Jay, feel sorry for the ones that were registered who couldn’t make it.  For those newbies who ran our trails for the first time, you did good guys, of course, the old trail farts took it in their stride.  What rocks!  On the Friday, Steve and I took off to mark the trail in rain, hail and freezing conditions. We ended up really cold and very wet.  Not a pretty site I might add.  But the life of an RD doesn’t improve with age or experience, but sitting having my evening wine with a smile on my face made it all worth the effort.  The 2 dickheads who didn’t think they had to pay will probably not return, one hopes.

My other problem was my official race day help, Bill and Sandy were snowed in up at Crestline… lame excuse I thought!  But the good news is they will return for the 18K.  A last minute call for help worked out fine, LT was at Blue Jay 5 minutes after I pulled in… followed by more help.  I am a lucky bloke.  So the stage was set.  The sun came out, although it was chilly, several runners seemed to be well protected, others were ready for a nice day on the trails.  My last minute instructions were accepted and the 120 or so happy faces took off for the very accurate 9.3 miles!  My usual trip out about a mile and a half to re-route the course for the return from Sugar Loaf worked fine except for a pain in my lower tummy climbing back up the hill.  I also sweated, wearing my jeans is not for the trails, but hey - we move forward. 

I had only just returned to the finish line when big John Clark came thundering across the line!  Was I lucky to just beat him.  What a good man, he said he was worried about the trail studs, but managed to use his up-hill speed to separate himself from a few trail regular racers.  What is up-hill speed to a mere mortal! Smiling Dean Dobberteen strode in second just over a minute back, followed by birthday boy Kevin Gillotti.  Ben Hian was only seconds behind Kevin to take 4th overall.  Actually the first 10 finishers were only 10 minutes apart, on a course that took a lot of negotiating.  Lovely Alison Wenster won the women’s division and came in 14th overall.  She will be back I hope.  Local girl Stephanie Grant took second, unfortunately had to leave, so I missed out on one hug.  Another Stephanie…. Kinley came in third and was real happy to be home in one piece. 

Special birthday wishes to 10 year old Sierra Barton… I think her future is secure in our sport.  Her family don’t do a bad job, including her 70 year old & still trail running grandpops.  Oh yes, we had a couple of runners with minor injuries, but nothing serious…. I think my little problem was greater! Finally LT got the award winners together with the help of Theresa and me good mate Reuben.  Love it when runners stay around and support all the award winners… maybe it is my magic raffle!  My long time mate Bob and manager of “A Snails Pace” helped me with the awards, we do appreciate there involvement and not to forget my mate Mike at E-Gel of course.  One hopes everyone got something, even if it was a laugh.  I very much appreciate your support at the races and for putting up with some of my silliness on stage.  The camaraderie we have built up over the last 2 decades is magic and I notice the first timers seem to settle in with the high energy straight away.  We are family… who sang that?

There are so many personal stories I get to hear about on race day, hard to share them all, but seeing a mountain lion was Nicole McDermott’s excitement for the day. Oh yes they are out there.  Must thank me FS mate Virgil, seems all the money he takes in, including parking tickets, is well spent and more updates to Blue Jay are in the works.  He appreciates us being there, trust me… hasn’t given me a ticket yet!  Before I finish off I did have to go get checked out, seems I have a slight hernia that if not looked after could need surgery.  No humping the Doc said… I said, what’s that!  So, I will be available on the Feb 6th to cause more havoc in Blue Jay.  Please get your names on the entry list now, we are getting close to filling up our quota.  Must mention my SJT50K on March 6th, then 3 weeks later Steve has his Old Goats 50, one tough 50 miler.   Enjoy your running and I will see you later, and thanks. 

TTFN for now, be good to each other.  Love Big BAZ

Results - 2010 WTRS 15K - January 23rd
Place Name m/f Age Time
1 John Clark m 35 1:07:57
2 Dean Dobberteen m 34 1:09:16
3 Kevin Gillotti m 40 1:11:32
4 Ben Hian m 40 1:11:55
5 Darren Cox m 39 1:12:08
6 Dan Arsenault m 47 1:15:47
7 Trevor Cox m 30 1:15:58
8 Jeff Wong m 51 1:16:37
9 Adam Galland m 41 1:16:50
10 Mike Monticello m 41 1:17:13
11 Mike Cowdrey m 39 1:17:34
12 Kurt Whittington m 32 1:17:56
13 David Christof m 30 1:18:17
14 Alison Wenster f 36 1:18:28
15 Evodio Neri m 39 1:19:24
16 Adan Van Berckelear m 32 1:20:07
17 John Desrosiers m 27 1:21:27
18 Matt Ruiz m 29 1:21:30
19 Wade Blomgren m 48 1:22:43
20 Gavin Brown m 40 1:22:51
21 Joe Schupp m 44 1:22:53
22 Brian McDermott m 26 1:23:55
23 Josh Joquot m   1:24:45
24 Stephanie Grant f 30 1:25:34
25 Bob Morris m 57 1:26:40
26 Reuben Gerber m 38 1:26:47
27 Tom Gey m 57 1:27:50
28 Jerry Fetzer m 39 1:28:23
29 Robert Drewell m 36 1:29:50
30 Michael Kelly m 50 1:29:58
31 Stephanie Kinley f 39 1:31:44
32 Steve Gogl m 47 1:32:32
33 Eric Martin m 35 1:33:23
34 Peter Susic m 41 1:33:25
35 Phil Anthony m 39 1:33:46
36 Jason McKelvey m 28 1:35:17
37 Sean Fenner m 39 1:35:18
38 Frank Johnson m 27 1:35:19
39 Nhut Tran m 28 1:35:21
40 Matt Simanski m 40 1:36:22
41 Theresa Apodaca f 47 1:36:37
42 Jeff Frome m 57 1:36:42
43 Sharon Dressel f 42 1:37:37
44 Tom Mountain m 51 1:38:02
45 Kent Dempster m 39 1:38:08
46 Jeff Harper m   1:38:21
47 Bill McDermott m 58 1:38:52
48 Christina Orlandella f 36 1:40:14
49 Steve Durand m 53 1:40:29
50 Molly Kassouf f 39 1:42:01
51 Zack Johnson m 41 1:42:11
52 John Ganahl m 65 1:42:38
53 Melissa Mathes f 38 1:42:47
54 Leon Gray m 64 1:43:04
55 Hugh Marley m 47 1:45:03
56 Grant Bullis m 44 1:46:54
57 Mindy Kelley f 42 1:47:15
58 Michael Neal m 49 1:47:22
59 Don Vogt m 43 1:47:23
60 Kurt Erlandson m 55 1:47:41
61 Brett Abbott f 32 1:47:45
62 Eric Lumba m 43 1:48:48
63 Matt Diehl m 40 1:49:06
64 Tara Jordan f 39 1:49:17
65 Jean Sorenson f 46 1:49:48
66 Trevor Keetch m 30 1:49:50
67 Mike Antrim m 58 1:49:55
68 Andy Collins m 60 1:50:00
69 Dale Fietsam m 44 1:50:09
70 Melanie Weir 45 1:50:12
71 Laura Ouimet f 38 1:50:16
72 Brian Harris m 35 1:50:22
73 Damon Garret m 35 1:51:13
74 Polly Goodson f 36 1:52:22
75 Carol Ruprecht f 50 1:53:07
76 Vinnie Balch m 54 1:53:10
77 Kristy Sketeris f 33 1:53:16
78 Dan Shulsted m 51 1:53:20
79 Sierra Barton f 10 1:54:10
80 Michelle Barton f 38 1:54:11
81 Chaz Nickell m 47 1:54:12
82 Jeff Webster m 53 1:54:54
83 Ellie Adamson f 51 1:55:02
84 Doug Day m   1:56:55
85 Brittany Hyland f 27 1:57:00
86 Jim Dixon m 54 1:57:20
87 David Bourguignon m 37 1:58:11
88 Jeff Sketeris m 33 1:58:14
89 Pete Perez m 53 1:58:33
90 Chuck Wright m 61 1:59:54
91 Scott Jagger m 29 2:00:17
92 Sue Wright f 61 2:01:22
93 Jason Vines m 30 2:02:22
94 Madonna Bentz f 55 2:03:05
95 Hans Duncan m 57 2:03:14
96 Julie Holt f 43 2:03:41
97 Greg Guiliano m   2:04:15
98 Doug Malewicki m 70 2:06:00
99 Zina Diehl f 40 2:06:55
100 Kerry Collins f 61 2:08:17
101 Jody Van Zanten f 40 2:08:20
102 Suzy Gutierrez f 34 2:08:30
103 Kate Arnold f 46 2:08:30
104 John Arnold m 49 2:08:32
105 Tyler Henniger m 13 2:11:49
106 Kiera Henniger f 33 2:11:50
107 Patti Bosworth f 57 2:12:16
108 Pat Moore f 48 2:12:37
109 Jeanne Seskey f 44 2:14:44
110 Heather Fickas f 29 2:15:11
111 Ron Vincent m 53 2:15:41
112 Steve Hale m 46 2:16:25
113 Chris Diaz m 50 2:22:42
114 Pete Alaiz m 21 2:22:43
115 Nicole McDermott f 26 2:22:55
116 Julie Santillan f 27 2:23:02
117 Jean Ho f 41 2:27:01
118 Tracy Meinke m 47 2:31:37
119 George Velasco m 56 2:38:25
120 Chris Koval m 40 2:55:30
121 Jessy Bullis m 47 3:00:04

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 Charles Borlase was out on the 15K course with his big fancy camera again! 
He has graciously posted all of his top quality photos of the 15K runners on his gallery:
Free - Free
There are 25 photos per page.  Click on any thumbnail you like to enlarge and then RIGHT CLICK and select SAVE AS to capture the full size version on your computer.  These will print out as nice 8 by 10's.  Charles plans to be out for the next couple WTRS races.  Be sure to yell thanks AND smile! 
(These next 4 photos were taken by Charles.)

Stephanie Kinley age 39 was 3rd overall female in 1:31:44.

Sean Fenner age 39 (1:35:18) followed by ? & Peter Susic age 41 (1:33:25).

? followed by 10 year old Sierra Barton (1:54:10)and Mom Michelle (1:54:11).

Hans Duncan age 57 (2:03:14) having another fun day on the trails.



(click on this or any any picture to see a larger detailed version)
(If you want an original full size of any of these photos to print out, EMail: DMalewicki@cox.net
Identify it by section, row and column.  Free of course.  Baz will buy me a Starbucks next month!)

15K race photos contributed by Charles Borlase, Charlie Nickell,  Michelle Barton & Doug Malewicki.

Sierra and Michelle Barton at our traditional scenic photo-op pull off spot on the way into Blue Jay.

Sierra and her grandpa Doug Malewicki, who has been running Baz's WTRS since 1998.
Wow!  Glad today is not the WTRS 21K!  Lots of snow on our trail up the Main Divide!

Ranger Virgil Mink with the youngest runner, Sierra Barton (10) & her gramps Doug Malewicki (70), the oldest runner.

Madonna Bentz & Lambert Timmermans did all the WTRS 15K registration and finishing documentation.

Tyler Henninger age 13 and Mom Keira with 10 year old first time trail racer Sierra Barton. 

Alison Wenster, Jeff Harper, Hans Duncan, Matt Simanski & Ken Dempster line up at the start

Dean Dobberteen talks with Ben Hein as the start time approaches.



Michelle & Sierra Barton after that 1st climb out from the start.

10 year old Sierra's first ever WTRS trail race.

Charlie Nickell stayed with Michelle & Sierra & got this "On the Trail" sequence.

That evil climb after Sugarloaf.

Still going strong!

Sierra finished in 1:54:10  in 79th place out of 121 finishers.

Laura Ouimet (1:50:12) with Michelle Barton (1:54:11)

Jody Van Zanten age 40 (2:08:20) is heading to Costa Rica next week to race the 6 day Coastal Challenge!

Keira Henninger & son Tyler age 13 (2:11:49)


Hans Duncan finishes  in 2:03:14 for 95th place.

Julie Herr finished in 2:03:41

A trail owie!

A fantastic day for a trail run!

Our scenic beauty!


Ben Hein showing off his new cool INKnBURN technical shirt.

Kurt Erlandson who always runs in Boots & Utes shows Doug it is 100% true!

Old guys Doug & Leon Gray are SoCal Trail Headz members who also love MUD RUNS!

 Young Sierra getting a few trail racing tips from super trail runner Dean Dobberteen. 

Leon with Michael ?

Sierra Barton with Molly Kassouf's children, ? & ?


California Old Goat - Doug with his Naples, FL half marathon T-Shirt from last Sunday Jan 17

Laura Ouimet & ?


INKnBURN's Chaz Nickell with Stephanie Kinley.

Young Sierra with volunteer Lambert Timmermans, who finished seven 100 mile trail races last year! 




Time for the awards mateys!

Bob Morris manager of the Snails Pace helped

The 1st award was a birthday present from RD Baz to Sierra Barton who was 10 on January 19th.

Sierra was also the 1st place under 19 female & male.

10 year old Sierra's time of 1:54:10 was fast enough to "chick" 22 adult men (including grandpa) and beat 20 ladies.

Spectators and runners gather around for the race awards and Baz's MAGIC raffle.

HEY *&#^ YOU *&#@!

(Interpretation "Baz loves YOU!")

Kevin Gillotti,  40, 3rd place overall in 1:11:32

Second overall Dean Dobberteen, age 34 in 1:09:16

1st overall John Clark, age 35 in 1:07:57

age ?, wins 1st in age ?

age ?, wins 1st in age ?
Ben Hian with his 1st place in age 40-49.  He ran it in 1:11:55 (4th overall)

Doug Malewicki 1st in 70+ hops up the ledge to get a hug from Baz & almost flops over.  Young Baz saves him.

The creepy old guy finished in 97th in 2:06:00.  His 10 year old grand daughter Sierra beat him by 12 minutes!

Doug blames his losing to Sierra on being out till 1:30 AM the night before & drinking too much wine at the Legends of Aviation Awards in Beverly Hills.  Here with Kurt Russell's wife, not Greg Hardesty

Stephanie Kinley 39, 3rd overall female in 1:31:44

Alison Wenster, 36, 1st overall female in 1:18:28

Theresa Apodaca, 47,  1st in age 40-49  with a 1:36:37

Smiling ?? , age ?, wins 1st in age ?

? , age ?, wins 1st in age ?

? (who got that nasty trail owie above) & ?

Lambert gets a special volunteer award from Big Baz.

Madonna Bentz w/ Wade Blomgren (1:22:43) who is anxiously awaiting his bib number be called in Baz's magic raffle.


Ken Dempster won a bottle of Dom Perignon from Baz's private collection!

? won a $50 gift certificate to The Snails Pace (two were given out as were two 1 hour massages by ??)


For a 10% discount on any purchase
bring your WTRS Bib to Snails Pace!

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