March 6, 2010
San Juan Trail  50K Results

San Juan Trail 50K Report    March 6, 2010

Morning All.

Was it a total HOOT or what!  Those people on TV warned me it was going to rain, runners were calling to see if the race was still on, silly question! Of course I was preparing for the worse, BUT… it turned out bloody Magic. Are we lucky or what! 

Having just finished the WTRS for the 14th or 15th year I might add, in probably the worse weather conditions, I did expect a few no shows for the 50K distance… so for those few who missed out, sorry!  For those who never questioned themselves turning up on race day to enter, you did the right thing.  We can be so lucky. 

So a few runners had race day problems on the course, one mate did run off-course a ways, but was soon back on track going down Trabuco. Cramping was an issue for some, the few that decided to make a holiday of the race were treated to some snow on the top.  All were accounted for and my ham radio team did there job.  Thanks Heiko.  We did have the please of the local Fire and Forest Service people all day keeping an eye on my  behavior… how dare they!  We did have one little expedition back on to the trail, but me fire mate big Anthony handled it professionally as he does everything.  The runner did go on to finish by the way.  Funny thing was his mom was listening to the call for help and she didn’t put up her hand, funny that!

I must thank all my spontaneous help I received on race day.  Lovely Laura was making her first visit to the mountains to support her man; of course I did my best to fill her in as you might say.  She makes magic peanut butter and jam sannies…but did forget to clean up the utensils… don’t worry I did it!  The aid station groups did good work all over the course, no complaints from the runners.  My trusty twosome Bill and Sandy are my main regular support team from the start to finish and they have to drive in from Crestline, high up in the mountains.  Must mention me mate who missed the first bell at home and drove all the way from Mount Baldy to arrive just in time for Virgil to shout go.  There were so many different stories to hear through the day, some too rude to mention of course! 

As for the race itself, it became a one-man show, big Dean Dobberteen did it again, after crossing the line, he said, I feel real good, can I do it again.  Oh yes, he ran up Horse Thief Trail. Now my friends, I didn’t see him do it!!!  His finish time tells me he did not hang around; at 20 miles he had a mile lead.  There were a few changes going on behind him and some surprises.  Dean was the only one under 5 hours and it must be a course record for Saturday’s course… they vary ye know!  Brian Krogmann was real happy to take second and said it was a tough course, but loved it.  The surprise came in the way of the third place overall.  My new mate from the home land ran like hell all the 5 hours and change to take third.  Carey Edge has become my new hero, she already won my WTRS races in prep for the ultra.  Obviously, Carey won her women’s division, but the other surprise was “all action” Renee Roberts who came in 5th place over-all, surprising some of her local “rat” friends.  Not to be left out, Angela Shartel was third women and 7th over-all.  My local and new RD mate Keira, was just outside the top ten finishers, good to see her back racing.  29 women finished. 

All the award winners were happy including my long time mate 70 year-old Dale Sutton who I have not seen for 20 years. Go Champ!  Some award winners had to leave… sorry.  Hope the Raffle prize winners went home happy, thanks Chaz for throwing in your new line of printed apparel.  You looked nice all day too!  As for the runners I let start early to give them a reasonable finish time, you did it and I was there at the finish line as promised.  Long time mate Mr Billy Dickey didn’t run a bloody step all day, but just loves his sport even at 70.  Me mate Steve did good with the hot chocolate, made under the TrailHeadz banner…  see you at the OG50 in a few weeks, I will be there supporting at some aid station. 

As for my next move, I am off to my little property in Oakhurst, just outside Yosemite National Park, putting on a new Summer Trail Run Series, similar distances to my WTRS.  Hope to attract the Central Valley runners to challenging the trails up at 4 to5,000 feet in the Sierras.  Hey you guys are welcome if you are in the hood, something different, but still Magic.  Don’t forget my Shadow of the Giants 50K, June 5th in Fish Camp… A little different to what you ran on Saturday, but just being able to run by those 3,000 year-old Giant Sequoias will get your attention.  Any questions you have you can always email me  Keep an eye on my also. 

Again, thanks to everyone for letting me be your host in Blue Jay.  Until the next time, keep up the trail running and the hugs. You know it really makes my day.

Love Big BAZ XX

San Juan Trail 50K Results 2010

Place Name m/f Age Time
1 Dean Dobberteen m 34 4:41:43
2 Brian Krogmann m 31 5:02:54
3 Carey Edge f 50 5:05:26
4 Gary Harrington m 49 5:13:47
5 Renee Roberts f 45 5:14:19
6 Scott Mills m 58 5:17:37
7 Angela Shartell f 35 5:21:20
8 Scott Crellin m 34 5:26:52
9 Chase Mueller m 37 5:30:08
10 Morgan Goff m 47 5:30:14
11 Keira Henninger f 33 5:31:57
12 Kurt Whittington m 32 5:36:21
13 Phillip Anthony m 39 5:36:49
14 David Christof m 30 5:42:18
15 John Lewis m 42 5:42:40
16 Michelle Barton f 38 5:49:26
17 Carl Tedsco m 40 5:50:28
18 Kevin Taylor m 46 5:51:06
19 Wade Blomgren m 48 5:55:12
20 Robert Drewell m 36 5:56:23
21 Jack Cheng m 38 5:57:19
22 Angel Perez m 38 5:57:21
23 Joe Rowland m 45 5:58:08
24 Jerry Fetzer m 39 6:04:29
25 Eric Goff m 44 6:05:58
26 Joey Bryan m 41 6:09:36
27 Gina Natera f 35 6:11:13
28 Eric Kosters m 48 6:16:40
29 John Spannuth m 40 6:17:53
30 Larry Goddard m 40 6:25:25
31 Chris Robinson m 49 6:25:33
32 Jay Reale m 46 6:25:41
33 Marisa Willment f 46 6:26:16
34 Jimmy Lewis m 41 6:26:17
35 Jennifer Henderson f 51 6:27:46
36 Hugh Marley m 47 6:32:40
37 Marissa Sheppard f 40 6:32:40
38 Jon Stange m 47 6:32:48
39 Chris Haines m 51 6:33:31
40 Kevin Stark m 31 6:35:09
41 Chaz Nickell m 47 6:39:00
42 Craig Slagel m 37 6:39:30
43 Wilson Liu m 52 6:40:31
44 Kim Morse f 36 6:41:02
45 Ricardo Ornelas m 36 6:41:33
46 Loraine Gersitz f 55 6:42:40
47 Dewy Noble m 34 6:43:26
48 Jeff Harper m 41 6:43:44
49 Keizo Amakawa m 50 6:47:00
50 Cody Stewart m 37 6:58:15
51 Tin Tse m 41 7:01:04
52 Elizabeth La Bau f 29 7:04:23
53 Jill Bricker f 34 7:07:55
54 Melaine Weir f 45 7:11:05
55 Annette McCall f 35 7:14:01
56 Duke Bartoo m 57 7:16:23
57 Annie Reese f 51 7:17:50
58 Tyler Forbes m 39 7:21:58
59 Noah Domont m 36 7:23:55
60 Johnny Hsin m 51 7:24:58
61 Kiley Akers m 37 7:26:59
62 Ron Bacon m 54 7:31:22
63 Bradley Dutkiawicz m 30 7:33:44
64 Steve Funke m 49 7:36:19
65 Gerry Ong m 40 7:37:03
66 Sandie Allen f 55 7:42:20
67 Brian Scarbrough m 44 7:42:22
68 Eduardo Robelo m 46 7:46:38
69 Sarah Ullrich f 39 7:47:28
70 Rick Spencer m 60 7:51:49
71 Lori Szikra f 52 7:51:52
72 Tim Landwerlen m 27 7:52:56
73 Sam McClure m 56 7:53:18
74 Julieann Strom f 43 7:53:27
75 Lisa Johnson f 44 7:54:35
76 Dina Aman f 38 7:55:23
77 Laura Sohaskey f 51 7:55:23
78 Sandy Purtle m 55 8:11:24
79 Jody Van Zanten f 40 8:12:48
80 Dale Sutton m 70 8:18:33
81 Christina Flaxel f 52 8:19:19
82 Michelle Butterfield f 39 8:24:19
83 Sean Callahan m 39 8:25:34
84 Kurt Erlandson m 55 8:27:55
85 Fred Pollard m 70 8:37:48
86 Jeanette Quintana f 32 8:40:34
87 Rico Ramirez m 65 8:42:23
88 Georgina Ruiz f 52 8:53:08
89 Yen Darcy f 53 9:00:00
90 Nicklas Montney m 28 9:13:58
91 Xy Weiss f 48 9:18:15
92 Bill Dickey m 70 10:00:00

SJT 50K photos provided by Michelle Barton, Keith Swiatkowski, Jerry Fetzer, Deborah Acosta & Doug Malewicki

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Thanks all for the photo contributions...


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Deborah Acosta & Keith Swiatkowski

Michelle Barton & Keith

Deborah & Gina Natera

Larry Goddard is READY!

INKnBURN's Chaz Nickel with Michelle

Sandy Johnson taking care of registration as usual!  Thank you Bill & Sandy!

Jerry Fetzer, his 2 daughters & 38

Pre race briefing



The waterfall is visible & audible from the trail!

Dirty Girl Gaiter, 100 mile lady - XY Weiss

Looking down the running creek (photo by XY).

The last little hill to the 1st aid station at 10 miles out.

Lots of people at the Candy Store aid station

Maury Bosquet with RD Baz Hawley

Maury, Doug Malewicki & Baz

Steve Harvey, Shannon Waegner, Doug & Baz

Robert Hillery 25th overall in 5:57:03


Annette McCall

Georgina Ruiz

Fred Pollard

Rico Ramirez

Robert Drewell

Michelle Barton (also known as RedBlur)

Rick Spencer & Lori Zrika

Ron Bacon

Christina Flaxel behind ?

Dean Dobberteen cruising the final down hill after the Trabuco aid station & well ahead of 2nd place.

Michelle Barton on the final stretch of Falcon trail to the finish

Jennifer Henderson with Scott Mills

Marissa Willment

Marissa & 1st female/3rd overall Carey Edge.  Did you know Carey ran for Ireland in the 1984 Olympic marathon? 2:28 no less!

Jon Stange

Chaz Nickel finishes

Marissa Shepard & Hugh Marley

This is a deep trail owie!


Kim Morse & Kevin Stark whose 31st birthday was today!  You can only celebrate running a 31 mile 50K on your 31st birthday once in a lifetime!

Doug Malewicki proclaims that was too tough!


SJT 50K Garmin GPS data with Google Earth Views
(click on any picture to see a larger detailed version)

Google Earth 3D view of the 50K terrain.

GPS record of the elevation changes.  The Garmin sums all those ups and downs.  Tells us we climbed a TOTAL of over a mile (7,859 feet)!  The Garmin measured a distance of
29.20* miles, whereas 50 kilometers = 31.0 miles.

Close up 3D view of the Candy Store loop.

Close up 3D view of the Horsethief loop.

*29.20 miles PROBLEM...
The GPS only recorded 29.20 miles for this supposed 31 mile race.  What is going on?  If you clicked on the
Flyby Tour, you now see the course we ran outlined in RED.  Go to the Horsethief climb and zoom way in.  You can actually see the trail details that we ran.  However, Even though the trail has many obvious switchbacks, the GPS route has cut many of them and done simple long linear interpolations between points that it did successfully pick up.  The GPS lost needed distance data in several such places!

Double click on this link and wait for Google Earth to zoom in from orbit to the view that shows the red outline of the entire 50K course.  Once it stabilizes, click on PLAY TOUR button or select PLAY TOUR from the drop down VIEW menu.  That starts the animated flyover of the entire course.  Awesome!  (
HINTS for Google Earth Play Tour)


 Pam Everett who was sidelined by an injury was out to cheer on all her friends

Dean Dobberteen sure looks warm & comfy. 

? & ?

Chaz & his BIG graphics

Larry Goddard

Keira & Michelle

David Christof

Pam, Baz & Michelle

Keith Swiatkowski and Big Baz

Pam, Baz, Michelle & Doug

Baz thanking aid station volunteer helpers.


AWARDS and BAZ'S Magic Raffle...