June 5, 2010
21st Anniversary
Shadow of the Giants 50K

Shadow  2010 - Race Report Story

G’Day to you all, it is just amazing how lucky we got over the weekend.  Magic weather, volunteers that were the best and a plan B course that kicked a few butts.  Just maybe a nudge-nudge over 32 miles!  Hey that is OK by me, not to mention everyone was accounted for at the end of the day in beautiful down town Fish Camp.  Maybe the only set back was the old RD who was struggling with tummy pains for most of the day.  But, lucky me had so much pre-race help from Big Frank Bozanich and his lovely wife Jan, plus all the support I got from all of you guys made the 21st running of the race pretty special.  Rob McNair said he ran good all day chatting with everyone as he does then turning it on over the last few miles to pass some much younger competitors… his 21st appearance I might add. 

The show of hands for the runners who were making their first attempt at an ultra, impressed me, some not even had run a marathon.  Plus all the new lovely ladies that turned up… must be me!!!!  Must have been over 40% of the entrants.  Yes, I did screw up on the T-shirts… didn’t print the medium size.  So I will get them printed this week and mail them out, sorry about that.  I wish we could speed up the race day registration; it helps the RD for runners to enter early.  But we will work on it for next year.  We missed a few runners at the end, but they surfaced with phone calls…  Sorry my make-shift aid station down in Sugar Pine was weak, if it wasn’t for Big John M and Sweet Lips Lisa we would have really had problems.  Maybe we don’t have to use that location in 2011, if we return to our favorite course.  My mate Big Mike handled the 3rd and 6th aid station on his lonesome… what a mate.  Did have to leave water and goodies for the last few very slow and tired runners, but that decision was made by me, because he has a long drive home and I don’t want to piss-off me volunteers, do I!  No one complained anyway. The 20K Fun Run was magic, everyone got back to Green Meadows with big smiles, we will keep that part of the race-day.  Must say thanks to the staff at GM… people loved the pre-race meal and the accommodation is OK, why pay 200 bucks for a bed.  They need all the money I can find them for the upkeep of the property as our local school district has limited funds.  By the way anyone can reserve the place for group meetings or gatherings, just call them in Fish Camp, ask for Sudie 559-642-0122.  They enjoy having us there every year and that is nice.

The 140 or so starters were a high-energy group I must say and ready for Big John to toot his horn… as you might say!  Again we had a few new faces on the front line, but at the first aid station a familiar face was out front.  Oh to be young, handsome, fast and speak Spanish!  Mr. Lopez is a real good man and judging by many of his performances at all distances he is getting to hit the lime light and fast.  It may have surprised him to see Michelle Barton only minutes behind running up from Sugar Pine.  Of course, Big Dean Dobberteen was in the mix to.  The finish line results tell the story.  Me new mate from Aussie did good to, coming in a nice 4th place overall.  Sada Crawford, another up and coming ultra lady did good… these Sheila’s are good.  Big Rob, even at 55 was not far behind coming in 8th.  Loraine Gersitz had a magic run, as did 70 year-old Fred Pollard.

There were many nice stories to be told.  I loved the Coyotes team, they seemed to have fun as did other groups of mates.  The course was not as easy as many of the finishers pointed out and Frank Bozanich had to use some of his Marine skills to get to the finish line along with a much younger Marine mate Chris Wiegel.   The awards went OK, as did the raffle, some nice prizes… thanks to Brooks and my new mates at Scott Running.  All donations are gratefully received; those nice sun glasses were given to me by Big Frank.  Don’t worry folks I got a pair! Must mention my little lovely English Rose Tessa Lucero, besides having a real long day she thought it was splendid and will be back with her daughter next June.  One hopes you all had a good time in Fish Camp and the next Shadow of the Giants 50K is only 12 months away.  Maybe I will have fixed my tummy problem and I can be back to my boisterous self, I do enjoy our relaxed atmosphere, hope you do to.  By the way if any of you are in the area over the next 4 months I have a Summer Series of shorter trail races in and around Fish Camp starting July 17.  Go to my web site for info www.bigbaztrailraces.com   Hope you all got a chance to see Yosemite.  Thanks again to all my many volunteers and runners who felt sorry for this old bloke.  I will be back as soon as they fix it.  You can email me anytime I love letters, if you don’t send letters send money!   Much love Big BAZZA  XXX  bazhawley@sti.net

PS.  Sorry I didn't finish the story.  My lovely Karen Glendening who lives in Fish Camp was the hero of the race in many ways.  Not only did she help me mark the course, but spent all day under the hot sun taking care of the finish line.  I know you join me in thanking her, she has always been helpful in organizing the registration and without her dedication I would fall off me perch. So to "Miss World" I want to say thanks - Karen you are magic.

PPS: My mate Mark took some magic shots… www.markhaymond.smugmug.com to get to his web site.


2010 Shadow Results
Place Name   m/f Age  Time
1 Oswaldo Lopez m 30 4:15:42
2 Michelle Barton f 39 4:26:43
3 Dean Dobberteen m 34 4:35:36
4 Brian Jones m 34 4:44:48
5 Sada Crawford f 44 4:49:35
6 Eric Toskhi m 41 4:51:41
7 Mark Dorman m 38 5:00:50
8 Rob McNair m 55 5:02:21
9 Randy Vander tuig m 36 5:03:10
10 Jason Wara m 27 5:03:37
11 Holly Anderton f 39 5:14:00
12 Jimmy Dean Freeman m 34 5:16:17
13 Dennis Koors m 38 5:17:24
14 Robert Vaccaro m 36 5:18:48
15 JR Mintz m 43 5:20:45
16 Greg Taleck m 34 5:24:35
17 Eric Nichol m 44 5:28:11
18 Rudy Montoya m 42 5:29:26
19 Dion Doshier m 41 5:29:27
20 Kelly Cronin f 33 5:29:33
21 Matt James m 33 5:39:30
22 Albert Rodriguez m 26 5:41:43
23 Howie Stern m 40 5:42:17
24 Kate Martini f 28 5:43:49
25 Stuart Morrison m 41 5:45:12
26 Ryan Greene m 36 5:46:38
27 Rick Kanatzar m 55 5:52:40
28 Justin Bernard m 30 5:56:14
29 Willard Western m 49 5:56:38
30 Michelle Van Ornum f 41 5:59:00
31 David Larsen m 43 5:59:00
32 Alison Williams f 26 6:00:34
33 Marisa Willmet f 47 6:00:45
34 Loraine Gersitz f 56 6:01:15
35 Erin Maruoka f 33 6:03:07
36 Elizabeth LaBau f 29 6:05:43
37 Ted Nunes m 33 6:08:31
38 Sharon Luk f 30 6:09:09
39 Rafael Gonzalez m 49 6:11:11
40 Steve Bordenave m 45 6:18:53
41 Matt Radeski m 50 6:19:39
42 Laney Baris f 35 6:23:43
43 Jerry Fetzer m 39 6:24:56
44 Karen Vollan f 41 6:33:56
45 Terri Wilson f 50 6:34:28
46 Christopher Wiegel m 27 6:34:58
47 Frank Bozanich m 66 6:34:58
48 Wendy Newman f 51 6:38:49
49 Christopher Hays m 38 6:38:51
50 Dan Morales m 33 6:41:10
51 Kyle Cirrincione m 27 6:44:55
52 Andrew Foote m 60 6:45:50
53 Pedro Martinez m 24 6:47:10
54 Brian Tsuyuki m 58 6:51:59
55 Mark Spencer m 49 6:52:43
56 Adam Kast m 49 6:55:45
57 Jerry Wirz m 68 6:57:44
58 Michael Turano m 37 6:58:07
59 Nicole Stjean f 34 7:03:08
  Clark  Osborne m 62 7:13:45
60 Anne Tenwick f 34 7:16:44
61 Jeff Russell m 50 7:20:37
62 Tanya Johnson f 49 7:20:48
63 Mark Johnson m 40 7:20:51
64 Richard Buerli m 55 7:22:39
65 Anabel Mota f 29 7:27:32
66 Sarah Morrison  f 36 7:27:48
67 Johnny Hsin m 51 7:30:19
68 Rebecca Samet f 49 7:30:33
69 Robert Cervero m 59 7:31:18
70 Kristina Hollands f 32 7:32:45
71 Julia Holt f 43 7:33:19
72 Matt Ruiz m 30 7:33:19
73 Betty Crowell f 54 7:37:41
74 Howard Gest  m 58 7:38:23
75 Jude Radesky f 48 7:38:56
76 Ron Wilmoth m 55 7:39:09
77 Samantha Coffman f 37 7:42:10
78 Archie Hernandez m 36 7:45:20
79 Susan Bunnell f 47 7:45:26
80 Rachel Feldman f 41 7:45:26
81 Tom Chapman m 54 7:45:58
82 Diana Fenner f 46 7:46:05
83 Fred Pollard m 70 7:46:59
84 Arturo Lopez m 59 7:47:16
85 Mark Sloan m 52 7:47:42
86 Jason Stephens m 68 7:47:42
87 Valerie Shapiro f 29 7:52:28
88 Sarah Oliver f 46 7:54:03
89 Scott Browar m 57 7:54:03
90 Dave Simenson m 54 7:54:16
91 Paul Ronshausen m 59 7:58:10
92 Denise Ellison f 52 8:04:40
93 Martin Diekhoff m 40 8:04:46
94 Amber Girard f 30 8:06:20
95 Gabi Schenkel f 33 8:06:20
96 Wendy Young f 54 8:08:33
97 Joe Nowakowski m 56 8:08:33
98 JR Young m 51 8:08:33
99 Jeff Higgins m 42 8:19:51
100 Mira Reverante f 38 8:21:54
101 Gabor Kozinc m 47 8:21:54
102 Ofie Cruz f 55 8:23:03
103 Giselle Romero f 34 8:29:21
104 Sheryl Osborne f 55 8:29:32
105 Sue Flannagan f 41 8:36:01
106 Denice Ellison f ? 8:39:40
107 Lisa Anderson f 47 8:47:28
108 Harry Redinger m 53 8:47:53
109 Tawni Gomes f 46 8:51:00
110 Caroline Connolly f 41 8:51:30
111 Darcy Yen  f 53 8:59:36
112 James Sewell m 52 9:08:18
113 Sarah Scharry f 35 9:18:15
114 Big Bill Dickey m 70 9:19:26
115 George Velasco m 56 9:28:15
116 Egzine Richardson f 52 9:38:32
117 Tessa Lucero f 47 10:59:40

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We also will be happy to link to any online photo albums created for Shadow.

Please email them to webmaster DMalewicki@cox.net who missed his favorite ultra while vacationing in Russia.

The superb photos from Mark Haymond are copyrighted.  
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Shadow 50K photos below provided by Michelle Barton.
(Click on an photo to see it in larger size.)


Ahhhh - the awesome scenery of the Sierras!

Welcome to Fish Camp.

Some of the runners at the Green Meadows school.

Dean Dobberteen is READY!

Hey BIG BAZ - Nice T-Shirt design for 2010!

Michelle Barton - who has already set 3 female course records at ultras in 2010

Brian Jones from Australia

Michelle with Holly Anderton & friends

Michelle with Dean Dobberteen. "Are we ready to race buddy?"


Michelle cruising past a giant redwood tree.

Michelle came in 2nd OVERALL in 4:26:43 and broke the previous Shadow 50K female record (which she set in 2007).

Click on the photo to see the SNOW on the trail behind Michelle!

Baz congratulates Michelle Barton on her 1st female and 2nd overall win.

(These first 3 photos were purchased from Mark Haymond & reduced from their original high quality for Baz's website)

Brian Jones, 34, was 4th overall in 4:44:48

Holly Anderton, 39 finished 3rd place female & 11th overall in 5:14:00

Brian Jones gives Holly a big congratulatory hug!

This was Holly's first ever ULTRA!

Happier to finish her first ever ultra & happier to place 3rd female overall!


Rob McNair, the only persome to run all 21 Shadow 50K's came 8th in

Oswaldo Lopez 1st overall in 4:15:41 & ?

Hey Big Baz - thanks for a great day!

Fred Pollard, 70 finished in 7:46:59

Bill Dickey, 70 finished in 9:19:26

Bill takes a well deserved break!

Michelle Barton, BIG BAZ & Holly Anderton


Marisa Willmet 6:00:45

Jimmy Dean Freeman  5:16:17 & ?

Janet Waugh & Lorraine Gersitz 6:01:15

Sharon Luk 6:09:09

Michelle, Brian & Holly with awards

Serious post race  resting. Erin Marouka & ?