Summer Trail Run Series

Fish Camp 10 mile - September 11, 2010

STRS...  Fish Camp 10 mile  REPORT

G’Day Each.

All good things must come to an end so they say, but memories linger on forever.  Didn’t we have another magic day in Fish Camp.  All the races have had their little delights, Saturday, September 11 was no exception. Two of my law enforcement mates saw a bear on the Summit Road about 2 miles out.  Another member did make a fashion statement with wearing a bright yellow neck scarf, very, very nice Rudy.  Maybe we could have been treated to more if he had turned up for more of the series races… always next year.  Most agreed that the race distances were magic, maybe remove some of the black top in our second race.  We can make all the changes we want and when I have plans you will be first to know.  Maybe we can attract a few more to the mountains, I was totally happy with the turn-out and hope a move up in distance you could maybe challenge my Shadow of the Giants 50K in June 2011. Rudy will be there, I know.  More runners will mean more age group awards.  I do hope all the give away items excited you and everyone got something.  Must thank Aaron at Sierra Running Company for his donations, I know he has the best running store in Fresno.

As for the race itself, the yellow scarf took off like his ass was on fire from the gun.  The 35 starters did wake most of the FC residents with their cheers of glee.  Actually we got lucky, not much was going on in Fish Camp, but it was the last day for hunters using there bows, next week the guns come out! 

One of our past winners JK Lundberg was first to appear racing down the hill to the finish line.  Not a bad time for the 9.7111- mile race… I am getting close with my distances!  He was real happy, didn’t have to look far back for the yellow scarf to appear down the hill, only 61 seconds behind actually.  He is running well for an old bloke, maybe it is his new main squeeze.  By the way JK said it was magic!  Third place was 2 blokes who just like running together, but we gave the award to Big Matt, sorry Dave.  The 60 year-old fart Dave Miller gave his all again… coming in 5th place. 

Michelle Larson had no one to run with, but mentioned she did overtake a few men friends to take first in the women’s division and again another top 10 finish.  48 year-old Maia Pucay enjoyed her fist visit to the series and came 2nd and Shelly Summers was only 5 minutes back to take 3rd.  All the ladies said they are looking forward to next year. 

So the magic is over for another year, must thank all my helpers, Lovely Karen for her book keeping, my English mate Pete the Sweep who came in at the last minute to man the turn-round.  My mate Mark enjoyed taking photos of the lovely people and hope you buy a souvenir to remember the race. Of course, my mate McDoogal enjoys the first series of abuse, he loves it.  He liked his sweater to, as did the runners who finished all the series races.  We are very lucky to be able to do what we do in the woods.  I look forward to hearing anything you want to say, any suggestions are welcome, but no abuse please.  I will be in touch, just enjoy the rest of the year and those who are challenging an ultra just be patient out there. 

Much Love from Big BAZ XXX
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2010 STRS  Fish Camp 10 - results
Place Name m/f Age Time
1 JK Lundberg m 30 1:07:37
2 Judy Montoya m 42 1:08:32
3 Matt James m 33 1:13:31
4 Dave Larson m 43 1:13:31
5 Dave Miller m 60 1:14:44
6 Keith Jackson m 48 1:16:02
7 Leonardo Ornelas m 32 1:16:35
8 Dan Palmer m 45 1:16:44
9 Gabriel Te Nyenhuis m 42 1:17:28
10 Michelle Larson f 41 1:17:57
11 Jared Parngna m 27 1:21:20
12 Maia Pucay f 48 1:21:31
13 Matt Britter m 40 1:21:40
14 Tim Greilich m 46 1:23:23
15 Mark Spenser m 50 1:24:50
16 Shelley Summers f 37 1:26:15
17 Melinda Riccardi f 40 1:26;39
18 Jason Roche m 36 1:27:28
19 Barry "Baz" Jager m 40 1:27:28
20 Scott Dye m 60 1:29:36
21 Suzanne Spiro f 31 1:31:46
22 Mike Smith m 56 1:31:47
23 Doug Stevens m 40 1:35:51
24 Steve Card m 42 1:37:29
25 Michelle Ochoa f 42 1:38:47
26 Robert Lolbert m 56 1:42:52
27 Johnny Vlkman m 60 1:45:12
28 Brett Adney m 31 1:47:19
29 Annette Arrelanes f 39 1:49:43
30 Bob Bates m 57 1:54:59
31 Jeri Rose f 50 1:55:21
32 Lindsey Kleiner f 28 1:55:21
33 Paula Cottle f 38 2:01:53
34 Susan Mencarini f 46 2:09:46
35 Eva Busto f 46 limped in

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  The 2010 Summer Trail Run Series is over.
Next up is the Saddleback Trail Marathon on November 6th.