July 17, 2010
Bass Lake Vista

14K Results

Summer Trail Run Series 14K Story - July 17, 2010

 Morning ladies and gentleman,   

 What a magic start to the new STRS.  As the RD you are always concerned about what will happen at a first time trail run at 5,400 feet elevation.  How many will turn up on race day, did I have enough water/aid stations/food and so on.  One thing I didn’t allow for was 300-head of cattle coming across the start line.  Lucky for us they arrived in mass along with 11 riders and 2 dogs about 20 minutes after the runners had taken off at 8:30.  For the merry gang that was stationed at the finish line we got the greatest view of 300 of the finest looking cows you have ever seen.  All cameras were flat-out taking photos… please send me the good ones.  My mate Mark who was out on the course taking photos for the race tried calling me when the herd came into view about 2 miles out. Unfortunately our cell phones didn’t work, but trust me we heard them coming way before they arrive, of course, most runners knew they had passed through on the course, if you know what I mean. 

Back-to-the-race.  We had 10 women and 18 blokes lined up at the start, after a few words of advice about drinking lots of water my lovely Karen started the event.  The many cheers and screams disappeared after they had made the right first turn.  Now, the RD hopes all the ribbons are well place and no vehicles have run over the white arrows and my trusty aid station crews are in position.  Scott and Sarah didn’t have to wait long before the youngest runner arrived, took a sip and was gone.  At Bass Lake Vista Point my Oakhurst locals were waiting to show off the magic view of our famous lake.  Most runners stopped and looked, some took photos of course.  I was told most runners had smiles on their faces… always a good sign.  But my good mate Frank was having a tough day trying to keep up with runners young enough to be his kids.  He had spent the last few days helping me mark the course and do all my heavy lifting cos of my tummy ailment.  Back at the finish line Karen was ready to take names along with some of her new students!!!  McDoogal and real estate guru Claudia prepared the food table and cold soft drinks. 

I had sent a mate down the trail to let us know when the first runner was in view, just before the one hour mark a scream was heard and the 17 year-old soon to be a Chico student arrived.  Hardly breathing of course, I anticipated 65 minutes would be the winning time, of course I didn’t know Humberto was coming.  He drank water, smiled and said he really enjoyed the race.  No worries with directions and of course not much competition.  One hopes he can run more of the series.  Second overall was 44 year-old Salvador Rodriguez… he had a magic day too.  David Larson finished about 4 minutes back to take third place overall.  David’s wife, Michelle, had a great run to win the women’s division and take 10th place overall.  Amie Mazzoni was happy with her second place followed by 40 year-old Melinda Riccardi.  All in all everyone enjoyed their day in the Sierra National Forest, even Ana and big Johnny who started five minutes late. 

I am real grateful my new mate Aaron at Sierra Running Company in Fresno whom are supporting my races.  Seems everyone uses them in the Valley.  Of course, none of these events would happen without support from my race-day volunteers.  I just hope we can spread the word and attract more runners up to the mountain trails.  It really is magic and you will enjoy all 4 of the races planned.  A show of hands did prefer an 8 o’clock start because of the heat, so that will happen.  Hope to see you all on the 7th, same location and thanks for parking correctly, I do have to satisfy our mates at the Forest Service. Please send any comments to bazhawley@sti.net  I aim to please and again if you can get a running mate to join us that will help with the competition and maybe I can do some age group awards.

Keep running and drink lots of water when you run this summer.  

Much Love, Big BAZ XXX

Results - 2010 STRS 14K - July 17
Place Name m/f age Time
1 Humberto Osuna m 17 59:25:00
2 Salvador Rodriguez m 44 1:04:35
3 David Larson m 43 1:08:16
4 Dan Palmer m 45 1:09:54
5 Dave Miller m 60 1:12:19
6 Scott Revlin m 33 1:13:28
7 Gabriel tenyenhus m 42 1:14:15
8 Tim Greilich m 46 1:14:45
9 Frank Bozanich m 66 1:14:48
10 Michele Larson f 41 1:15:02
11 Brad Castillo m 54 1:16:15
12 Matt White m 31 1:19:13
13 Chris Florentine m 47 1:19:23
14 Amie Mazzoni f 36 1:21:40
15 Barry Jager m 40 1:25:21
16 Jason Roche m 36 1:25:21
17 Melinda Riccardi f 40 1:25:58
18 Doug Stevens m 40 1:26:36
19 Michele Ochoa f 42 1:27:51
20 Maria Di Giacomo f 42 1:31:10
21 Eva Busto f 55 1:31:24
22 Annette Arrellanas f 39 1:31:34
23 David Simonson m 43? 1:32:43
24 Brett Adney m 31 1:32:43
25 Dora Isles f 42 1:38:43
26 Norma Castillo f 43 1:48:09
27 Ana Dicochea f 37 1:50:59
28 Johnny Lujan m 40 1:50:59

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