August 7, 2010
Sky Ranch Loop

17K Results

Summer Trail Run Series 17K Report - August 7, 2010


I love my job!  What a magic bunch that turned up for the second race of the Summer Trail Run Series… even a couple more than the 14K three weeks ago.  Giving out the series T-shirt worked out fine… I think my Fresno mate Yevant did a good job with a rough sketch to work from.  The old timers came back and some new faces soon got used to my silliness, I just hope our little gathering grows, some new plans are in the works for 2011. I can’t wait to show off the magic of the Big Giants Sequoias in 2 weeks…

The 8am start worked for all, even got started on time and a temperature to die for.  The course was a little shorter cos of the tree removal service… no one complained it was still a test for even me new mate JK who managed to take the lead early and strode across the finish line in a magic time.  Mr. Lundberg enjoyed his run in the woods and will get back for the last race, Fish Camp 10.  As he is a shy sought of bloke, I will just say he likes winning and leads my mate Ken’s Central Valley series of races… he just needs a shave!!!  Second place overall was me mate Dave Larson, he improved one place from 3 weeks ago. Go David.  My new “Fresno Bee” mate Matt James enjoyed his day, just 36 seconds behind Mr. Larson.  Local boy Dave Miller… actually 60 years of age, bettered his position from the 14K finishing 4th overall, over a minute under the one hour mark.

In the women’s division lovely Michele Larson won and came in 7th overall, she is really wanting to win the Series I know.  Shame she is married!  Second overall and a very happy lady, Melinda Riccardi, she just beat-out Ted Daley right at the finish line.  Go girl! Another local runner and a long time mate Eva Busto finished off the top three women and so very happy to do it.  She wants to remind everyone about the Smoky Bear Run at Bass Lake in September.

My school educators did good again as did my friendly lady beer drinkers.  Must again mention my lovely Karen working hard to keep up with the rego and finish line.  My mate McDoogal did his usual … whatever that was, must get rid of him someway.  Our second aid station was another Fresno runner Sarah, who also ran the course after you guys finished and removed all the ribbons… thanks Kido. Without the volunteers we would not be able to do this thing we love in the woods.  My mate Mark was everywhere again taking his magic photos, go to his site and see if he got one of you.  Must thank Sierra Running Company for their help with some of the raffle items.  Hope everyone got something, maybe next race you will get lucky. To all of you, thanks for coming, hope to see you soon, thanks for the hugs and kisses. When you are single and lonely!!!!! All those things count. 

Be good.  Much Love Big BAZ XXX

Results - 2010 STRS 17K - August 7
Place Name m/f age Time
1 J.K. Lundberg m 30 55:07:00
2 David Larson m 43 57:12:00
3 Matt James m ? 57:48:00
4 Dave Miller m 60 58:41:00
5 Dan Palmer m 45 1:00:02
6 Gabriel teNyenhuis m 42 1:02:36
7 Michele Larson f 41 1:03:12
8 Mike Weathers m 48 1:03:50
9 Tim Greilich m 46 1:03:57
10 Matt Britter m 40 1:10:49
11 Melinda Roccardi f 40 1:11:00
12 Ted Daley m 58 1:11:02
13 Barry Jager m 40 1:11:42
14 Jason Roche m 36 1:11:43
15 Matt White m 31 1:12:31
16 Doug Stevens m 40 1:13:40
17 Jared Pamagna m 27 1:15:30
18 Eva Busto f 55 1:16:20
19 Michele Ochoa f 42 1:16:52
20 Chris Levreau m 33 1:16:59
21 Brett Adney m 31 1:17:54
22 Daniel Schneider m 27 1:18:04
23 Annette Arellano f 39 1:18:39
24 Mike Riccardi m 40 1:19:23
25 Robert Kolbert m 56 1:22:22
26 Dora Isles f 42 1:27:03
27 Lindsay Kleiner f 28 1:31:42
28 Laura Osborne-Cambell f 32 1:39:08
29 Biana Mellor f 30 1:44:49

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