August 21, 2010
Shadow of the Giants - 18K Results

Summer Trail Run Series 18K  - August 21, 2010

G’Day to one and all, if I might say it myself I thought we had a magic day in the woods even at 5,200 feet.  We seem to be adding new runners to our summer series at each event and every race seems to be adding to the interest of trail running.  Having run many of the trails in the Western Sierra Mountains over the last 20 years I think the 11 plus miles of the Shadow of the Giants 18K is as good as it gets. 

My volunteers were great, the weather was perfect and to a person you couldn’t fault the course.  Those at the finish line were trying to guess a finish time for the first runner.  Picking the winner was not so much of a problem, but a finish time is always a guestimate.   

Race day entrant Oswaldo Lopez has become a name to fear in the ultra running world over the last 3 or 4 years. With only a couple of weeks of rest after his second place finish at Badwater it didn’t take more than a couple of miles to take the lead and prove he has still the speed over the shorter distance with a finish time of just over 77 minutes.  34 year-old Scott Bolin was real happy to take second only 84 seconds behind Mr. Lopez.  Third place overall was Jason Wara a newbie to the series.   The word is getting out and the Summer Trail Series is getting some of the best Valley runners.  David Larson enjoyed his day staying in front of his Fresno mate Matt James at the finish line.  Both said at times they were racing down the hills at sub 6:30 minute pace. Wow.  

After enjoying her wins in the women’s division in the first 2 trail races, Michele Larson was still satisfied to take second to overall winner Lea Nibur.  Lea came in 7th overall, which was not too bad considering the strong field of blokes.  Michele did have an excuse, too much drinking on her Hawaii vacation with the family.  40 year-old Melinda Riccardi loves those trails, always finishes with a smile and loved her 3rd place finish.  Another Michele came in fourth, would have loved to have broken 2 hours… next time kiddo! 

My educator mates Gabby, Jason and Baz missed the awards… had to go tell their kids how good they did, thanks guys.  We have 14 runners receiving their well-earned series sweat-shirts, they will be printed next week and handed out in Fish Camp after the last race, September 11th. Don’t forget a King and Queen of the Mountain will also be announced. 

Again, I want to thank all of you. I meet new friends every race and hope our friendships will continue.  As you can tell I enjoy my day in the woods too, but given the chance to run with you would be magic also.  My mates that volunteer their time to support the events are enjoying the new series.  I think I mentioned if any of you want to write and offer suggestions to improve the series, please do.  We all think next year will see a big break through and our numbers will grow.  I will be visiting some of the local races next year and try to promote trail running in the Central Valley.  We are so lucky to have the Sierras in our backyard; I will be working hard to offer other events for 2011.  Until that time please enjoy your running, see you on the 11th.  A couple of us would like to have lunch somewhere after the race; invite the volunteers, tell war stories and just enjoy.  Maybe a glass of red!  Your call, or suggest a get-together someplace.    

Check out   Some magic photos.  Love Big BAZ XXX

  2010 STRS  18K Shadow Results

Place Name m/f Age Time
1 Oswaldo Lopez m 38 1;17:55
2 Scott Bolin m 34 1:19:19
3 Jason Wara m 27 1:24:46
4 David Larson m 43 1:29:52
5 Matt James m 33 1:29:56
6 Dave Miller m 60 1:31:20
7 Lea Nibur f 35 1:32:12
8 Dan Palmer m 45 1:36:48
9 Mike Weathers m 48 1:37:51
10 Gabriel teNyenhuis m 42 1:38:53
11 Panfilo Jimenez m 48 1:38:54
12 Leonardo Ornelas m 32 1:39:14
13 Neal Spiro m 50 1:39:44
14 Scott Lucchesi m 44 1:40:15
15 Michele Larson f 41 1:40:41
16 Tim Greilich m 46 1:41:59
17 Larry Duke m 63 1:52:53
18 Jared Pamagne m 27 1:53:14
19 Jason Roche m 36 1:54:14
20 Barry Jager m 40 1:54:14
21 Mike Smith m 56 1:56:16
22 Tim Kronyak m 42 1:57:20
23 Malinda Riccardi f 40 1:57:24
24 Cris Levreau m 33 1:58:18
25 Doug Stevens m 40 1:59:36
26 Michele Ochoa f 42 2:01:52
27 Eva Busto f 55 2:08:51
28 Robert Kolbert m 56 2:08:54
29 Brett Adney m 31 2:10:34
30 Shelly Hellam f 43 2:14:14
31 Amie Mazzoni f 36 2:14:15
32 Veronica Flores f 34 2:14:17
33 Annette Arrellanes f 39 2:20:08
34 Lindsey kleiner f 28 2:25:34
35 Paul Newell m 30 2:37:28
36 Laura Osbourne Cambell f 32 2:33:22
37 Ianne Hondras McCarthy f 20 2:34:02
38 James Umpleby m 53 2:37:27
39 Annemarie Scordino f 55 2:42:12









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