November 6, 2010
Saddleback Trail Marathon
Rated toughest in California with 5,100' of climbs!

2010 Saddleback Trail Marathon - Race Report

Morning happy people….

Did we have another Magic day in the Cleveland National Forest?  For those who got bloody body parts, I am sorry just hope my repair jobs worked.  It was more like a summer’s day, the temp was perfect at Blue Jay starting area and big Virgil got the race started only 5 minutes late.  The front runners leaving the campground where already sweating… Michelle was glowing of course.  There was something  special about the race this year, big Jon Clark took it out hard against his more experienced ultra-runners, he was happy to be leading going up Holy Jim.  Then came a large shirtless shadow on his shoulder… Morning Jon, came a nice quiet voice, with that the shadow… Mr. Dobberteen took command.  By the time they hit Bear Springs the shadow was long gone and out of sight, that always upsets runners.  Jon, with his speed was probably thinking he could reel the leader back-in over the last down-hill miles, but not this day.  Big Dean had confidence and loves leading the pack, Jon was happy with second overall.  Not far behind and floating the up hills was my girl Michelle Barton, she had plans on this day for sure.  Those old ultra-blokes Big Tom and Big Ben were happy to hold hands and enjoy their day, maybe thinking their time would come.  Previous winner Steve Lind entered on race day and was ready for battle with the boys, but maybe not against a 100 pound "Sheila" (woman).   The first 14 went under 4 hours… maybe it was a new course record…. we have had changes to the course over the years… that happens.  The results give all the details.  Anne Langstaff was real happy to come second overall, reminded me of years passed.  Me local mate, Pam Everett, was impressed with her time, maybe the new running partner helps.  Must mention a new 21 year old runner, Jace Hinsley, he impressed his mum…. I think working at our favorite “A Snail’s Pace” running store helps.  There were so many runners who improved their previous finish times …. maybe the course has become easier! 

Let’s thank me really old mate Doug Malewicki for starting out early and marking those few turns you don’t want to miss… of course, he entertained a few girls along the trail.  I am sure you thanked all my many volunteers manning the aid-stations, it just can’t happen without good people.  My ham Radio team led by Heiko and Patti did wonders to keep everyone in check.  Bill and Sandy did another good job of looking after everything at the start and finish.  We did have a late starter Felicia Serrano, 40 minutes late…. I suggested she go out and back along the Main Divide… Oh no Bazza… I will finish she said and took off running.  It was only her 90th something marathon this year!  Go girl.  Her lovely daughter was a great help at the finish line.  All those mates who turned up and helped on race day did me proud.  We are very lucky to have this special sport.  Big HARRY helped to fix my brakes on my elderly motor home, so I got home safe.  Things happen when you get old.  By the way thanks for the bottles of wine guys.

Hope those who stuck around for the awards and Raffle won something nice… if you didn’t, let me know I can fix it next time!  Maurie and Les helped mark the return route on the course, also took photos for Doug to put on my site,  Please go to the site to get updates for all my races for the new-year, starting with the popular WTRS, January 8th.  All good training for the longer distances, plus it is magic.  Last but not least, my good Forest Service mate Big Virgil has only 50 days to go before retiring and joining the old men’s Pro Golf Tour… so he thinks!!… I told him when he gets his scores down a little he can play BAZZA!  We will miss a good man.

Hope everyone had a good day, I am so lucky to be involved in the sport of trail running, just wish my running ability could improve so I could show you my style… will have to stick to drinking red for a while longer maybe. Got 3 weeks down-under coming up, so I hope we can stay healthy. Just try not to spill too much over the festive season and never drink from an empty glass.  I am thinking of one special runner today… Vicki De Vita.

Much Love as always.  Big BAZZA XXX

PS:  We have reviewed the available records for the now almost 20 year old Saddleback Trail Marathon.  Big Baz now proclaims that both Dean Dobberteen and Michelle Barton are indeed the official new COURSE RECORD holders.  (Previous known course record holders are in BOLD BLACK).

Saddleback Trail Marathon Winners (red times are the course records)
Year Men’s time Name Female’s time Name
2010 3:14:15 Dean Dobberteen 3:26:03 (3rd OA) Michelle Barton
2009 3:28:11 Kevin Bean 3:50:15  (6th OA) Ashley Nordell
2008 3:25:48 Tracy Moore 4:04:46  (9th OA) Michelle Barton
2007 3:28:43 Rob McNair 3:37:43 (2nd OA) Christine Ensign
The GAP??        
2004 (RND data) 3:15:44 Steve Lind 3:52:56  (12th OA) Maike Sander
2003 (RND data) 3:16:04 Kevin Taylor 3:55:10  (13th OA) Michelle Barton
2002 (RND data) Link is bad      
2001 (RND data) Link is bad      


Place Name m/f Age Time
1 Dean Dobberteen m 35 3:14:15
2 Jon Clark m 36 3:20:33
3 Michelle Barton f 39 3:26:03
4 Steve Lind m 50 3:28:05
5 Ben Hian m 41 3:35:36
6 Tom Neilsen m 51 3:35:36
7 Mark Ziobro m 47 3:41:58
8 Kevin Bean m 37 3:43:14
9 Henry Burkhardt m 49 3:46:18
10 Joe Nakamuro m 31 3:47:10
11 Sam Bosworth m 32 3:49:56
12 Kurt Whittington m 32 3:50:37
13 Jace Hinsley m 21 3:54:58
14 Ed Dardene-Ankringa m 41 4:00:34
15 John Hanson m 36 4:02:16
16 LT m 34 4:04:20
17 Robert Schipsi m 50 4:10:48
18 Greg Hardesty m 47 4:12:07
19 Josh Malpass m 32 4:15:06
20 Anne Langstaff f 49 4:15:22
21 Buzz Owens m 43 4:15:34
22 Dave McClure m 51 4:15:42
23 Jezza Fetzer m 39 4:16:45
24 Pam Everett f 50 4:20:09
25 Atulya Berube m 43 4:21:20
26 Jamie Bocox m 51 4:22:56
27 Wendy Barth f 38 4:24:30
28 Dave Winkler m 48 4:24:37
29 Steve Merriles m 59 4:27:19
30 Alan Singleton m 45 4:30:30
31 Ricardo Ornales m 37 4:32:06
32 Dana Taylor m 50 4:32:40
33 Jay Reale m 46 4:36:28
34 Suze Gutierrez f 35 4:36:54
35 Warren Muldoon m 53 4:40:27
36 Dave Colwick m 45 4:40:52
37 Lare Wardrop m 45 4:41:16
38 Hugh Marley m 48 4:41:49
39 Brian Celaya m 29 4:41:53
40 Brian McDermott m 27 4:42:04
41 Sarah Duffy f 40 4:42:10
42 Mellisa Sheppard f 40 4:43:22
43 Dave Pedersen m 48 4:43:49
44 Sharon Dressel f 42 4:45:03
45 Cory Quinn m 42 4:45:50
46 Monika O'Kane f 40 4:46:31
47 Joe Tholt m 52 4:47:44
48 Teekhnata Metzer f 42 4:49:43
49 Rebecca Rogoff f 40 4:51:55
50 Eric Hitchenson m 41 4:52:19
51 Rafael Covarrubias f 42 4:55:35
52 Annie Ciernia f 24 4:58:57
53 Theresa Apodaca f 48 5:00:42
54 Mike Kaanaugh m 50 5:00:53
55 Joe Schupp m 45 5:00:59
56 Carmela Layson f 40 5:11:26
57 Jeff Stein m 44 5:14:15
58 Gary Richwine m 61 5:15:07
59 Melanie Weir f 46 5:17:27
60 Miles Crandall m 47 5:18:30
61 Chad Amick m 28 5:19:16
62 Jon Resnick m 49 5:20:56
63 Donnette Moothhart f 50 5:25:16
64 Mr Shulstad m 52 5:25:33
65 Sandy Purtle m 56 5:26:23
66 Cody Neptune m 35 5:28:23
67 Tony Cherbak m 56 5:29:08
68 Don Bergeron m 40 5:32:39
69 Dina Amen f 38 5:33:07
70 Ellie Adamson m 52 5:33:14
71 Brittany Hyland f 27 5:35:58
72 Laura Sohaskey f 52 5:38:52
73 Nathan Muldoon m 21 5:40:49
74 Patricia Moore f 49 5:42:55
75 Robert Barkschat m 45 5:48:15
76 Leon Gray m 66 5:50:59
77 Jeannette Quin f 33 5:58:50
78 Tom Bychowski m 53 5:59:20
79 Jim Dixon m 56 5:59:20
80 Jeff Trevena m 56 6:17:27
81 Mark Ryne m 56 6:17:38
82 Elana Beacom f 39 6:24:58
83 Kelly Prouty f 45 6:29:16
84 Carol Pivonka f 55 6:32:10
85 Vione Cox f 63 6:32:12
86 Patti Bosworth f 57 6:33:37
87 Douglas Malewicki m 71 6:43:48
88 Felicia Serrano f 32 6:50:11
89 Jeremy Howes m 39 7:06:44
90 Lauren Miertschin f 45 7:26:23

(Share your photos on Baz's website.  Please email them to

Marathon Photos submitted by:
Michelle Barton, Les Widernski, Joe Nakamuro, Julia Holt & Doug Malewicki
(This race had so many pictures submitted that we made a second page of photos - LINK below.
Please email us if you know any of the missing names.)

2nd place overall Jon Clark (3:20:33) with 1st place female & 3rd overall Michelle Barton (3:26:03).

Anne Langstaff was 2nd female & 20th overall with a time of 4:15:22
Photographic ART on Baz's trail!
1st place female Michelle "Badwater" Barton, who holds a couple of dozen ultra course records (including 5 where she was overall winner and "chicked" all the boys) is famous for her long red hair. She is known to many as "Red Blur".   This photo of her is a RED BLUR!  Makes the photo rather appropriate.

(Click on any picture to see a larger version.  Right click to Save As.)
(If you want an original full size of any of these photos to print out, EMail:
Identify it by section, row and column.  Free of course.  Baz will buy me a Starbucks next month!)


Kelly Prouty, RD Big Baz, Sheila ?, Lauren Miertschin, & Doug Malewicki

The trail marking team set out early at 7 AM to finish marking Trabuco to the top of Holy Jim

Sheila ? & Doug climbing the Main Divide trail as the sun rises.

Kelly Prouty loved the mountain scenery.

Bill & Sandy take care of signing runners in.

Pam Everett and Maurie Bosquet

El Diablo races to take a chunk out of Big Baz's leg!

Baz prefers a hug from Pam.

Nice puppy...  Don't bite Baz as you'll more than likely get some strange, rare disease.

Mark Ryne

Maurie & Big Baz

LT (Lambert Timmermans) and Annie Harvey.  Annie and husband "Old Goat" Steve  manned the Trabuco aid station #1 and back on the way to the finish aid station #5.


Ready at the start (Pam, Greg Hardesty, Michelle & LT)

Are you FREAKIN' ready?



Charging for the lead: Dean Dobberteen, Michelle Barton and Jon Clark)

Front runners Dean & Jon

Big Baz gets out to the 1/2 mile point and greets all his runners


Sarah Duffy high fives Baz


And a hug for Carol Pivonka and any other ladies willing to slow down for 5 seconds.

Is it the race OR is everyone running away from this 4 foot tall monster spider?



Starting up Holy Jim.  Tommy Nielsen is in 3rd place overall and Michelle Barton is 4th.

This is just the start of the long 2,400 feet of climbing in 4 miles to get to the top of Holy Jim

Anne Langstaff came in 2nd overall female in 4:15:22

Bib 27?

Tom Bychowski??

Joe Schupp came in 55th in 5:00:59

Davis Winkler came in 28th in 4:24:37

Alan Singleton came in 30th in 4:30:30

Theresa Apodaca finished 53rd overall with a 5:00:42

Mountain Bikers coming down!!  We all heard this a few times on the way up Holy Jim.  Bikers and runners seemed happy to share the road.

Suze Gutierrez took a break for a picture.  She came in 34th in 4:36:54

Monika O'Kane came in 46th with a 4:46:31

Rebecca Rogoff finished in 49th place with a time of 4:51:55

Rafael Covarrubias was 51st in a time of 4:55:35

Gary Richwine was 58th in a time of 5:15:07

Annie Ciernia came in 52nd in a time of 4:58:57

Teekhnata Metzer was 48th in 4:49:53


Mellisa Sheppard was 42nd in a time of 4:43:22

Dig the 5 toed running shoes on Eric Hitchenson!  50th in 4:52:19

iDad Doug (87th in 6:43:48) follows Kelly Prouty (83rd in 6:29:16) up the hill past Bear Springs

Race regular Carmela Layson is enjoying Baz's magic trails.  She was 56th in 5:11:26

Melanie Weir was 59th in 5:17:27

Melanie Weir with a view of the lake way down below!

Donnette Moothhart was 63rd in 5:25:16

Jon Resnick came in 62nd in 5:20:56

Mr Shulstad came in 64th in a time of 5:25:33

Cody Neptune finished in 66th place in a time of 5:28:23

And still out there!
Doug Malewicki (71) approaching the final aid station - only 3 miles of nice downhill to go!

Michelle Barton - just finished, worn out and VERY happy with her best time ever at Saddleback: 3rd overall in 3:26:03

Michelle and Dean Dobberteen, who was 1st place overall in 3:14:15.

2nd overall Jon Clark and 1st place Dean Dobberteen with Michelle

Michelle & Jon

Apparently, the usually studly Joe Nakamuro, gained considerable weight at Baz's fat-abulously well stocked aid stations. 
This is Joe after mile 18...  Mmmmm delicious!

Apparently Joe instantly lost all that Baz aid station lard as he crossed Baz's "magic" finish arrow. (OR perhaps he was wearing a helium inflated fake fat suit to trick his rivals?)

10th overall Joe Nakamuro finished in 3:47:10.  He was one of 13 runners to break 4 hours!


Joe - looking much more studly!  His new book "How to lose 42 pounds in a single afternoon" will be featured on Oprah.  He is also Oprah's new diet consultant.

Sam Bosworth came in 11th overall in a time of 3:49:56. 

Sam - Is it true you had to sit down after finishing because you pushed so hard to catch Fat Bastard Joe that you puked?

It could be worse.!

?? barely escaped the wrath of Zorro.  He ran so fast that Zorro of the trails could not finish slashing his trademark "Z" into ??'s head. Drats!


And in the photo to the right: Pam Everett - 3rd over all female in 4:20:09 really isn't posing to be cute (she is & is smart too), but to show off the trail owie she earned at Baz's race today (on her right arm just below the elbow)!

Ben Hian & Tommy Neilsen finished together in 5th & 6th place in 3:35:36

RD Baz with the famous San Diego Bad Ratz:Tommy & Ben

A happy Michelle Barton gets a hug from Baz for coming in  1st female in a new female course record time of 3:26:03.  One more course record to her list of 2 dozen plus.

Much later - 1st place female Michelle Barton escorts her dad, Doug across the finish line.


The top three runners:

1st overall
Dean Dobberteen
(course record),
2nd overall Jon Clark &
3rd overall Michelle Barton (female course record)

Jon and Michelle also  won 1st place male and female at the recent October 16th Irvine Lake Mud Run 

RD Big Baz congratulates Michelle on setting a new Saddleback Trail Marathon female course record

Even Geezer Doug gets a 1st place (in age 70+ & as usual lately it is also last place!)

Ben Hian - 1st place in age 40-49.

RD Big Baz & the 7 Rock Stars of the 2010 Saddleback Marathon (only 2 of which were not "chicked " by Red Blur!)
L-R: ??, Steve Lind, Jon Clark, Michelle, RD Baz, Tom Neilson, Dean Dobberteen & ??

Wild man Greg Hardesty enhancing his masculine image!

Click HERE to see many more 2010 Marathon PHOTOS!
(Thanks to Julia Holt)

SADDLEBACK MARATHON Garmin GPS data w/Google Earth Views
(click on any picture to see a larger detailed version)

Top View of entire race route.  Note distnces and elevation changes for each section.

Google Earth 3D view of the Marathon terrain.

GPS record of the elevation changes
.  The Garmin sums all those ups and downs. Shows we climbed a TOTAL of 5,100 feet! 
Click on: Flyby Tour (takes 2 steps)
 and wait for Google Earth to open, then zoom down from orbit to the view that shows the red outline of the entire 26.2 mile course.  Once it stabilizes, click on the Video Tour button (on the left).  This will start the animation and bring up the control bar.

The view during the animation will give you a great 3D feel for the mountains and valleys we traversed. Free download of Google Earth is at: