November 7, 2010
Saddleback Trail Marathon
Rated toughest in California with 5,100' of climbs!

2009 Saddleback Trail Marathon - Race Report

G’Day to one and all,

Just remember what happens in Blue Jay stays in Blue Jay.  Why tell the world we had a magic day in a campground, of all places.  The weather could not have been better, our trails where marked well by my good mate Billy Boy Dickey and our many, too many to mention, volunteers did a splendid job of looking after the runners.  My usually, consistent registration duo, Bill and Sandy got lost in the fog and arrived late, but assumed their usual roll of looking after the finish line.  My mates who jumped in to help with the early morning reg’, handing out T-shirts. etc., did a fine job.  The check is in the mail! Team radio and team medics monitored everyone along the way.  Except for a few cuts and bruises that were displayed at the finish line, one could say it all was Magic. OK, we did have a bathroom issue, but that is what bushes are for… right! 

We nearly got off on time, I could see the eagerness to get started, but I have to explain some rules and regulations and I like to see how many newbies are in the crowd.  Quite a few by the show of hands, including an NFL player, who stood out as you might say and a couple of new running groups who where challenging the trails for the first time.  Not to mention the noisy ones who seem to want to spoil my day, that has to stop!  The front line looked very impressive, both male and female and some in between. 

As we watched the runners go by at the mile mark, one could see some were taking it pretty serious, but most where there to enjoy a magic day in the sun. We did surprise a few of the over night campers, but they ended up clapping along with us.  The non- runners returned to the finish line area to wait.  Wasn’t long before we heard that number 112 was in front, but some of the scallywags with miles and miles of ultra experience where not far behind lurking in the shadows.  As an RD one wears many hats and if you run out of volunteers, do the bloody job yeself.  So me and lovely Charisse loaded a truck up with water and headed for Steve’s aid station at the top of Trabuco.  Only there long enough for some abuse, unload the water and along comes this bloke with 112 on his shorts.  He didn’t hang around cos by the time we finished our business… he had already crossed the finish line at Blue Jay!  Mr. Kevin Bean finished in 3:28:11… not bad for someone who didn’t know the course, he was real happy.  10 minutes later we got the horrible site of 3 men running and holding hands heading for the finish line.  Say no more!  It was the 3 Amigos, Robo the great, Big Tom and the reptile man Big Ben.  They were eager to find out who this new bloke was - as we all were.  Just over 10 minutes later and 6th overall, the lovely and smiling Ashley Nordell came across the line to win the women’s division.  Sharon Lheureaux was not far behind to take second and 30 year-old Steph Grant was third.   Right behind Steph was Judy Maguire.  At 50 she was the fastest female in all the subsequent women’s age-group awards.... 14th overall baby!

For the most part every runner enjoyed their day, but a few and I mean a few had a tough run.  Sorry Adam, his long time tummy problem is still there. 9 runners went under 4 hours including Ashley, that is magic.  The award winners were happy with their performances.  I still have a couple of age group medals around my neck for those who left early, including me 70 YEAR-OLD ole mate Doug Malewicki, who had to zoom down to San Diego for a 52nd High School reunion party.  Talk about old! 

The Raffle was a hoot, I think everyone who stayed around got something rich looking. It is all a bit of fun for me, your involvement and silliness is part of it.  Especially me Irish mate Alan who seems to share my dopiness.  Thanks to my local mate Bob at A Snail’s Pace for the Gift Cert's and all the treats.  They are the best running store in our hood, so pay them a visit.  My new “TRAILS ROCK” design seems to be catching on, if your interest in a few different products I have for sale let me know.  I hope to have a show- case of the apparel at all my races in the future.  Those who took photos of groups can pass them onto me, please add names etc.  Helps to show the fun we have on my site. 

OK, that is the marathon over for a year, my Winter Trail Run Series starts January 9, go to for all my 2010 running plans.  Don’t forget Steve’s 100k and 100 miler on Dec 12, I will be out there at the Silverado Aid Station sitting quietly… not!  Again, thanks for coming, I hope you had a magic time and we can do it again. 



Place Name m/f Age Time
1 Kevin Bean m 36 3:28:11
2 Rob McNair m 55 3:39:05
3 Ben Hian m 40 3:39:05
4 Big Tom Neilson m 50 3:39:05
5 Eric Wellmeyer m 35 3:44:08
6 Ashley Nordell f 28 3:50:15
7 Sam Bosworth m 31 3:53:13
8 David Lynn m 33 3:55:58
9 Jeff Wong m 51 3:59:51
10 Kurt Whittingtom m 31 4:00:46
11 Sharon Lheureux f 41 4:00:50
12 Kevin Gillotti m 39 4:02:07
13 Stephenie Grant f 30 4:05:45
14 Judy Maguire f 50 4:06:58
15 Lelissa Sheppard f 39 4:08:25
16 Greg Hardesty m 46 4:14:24
17 Steve Merrelees m 58 4:15:12
18 Jay Reale m 45 4:16:26
19 Tom Bell m 45 4:16:44
20 Michelle Barton f 38 4:16:50
21 Brian Blair m 32 4:16:50
22 Dave Milsom m 39 4:18:10
23 Dave McKnight m 53 4:19:51
24 David Whiting m 55 4:20:45
25 Dan Hall m 41 4:22:02
26 Martin Brooks m 44 4:24:06
27 James Strom m 46 4:26:50
28 Dave McClure m 50 4:28:05
29 Chris Robinson m 48 4:31;00
30 Pam Everett f 49 4:32:43
31 Kieth Swiatkowski m 37 4:33:05
32 Buzz Owen m 42 4:35:30
33 Bud Phillips m 62 4:35:30
34 Richard Morrison m 40 4:38:02
35 Alan Singleton m 44 4:41:09
36 Wayne Mandelbaum m 54 4:43:06
37 Alex Hamlow m 43 4:44:56
38 Tom Gey m 57 4:45:22
39 Chaz Nickell m 46 4:46:03
40 James Taylor m 45 4:49:15
41 David Scott m 48 4:50:52
42 Kevin Smoker m 26 4:52:33
43 Jong Lee m 55 4:53:12
44 Billy Ramsey m 56 4:53:40
45 John Rosmus m 60 4:53:59
46 Lori Heinselman f 42 4:55:48
47 Lisa Ellis f 41 4:57:16
48 Dave Winkler m 47 4:58:25
49 Zack Johnson m 41 4:58:35
50 Levi Rizk m 25 5:00:06
51 Ben Gaetos m 52 5:00:10
52 Leann Parker f 49 5:00:15
53 Carmela Layson f 39 5:00:45
54 Tom Hosner m 59 5:01:48
55 Rebecca Bartis f 39 5:04:37
56 Hugh Marley m 47 5:06:59
57 Maura Priest f 26 5:08:05
58 Dan Grieves m 36 5:08:05
59 Curtis Willianson m 24 5:09:58
60 Rafael Covarrabias m 41 5:10:44
61 Melanie Weir f 45 5:10:59
62 Therisa Apodaca f 47 5:12:30
63 John Allred m 35 5:12:47
64 Chris Haines m 50 5:13:13
65 Molly Kassouf f 39 5:15:31
66 Ricardo Ornelas m 36 5:15:46
67 Maria Hernandez f 36 5:17:51
68 Sam McClure m 56 5:18:09
69 Dan Bode m 45 5:19:35
70 Todd Windisch m 44 5:21:26
71 Christina Harrison f 51 5:21:26
72 Steve Curtis m 53 5:26:28
73 Steve Dendinger m 57 5:27:18
74 Bill Trap m 62 5:46:12
75 Rico Ramirez m 65 5:47:37
76 Grant Bullis m   5:49:12
77 Bob Bartshat m 44 5:50:40
78 Francisco Garcia m 35 5:53:30
79 Sandy Purtle m 55 5:56:05
80 Laura Weissert f 51 5:58:58
81 Kathy O'Connor f 45 5:58:58
82 Corrinne Wallace f 41 6:00:00
83 Pete Vara m 36 6:00:00
84 Cody Neptune m 34 6:04:04
85 David Colwick m 44 6:06:31
86 Ed O'Rouke m 63 6:06:31
87 Chris Muller m 40 6:06:31
88 Doug Malewicki m 70 6:10:39
89 Roxana Lewis f 63 6:13:21
90 Sands Gerter m m 6:16:55
91 Steven Munz m 56 6:16:55
92 Robbi Woolard f 55 6:21:36
93 Adam Van Berckelaar m 31 6:22
94 Jeanette Quintana f 32 6:57:25
95 George Velasco m 56 6:57:25
96 Billy Dickey m 70 7:46:00

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Michelle Barton & Doug Malewicki
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SADDLEBACK MARATHON Garmin GPS data w/Google Earth Views
(click on any picture to see a larger detailed version)

 Google Earth 3D view of the Marathon terrain.
GPS record of the elevation changes
.  The Garmin sums all those ups and downs.  Tells us we climbed a TOTAL of 5,100 feet! 
Click on: Flyby Tour (takes 2 steps)
 and wait for Google Earth to open, then zoom down from orbit to the view that shows the red outline of the entire 34 mile course.  Once it stabilizes, click on the Video Tour button shown on the left.  This will start the animation and bring up the control bar.
The view during the animation  will give you a great 3D feel for the mountains and valleys we traversed. Free download of Google Earth 5.0 (Feb 09) is at: