February 19, 2011
21K Results

Winter Trail Run Series 21K  - February 19, 2011

WTRS  21K  Report

Well, all good things must come to an end sometime, but all the hundreds of magic memories will be around forever.  Didn’t we get lucky with the weather, I was following all the daily reports on TV… and it didn’t look promising.  Trust me, I was prepared for the worst, but remembering several races last year when I thought to myself, what idiot would turn up in the pouring rain and colder than a witches tit.  There they were laughing, including Sam Bosworth with his shirt off.  But that was 2010, this year we got lucky, all the series races where run in splendid weather, one hopes we get lucky for the SJT50K in 2 weeks.

Our numbers have grown for the shorter trail events…. Something that was expected by me years ago, only this year we see the street pedestrians finally turn up to try the trails in the Cleveland National Forest. And was it magic or what!  My 3 good mates from Fresno enjoyed their trip down to the big smoke.  They are looking forward to my Summers series which is held July and August in the Sierras near Yosemite National Park… now, that is name dropping! 

I did meet a couple of newbies that just wanted to help on race day, I am sure they will buying a pair of those New Balance trail shoes and be ready for next winter.  The 45 runners who ran the whole series seemed to like the sweat shirt I had made.  Yes, I do have some of the series T-shirts left over and for 10 bucks I will send you one.  My “Trails Rock” shirts are also available in all sizes and colors, 15 bucks will get you one.  Hey, an old bloke has to make a dollar somehow! 

I was sorry my beer supply was at an all-time low on Saturday, I left my Costco supply at home.  It will not go to waste I assure you.  My new mate Monica did make a beer run to the local store during the race, but obviously I didn’t buy enough.  No one really complained… thanks.

As for the race, well we sure had one.  Me mates Jon Clark and Dean Dobberteen turned up, so we knew there was going to be a fight up front.  My girl Michelle Barton was happy to see all the tough guys on the front line as was local Snail’s Pace mate big Jace.  We had about 15 first timers to the 21k course; most were listening to my friendly words at the start concerning the trails.  But two very nice ladies where not listening to my words of wisdom and if it wasn’t for my Captain Anthony in his fire truck they would be in Barstow by now.  A couple didn’t finish the race and my trusty aid station mates, Steve Harvey & Fred did the right thing and brought them in.

One only wishes we could film the event cos there was fun in the top ten.  Greg Moe had run one of the other series races and did good, but he sure kicked ass over the really tough course.  He did run the whole of Horse Thief Trail… I know it seems impossible, but big Dean can account for most of that section as Greg ran by going up!  Once on top at 4,000 feet, with snow coming down he just took off.  So much so my mate Bill and I were reversing a few arrows to guide the runners back through Falcon Trail when Bill shouted runner.  “Shit” I cried… lucky for me we had made sufficient markings to get him speeding in the right direction to the finish.  Mr. Clark was only two and a half minutes back when he also passed me on the short trail… He shouted “It was magic”!  Two time winner in the Series, Jace Hinesly, ran a great race to take third overall; we think he has made his mark with trail running.  Big Dean was happy with his fourth place, could be saving himself for the SJT50K which he won last year.  The top 10 finishing times were magic, shame 1st woman, Michelle Barton, couldn’t have made the top ten. 11th overall isn’t all bad and she feels her best is to come in 2 weeks… Go girl.  Jennie Johnson can run roads pretty good.  I knew that, but she now can say she handles trails too, coming in second in the women’s division.  Third place was miss smiles herself, Holly Anderton, she has had a magic first time series, we think running with Miz Barton has helped!

All the award winners did good.  Can’t say enough about Bill and Sandy Johnson for all their support and they will be there in 2 weeks.  My mate Steve has really helped me over the last couple of months with marking the courses & picking up ribbons after the race.  Seems his OG50 miler is getting filled up already and the old course is being made ready for the end of March… I will be volunteering at Steve's Bear Springs aid station to abuse/insult as many runners as I can, I know they love it!  Must thank me ole mate Doug for keeping up my web site, seems over 45,000 people have checked it out over the last 3 years.  Lastly, I just want to thank all my long time mates for their support, it really is a growing family of good people who want to enjoy their day in the woods, I, just try to make it special.  I will update you all through my site on the rest of the races I organize through the year.  All being well, we can all gather again in Blue Jay for next year’s Magic WTRS.

My email address: bazhawley@sti.net will get me anywhere if you want to give me a heads up. 

Much Love with Hugs of course,  Big BAZ XXX

Results - 2010 WTRS  21K - February 19
Place Name m/f Age Time   Place Name m/f Age Time
1 Greg  Moe m 27 1:38:26   58 Stanford  Gertler m 44 2:32:40
2 Jon  Clarke m 36 1:41:42   59 Brian  Turner m 52 2:33:34
3 Jace  Hinsley m 22 1:42:28   60 Julie  Canales f 41 2:34:17
4 Dean  Dobberteen m 35 1:43:06   61 Steve  Blake m 36 2:35:00
5 Liam  Clemons m 32 1:44:55   62 Eric  Edson m 44 2:35:28
6 Dan  Arsenault m 48 1:47:28   63 Mindy  Kelly f 43 2:35:30
7 Darren  Cox m 40 1:49:45   64 Rick  Spencer m 61 2:35:36
8 David  Cristof m 31 1:49:58   65 Baz  Jager m 41 2:36:00
9 Jeff  Wong m 52 1:50:20   66 Gabby  Tenyenhaus m 42 2:36:01
10 Jason  Baldwin m 35 1:50:22   67 Melanie  Weir f 46 2:36:08
11 Michelle  Barton f 40 1:50:50   68 Kliegl  Timinator m 60 2:36:32
12 Evodio  Neri m 39 1:52:08   69 Carol  Ruprecht f 51 2:36:59
13 Juan  Moreles m 31 1:53:24   70 Mark  Eickoff m 49 2:37:45
14 Guston  Fieldhouse m 44 1:53:26   71 Charlie  Bachman m 57 2:38:34
15 Brian  Milius m 38 1:54:10   72 Todd  Reeder m 47 2:39:23
16 Jennie  Johnson f 31 1:54:27   73 Mike  Antrim m 59 2:41:40
17 Kurt  Whittington m 33 1:54:34   74 Art  Acapedo m 44 2:41:49
18 Trevor  Cox m 31 1:54:34   75 Ellie  Adamson f 53 2:42:09
19 Holly  Anderton f 40 1:54:50   76 Mile  Crandol m 47 2:43:19
20 Matt  Ruiz m 30 1:56:22   77 Bill  Hegardt m 52 2:43:40
21 Andrew  Routh m 27 1:57:22   78 Heather  Phelps f 34 2:43:47
22 Sam  Bosworth m 40 1:59:15   79 Shane  Brown m 18 2:44:02
23 Steven De La Cruz m 37 2:03:59   80 Dorene  Nathan f 37 2:44:09
24 John  Hanson m 36 2:04:13   81 Brittany  Hyland f 28 2:44:56
25 Lare  Wardrop m 45 2:04:50   82 Tracy  Cole f 32 2:46:26
26 Tom  Gey m 58 2:06:54   83 Sharon  Boles f 43 2:47:40
27 Ryan  Privratsky m 43 2:07:11   84 Brittany  Brickweg f 27 2:49:04
28 Joe  Schrupp m 45 2:09:05   85 Chad  Amick m 28 2:50:50
29 Eric  Martin m 36 2:10:05   85 Jason  Roche m 36 2:51:13
30 Phil  Anthony m 40 2:10:40   87 Madonna  Bentz f 56 2:51:29
31 Marcus  Heon m 40 2:12:00   88 Frank  Manahan m 34 2:52:14
32 Mark  Haskins m 42 2:12:13   89 Julia  Holt f 44 2:53:52
33 Cole  Ladwig m 24 2:12:36   90 Craig  Reece m 46 2:57:11
34 Annie  Ciernia f 24 2:13:07   91 John  Nowak m 47 2:57:11
35 Peter  Rindelaub m 35 2:14:22   92 Lori  Szikra f 53 2:59:11
36 Curtis  Platt m 51 2:15:18   93 Jonathon  Resnick m 50 2:59:15
37 Tom  Mountain m 52 2:15:51   94 Cyndi  Ganahl f 51 3:00:00
38 Jezza  Fetzer m 40 2:16:12   95 Sue  Wright f 52 3:02:36
39 David  Bourguignon m 38 2:17:27   96 Steve  Hale m 47 3:02:38
40 Kristyn  Cosgrove f 26 2:17:47   97 Clare  Conway f 38 3:04:35
41 Alan  Brown m 43 2:18:06   98 Karla  Miller f 40 3:04:35
42 Michael  Kelly m 51 2:18:16   99 Randy  White m 62 3:04:36
43 Matt  Bradeck m 35 2:20:15   100 Chuck  White m 62 3:04:36
44 Greg  Tice m 54 2:20:35   101 Chris  Diaz m 51 3:08:03
45 Scott  White m 46 2:23:13   102 Doug  Malewicki m 71 3:08:28
46 Steve  Merrilees m 59 2:23:42   103 Mary  Phan f 34 3:10:44
47 Lauren  Gottlieb f 26 2:24:00   104 Maribel  Nuno f 36 3:11:31
48 Chip  Butera m 52 2:24:07   105 Lauren  Miertschin f 46 3:17:00
49 Suzie  Gutierrez f 35 2:24:23   106 Elizabeth  Bachman f 48 3:18:45
50 Melissa  Shepard f 46 2:26:34   107 Kristen  Trujillo f 40 3:18:45
51 Kyle  Duggan m 27 2:26:35   108 Katherine  Duncan f 51 3:28:29
52 Hugh  Marley m 48 2:28:07   109 Jane  McGrath f 61 3:29:40
53 Kurt  Erlandson m 56 2:28:15   110 Hans  Duncan m 58 3:30:11
54 Julie  Santillan f 28 2:29:22   111 Jeremy  Howes m 39 3:33:50
55 Sean  Fenner m 40 2:30:04   112 Anna  Stephens f 45 3:36:20
56 Jason  Mc Kelvey m 29 2:30:04   113 Joanne  Kang Somers f 42 3:36:20
57 John  Ganahl m 66 2:32:38            

We don't know all your names.  If you see yourself  (or any friends) with a "?" in any photos below
& would like to be properly identified, please email: DMalewicki@cox.net with proper spelling & which photo you are in as  identified  by section, row and column.  Thanks.
21K photos provided by Hans Duncan, Michelle Barton, & Doug Malewicki

(click on any any picture to see a larger detailed version)
(If you want the original full size files of any of these photos to print out, EMail: DMalewicki@cox.net
Identify it by section, row and column.  Free of course.  Baz will buy me a Starbucks next month!)

Big Baz with Forest Ranger Anthony Beigel, Michelle, Steve Harvey & Holly Anderton

Michelle Barton & Jon Clarke

Jon Resnick - famous WTRS pancake chef believed the dreadful rain predictions. Jon left his cooking stove, batter & blueberries at home!
(Boo Hoo!)

The Baz welcomes Monica Morant, sales rep for New Balance running shoes.

Monica has put on 8,000 miles on her custom NB hybrid since October!

Testing the New Balance Minimus ultralight weight trail shoe. 

Once again Sandi & Bill Johnson faithfully handled registration & finisher standings for Baz

 To be in the very front of the rest room line is pure joy!

The rest of the restroom line!  Oh My!


for Baz's
pre-race briefing!

Close to 21K race time!

Important message from Baz (again).  Leave the bloody dogs at home!!



After the start Baz short cuts the course to personally greet all the 21K runners.

Jane McGrath &  Katherine  Duncan  lead ranger Anthony Beigel up the road to the main Divide turnoff.

Scooting around the gate to start climbing the Main Divide

Jeremy Howes - What a grand day!

Hans Duncan - Up and up we go.

Doug Malewicki & Lauren  Mierschin

Doug & Chris Diaz at the Trabuco Aid Station

Katherine  Duncan  & Jane McGrathcross the creek at the bottom of the Trabuco trail

just after crossing
the creek
is the evil, long climb
up Horsetheif

Holly Anderton pours on the steam near the finish line.

Holly flys past the finish line with a time of 1:54:50.

Sam Bosworth 40, (gloves, but no shirt?) ran it in 1:59:15

Evido Neri, 39 finished 1:52:08

Andrew Routh, 27 finished in 1:57:22



Holly, Michelle, Sam & Monica

Shane Brown 18, ran the entire rocky 21K barefoot!

Craig Reese, Baz, friends & Greg Tice

Chris Diaz, Kristen Trujillo & Doug Malewicki

Hans Duncan & friend

Dean Dobberteen & Michelle

Scott White, David Bourguignon,  & Michelle

Michelle with Laguna Niguel neighbor Ryan Privratsky.





Gathering for the Awards presentations

Shane Brown 18, was 1st in under 20 with a time of 2:44:02




John Ganahl, 66 won 1st in 60+ with a hot time of 2:32:58



Doug Malewicki, 71, got 1st in age 70+ and an engraved mug!

Holly, Doug & daughter Michelle

Outta beer... but Madonna found Doug some healthy red wine!

Jace Hinsley 21, was 3rd overall in 1:42:28

Jon Clarke 31, was 2nd overall in 1:41:42

 Greg Moe, 27, won 1st place overall in 1:38:26

3rd overall woman Holly Andertoncame 40, finished in 1:54:50

Jennie Johnson 31, 2nd overall woman in 1:54:27

Michelle Barton 40, 1st overall woman in 1:50:50 (She won 1st place in all 4 WTRS)

Jace (2 wins)  & Michelle (4 wins) won KING & QUEEN of the 2011 Winter Trail Run Series

Next it is time for
Big Baz's
MAGIC Raffle

Once more Lauren Gottlieb assisted the Big Baz with his MAGIC RAFFLE


Madonna Bentz wins yet another WTRS raffle prize!

Steve Hale wins a raffle prize at every WTRS race!

Kurt Erlandson wins again too.  Every race he gets a prize!
The gang cracking up over another bad Big Baz joke!

Hugh Marley won a nice warm WTRS classic sweat Shirt


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bring your WTRS Bib to Snails Pace!


  The 2010 Winter Trail Run Series is over.
Next up is the San Juan Trail 50K Ultra on March 5th.