March 5, 2011
San Juan Trail  50K Results

San Juan Trail 50K Report    March 5, 2011

Good Morning,

I don’t think we could have had a better day up at Blue Jay, especially with the Magic weather we had. I am sure there are few runners who got their first bronzing of the year. Must not forget those mates who were manning all the aid stations, it was a long day for those up on the Main Divide. Maybe we do have to return to making a cut off at the 20 mile point… some runners decided it was a day just to take photos and enjoy the view. It is a race after all and my help really doesn’t want to be out there all day with only pretzels and water to fill their bellies. I know most of you understand and thanks!

Unfortunately, my old mate, Francisco Fabian, had a bad fall and injured his wrist, maybe a break? I called his home this morning for an update, but no one home. Several others did fall and I am sure their war wounds will be displayed in their local pubs! Tough sport this UltraRunning! We also had 16 runners that couldn’t make the distance for one reason or another, shame these things happen on a magic day. No reports of anyone getting lost so my mate Steve did a great job of marking the course… As you know I have been suffering with a really bad back… ahhhh. All the support I got around the finish line etc, etc was the best, I am very lucky. Plus, all the NICE comments about Horse Thief Trail… I know that is why you come! Hey if it was easy some would complain about that too, so shut-up!

As for the race itself, Mr. Dean Dobberteen seems to have taken over at the SJT 50K, having won it the last 3 years. His finish time tells me he didn’t stop to take photos!!!! But he did say he stopped several times with the dreaded cramps, not for long it seems. Jason Baldwin is a runner we must keep an eye on in the future; his second place finish was fantastic for a first 50k. 52 year old Jeff Wong worked hard all day to take third overall. Closely followed by my new mate Kurt Whittington - keep an eye on him next year.

The apple of my eye, Michelle Barton came in 5th overall. Her demeanor wasn’t that great when I saw her at the Candy Store, but by the time she hit Blue Jay the glint in her eye was back and now she was after the boys. We had to wait awhile for second place in the women’s division, but Amy Valinsky-Fillipow crossed the finish line looking as though she had just been walking in the park. Another wait, but it was worth seeing me ole mate Pam Everett crossing the line in third place. Another of my favorites was fourth overall, but Anne Langstaff seems to just be hanging in after a tough day on the trail. All the award winners looked good receiving their awards.

Hope the raffle went OK… thanks to the help of a few good mates that make my day a pleasure… Not! Of course most of you know I am just enjoying life in my way, at no time do I wish to offend anyone, but if I slightly upset someone…. Hey! Must thank my mates Bill and Sands for all their work over a hot table, things went well I thought. Heiko and Patty did a splendid job with the ham radio team and one of their crew, Big Eric Kosters, did finish his first 100 last week - magic mate. My new mates who helped on race day, that are entered in WS. Good Luck. To all those who have big plans for the new season of ultras, I offer this… just remember the three P’s … Patience. Pace and Piddling. For those that have not run my Shadow of the Giants 50K it is on June 4 up in Fish Camp CA, where I genuinely look forward to once more seeing the self proclaimed “Baz’s Bitches”.   See you at Shadow; if not enjoy running and maybe see you at Saddleback Trail Marathon in November. You can always go online and catch up on my events through the year.  Or, you can send personal messages to 

Keep smiling – it only involves 150 face muscles.  Much Love Big BAZZA XXX

San Juan Trail 50K Results 2010

Place Name m/f Age Time
1 Dean  Dobberteen m 35 4:37:36
2 Jason  Baldwin m 35 5:04:27
3 Jeff  Wong m 52 5:11:22
4 Kurt  Whittington m 33 5:12:36
5 Michelle  Barton f 39 5:18:25
6 Mark  Ziobro m 47 5:29:20
7 Sam  Bosworth m 33 5:35:04
8 Nelson  Myers-daly m 18 5:35:15
9 David  Christof m 31 5:38:10
10 Jack  Cheng m 39 5:39:31
11 Ben  Hian m 41 5:42:10
12 Joe  Mangan m 20 5:53:58
13 Robo  Schipsi m 50 5:55:51
14 Steven  De La Cruz m 37 5:58:08
15 Henry  Burkhart m 49 5:59:43
16 Jaime  Castaneda m 44 6:00:28
17 Amy Valinsky-Fillipow f 41 6:00:58
18 David  Overstreet m 50 6:09:07
19 Phillip  Anthony m 40 6:17:56
20 Justin  Callahan m 43 6:19:55
21 Devin  Corcoran m 53 6:21:04
22 Steve  Bacjarach m 39 6:22:20
23 Donavan  Jenkins m 28 6:26:07
24 Atulya  Berbe m 44 6:26:08
25 Larry  Ramacker m 59 6:28:12
26 Pam  Everett f 50 6:28:20
27 Jezza  Fetzer m 40 6:34:30
28 Greg  Hardesty m 47 6:37:25
29 Steve  Merrilees m 59 6:37:45
30 Rocardo  Ornales m 37 6:38:15
31 Cale  Stubbe m 28 6:38:41
32 Steve Funke m 50 6:44:52
33 Anne  Langstaff f 49 6:45:03
34 Bud  Phillips m 63 6:47:46
35 John  Lewis m 43 6:48:39
36 Bradley  Dutkievicz m 31 6:49:55
37 John  Fletcher m 32 6:53:35
38 Bill  Ramsey m 57 6:53:35
39 Stu  Morrison m 42 6:54:02
40 Jeri  Ginsburg f 52 6:54:07
41 Anobal  Corsi m 42 6:57:00
42 Sylvere  Valentin m 33 7:06:35
43 Teekhnata  Metzler f 42 7:07:25
44 Melanie  Weir f 51 7:14:58
45 Ed  Ettinghausen m 48 7:24:02
46 Brian  Celaya m 29 7:33:44
47 James  Mc Gehee m 39 7:33:44
48 Renne  Gardiner m 53 7:34:17
49 Michael  Voris m 47 7:40:13
50 Steve  Blake m 36 7:49:58
51 Louis  Stoute m 51 7:51:58
52 Christine  Noble f 34 7:57:48
53 Dewey  Noble m 35 7:57:48
54 Nancy  Ishizawa f 45 8:01:52
55 Dan  Abel m 40 8:05:10
56 Dan  Sheeran m 49 8:09:10
57 Lisa  Ellis f 42 8:10:45
58 Kurt  Erlandson m 56 8:25:34
59 Mary  Lou  Lackey f 58 8:25:58
60 Sharon  Boles f 43 8:27:13
61 Carmela  Layson f 41 8:39:52
62 Dina  Aman f 39 8:39:52
63 Don  Ozaki m 52 8:41:02
64 Shane  Brown m 18 8:56:04
65 Jeanette  Quintana f 33 9:17:24
66 Nicholas  Moutry m 29 9:20:44
67 Lauren  Miertschin f 45 9:26:30
68 Felicia  Serrano f 32 9:36:42
69 Yen  Darcy f 54 9:53:40

SJT 50K photos provided by Rick Spencer, Michelle Barton & Doug Malewicki
Video provided by
Lauren Miertschin


(click on this or any any picture to see a larger detailed version)
(If you want an original full size of any of these photos to print out, EMail:
Identify it by section, row and column.  Free of course.  Baz will buy me a Starbucks next month!)

Greg Smedley PhD, Michelle Barton & Mark Kelly PhD

The world famous Big Baz

Greg Hardesty with Michelle

Hi to Rick Spencer from photographer Doug Malewicki

Anne Langstaff

Ed Ettinghausen (the INKnBURN Jester) next to Greg Hardesty

5 minutes to race time!

Last minute trail briefing
(& some Baz jokes!)

Did Baz actually say
"On the count of 46 - GO!"?



AND off they go.  Dean Dobberteen is already out in front!

The stream of runners goes on and on!

Lori Szrika & Rick Spencer bid adieu to Blue Jay

Some of the great scenery on the trail to first Aid Station (next to the  Ortega Highway) and turn around for loop #1, which is a total of 19 miles.


Deep canyons below the trail.

The marking "team" for the final 13 miles heads up the main divide

Tim, Mary, Greg, Doug & Mark took care of the ribbons and flour arrows.

The course marking party celebrates getting to the top of Horsethief.   Mark (in the yellow shirt) seems really happy to get Horsethief out of the way.  Mostly downhill back to Blue Jay!

Greg, Mark, Tim, Mary & Mark Kelly with Lake Elsinore in the background

Mary blasts up a hill

Doug Malewicki way behind Mary

Wow! Here comes Jason Baldwin up the hill!  Jason 35, finished 2nd overall in 5:04:27.

Dean Dobberteen finished 1st place overall in 4:37:36

Kurt Whittington 33, 4th overall in 5:12:36

Jeff Wong 52, came in 3rd overall in 5:11:22

Mark Zobrio 47, 6th overall in 5:29:20

Badwater Barton 40, (formerly known as RedBlur) finished 1st woman & 5th overall in 5:18:25.  How can she be airborne, while running up the steep Main Divide?

Michelle has run 5 races so far in 2011 and placed 1st woman in all of them!

Sam Bosworth 33, 7th overall in 5:35:04


Ben Hian 41, came in 11th overall in 5:42:10

Jack Cheng 39, was 10th overall in 5:39:31

David Cristof 31, 9th overall in 5:38:10

Jon Lewis 43, 6:48:39

Henry Burkhart 49, 15th overall in 5:59:43



Mary, Mark Kelly & Greg (Tim & Mark #2 turned around at the Trabuco aid station to get in a 2nd Horsethief lap!

Doug, Mary & Greg are done with course marking & heading down the Main Divide while the 50K runners are coming up.

Amy Valinsky-Fillipow 41, finished 2nd woman in 6:00:58

David Corcoran 53, finished 21st in 6:21:04

David Overstreet 50, finished 18th overall in 6:09:07

Justin Callahan 43, 19th overall in 6:19:55

Cale Stubbe 28, finished in 6:38:41

Steve Bacjarach 39 was 22nd overall in 6:22:20

Greg Hardesty 47, was 28th overall in 6:37:25.  Mary knows Greg and at this point turned around to run back up the Main Divide with Greg and do the evil Horsethief climb again too! 

WE never saw her again.

Larry Ramacker 59, 25th overall in 6:28:12


GBradley Dutkievicz 31 fnished in 6:41:55


Pam Everett 50, 3rd woman in 6:28:20

Steve Merilees 59, finished in 6:37:45


Brian Ceyala 29, finished in 7:33:44

Anobel Corsi 42, finished in 6:57:00

Bill Ramsey 57, finished in 6:53:35

Baz greets a runner at the 19 mile aid station.
Fantastic video of the whole run taken by Lauren Miertschin to document her first ever 50K finish (7 minutes 41 seconds long).  Her detailed recap - the suffering, agony & triumph is at:

  Thank you Lauren!


SJT 50K Garmin GPS data with Google Earth Views
(click on any picture to see a larger detailed version)

Google Earth 3D view of the 50K terrain.

GPS record of the elevation changes.  The Garmin sums all those ups and downs.  Tells us we climbed a TOTAL of over a mile (7,859 feet)!  The Garmin measured a distance of
29.20* miles, whereas 50 kilometers = 31.0 miles.

Close up 3D view of the Candy Store loop.

Close up 3D view of the Horsethief loop.

*29.20 miles PROBLEM...
The GPS only recorded 29.20 miles for this supposed 31 mile race.  What is going on?  If you clicked on the
Flyby Tour, you now see the course we ran outlined in RED.  Go to the Horsethief climb and zoom way in.  You can actually see the trail details that we ran.  However, Even though the trail has many obvious switchbacks, the GPS route has cut many of them and done simple long linear interpolations between points that it did successfully pick up.  The GPS lost needed distance data in several such places!

Double click on this link and wait for Google Earth to zoom in from orbit to the view that shows the red outline of the entire 50K course.  Once it stabilizes, click on PLAY TOUR button or select PLAY TOUR from the drop down VIEW menu.  That starts the animated flyover of the entire course.  Awesome!  (
HINTS for Google Earth Play Tour)




AWARDS and BAZ'S Magic Raffle...