June 4, 2011
22nd Anniversary
Shadow of the Giants 50K

     Shadow  2011 - Race Report Story

2011 SHADOWS of the GIANTS 50K…. only 29 miles really.

G’Day to one and all, on this very nice Monday in Oakhurst, California!

I have just returned from the Fish Camp area where Frank and I removed ribbons.  Thanks to a few nice runners, it was less of a job than I thought.  Runners had removed 80% of the orange tape before I arrived. We must keep the Forest clean.

OK, where do we start with this story!  As you all know by now, including the runners who didn’t make the 22nd Annual running of the Shadow, we had a tough couple of weeks.  With my good luck we were able to congregate at Green Meadows for a magical event.  At the popular pre-race dinner I explained the new Plan C course details.  Our bad winter weather, including over 30 inches of snow in the Fish Camp area, really played havoc with my original course.  The new course had a main-road crossing with the 11 mile loop on Miami Motor Bike Trails, all areas of danger for runners, but because I lead a clean and quiet life style we had no mishaps!  Of course, the 30 or so volunteers did help some!  One runner decided his head was strong enough to challenge a tree branch and ended up in the local Oakhurst emergency room with 12 staples required to hold his noggin together. But he returned to Green Meadows to enjoy the entertainment and no legal action…. Many thanks mate.

Yes, we had our usual turnout of good runners.  My mate and past 6 time winner Oswaldo Lopez did his usual appearance 30 minutes before the start along with running mate Benny Madrigal.  My long time good mate Bruce LaBelle finally made it to Fish Camp as did Hal Koerner with wife Carly.  One never knows who may turn up.    I know the first timers where ready to rumble!  To those who expected an accurate 50K course – tough – 29 miles is an ultra.  Come back again maybe I can add a few miles!  Over the years we have had many distances, but no one really complains.  It’s just tough to have a course record that stands.

So, we got started in a slight drizzle with 121 smiling faces on the start-line.  Boy was I happy to see them run out of GM after 2 tough weeks.  I raced round to the highway 41 crossing in down town Fish Camp where Nancy and her twin Susan were handling the danger of crossing a main highway!  All the runners were still happy and those who offered verbal abuse to the RD will be named later. 

I then drove South to help Big Mike set up the first aid station.  The front runners arrived on time and didn’t stop to wine and dine.  I then took off again with McDoogal in tow to set up his station, Karen my long time helper arrived on time.   Finally, my mates from Fresno - Brandon and young Chris followed me down a couple of hills to their station at the lowest point of the course.  Actually, it was a nice bridge crossing with fast flowing water, trouble was the front runners had beaten us there and so we had to refuel them on one of the steep climbs up from the river.  No problems.  Nice surprise was to see my OC mate Michelle Barton charging up the long hill in third place and only minutes behind Hal and Ozzie baby.  She was smiling and shouted "I love your new course". 

By the time I hit the course again the front-runners had reached McDoogal and were heading North.  I stopped at Big Mike’s station and he shouted “They had gone through heading up to Fish Camp”.  Back in Green Meadows my good mates Stef and the young twins from Orange County had prepared the aid station.  The 2 speedsters arrived together and left together heading for the Dump turn around point.  I arrived there to find the volunteers were not at the right location, but only a 100 yards away.  So a quick move and all was reset and ready for the leaders and only a minute or two later they arrived. 

Big Hal had taking a 200 meter lead and Ozzie had removed his shirt, both now a little intense, because the final downhill was around the corner.  By the time I returned to GM they had both finished, were chatting and going over respective stories of the race.  Both enjoyed the new course and the bad conditions were not a factor.  Hal considered it a little more than a challenge in prep for WS, but praised Oswaldo.  Miss Hair arrived in GM with a fan fare of cheers to finish third overall and another win from the talented mum.  Ken Letterie came in smiling and happy to be the third man.  Second women overall, Hal’s wife Carly was 48 minutes behind Miss Red Blur and third was Christy Scott only 6 minutes further back. 

Sorry I was missing some age group awards, my good mate in OC missed a few medals in the short time he had to make them.  I will get them made and sent. All the award winners were very happy, including me ole mate Frank who won the over 60 age group. His support for the race over the years has really helped Bazza, nice for an old champ to still be competitive as well as a good helper.  “He’ll be back.”  The raffle was gleefully accepted, most who were there got something.

My one problem area after the race was those who want to start early and putting them into the respective time slot…. adding an hour, etc.  My decision is there will be no awards for those starting early.  I know you want to finish and that is OK with me and I will be at the finish line.  It was nice to see my long time mate Pat DiVita finish… she has had a tough year.

All my volunteers did magic work in conditions not usually known for this time of year in California.  Again no problems and all runners were accounted for back at GM.  Green Meadows offers the best location for a race in the Sierras.  We thank all the cooking staff for the magic food, especially the homemade soups and cold beer after the race. They are worth every penny I give them!!!

My photographer mate Mark Haymond was seen in many places on the course.   Please check out his magic photos on www.markhaymond.smugmug.com  Thanks Mark, especially for spending your birthday working in the rain all day! 

I want to thank one and all for the kind words and appreciation I received for organizing the event.  Uncle weather is a problem at 5,000 feet.  Next year I will schedule a week later (June 9, 2012) hopefully to return to our original course that includes visiting the Giant Sequoias in the Nelder Grove. I look forward to seeing you all again soon.  Please visit my web site at www.bigbaztrailraces.com  for up-to-date race schedules for the rest of the year. 

Thanks for coming.  It was Magic.  Much Love Big BAZ XXX bazhawley@sti.net
P.S. Special thanks to Robbo McNair for coming out and finishing all 22 Shadows!


2011 Shadow Results
Place Name m/f Age Time
1 Hal Koerner m 35 3:24:46
2 Oswaldo Lopez m 39 3:25:18
3 Michelle Barton f 40 3:58:03
4 Ken Letterie m 28 4:02:04
5 Jim Magnan m 53 4:24:47
6 Randy Vadertwig m 37 4:25:31
7 Ali Shahid m 25 4:28:25
8 Jonathan Byers m 23 4:31:33
9 Duane Miller m 38 4:31:57
10 Howie Stern m 41 4:38:45
11 Michael Roberts m 54 4:39:51
12 Bruce Labelle m 55 4:41:14
13 Dennis Koors m 39 4:41:29
14 Matt James m 34 4:43:49
15 Carly B. Koerner f 29 4:46:11
16 Pete Perez m 28 4:46:57
17 Glenn Champagne m 50 4:52:05
18 Christy Scott f 38 4:52:12
19 Rodrigo Dezubiria m 33 4:52:16
20 Mario Luevanos m 27 4:53:19
21 Amande Newell f 28 4:54:58
22 Frank Bozanick m 67 4:55:47
23 Robbo McNair m 55 4:55:47
24 Rick Herr m 44 4:55:47
25 Matt Enright m 44 4:55:54
26 Steve Vanderburgh m 45 4:59:41
27 Bill Clements m 32 4:59:47
28 Adam Decle m 36 5:00:18
29 Carter Wiecking f 41 5:08:35
30 Dana Lucas f 41 5:08:35
31 Katie Wallace f 28 5:09:22
32 Casey Harney m 54 5:09:33
33 Wolfgang Buehler m 51 5:12:31
34 Bill Banner m 22 5:17:13
35 John Pitt m 50 5:19:07
36 Gabby Tenyenhuis m 43 5:22:12
37 Amber Dennison f 41 5:23:25
38 Evelyn Valenzuela f 42 5:24:06
39 Nathan Moore m 28 5:26:50
40 Matt Radoski m 51 5:28:12
41 Brian Sweet m 33 5:28:22
42 Charlie Atlas m 45 5:29:08
43 Bob Ulloa m 61 5:29:21
44 Andrea Torng f 24 5:30:56
45 Jeff Martin m 48 5:31:58
46 Jennifer Johnson f 47 5:32:45
47 Sarah Barron f 51 5:36:56
48 Kyle Cirrincione m 28 5:36:56
49 Matt White m 32 5:42:36
50 Dawn Jackson f 44 5:43:02
51 Lorraine Gersitz f 57 5:45:05
52 June Gessner f 58 5:45:43
53 Laura Ouimet f 41 5:46:33
54 Jezza Fetzer m 49 5:47:04
55 David Lehman m 57 5:47:22
56 Arther Bryne m 64 5:50:51
57 Jason Roche m 37 5:51:45
58 Ken Dempster m 40 5:53:24
59 Megamre Kanatani f 48 5:57:16
60 Matt Ruiz m 31 5:58:24
61 Julia Holt f 44 5:58:24
62 Mike Pott m 47 6:00:58
63 Robert Cervero m 60 6:01:17
64 Jessica Fuglsby f 29 6:01:37
65 Lisa Ellis f 42 6:01:50
66 Paul Struffert m 56 6:04:37
67 Morgan Ferry m 49 6:04:40
68 Theresa Daus-Weber f 56 6:07:09
69 Ron Wilmoth m 54 6:08:37
70 Sarah Scharry f 36 6:16:12
71 Dennis Paprocki m 40 6:16:12
72 Adrienne Marshall f 23 6:20:52
73 Sarah Malm f 38 6:22:06
74 Marcia Rasmussen f 51 6:34:34
75 Karen Faber f 43 6:36:09
76 Rebecca Samet f 50 6:36:37
77 Dustin Acree m 32 6:36:54
78 Teresa Hurst f 46 6:37:10
79 Kristen Brothers f 41 6:45:41
80 Veronica Morgan f 48 6:47:41
81 Barbara Rogers f 49 6:47:41
82 Martin Dickhoff m 41 6:50:46
83 Kate Jobe f 31 7:09:53
84 Tessa Lucero f 48 7:10:13
85 Felecia Serrano f 32 7:10:19
85 Mary Phan f 34 7:20:37
87 Maribel Nuno f   7:20:37
88 Yen Darcy f 54 7:22:25
89 Shirley Spencer f 50 7:26:18
90 Mark Spencer m 50 7:26:18
91 Heather Swan f 39 7:26:18
92 Andy Noise m 48 7:40:19
93 James Sewell m 53 7:41:03
94 Marina White f 25 8:05:19
95 Madelene Lesle f 53 8:11:03
96 Pat DaVita f 77 8:56:01

Share your favorite Shadow photos with us for Baz's website. 
We also will be happy to link to any online photo albums created for Shadow.

Please email them or album links to webmaster DMalewicki@cox.net

Shadow 50K photos below provided by Michelle Barton, Benny Madrigal, Mark & Shirley Spencer and Doug Malewicki.
(Click on an photo to see it in larger size.)

(The South entrance to Yosemite is less then 2 miles past the Green Meadows turn off)

Dana Prathier and Michelle Barton overlooking
Bridalveil Fall on the right and the famous Half Dome way off in the distance in the top center.  Half Dome is at 8,500’ elevation.

Dana Prathier (a tri-athlete who is coached by Michelle), Old Goat Doug Malewicki & his daughter Michelle Barton.

Michelle & Dana at the base of Bridalveil.
(Dana came to run her first ever trail race!)

Another view of Bridalveil Fall

Yosemite Falls drops 2,425'. It's the highest waterfall in America.

Michelle Barton ("Miss Hair" per Baz)

Michelle & Dana closer to Yosemite Falls.

The girls couldn’t believe how close they got to this young buck.


This is one patch of snow the runners went through right after crossing the first bridge.

Then right after the snow, runners had to wait in line to step over this first of many fallen trees.

Baz & Frank Bozanick marked the easiest routes to get through the many fallen trees blocking the trails.

A section of this large tree was sawed out and removed, so the runners wouldn't have to crawl under & through mud.

Heather Swan and Shirley Spencer tromping through the snow!

Lots of fallen branches and trees made the new route "interesting"!

Doug Malewicki at the 20K waterfalls turnaround.

Heather Swan working through the Shadow OBSTACLE Course!

Happy 20K fun run runners.

Heather and Shirley

Shirley & Mark Spencer had a fabulous time running the 50K in spite of the drizzle!

Michelle blasts by her dad Doug before he can whip out his camera.

Michelle Barton on the home stretch
"She's On Fire!"

Michelle won first woman in the Shadow 50K and was 3rd overall in 3:57. 
After 31 miles and at least 4,000’ of climbs, she sprinted strong to the finish line as if it was a mere 100 yard dash!

Others have been calling Michelle “Secretariat” lately. (GREAT movie!)
2nd place woman, Carly Koerner came in 48 minutes behind her.   So far for 2011 Michelle has done 10 races and placed 1st woman at each.

Big Baz gives Michelle a congratulatory hug.

Dana, who finished the 20k 1st overall (her first ever trail race!) gets a big hug from her coach Michelle. Michelle wants to thank her sponsor Wicked Fast Sports Nutrition.  Cool shirt!

Michelle Barton encouraging Stephanie's  cute as a button 1st grade twins.  Mom was out to volunteer from San Clemente, CA. Both cuties have already done foot races and want to run more.

Dana & Michelle with Old Goat Doug - who ran the 20K fun run because of a bit of a calf issue.  He doesn't want to risk any real injuries as this year as he is teamed up with Gordy Ainsleigh for the Transrockies 6 day, 120 mile stage race.

Runners head out for the last 8 mile loop

Charging to the 50K finish!
A sprint is on as Mark Haymond (at the right) captures the action.

Heather Swan 39, Shirley and Mark Spencer (both 50) finished the 50K together in 7:26:18.

Dana, Oswaldo (2nd overall) and Michelle

Oswaldo, Michelle & Hal

Hal Koehner
(2 times Western States 100 mile race winner)

won 1st  in 3:24:46

while Oswaldo Lopez
(2010 Badwater 2nd overall)
won 2nd in 3:25:14

(a mere 28 seconds behind)

The top 3! (American flag in the background)

Dana with Oswaldo


Oswaldo, Michelle, Hal and Ken Letterie (4th)

The gang joined by the 20K 1st place finisher Dana Prathier

Oswaldo Lopez, Michelle Barton and Benny Madrigal

Dana about to kick DOM Baz you know where!

Michelle Barton and her dad Doug

Michelle Barton gets her 1st overall woman award from Big Baz.

Bigger Hal Koerner gets his 1st place overall award from Big Baz.

Top woman and top man with Baz - who looks sad because at his advanced age he can no longer beat either of them.