August 6, 2011
Shadow of the Giants - 14K Results

Summer Trail Run Series 14K  - August 6, 2011

G’Day boys and girls.

Well another trail run over and out!  Are we not lucky?  Nice temperature, short course and lots of bitching, hey I felt at home.  Thanks to my mate, Big Steve, I got two lovely bottles of red given via his wife, thanks.  The few new runners enjoyed their morning up at the Dump.  McDoogal, Nancy and Karen were not over worked, all I did while you were out there sweating was change a few arrows. Big Benny and the Jets … meaning his family following enjoyed a few miles on the course and I think one of his sisters is nearly ready for the 10 miler.

I did detect a few boos when Benny turned up just before the start… everyone adjusted their finish position.  He hussled my young mate Erek for a few miles then decided to go solo, finishing strong.  He did run up Mammoth Mountain the day before with a few friends, what a way to get ready!  Erek did manage to stay within 2 minutes of Benny at the finish line.  Handsome and a little older Rudy Montoya got pushed to the line to take 3rd overall, thanks to JK.

Felicia Gomez came in first in the women’s division. Two first timers, Trishan Helsby and Nancy Folkendt, came in 2nd and 3rd with the same time…. They will be more ready for the 10 miler, they said.

We may be only a small gathering, but I think we enjoy ourselves.  Sorry there was no fruit; my Fresno mate Oscar had a funeral to attend… but promises plenty in 2 weeks. Good, my neighbors will be happy.

I will have the special hooded sweat shirts for the runners who completed all races and a King and Queen of the mountain will receive their awards.  Amazing how time flies when you are having fun, so see you on the 20th up at Fish Camp Fire Station, just off 41 at Summit Road. 

See you then, love BAZ XXX

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  2011 STRS  14K Shadow Results

Place  Name m/f Age Time
1 Benny  Madrigal m 24 0:45:49
2 Alex  Simpson m 15 0:47:01
3 Rudy  Montoya m 43 0:50:32
4 JK Lundberg m 31 0:50:33
5 Nathiel  Moore m 28 0:52:12
6 Scott  Revlin m 34 0:54:47
7 Rob  Simpson m 41 0:56:44
8 Steve  Bordenave m 47 0:56:57
9 Jeff  Halsey m 26 1:02:17
10 Tim  Greilich m 47 1:02:33
11 Justin  Reimer m 47 1:04:50
12 Mark  Spencer m 51 1:04:59
13 Felicia  Gomez f 41 1:08:58
14 Daniel  Wood m 28 1:11:36
15 Brett  Adney m 32 1:12:48
16 Daniel  Scheider m 28 1:22:47
17 Trishan  Helsby f 34 1:22:49
18 Nancy  Folkendt f 46 1:22:49
19 Laura  Campbell f 33 1:23:44
20 Mike  Smith m 56 1:28:10
21 Gus  Gomez  m 45 DNF









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