July 9, 2011
Bass Lake Vista

Summer Trail Run Series 14K Results

STRS Bass Lake Vista 14K Story - July 9, 2011

I hope you had an enjoyable morning in the woods, I did.  Meeting my support group at the bottom of Sky Ranch Road after picking up ice for the coolers is usually the start of the day.  McDoogal, Nancy and I were followed by Susie and Karen plus one other vehicle that proved to be a runner in the race.  The cool weather was magic… we all know what we have been through over the last few weeks and it isn’t conducive to running.

Using the same course as last time makes it easier for the runners who came last year, I just hope the trail marking I made the night before would still be in place.  One thing I wasn’t told was a local tree removal company would be clearing trail.  Both Nancy and McDoogal where held up going out to their respective spots on the map.  But they made it in time before the first runner appeared.  Was hoping for a few more runners, but I am always happy to abuse anyone who can make the trip up to 4,000 plus feet elevation.  Once the runners set off on the 8 mile trek we usually sit back and just wait… but it wasn’t long before a truck pulled up with bees…. Oh yes boxes full!  Seems they were going to be releasing some in the nearby hive… actually only 200 meters back from finish line.  But on second thoughts the nice people called it off and the truck left.  Good for us I think, although there were many bees hanging around the Gatorade.

After about 50 minutes I was asked what I thought the winning time would be… I had forgotten last year’s time of course!  Age ye know!  But, within a few minutes our winner 24 year old Benny Madrigal arrived, smiling of course and with a new course record.  My good mate Rudy Montoya was 5 minutes back to come in second, he was heard saying I hate these young kids… he is nearly twice Benny’s age.  Only seconds later, 15 year old Alex Simpson raced across the line, he said he ran out of steam a mile back.  Still has plenty of time to improve I told him.

9th overall was our first women with “dog”, 41 year-old Felecia Gomez, but only a second in front of Amanda Newell, third was Maia Pucay, the 49 year old was real happy with her day in the woods.  Must mention I would prefer you leave your pets at home, a running race is no place for any 4 legged beast, I know Filecia hadn’t read all my race info.  Thanks guys.

My Oakhurst mates, Larry Duke and Eva Busto enjoyed their 1 hour and 44 minutes on the trail.  Baz and Gab were missing their amigo mate Jason, he will return for the 18K.  My mate JK enjoys the black top, but I think we are attracting him to our trails more… hope so. Mark Spencer my Fish Camp running mate and fireman… was happy to be my medical officer for the day.  Everyone got home safe thanks to my aid station twosome, but Nancy did worry when the tree trimmers were getting close to her water station.  Sorry I didn’t know they were out there… we did lose a few green and white ribbons, but I retrieved them all this morning including my race warning signs. Have to clean up after a race. Thanks muchly for the help to pack-up my truck… the Toilet did find its way home ok!!!

Hope you enjoyed the awards and answering my silly questions… bit of fun handing out magic prizes.  Maybe next time you win something, thanks to Aaron at Sierra Running Co in Fresno.  The big winner was my fruit supply from Trinity Fruits of Reedley…. I am a lucky bloke getting nice donations.  Of course, I will be selling what I have left on Hwy 41 for the next 2 days.

Please comment on your visit to the Sierras, use my bazhawley@sti.net. The next Shadow of the Giants 18K race was the most popular at last year’s STRS, you must tell a friend about the 3,000 year-old trees you will run by.  Much work had to be done to clear the course, but it will be ready for the 23rd.

 Again, thanks for coming, see you soon for more magic.  Much Love Big BAZ XX


Results - 2011 STRS 14K - July 9th
Place Name m/f Age Time
1 Benny  Madrigal m 24 54:05
2 Rudy  Montoya m 43 59:20
3 Alex  Simpson m 15 59:24
4 Gustavo  Gomez m 45 1:00:02
5 JK  Lundberg m 31 1:03:16
6 Dan  Palmer m 45 1:10:21
7 Steve  Bordenare m 46 1:10:51
8 Rob  Simpson m 41 1:11:42
9 Filecia  Gomez f 41 1:15:19
10 Amanda  Newell f 28 1:15:20
11 Dustin  Acree m 32 1:15:29
12 Mark  Spencer m 50 1:18:50
13 Maia  Pucay f 49 1:19:14
14 Katie  Burns f 26 1:20:12
15 Bazza Jager m 41 1:20:51
16 Justin  Reimer m 28 1:21:07
17 Dave  Lehman m 57 1:22:55
18 Gabby  TeNyenhuis m 43 1:26:10
19 Alma  Zechman f 39 1:30:35
20 Raul  Gonzalez m 54 1:30:35
21 Brett  Adney m 32 1:33:48
22 Judy  Gilmartin f 51 1:37:32
23 Jessie  Gonzalez f 58 1:38:14
24 Daniel  Schneider m 28 1:41:59
25 Laura  Cambell f 33 1:42:27
26 Eva Busto f 56 1:43:55
27 Larry  Duke m 64 1:43:56

(Baz tried, but if your name is misspellt or you see sum udder errirs,
please email corrections to DMalewicki@cox.net.  Thanks.


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