July 23, 2011
Sky Ranch Loop

18K Results

Summer Trail Run Series 18K Shadow of the Giants Report - July 23, 2011


Well ladies and gentlemen the verdict is in, thumbs up for the second race in the summer series.  Not one negative comment all morning except those pointed at me… I know who you are!  Everyone arrived on time, my trail markings were in place the days before and my trusty volunteers where ready to rumble.  Unfortunately, at the last minute a good mate could not man the aid station furthest away… after you leave the big trees loop… But my good mate Sarah drove up from Fresno and we had a good time… say no more!  BOTH… aid stations were well equipped with all your needs, well, we did have enough water!  Can’t please everyone it seems, especially librarians. 

Just the experience of being in the woods on a nice day, running, walking or driving an old truck is Magic.  Our famous Madera ultra-runner Ozie Lopez  turned up at the last minute, as he usually does.  Seems we all know about his win at Badwater 135 mile race only a few weeks ago.  So we didn’t know what to expect he had in his legs to give his 23 year old mate Benny M a run for his money.  We didn’t have to wait too long, Benny came into the 6.2 mile aid station smiling, did not hang around long and was soon gone.  But the big boy turned up only a couple of minutes back, grabbed some water, thanked us and moved out.  My new 15 year-old mate Alex Simpson was only seconds behind Mr. Lopez, he looked fine in his fancy shoes, grabbed a drink and was off.  The first women, lovely Amanda didn’t stay long, unfortunately… I think she was hoping to catch RM.  The rest of the runners came through full of praise for the course and the magic vistas.  My little Rose of England was having trouble, but she was still moving forward when we caught up with her only a quarter of a mile from the station and of course she was  still smiling. 

By the time Sarah and I had made it back to the staging area most of the runners had started the party.  We are so very lucky to have what we have in the Sierras, even out of town visitors passing through were polite and interested in the race when we told them what was going on. My lovely Karen did another good job of keeping runners abreast of all what was happening.  My local real estate Sheila. Petal enjoyed her day supporting the troops, still some good properties to buy in Oakhurst she tells me. The awards and raffle went over well… seems you enjoy my English mates quiz questions.  Just good clean fun, well… maybe a little bit of smut thrown in.  OK then this is me going to retrieve all the ribbons and clean up the mess you guys left… not really, you do very good helping Baz pack up after the race, thanks.  Me mate McDoogal thanks you to… what would I do without him!  Again thanks for coming, get ready for August 6th… an out and back course with a slight down grade thrown in. You start at the Snow Play area just 1 mile north of Fish Camp, maybe bring a friend to enjoy the magic.   Eva did good, as did Melinda R.  You ALL did good!

  Much Love Big BAZ XX

PS…  Big Mark has some magic photos taken on the course… check it out.   www.markhaymond.smugmug.com

Results - 2011 STRS 18K - July 23rd
Place Name m/f Age Time
1 Benny  Madrigal m 24 1:13:54
2 Ozie Lopez m 39 1:19:45
3 Alex  Simpson m 15 1:24:31
4 J K Rowling m 31 1:25:20
5 Rudy  Montoya m 43 1:27:51
6 Bill  Ramirez m 33 1:27:57
7 James  Bond m 33 1:28:05
8 Mark  Dorman m 39 1:30:42
9 Darren  Townzen m 44 1:32:48
10 Steve  Bordenave m 47 1:33:50
11 Dan  Palmer m 45 1:35:08
12 Rob  Simpson m 41 1:37:32
13 Amanda  Newall f 28 1:42:52
14 David  Cole m 54 1:42:52
15 Jeff  Halsay m 26 1:43:32
16 Brian  Brooks m 25 1:45:27
17 Ric Hernendez Mendoza m 38 1:55:59
18 Justin  Reemer m 28 1:56:34
19 Marty  Ramseir m 41 1:57:21
20 John Volkman m 60 2:03:31
21 Brett  Adney m 32 2:06:13
22 Ron  Hicks m 50 2:12:48
23 Eva  Busto f 56 2:16:31
24 Melinda  Riccardi f 41 2:16:57
25 Erin  Childs f 37 2:17:16
26 Michelle  Wooten f 45 2:19:38
27 Mike  Riccardi m 41 2:24:19
28 Flor  Chavez f 37 2:42:41
29 Susan  Mencarini f 47 2:56:24
30 Nancy  Valdoninos f 40 3:05:59
31 Tessa  Lucero f 48 3:39:44
32 Liz  Barragan f 25 ankle prob

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Mark Haymond Photography: http://markhaymond.smugmug.com/Sports/Running




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