January 21, 2012
15K Results

Winter Trail Run Series 15K Report - January 21, 2012

Good evening from Big Baz…

It is now Saturday night and I just woke up after 3 hours of unconsciousness, didn’t even have me wine.  Oh yes, I was so bloody tired when I got home from the 15K run my body said Good Night Dick.  But I assure you I had a good time and I want to say thank you to all you poor souls for coming out and braving the elements.  That is what I call dedication.

We all knew from the weather report it was going to rain, but it was funny it bloody stopped when I was on my way to return my old motor home to its cell in Laguna Woods.  The WTRS history of magic winter weather for trail running around Blue Jay came to a halt, but I never saw a dull face all day.  We really seem to be a happy crowd even when the elements are against us, as they surely were.  Yes a few didn’t turn up, but the ones that entered on race day made up the number perfectly, thanks guys. 

My trusty helpers, namely Bill and Sands and my Special Forces Team, “Baz’s Bazstards”!!!  did a magic job of making my RD job look easy.  Turning up in the rain before 7AM and working through to wait for the last runner, Dani Babb who arrived back at the finish line sometime around mid-day.  That is dedication and I say thanks from me and all the runners.  Poor Dani did an extra few miles of the course, but was never in need of help out there… Steve’s jacket worked at the end!  Dale entered with an ankle problem that made him turn back after only a few miles… he’s fine but upset not to get Birthday Cake.  Oh yes, Miz Michelle Barton turned 41 on race day… her daughter, Sierra, was 12 a few days before and we found out several other runners were sharing similar birthdays in the week.  Many happy’s to you all.

Did many of you know that we had an Olympian Gymnast running our 15K today?  Peter Vidmar was in the 1984 Olympics, 28 years ago and as best Big Baz can remember, Peter either won or or came close!!!! In today's muddy 15K however, his son Tim beat his famous dad by 8 minutes!
[Webmaster Doug Googled Peter to resolve Big Baz's wine fogged memory.  Here is what he found... "As the USA men's gymnastics team captain, he led his teammates to America's first team gold medal with their stunning upset victory over the defending world champions, the People's Republic of China. He went on to win the silver medal in the individual all-around competition (the first American to have ever won an Olympic All-Around medal), and with a perfect score of 10, he captured the gold medal on the pommel horse."]

As for the race itself, big Jon Clark seems to be the man… again!  He took it out hard and when I was finishing marking the return route he ran passed me as though his ass was on fire.  1:09:35 on that course on that day was a magic performance. 48 year-old Mark Donaldson again put in a good performance coming in about three and a half minutes later.  My old mate from Fresno, JK Lundberg was real happy with his first trail race down South and was only 64 seconds behind Mark.  Must mention big Rick Herr who came in 4th overall and feels his good trail running days are yet to come, I think so to0!

The ladies division was won by young Stephanie Smith, coming in 29th overall.  Second place was Tracy Rose a newbie to our trails.  Thanks to me ole mate Marisa, Tracy will be back. Third place was a happy Ingrid Pederson, she loved the rain…. Silly woman!  All the award winners were happy, even having to stand around waiting in the pouring rain. My own observation tells me you all enjoyed these extreme Southern California winter conditions. As for Sam and Andy running topless… there is just no hope!  My new 4 foot-something mate Aurora Santilla, age 10, was happy with her magic T-Shirt finishers award… and I think it will fit! Mum Julie was happy also, very proud mum.

Even turning up to run in those conditions was magic for me to see… I never even received one phone call to ask if the race was still on.  You guys are magic and thanks for those who would have liked to picked up their race shirt… but in all the panic of Fridays prep I left the shirts at home, safe!  Those coming to the next race will get them and those wanting me to send them via the postal service I will do that on request. OK?  We didn’t lose anyone, not too many injuries this race and to those who said thanks… “gud on ya mate”.  One can only hope we can all do it again on Feb. 4, but maybe a little better weather.

Much Love and big hugs to all.  Toodle Pip for now… English saying!  Big BAZZA XX
A bunch of runners arrived after the start, but didn't want to run... I am prepared to put their names on the next race... but they must tell me before the 4th.  BAZZA)

NOTE: Big Baz needs a real typist to help speed up getting these results out to all his runner friends... He'll even pay!  Volunteers contact Big Baz at: bazhawley@sti.net
(Better yet would be a spreadsheet hero who could set up his system, so BAZ could merely enter the bib
and finish times, then click once and have Excel do the work using his existing entry form data base.) 

Results - 2012 WTRS 15K - January 21st

Place Name m/f Age Time   Place Name m/f Age Time
1 Jon Clark m 37 1:09:35   61 Andy  Routh m 28 1:50:57
2 Mark Donaldson m 48 1:13:07   62 Brian  Stowe m 50 1:51:07
3 JK Lundberg m 32 1:14:11   63 Kyle  Duggan m 28 1:52:56
4 Rick Herr m 45 1:14:50   64 Jonathan  Resnick m 51 1:53:08
5 Kevin  Gillotti m 41 1:15:07   65 Eduardo  Robela m 49 1:54:04
6 Steven  Lind m 51 1:17:02   66 Kurt  Erlandson m 57 1:54:28
7 Darren  Cox m 41 1:17:35   67 Kristen  Thorkelson f 40 1:54:34
8 Jose  Luna m 46 1:18:09   68 Kliegl  Timinator m 61 1:54:54
9 Jason  Baldwin m 36 1:19:34   69 Linda  Kessman f 51 1:55:52
10 Tim  Vidmar m 26 1:20:10   70 Peter  Durst m 45 1:55:44
11 Sam  Bosworth m 34 1:20:15   71 Andy  Bisom m 56 1:56:14
12 Matt  Ruis m 31 1:21:09   72 Melanie  Weir f 47 1:56:33
13 Mark  Haskins m 43 1:21:54   73 Mark  Eickhoff m 50 1:57:20
14 Skyler  Wallace m 30 1:23:12   74 Tracy  Cole f 33 1:57:22
15 Mark  Kelly m 48 1:23:19   75 Chad  Amick m 29 1:58:35
16 Dan  Arsenault m 49 1:24:35   76 Charlie  Bachmann m 58 1L59:03
17 Bill  Somers m 46 1:26:08   77 Bruce  Urguhort m 56 1:59:03
18 Eric  Wellmeyer m 37 1:26:48   78 Mike  Antrim m 60 1:59:12
19 Peter  Vidmar m 50 1:28:09   79 Hugh  Marley m 49 1:59:20
20 Paul  Huffman m 53 1:28:34   80 Lauren  Kemp f 48 1:59:30
21 Eric  Hutchenson m 42 1:28:48   81 Ryan  Turner m 53 1:59:40
22 Andy  Weaver m 47 1:29:04   82 Rich  Merritt m 50 1:59:58
23 Eric  Drumond m 53 1:29:05   83 Debbie  Brisbin f 34 2:00:20
24 Marcus  Heon m 41 1:29:06   84 Dorene  Nathan f 38 2:00:38
25 Jezza  Fetzer m 41 1:29:28   85 John  Nowak m 48 2:00:49
26 Tom  Gey m 50 1:29:54   86 Victor  Sandoval m 33 2:00:58
27 Steve Dela  Cruz m 37 1:31:05   87 Julia  Holt f 45 2:03:56
28 Robert  Harris m 52 1:31:17   88 Lisa  Wilson f 27 2:03:48
29 Stephanie  Smith f 24 1:31:19   89 Zach  Mikelson m 28 2:03:48
30 Tony  Petros m 51 1:31:43   90 Morris  Sammons m 60 2:03:56
31 Michael  Gucwa m 28 1:32:03   91 Dave  Flournoy m 39 2:04:41
32 Eric  Martin m 37 1:32:04   92 Ron  Wilmoth m 56 2:04:50
33 John  Hanson m 37 1:32:05   93 Karen  Stein-Cueva f 47 2:04:58
34 Dave  Anderson m 49 1:32:50   94 Craig  Reese m 46 2:07:14
35 Tracy  Rose f 49 1:34:19   95 Ron  Keith m 53 2:07:16
36 Dave  Bourguigon m 39 1:36:06   96 Catherine  Blakesley f 51 2:12:18
37 Joe  Graziani m 29 1:37:08   97 Lisa  Verdova f 42 2:12:18
38 Eric  Hutchinson m 42 1:37:58   98 Cathy  Matzek f 48 2:12:36
29 Tim  Halverson m 44 1:38:08   99 Mark  Land m 46 2:14:20
40 Ingrid  Pedersen f 32 1:38:40   100 Gina  Ray f 37 2:14:29
41 Tom  DeNault m 47 1:39:15   101 Kristen  Stone f 39 2:14:58
42 Matt  Kayala m 29 1:39:16   102 Scott  Jagger m 31 2:15:20
43 Kelly  Hundley f 38 1:39:29   103 Angela  Moreira f 31 2:15:24
44 Mari  Russell f 47 1:39:35   104 Hans Duncan m 59 2:15:28
45 Greg  Tice m 55 1:39:40   105 Doug  Malewicki m 72 2:15:30
46 Corey  Quinn m 43 1:41:08   106 Aurora  Santilla f 10 2:15:56
47 Jerry  Yahr m 51 1:41:28   107 Julie  Santilla f 29 2:15:58
48 Chip  Butera m 53 1:41:55   108 Nina  Riha f 44 2:16:20
49 David  Lee m 41 1:42:08   109 Joanne  Taylor f 55 2:16:37
50 Tom  Mountain m 53 1:42:35   110 Valeria  Pereira f 49 2:18:40
51 Ray  Reale m 47 1:42:43   111 Pat  Lange f 40 2:19:09
52 Eric  Edson m 45 1:43:22   112 Kristina  Korpash f 42 2:20:06
53 Amanda  Murphy f 29 1:43:43   113 Jeanne  Warren f 42 2:20:06
54 Conrad  Reimer m 29 1:43:44   114 Jane  McGrath f 61 2:20:19
55 Julie  Canales f 41 1:43:46   115 Randall  Tolsa m 25 2:20:30
56 Pam  Harnisch f 48 1:44:27   116 Jody  Van Zanten f 42 2:22:40
57 Marisa  Wellment f 48 1:45:02   117 Jean  Ho f 44 2:22:40
58 Jim  Vogl m 42 1:46:48   118 Stevo  Harvey m 67 2:22:52
59 Elaine  Ruprecht f 45 1:49:04   119 Bill  McGovern m 47 2:25:36
60 Dave  Wilson m 50 1:50;50   120 Dani  Babb f 36 2:30:00


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(If you want an original full size of any of these photos to print out, EMail: DMalewicki@cox.net
Identify it by section, row and column.  Free of course.  Baz will buy me a Starbucks next month!)

15K race photos & videos contributed by professional photographer Jess Dyrenforth, Michelle Barton & Doug Malewicki

2011 WTRS series champ, Michelle Barton is sidelined with a metatarsal stress fracture

Steve Harvey, Doug Malewicki, Dale Marin & BIRTHDAY GIRL Michelle Barton

Dale Marin, Michelle Barton & Dr. Mark Kelly,

The front runners raring to get going.

Big Baz gets ready to start the 15K,

? & ?

Sam Bosworth is already soaked.

Ingrid Pedersen

While everyone else is putting on heavy rain gear, Sam Bosworth* strips down to his running undies.  For this ex-Minnesotan this is a hot summer day!

Andy Weaver* joins Sam in 15K masochism!

"I command the clouds to PART and yield sunshine to my 15K!"

(If this actually works - Baz will give up drinking wine!

Too bad it didn't work!

Almost 15K start time.

Off they go!

Zoom, ZOOM!

Is everyone having a good time?

A short break for Sandi & Bill.

Their registration work is over and very soon will be time to set up the finishers

Birthday Girl Barton

*Comment from Andy on his shirtless insanity:
Almost every race, no matter how cold, I generally sweat, so shirtless just made sense.  Everyone is different, but generally 30-40 degrees is ideal running for me. I eat a lot - about 4,000 calories a day, have a high metabolism and am always warm.  Less need for hydration during the run.  My torso never gets cold, only hands and that is generally below 30 degrees. Wore gloves, but only as protection from falls on that slippery trail.  The disadvantage is when it is 70 degrees and everyone  else is comfortable, it's way too hot for me.  I've done the Wild Wild West marathon where it's hot and Baz's Saddleback marathon where its cold, I'll take the cold every time.  Plus, when it's raining, a shirt will just get waterlogged, probably keep you colder and they get heavy when soaked.  

*Sam adds:
Running shirtless in the cold works well in a race that short because you force yourself to work hard to stay warm. Had that been a 50k or longer I probably would have worn a shirt because you're never getting your heart rate that high.



Dashing through the GOO,
Dashing through the GOO!

Big Baz is off to change some arrows for the return route.

Mark Kelly focuses on not slipping down in the muck!

year old Aurora leading a pack up the hill.  She never ran more than a 5K and was tripling her longest run ever AND attempting it in this awful mud!

Angela has muddy legs!

Julie Santilla followed by Steve Harvey.

Steve Harvey being careful through some of the GOO!.

Doug Malewicki plodding through the mud

Joanne has acquired feelthy socks!

Joanne takes a quick glance back.

? & Hans Duncan

Doug Malewicki & Hans Duncan climbing past Sugarloaf.

Arrow = turn right on the trail.

Here comes Sam!

Steven Lind

Jon Clark, 37, swoops to the finish.

Jon was 1st overall in 1:09:35!

Mark Donaldson came in 2nd overall in 1:13:07

J K Lundberg came in 3rd overall in 1:14:11

The top 3 overall finishers.

Jose Luna, 46 came in 8th overall in 1:18:09

Sam crosses the FINISH line!

Sam Bosworth is happy with his 11th overall in 1:20:15

Big Baz stated that sometimes the men don't mind all this rain.

Tim Halverson, 44,
finished in 1:38:08

J K Lundberg (How do you like his STRS shirt from Baz's SUMMER Trail Run Series by Yosemite?)

Mark Haskins, 43, came in 13th overall in 1:21:54.

San Diego Bad Rat, Eric Hutchenson, 42 finished 21st overall in 1:28:48

Mari Russell, 47 finished 5th woman in 1:39:45

David Lee, 41 finished in 1:42:08

Post race beverages & munchies at the "fabulous fresh" Baz spread.  Did you all enjoy the vegan, organic hot soup?

Sam, Michelle, Mark Haskins & Dave Bourguigon

Linda Kessman, 51 who finished in 1:55:52
and the rest of the gang who are huddling out of the rain here are glad that Big Baz brought extra canopies.

Dr. Mark Kelly (& hat)! finished 15th overall in 1:24:35

Eric Edson (OC TRI member)  finishes in 1:43:22

Amanda Murphy, 29 - finishes in 1:43:43 with Conrad Reimer also 29 listed  as 1 second behind her.  If Conrad carried that umbrella to keep Amanda out of the rain for the entire 15K, he is a knight in shining armor & deserves a special true love PRIZE from Big Baz!

Marissa Wilment, 48 - who finished in 1:45:02 stretches after her race in the cold & wet.


Michelle and Sierra Barton

OC Register Sportsman of the Year & oldest runner, Doug Malewicki, 72 takes a photo of the youngest runner, Aurora, age 10 and her Mom Julie.

Here is that photo!

Proud Mom Julie with 10 year old daughter Aurora after finishing the 15K!

Kevin Gillotti (5th overall), Wounded Trail Warrior Michelle and Jon Clark
Happy Birthday Michelle and Sierra!

Birthday girls Michelle Barton - (today January 21st) and her daughter Sierra, who was 12 on Thursday Jan 19th.

Start cutting - time for yummy!



 Stephanie Smith, 24 -
1st place woman in1:31:19

Tracy Rose, 49 -
2nd place Woman in 1:34:19

Ingrid Pedersen, 32 -
3rd place woman in 1:38:40
Jon Clark, 37 -
1st overall again in 1:09:35

Mark Donaldson, 48 -
2nd place overall in 1:13:07

JK Lundberg, 32 -
3rd place overall in1:14:11

David Bouirguigon and his best buddy, RD Baz Hawley.

Doug Malewicki, who will be 73 in March, won 1st in the 70+ age group. 
(& surprisingly the creepy old Geezer wasn't in last place overall.)

Baz made an announcement that today was Michelle Barton's actual Birthday.
OK everybody...

It was too rainy for Big Baz's MAGIC Raffle! 
As a result, Big Baz's 18K magic raffle on Feb 4th will be twice as big!



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