February 4, 2012
18K Results

Winter Trail Run Series 18K  Story - February 4, 2012

G’Day to one and all.

So where do we start, bloody hard when so many good things happen at once, or just in one day.  No I didn’t win the lottery, find 20 bucks on the trail, and didn’t get lucky either, oh no.  But I did get to have a magic morning in the woods up at Blue Jay with a bunch of mates…. PLUS that same day, I did get to meet the one and only Paul Williams.  Some might say who the hell is he, a famous runner?  Oh no, he in my humble opinion, is the greatest love song writer ever…. Big statement I know, but to those who know his work as a singer, piano player and actor would rate him very high above most in an industry which I used to be in many, many yonks’ ago.  I got invited to a rock and roll bash up in Costa Mesa… My old friend Greg Topper was celebrating 50 years of being an OC musical entertainer extraordinaire.  There were drinks, of course, and my singing ability did rise to the occasion … along with 2 or 300 hundred older old people.  He was a nice humble man, much like myself!

OK back to the race.  Me mate Bob and I opened the gate just after 6, a nice, but a little chilly breeze was blowing as we were emptying the Ford Truck… my MH stays in its cell if the weather is going to be nice…. As it was! My 4 “over the hill” support team arrived to help and prepare the staging area.  Bill and Sands were in position when the first runners arrived to check-in around 6:50, by then, the sun was popping through the trees from the east.  Obviously it is going to be a magic day!

Smaller group than the first 2 series races, due to one of those street events to be run the next day up in HB.  Hey the 70 plus runners that gathered at the start didn’t seem to give a shit, quite right I say.  Miz Barton gave the appropriate words and the run was on.  By the way it was noticed certain front runners where not in the line-up, their loss!  A happy band of athletes screamed their way out of Blue Jay onto the magic trails.  Again we had a few first- timers, little did we know a couple and I mean a connected couple would be the overall winners in both male and female.  Bearded Greg Friedman and non-bearded Amy Friedman came all the way from Lafayette, Colorado to upset the locals. One hour eighteen minutes and twenty seconds was the winning time and on that course would be close to a record… must check the stats.  Good mate and a real local, Mark Donaldson came in second, less than 4 minutes behind Greg.  Mark seems to be always a bridesmaid… hope my 48 year old doesn’t give up trying.  Third place overall was another good mate Stephen Lind, unfortunately Steve never gets a chance to hang around for the awards, but was happy with his plaque.  Me mate Rick was hoping to do better, but a stomach bug got him - from his wife’s cooking maybe?

Amy Friedman came in 5th over-all… really happy with her run and fun.  Second was lovely Stephanie Smith who won the 15K.  Third place my new girl Tracy Rose… she lives in another state, but is returning to OC later this year… we are so lucky.  All the award winners did good, but me ole mate Doug Malewicki may be suing me after a terrible fall on the trail… got cut up real bad.  His photos tell the story… R rated of course.  Hey shit happens when you are not paying attention!!!  Doug will be back in 2 weeks, no worries.

Must thank Monica for her time helping runners decide on their next running shoe… NB has come a long way and their donation of specialty shirts etc. is magic.  Again all the help I receive on race day I am grateful for, especially my little twin girls.  They love uncle Baz and all his silliness, hope they don’t grow up to be like me!!!!  I do hope I get to see you at the 21K and as many of you know you do have some bigger challenges on the 13 mile course… say no more!  Maybe bring a new running friend, you don’t really like!!!  There will be an aid station run by my mate Scott at the top of your first hill and you hit it again with just 3 miles to go.  Please let me know soon if you are planning on running all the series races cos the next couple of weeks I need to order the series sweat shirts and get them printed.

The series itself is going well and everyone seems to be enjoying their day in Blue Jay, so I don’t plan on changing anything and who needs to run with 20,000 people.  The final 30K race will be a test for those who run on really low mileage… but I assure you my smiling loveable face with be there at the finish line to abuse the shit out of you.  I am off to a Super Bowl Party in Irvine…. Who cares who wins because there will be lots of red wine. 

Much Love Big BAZZA XX

       Love and Happy Valentines to all me ladies!  BIG BAZ XXX        

Results - 2012 WTRS 18K - February 4

Place Name m/f age Time
1 Greg  Friedman m 39 1:18:20
2 Mark  Donaldson m 48 1:22:15
3 Steve  Lind m 51 1:24:57
4 Jose  Luna m 46 1:25:11
5 Amy  Friedman f 36 1:26:35
6 Rick  Herr m 45 1:25:17
7 Jason  Baldwin m 36 1:29:29
8 Matt  Ruiz m 31 1:30:55
9 Jeff  Wong m 53 1:05:04
10 Greg  Bowerman m 55 1:35:57
11 Matt  Brabeck m 36 1:37:00
12 Eric  Wellmeyer m 37 1:38:31
13 Jezza  Fetzer m 41 1:41:36
14 Stephanie  Smith f 24 1:41:50
15 Tony  Petros m 51 1:42:09
16 Phillip  Anthony m 41 1:43:18
17 Steve  DeLa Cruz m 37 1:43:34
18 Tracy  Rose f 49 1:43:44
19 Matt Kayala m 29 1:44:43
20 Stefan  Blasig m 48 1:44:38
21 David  Anderson m 49 1:46:05
22 Paul  Huffman m 53 1:46:47
23 Dave  Stefanides m 45 1:46:58
24 Annie  Ciernia f 25 1:49:28
25 Mari  Russell f 47 1:49:52
26 Scott  White m 47 1:50:51
27 Bill  McDermott m 60 1:52:59
28 Lance  Comstock m 34 1:53:00
29 Chris  Hill m 48 1:54:15
30 Julie  Canales f 41 1:54:53
31 Taylor  Gery m 31 1:55:45
32 Andy  Routh m 28 1:57:06
33 John  Arnold m 51 1:57:37
34 Geoff  Smith m 36 1:58:26
35 John  Ridgeway m 47 1:58:27
36 Marisa  Willment f 48 1:58:30
37 Linda  Kessman f 52 1:58:33
38 Dave  Bourguigon m 39 2:00:50
39 Brian  Stone m 50 2:00:56
40 Lisa  Rochm-Gensel f 44 2:01:42
41 AJ Shaka m 53 2:01:59
42 Mike  Antrim m 60 2:02:32
43 Eric  Edson m 45 2:02:48
44 Jim  Vogl m 42 2:03:07
45 Kurt  Erlandson m 57 2:05:12
46 Tracy  Cole f 33 2:05:26
47 Tyan  Turner m 53 2:05:33
48 Heather  D,Anna f 27 2:06:24
49 Bruce  Urguhort m 56 2:07:18
50 Charlie  Bachmann m 58 2:07:20
51 Victor  Sandoval m 53 2:10:16
52 Brittany  Brickweg f 28 2:10:40
53 Andy  Bisom m 56 2:10:54
54 Melanie  Weir f 47 2:12:20
55 Rich  Merrit m 50 2:12:36
56 Mark  Eickhoff m 50 2:13:00
57 Michael  Morar m 45 2:13:02
58 John  Nowak m 48 2:15:43
59 Ron  Wilmoth m 56 2:17:24
60 Michael  Zeller m 25 2:18:25
61 Catherine  Blakesley f 51 2:19:12
62 Lani  Advokat f 28 2:23:25
63 Chad  Amick m 29 2:23:56
64 Julia  Holt f 45 2:24:50
65 Doug "Bruzer" Malewicki m 72 2:30:34
66 Elisabeth  Bachmann f 49 2:31:54
67 Nina  Riha f 44 2:32:29
68 Dave  Mueller m 48 2:33:45
69 Scott  Jaggers m 31 2:35:00
70 Jody  Van  Zanten f 42 2:37:43
71 Steve  Harvey m 67 2:37:44
72 Bill  McGovern m 47 2:43:46
73 James  Sewell m 53 2:58:42

(click on this or any any picture to see a larger detailed version)
(If you want an original full size of any of these photos to print out, EMail: DMalewicki@cox.net
Identify it by section, row and column.  Free of course.  Baz will buy me a Starbucks next month!)

18K race photos contributed by Michelle Barton & Doug Malewicki.

the rest of the captions & names coming Monday...

The world famous Big Baz


Scott White showing off his new INKnBURN T to Michelle Barton

Big Baz, Scott, Michelle &
Dave Bourguigon

Baz's boyhood friend Bigger Bob Symonds
with Doug Malewicki

Doug & daughter Michelle

Kurt Erlandson

Linda Kessman

Wow - Some friends from Transrockies came to Big Baz's race!
Speedsters Greg and Amy Friedman from Lafayette, CO were visiting relatives in LA and found Big Baz's 18K online!

Greg, Michelle, Amy & Doug

Jody Van Zanten

Eric Edson, Michelle &
Dave Anderson

Mike Antrim & Kurt Erlandson

Jody, Doug & Marissa Willment

Dad & daughter

Hey runners - it is time to get this race started.

Monica Morant from New Balance with Baz

Monica brought all the latest NB shoes in all sizes so the runners could try them out.  3 cheers for Monica

Scott White is READY!

Mari Russell


As Baz drones on...   and on...

Time to get the race going...

Big Bob Symonds

Bill and Sandy Johnson READY with the official timing watch.

The 3-2-1 START was given by injury sidelined Michelle Barton.

(This first group of photos was taken on the paved road out of the Blue Jay campground.
Just past 1 mile into the race and getting close to the trails and beautiful scenery.)

Out in front- Mark Donaldson, Rick Herr and Greg Friedman

Amy Friedman striding in close to the leaders.

Paul Huffman leading Andy Routh & ?

Stephanie Smith & Tracy Rose

David Bourguigon

Matt Brabeck, Matt Kayala & Mari Russell

Scott White & Stefan Blisio

Geoff Smith, Taylor Gery & Michael Zeller

Doug toodles along while taking pictures for Baz's website.

Geezer power!

Jody & Steve Harvey

? & ?

?, Linda Kessman and Andy Routh

Kurt Erlandson

Rich Merritt, Tracy Cole & ?

Nina Riha, Chad Amick & ?

Julia Holt & ?

Monica Morant getting photos out on the trail.

Old Goat Steve Harvey

Elisabeth Bachmann

Older Geezer Goat Doug

50 mile visibility today!  We could see Catalina Island!
Jody Van Zanten and Steve Harvey

Jody cruising the 18K
Steve & Jody

The future ultra running twins!

Greg Friedman, 39 came in first overall in 1:18:20

Steve Lind 48, came in 3rd overall in 1:24:57

Amy Friedman, 36 was 1st woman & 5th overall in 1:26:35

Jeff Wong ,53 came in 9th overall in 1:35:57

Greg Bowerman, 55 came in 10th overall in 1:35:57

Matt Brabeck, 36 came in 11th overall in 1:37:00

Matt had fun out there today!

Julie Canales, 41 was 6th woman overall in 1:54:53

The 72 year old geezer finished in 2:30:34 - happy to be ahead of 8 youngsters.


Amy Friedman 1st overall woman & 5th OVERALL has a little blood on HER knee!

Close up of Amy's knee.

Doug Malewicki (73rd birthday next month) really clobbered in with a terrific endo some 3 miles from the finish on that tricky rutted, rocky final downhill. Fortunately, Mike Antrim, a docent for Orange County Trails had a professional 1st aid kit.

Doug stated that his arm, while it looks gory,
is mostly merely getting old and simultaneously acquiring the dreaded old people’s skin.  Any mild scrape and a layer of thin geezer skin easily just gets sloughed off. 

Doug had trail owies on both knees & elbows, his right shoulder and that gory arm. 

Don't worry - he loves mildly sane, Big Baz too much to ever consider suing him
for NOT removing all the rocks on the trail as he promised.

Steve Harvey joined the 18K Trail Owie Club. 

There were OTHERS!

Doug's last bad fall was 5 years ago!
(Only the arm blood is real)

Thanks to new miracle healing & body improvement drugs, Doug was back on the trails with Annette & Shannon 2 days later



Greg Friedman, Mark Donaldson & Steve Lind

Matt Ruiz & his twins

"Ain't I a good lookin' chap?"

Bob says: "Baz you are hopeless"

Lisa Rochm-Gensel & Mari Russell

The OC Tri guys:
Dave Anderson & Eric Edson


Greg and Amy are glad they found Big Baz's Winter Trail Series LINK.

Amy & Greg with their 1st place awards

Three amigos from previous Transrockies fun!

Share the medal pride!

Mari Russell was 4th overall and first in age 40-49 in 1:49:52

Geezer Doug gets his 1st in age 70+ once more (It is also usually last in age too, but he doesn't care.)
Big Baz thanks:
for their support


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