February 18, 2012
21K Results

Winter Trail Run Series 21K  - February 18, 2012

2012 WTRS 21K Story

And a very early good morning to all you trail runners.

How do we improve on all the Magic we generate in Blue Jay, if we could bottle all the energy generated we could send someone to the moon and back…. Maybe Bakersfield anyway.  It is now just after 5am on this Sunday morning, made my coffee, still have the shakes from a quiet drink Big Bob and I had after the race. We dropped Lovely Sands off at her car in SJC and we proceeded to Hooters just off El Toro Road.  Beer and a burger did the trick… but that was the only trick!  Nice girls!  We joined up again after a nice shower and proceeded to open some nice red wine at my condo in LWs… Fish Named Wander was on HBO.  We were legless and laughing trying to remember what had gone on in the morning.

How could one forget the magic weather, the nice turn out up at Blue Jay, the tough, but very pleasant course!  But most of all the way we just enjoy each other’s company, better than going to fuckin Disneyland.  The whole series so far has developed into one big Saturday morning bash, yes someone will win and someone will be 4 or 5 hours out there enjoying the magic.  As for the winner of this year’s 21K… around 13 miles, big Jon Clark destroyed the course record in a performance that will be hard to beat.  A small group of cheering bystanders saw the concentration Mr. Clark had on his mush (face) at the mile mark.  Oh yes, there was some heavy competition for the 36 year-old in the top 10 runners leaving the campground… including some hot sheila’s (women).  Michelle and I discussed a finish time, my guess was several minutes more than Miz Barton’s, but obviously we didn’t consider our past champion’s goal for the day.  Shit he can run and after crossing the finish line his first words were… “It was magic!”  Only 2 minutes back was Jace, then Greg was only 2 minutes back of Jace and Big Mark D  just seconds over 2 minutes behind Mr. Moe  so on and so on…

32 year-old Jenni Johnson is not really a trail runner, but one could say she seems to like winning what-ever the terrain. Regular series runner Stephanie Smith was again happy with her second place finish after missing one little turn entering Falcon Trail. Mari Russell nailed third place overall in the women’s division. I must say all the award winners did good.

Talking with the runners at the finish line it seems nearly all the top 13 or so runners ran Horse Thief Trail… you all know the hill of course.  For most, even Big BAZ back when I was a contender, I never ran all the 1.8 miles up… of course they could be lying!  I know a couple of old mugs did not run it even with sticks in their hands. Ollie and Paul did make it back to Blue Jay, finally… sometime after 1pm.  They were grateful for us being there, more importantly for Big Scott who waited at the aid station at the top of the last hill.  Maybe … New Rules!!! Need to be added concerning those who know their capabilities and pre arrange their vehicle to be parked outside the iron gate … then we don’t have to hang around so long waiting for the tail enders to finish the final two and a half miles. I know you all agree, right?  I would not leave anyone out on the trail and we have been very lucky over the 20 years of the WTRS.  One bloke did end up in Corona once… he said he missed a turn, but thought the place was nice and decided to go live there.  Just a little story of course.  Again we must thank Big Scott for single handedly manning the station at Trabuco Trail Head, no problems he said, except for a couple of sheila’s that tried to get to his body parts. He rejected their desires, what a good man!  Must thank Sands… her hubby Billy Boy was sick with the dreaded flu, so me ole mate Bob filled in at the finish line along with lovely Scarlet.  The “F Troup” again turned up early to help the old bloke unload the truck and assemble the easy-ups etc , etc… Just one complaint was made towards Julia the only Sheila in the 4-some, her loud small talk during the awards etc. was a little too much.  There will be a dock in pay no doubt when the board-of-directors meet again next week. 

Hope this year’s T-shirts are OK, sorry I don’t get into the high tech shit with the wild designs … all too much for this reserved bloke!  As you know I asked all the runners that will finish all the series races to identify themselves… a quick email to BAZ will help me print up this year’s special shirts without having too many over.  They will be handed out at the 30K on March 3.  Must mention the “BashaRoo” on March 10…I have rented a room at Laguna Woods Village, 3 till 7pm.  Check out the info on my site… be nice to gather for drinks, a few lies and be fully clothed.  Again I need to know numbers, the room holds about 40, but there is an outdoor patio.  Just a nice time to gather after the final race in the 2012 WTRS. The 30K will be a challenge for those trail runners who have completed the shorter races… the 18 miles plus is the first part of the famous SJT50K, my final event on April 14.

Lastly I want to say thanks to everyone, you really make my day up at Blue Jay, I sometimes think it beats sex, I think!  Remember the old saying what-ever happens in BJ stays in BJ.  The Magic is nearly over for another year, to all the old- timer’s thanks and to all the newbies I hope you enjoyed our magic time together in the Cleveland National Forest.  Enjoy your workouts and wine and I will see you on the third.   Much Love Big BAZ XXX

PS… The four damsels in the SUV who offered their bodies to me in Blue Jay after the race, sorry, but there was a time back when… I think! Oh to be 69 again.

Much Love with Hugs of course,  Big BAZ XXX

Results - 2012 WTRS  21K - February 18
Place Name m/f Age Time   Place Name m/f Age Time
1 Jon  Clark m 36 1:34:31   52 Kurt Erlandson m 57 2:30:46
2 Jace  Hinsley m 24 1:36:45   53 Bruce Urguhot m 56 2:30:58
3 Greg Moe m 28 1:38:54   54 Jim Vogl m 42 2:31:09
4 Mark Donaldson m 48 1:40:20   55 Dwayne Bora m 49 2:32:30
5 Liam Clemons m 33 1:43:19   56 Eric Edson m 45 2:32:41
6 Juan Morales m 32 1:43:30   57 Mike Antrim m 60 2:33:18
7 Rick Herr m 45 1:43:39   58 Malisa Willment f 48 2:33:49
8 Dan Arsenault m 49 1:47:16   59 Charlie Bachman m 58 2:33:52
9 Jose Luna  m 46 1:48:15   60 Lisa Roehm-Gensel f 44 2:34:20
10 Jason Baldwin m 36 1:49:21   61 Matt Walthour m 46 2:36:27
11 Michael Gaylard m 37 1:49:22   62 Heather D'Anna f 27 2:36:50
12 Kevin Gillotti m 41 1:52:39   63 Gabriella Gilles f 41 2:41:07
13 Jenni Johnson f 32 1:52:50   64 Kristen Thorkelson f 40 2:41:20
14 Matt Ruiz m 31 1:54:52   65 Rachelle Petrucci f 24 2:43:01
15 Mark Kelly m 48 1:55:49   66 Mark Eickoff m 50 2:43:10
16 Greg Bowerman  m 55 1:58:09   67 Melanie Weir f 47 2:44:07
17 Keith Woodside m 37 1:58:37   68 Kyle Duggan m 28 2:46:49
18 Steve White  m 47 1:59:54   69 Judith Walthour f 47 2:47:10
19 Jeff Wong  53 2:01:49   70 Andrew Bison m 56 2:49:20
20 Stephanie Smith f 24 2:03:54   71 Lani Advokat f 28 2:49:40
21 Phillip Anthony m 41 2:05:30   72 John Nowak m 48 2:49:40
22 John Hanson m 37 2:06:49   73 Julia Holt f 45 2:50:06
23 Steve Dela Cruz m 37 2:07:58   74 Jeanne Warren f 42 2:51:45
24 Eric Wellmeyer m 37 2:09:46   75 Andre Fazio m 17 2:54:10
25 Jay Reale m 47 2:11:22   76 Keith Ambrose m 46 2:54:29
26 Jezza Fetzer m 41 2:11:23   77 Nina Riha f 44 2:54:50
27 Andy Routh m 28 2:13:05   78 Ron Keith m 53 2:55:01
28 Scott White m 42 2:14:40   79 Craig Reece m 46 2:56:41
29 Chip Butera  m 53 2:15:12   80 Victor Salvadoral m 33 2:57:10
30 Mari Russell f 47 2:15:30   81 Chad Amick m 29 2:58:19
31 Corey Quinn m 43 2:16:00   82 Rich Merritt m 50 3:00:19
32 Brian Miles m 40 2:17:20   83 Doug Malewicki m 72 3:02:59
33 Peter Duerst m 45 2:17:27   84 Monica Morant f 40 3:04:11
34 Greg Tice m 55 2:17:36   85 Dave Mueller m 48 3:09:32
35 Lare Warddrop m 46 2:18:10   86 Cathy Matzek f 48 3:11:14
36 Eric Martin m 37 2:19:07   87 Elizabeth Bachmann f 49 3:14:50
37 John Ridgeway m 47 2:20:06   88 Stacey Chartier-Grable f 42 3:16:20
38 Gerald Yahr m 51 2:21:01   89 Lorena Samuel f 32 3:16:28
39 Tom Mountain  m 53 2:21:17   90 Hans Duncan m 59 3:17:30
40 Julie Canales f 41 2:21:36   91 Jane McGrath f 62 3:17:42
41 Ryan Privatsky m 44 2:21:36   92 Lauren Miertschin f 47 3:19:22
42 David Bourguigor m 39 2:23:06   93 Mark Land m 46 3:22:45
43 Tod Reeder m 48 2:23:08   94 Jody Van Zanten f 42 3:24:15
44 Miwa Kawai f 38 2:23:58   95 Jeff Ryder m 54 3:26:34
45 Linda Kessman f 51 2:25:36   96 JoAnn Kang Sumers f 43 3:28:01
46 Johnathan Pierce m 47 2:26:45   97 Pat Lange f 40 3:28:21
47 Vicky Reale f 38 2:27:07   98 Bill McGovern m 47 3:28:54
48 David Kirsch m 31 2:27:22   99 Kelley Kelly f 38 3:29:45
49 Ken Dempster m 41 2:27:44   100 Anna Stephens f 46 3:29:46
50 Kimberly Parris f 48 2:27:53   101 Ollie Biederman m 80 4:20:00
51 Brian Turner m 53 2:30:05   102 Paul Howard m 65 4:20:00


Winter Trail Run Series (WTRS)

20th Anniversary BashaRoo”

(The inaugural WTRS event was held in 1992, back when Big Baz was a mere 50 years old!)

Saturday March 10, 2012 from 3 till 7 PM

Laguna Woods “Club House One”*

Time to put on your best Saturday clothes and gather in Big Bazza’s back yard for some relaxing gayety, lies, food and drink.  Your host will supply the dreaded drink, beer and soft stuff.  We all chip in and buy Pizza.  Bring along a dessert/salad dish and include a bottle of red. There will mini raffles, Bazza’s left overs!  Bring stories of your trail experiences this year, but no blood stories.  All runners are welcome to enjoy a Magic unrehearsed afternoon BASH in Laguna Woods, no age division awards, just a little leglessness thrown in.   OUR LIMIT IS 50 PEOPLE...   Email Big Baz with the word BashaRoo in the subject line NOW to get your name on the guard gate entry list. Love BAZZA.

*You will enter Laguna Woods at GATE ONE.  Take the El Toro exit off the 5 Freeway, drive 0.7 mile West towards the ocean & take a left at the light onto Avenida Seville.  Mention Baz’s name at the gate to get in.

We don't know all your names.  If you see yourself  (or any friends) with a "?" in any photos below
& would like to be properly identified, please email: DMalewicki@cox.net with proper spelling & which photo you are in as  identified  by section, row and column.  Thanks.  21K photos provided by Michelle Barton, Lauren Mierschin & Doug Malewicki

(click on any any picture to see a larger detailed version)
(If you want the original full size files of any of these photos to print out, EMail: DMalewicki@cox.net
Identify it by section, row and column.  Free of course.)

Jody Van Zanten, ? & ?

Another paid for Public Service Announcement for Bazza's March 10th BashaRoo party.

Hans Duncan & Doug Malewicki ready for 21K & 3,700' of climbs.

Lauren, Baz, Judi & Matthew

The ladies raring to go:
Lisa, Lauren & Judi

Annie & Old Goat Steve Harvey, 67 with Michelle Barton.  

?, ? & Greg Tice


John Pierce, Jay Reale & Vicki Reale.  (John and Vicki cursed Jay for not warning them about the rigors of Horsethief!)

Almost 8:30 AM

Time for Baz's
pre-race briefing!

Baz harangues the crowd to pay attention to his words of trail wisdom.

 YES - I have indeed removed every single rock from the trails.

Wonderful weather and everyone is rarin' to get moving.

Baz introduces Monica Morant, sales rep for New Balance running shoes.  Monica is primarily a road runner, who will be running the 21K - her longest trail race to date.

The two Marks - Kelly & Donaldson

The Dominator - Jon Clark

Linda Kessman, Marissa Wilment, ? & Ken Dempster

Close to 21K race time!

Still sidelined by a soon to be healed stress fracture, Michelle Barton again gives the countdown
3 - 2- 1 - GO!



After the start, Baz quickly short cuts the course to cheer on all the 21K runners.

Go - go - go mateys!

The 21K runners keep streaming by Big Baz

Matt Ruiz & ?

Scott White & Mari Russell

Gerald Yahr, Chip Butera & Greg Tice

Ollie Biederman, 80

From below, the first climb up the Main Divide looks ominous.

Those dots are 21K runners!

Lauren running alongside Doug Malewicki as they head for their first long climb up Main Divide.

Mark Land & Hans Duncan - Up and up they go.

Mark & Hans with a view of the snow capped mountains way off in the distance.

Elisabeth Bachmann in close pursuit.

Elisabeth & Hans found a patch of genuine SNOW on the Trabuco trail. Whoo Hoo!

Just crossing the creek & about to start up the dreaded steep West Horsethief!

Another glorious view of this treacherous, hateful Horsethief trail!

Monica Morant leads ? & ? up
 the evil, long Horsethief climb.

AND on the Main Divide beyond the top of Horsethief is a lot more SNOW!.

Doug who has been running WTRS since 1998, has never seen this much old snow during a 21K.  Crunchy & slippery.

Great View of Lake Elsinore from The Main Divide

Elevation PROFILE. 
(Click it to see the hilarious picture Lauren added!)

Forest Service
Fireman Captain Anthony Beigel wearing his new U. S. Forest Service Honor Guard T-Shirt.  here with Michelle Barton & Big Baz.

Big Baz's first job after giving all the runners a proper send off is to change the arrows for the return trip to guide the runners on to Falcon Trail.

Jon Resnick, no relation to Jon Clark, crosses the finish line before anyone else.  Jon ran  6 miles out & back on Trabuco.

Sandi Johnson taking care of timing and records

Baz rests for a moment.  It's tough being 70.

Is that a runner coming up the hill?  It's way too early for any of the runners to finish.  NOT if Jon Clark is in the mood to set a new 21K course record!

1:34:41 and a new course record for Jon Clark.

Greg Moe, Jon Clark & Jace Hinsely

?, Mark Kelly & Greg Moe

Greg Bowerman, 55 finished in 1:58:04


Bib 25

Mari Russell, 47 and 3rd woman overall

Mari & Scott White

Bib 86

David Bourguignon showing he still has some energy left!

Linda Kessman

Bib 70

Bib 87

Doug Malewicki, 72 finished in 3:03:  (His 2nd best time since 2007 when he ran it in 2:57:36)



?, Monica Morant & ?

Monica brought all sorts of New Balance's trail shoes to test.

Stephanie Smith & ?

The David, Scott White & Eric Edson

Michelle Barton, Scott White, David Bourguignon & iDad Doug

Jace Hinsely & Mark Kelly



OK me beauties - time fer me to hand out the expensive and magical 21K AWARDS!

Bob Symonds is helping Baz with the show!

? was 1st woman in the 20-29 age group. 

Baz gives out prizes and gets hugs as his reward.

?  1st in

Linda Kessman gets a big hug from Baz

Linda, 51 and her 1st place medal in the 50-59 age group.

Doug Malewicki, 72, again won 1st in age 70+!  That is his 4th in a row for the 2012 WTRS. 


Easy to accomplish when there are zero other 70+ runners :-)

Mike Antrim, 60 got 1st in 60-69 age group.

? Bib 24

Mark Donaldson, 48 won 1st in age 40-49


Bib 77


Lauren Mierschin wins a $50 gift Snails Pace certficate. WOW! (Everyone thinks she won because Baz loves her shirt!)


Mari Russell, 47 3rd place overall woman in ?

Stephanie Smith, 24 2nd place overall woman in ?


 Jon Clark, 36 won 1st place overall in ? & set a new WTRS 21K record.
Next it is time for Big Baz's MAGIC Raffle

Marissa Willment won a profoundly symbolic T-Shirt

Marissa & ?

? wins a cool Trails Rock T-Shirt

The gang cracked up over another bad Big Baz joke about his cheap raffle prizes!
? won a Trails Rock T-Shirt

? also won a classic trails Rock T-Shirt

Kurt Erlandson wins again.   Kurt gets a prize at every race.

Michelle Barton & new 21K course record holder Jon Clark

Baz loves Lauren's T-Shirt!

Jon Resnick - famous WTRS pancake chef at his stove. 

  Jon ran only 6 easy miles today.  He is still recovering from his intense Boston qualifying marathon. He made it with 8 minutes to spare! Yeah - Jon!

Post race blueberry pancakes
If you missed Jon off to the side of the finish line making pancakes you don't know what you missed.


Woodbridge High Chemistry teacher Mike Antrim with his 1st place in age 60-69 medal.


For a 10% discount
on any purchase
bring your WTRS Bib
to Snails Pace!

Lauren Mierschin's WTRS 21K BLOG
Rich Merritt's WTRS 21K  BLOG

  The 2012 Winter Trail Run Series is almost over.
Don't forget the WTRS 30K on March 3rd.
The Big Baz BashaRoo party on March 10th.
Next up is the San Juan Trail 50K Ultra on April 14th.