March 3, 2012
30K Results

Winter Trail Run Series 30K  - March 3, 2012

2012 WTRS 21K Story
Morning boys and girls.

On the way to the race Saturday I had just finished putting my white arrows on the road near Ortega… When, right there in front of me was a Bob Cat leaping across the road … just getting home from a night on the prowl I suspect, lucky bludger!  Anyway I thought to myself that is a good omen for the long day ahead.  Turned out to be true, boy did we all do good.  The weather was magic, maybe next year we start at 7:30 am if we know the sun will be out scorching the woods.  All my trusty help was on time, including the delivery of Starbucks coffee at the start, very nice!  We are so bloody lucky.  I think the inclusion of the 30K this series was a winner, nice to see some ultra-runners turning up and for the fresh looking athletes that were doing the distance for the first time I was hoping they would enjoy.  Seems they all did.  We did have a couple of leg injuries, but my fire guys were soon on the job and all was well.  One of my nice lady friends did turn round after a few miles when her pain got too much. As you know, I know something about the sport and when I was giving my morning briefing I noticed some… just some, where really not taking in my magic words of advice. Meaning, we had a lot of cramping out on the tough single trail course… not drinking enough is usually the cause.  Next time listen to BIG BAZ… please!  Again, no one really got on my case and all were happy for the experience… that is magic.  My aid stations worked out OK, Steve and Annie down at the Candy Store parking lot did good.  I managed to see the front runners through, even for Jon 66 minutes is a good time, but he waited for the 2 guys behind him to leave first.  With a nod and a wink he took off…. Oh shit, I said, they will be looking over their shoulder for the next few miles.  Jon said he passed them climbing up a hill, go figure. Mark said he didn’t mind leading thinking to himself maybe the King of the Hill has a bad day!  I did notice my new mate Jose was not carrying water as he ran out of the parking lot.  As we all know now, that is how it finished, Jon was happy with his overall time, big Mark came in only 2 minutes back and Mr. Luna three and a half minutes to take third.  The top 12 runners were all under the 3 hour time.

Queen of the Hill lovely Mari Russell deserved her win, in just over the 3 hour time… she was so happy crossing the finish line in 13th position overall.  Polly Crawford came in smiling in second and Tiffany Forster was minutes behind Polly.  Series finisher Julie Canales came in fourth over-all. At this moment I think she is out there somewhere in the Blue Jay area running another 20! Loves her running.

All the award winners deserve their respective medals.  I just can’t believe we can’t find some more 72 year-olds to challenge the old man of Irvine, maybe I should make a comeback!!!!  I do know I can beat him in wine drinking! Must thank Michelle for her day help, she will be back to running in a few days and then watch out!  Must thank my girl Jeanne Ho for her good deed for the day…. After finishing a hundred the week before she came out for the fun and did pick up all the ribbons on the trail for me. How magic is that! 

And so the WTRS is over for another year, one hopes we can keep all the good memories and do it again next winter.  Tell a friend of course, we still are below our 150 limit for several of the races.  My SJT 50K is coming up on April 14th and I know all the little ultra-devils are getting ready for that.  One hopes a few of our new breed of trail runners will take the challenge… hey you have just run most of the course, only the 21K to go!!!! I said “Only”.  I do know Lauren Miertschin did some repeats on Horse Thief in the week, even a helicopter was watching from above to prove it!  That is dedication my friends.  If you get a chance to take a long-weekend, maybe consider Shadow of the Giants 50K this year, June 2nd…. I know Mr. Clark is interested, Oh Boy, look out Fish Camp and those big f’in Giant Sequoias on the course, plus a bear or two!

Again, thanks to all you mates, just keep those legs in good shape through the coming year, we do have something special, let us keep it going. I will be living up in Oakhurst through the summer, 3 shorter trail races June/July up near Yosemite. But will be back down to organize Saddleback Trail Marathon in November.

E-mailing is good and keep an eye on the BIG BAZ site for race updates. Until that time, maybe see you next week at the BashaRoo in Laguna Woods, more lies, pizza and good wine I am good at.   Much Love  Big BAZZA XXXX

One special thanks to Chaz Nickell for hiking in to the Falls on Chiquita Trail with his son… runners say thanks too, a much needed water stop.


Results - 2012 WTRS  30K
Place Name m/f Age Time
1 Jon  Clarke m 36 2:23:16
2 Mark Donaldson m 48 2:25:06
3 Jose Luna  m 46 2:30:36
4 Harold Zundel m 43 2:33:57
5 Kurt Whittington m 34 2:36:27
6 Robert Whited m 47 2:38:13
7 Jason Baldwin m 36 2:38:29
8 Matt Ruiz m 31 2:42:29
9 Alex Gribenko m 35 2:48:05
10 Rick Herr m 45 2:58:25
11 Tim Vidmar m 26 2:58:25
12 Eric Hutchinson m 42 2:59:15
13 Mari Russell f 47 3:03:01
14 John Hanson m 37 3:05:56
15 Polly Crawford f 41 3:09:00
16 Mike Swenson m 37 3:10:49
17 Boston Titensor m 29 3:11:05
18 Tiffany Forster f 26 3:12:38
19 Paul Pietsch m 42 3:13:25
20 Jezza Fetzer m 41 3:16:36
21 Steve Merrilies m 60 3:17:39
22 Chip Butera m 53 3:18:58
23 Julie Canales f 41 3:21:49
24 Steve DeLa Cruz m 37 3:22:58
25 Eric Wellmeyer m 37 3:24:56
26 Peter Duerst m 45 3:25:16
27 Cory Quinn m 43 3:25:23
28 Steve Blasig m 48 3:26:28
29 Wayne Mandelbaum m 56 3:26:38
30 Scot White m 47 3:27:44
31 Linda Kessman f 51 3:29:07
32 Jay Reale m 47 3:30:42
33 David Anderson m 49 3:31:00
34 Anne Langson f 50 3:31:44
35 Brenda Corona f 50 3:32:04
36 Ryan Privratsky m 44 3:34:02
37 Andy Routh m 28 3:39:54
38 Jason McKelrey m 30 3:40:29
39 Brian Turner m 53 3:40:29
40 Greg Tice m 55 3:42:40
41 Jonathan Resnick m 52 3:43:36
42 Jim Vogl m 42 3:44:01
43 Sheila Nicholas f 60 3:44:42
44 Karen Winter f 52 3:45:05
45 Gerald Yahr m 51 3:46:06
46 David Bourguigon m 39 3:46:59
47 Kurt Erlandson m 57 3:47:03
48 Gabriella Gilles f 41 3:49:34
49 Heather D'Anna f 27 3:54:00
50 Brian Eynon m 41 3:54:11
51 Bruce Urguhort m 56 3:55:51
52 Charlie Bachman m 58 3:55:51
53 Kimberly Parris  f 48 3:56:10
54 Geoff Smith m 36 3:57:08
55 Julie Santilla f 29 4:00:38
56 Kristine Gillis f 36 4:00:56
57 Melanie Weir f 47 4:01:05
58 Virginie Maris f 38 4:06:27
59 Andrew Bisom m 56 4:06:44
60 Art Accbdo m 45 4:07:27
61 Craig Reese m 47 4:07:47
62 Nina Riha f 44 4:12:45
63 Lori Craig-Heinselman f 44 4:13:09
64 Karen Stein-Cuera f 47 4:16:47
65 Laura Elmer f 34 4:20:35
66 Julia Holt f 45 4:21:21
67 Victor Sandoval m 33 4:23:05
68 Arnold Gaunt  m 50 4:24:03
69 Lorena Samuel f 32 4:25:32
70 Chad Amick m 29 4:26:38
71 Ron Keith m 53 4:33:34
72 Elisabeth Bachmann f 49 4:34:52
73 Chris Diaz m 52 4:35:39
74 Matt Denies m 36 4:35:49
75 John Nowak m 48 4:37:15
76 Jeanne Warren f 42 4:38:24
77 Michael Morar m 41 4:44:35
78 Doug Malewicki m 72 4:54:09
79 Bill McGovern m 47 5:16:04
80 Jean Ho f 44 5:20:00



Winter Trail Run Series (WTRS)

20th Anniversary BashaRoo”

(The inaugural WTRS event was held in 1992, back when Big Baz was a mere 50 years old!)

Saturday March 10, 2012 from 3 till 7 PM

Laguna Woods “Club House One”*

Time to put on your best Saturday clothes and gather in Big Bazza’s back yard for some relaxing gayety, lies, food and drink.  Your host will supply the dreaded drink, beer and soft stuff.  We all chip in and buy Pizza.  Bring along a dessert/salad dish and include a bottle of red. There will mini raffles, Bazza’s left overs!  Bring stories of your trail experiences this year, but no blood stories.  All runners are welcome to enjoy a Magic unrehearsed afternoon BASH in Laguna Woods, no age division awards, just a little leglessness thrown in.   OUR LIMIT IS 50 PEOPLE...   Email Big Baz with the word BashaRoo in the subject line NOW to get your name on the guard gate entry list. Love BAZZA.

*You will enter Laguna Woods at GATE ONE.  Take the El Toro exit off the 5 Freeway, drive 0.7 mile West towards the ocean & take a left at the light onto Avenida Seville.  Mention Baz’s name at the gate to get in.

We don't know all your names.  If you see yourself  (or any friends) with a "?" in any photos below
& would like to be properly identified, please email: with proper spelling & which photo you are in as  identified  by section, row and column.  Thanks.  21K photos provided by Michelle Barton, Lauren Mierschin & Doug Malewicki

(click on any any picture to see a larger detailed version)
(If you want the original full size files of any of these photos to print out, EMail:
Identify it by section, row and column.  Free of course.)

What great SCENERY!  What a clear day!

Annie & Steve Harvey ran the Candy Store aid station


30 kilometers of fun ahead.



Jon Clark in the lead

Jose Luna

Kurt Whittington

Bill Dickey 71, did an early start and was enjoying  a comfy pace

Robert Whited

Alex Gribenko

Eric Wellmeyer


Scott White

Mari Russell blasting up and out of the dry creek bed



Steve DeLa Cruz

Annie Harvey at the Candy Store aid sataion

Mari Russell

Julie Canales

Scott White enters the Candy Store aid station.

Mark Donaldson

Jose Luna

Tim Vidmar

Alex Gribenko

Rick Herr

Mari Rusell

David Anderson

Tiffany Forster

Polly Crawford

Steve Merriles

Chip Butera

David Bourguigon

Douglas Malewicki


Kurt Erlandson & Andy Routh

Ann Langson

? & ?

Geoff Smith

Virginie Maris

Greg Tice

Jeanne Warren

Jean Ho

Brian Turner

Jay Reale

Jon Resnick & Karen Winter

Geoff Smith

Charlie Bachman & Bruce Urguhort

Art Accbdo

Kristine Gillis

Julie Santilla

Lori Craig-Heinselman

Crossing the FINISH line

Jon Clark, 36 approaching the finish line

Jon Clark charging up the final little hill

Jon Clark - 1st overa
ll in 2:23:16!!

Harold Zundel,43 finished 4th overall in 2:33:57

Linda Kessmean, 51 finished in 3:29:07 - 1st in age 50-59.

Shiela Nicholas, 60 finished in 3:44:42 and earned 1st in 60 to 69.

Craig Reese

Victor Sandoval

Julie Santilla, 29 finished in 4:00:38

Jeanne Warren

Tiffany Forster

Anne Langsdon 50 finished in 3:31:44.

Bill & Sandi Johnson take care of the finishing results

David Bourguigon 39 finished in 3:46:59

Doug Malewicki finished in  4:54:09 - 1st in age 70+.


Tim Vidmar &  Rick Herr



Julia Holt & Rick Herr

Party time!

Big Baz & Kurt


The adorable twins

Dad Matt Ruiz, with his twin daughters and New Balance's Monica Morant

Wait till I can run! 
I want a medal &
a hug from BIG BAZ!


Hey Sandi - Do we have the age awards figured out yet?


Haroldd Zundel got a knee scrape

A twisted ankle being iced

More scrapes.

Good knee & thigh scrape!

Doug fell on the rocks while WALKING uphill. Minor owie while protecting his camera



KING OF THE HILL AWARD for the 2012 Winter Trail Run Series goes to Jon Clark

QUEEN OF THE HILL AWARD for the 2012 WTRS goes to Mari Russell


Relaxing in the sun during the awards.

Michelle Barton announces the awards.

Doug Malewicki,72 gets 1st in 70+

Doug gets his 5th WTRS in a row 1st place in age award

Sheila Nicholas, 60  was 1st woman in 60+ with a time of 3:44:42

Linda Kessman, 51 was 1st woman in 50-59 with a time of 3:29:07

Julie Canales, 41 was 1st woman in 40-49 in a time of 3: 21:49


3rd overall woman is Tiffany Forster in 3:12:38

Polly Crawford 41 gets 2nd woman overall with a time of 3:09:00

2nd overall woman is Polly Crawford in 3:09:00

1st overall woman is Mari Russell in a time of 3:03:01

Steve Merrilies 60 gets 1st in 60-69 with a time of 3:17:39

Chip Buter, 53 gets 1st in age 50-59 with a time of 3:18:58

Harold Zundel, 43 gets 1st in age 40-49 with a time of 2:33:57

Kurt Whittington, 34, gets 1st in age 30-39 with a time of 2:36:27

Tim Vidmar,26 gets 1st in age 20-29 with a time of 2:58:25

Sorry Baz, I'd rather get my picture with Michelle!

Mark Donaldson 48 came in 2nd overall in 2:25:06 - just 2 minutes behind Jon Clark.

1st overall Jon Clark

Bill Johnson picks up a special THANK YOU award from Baz


Sheila Nicholas

Elisabeth Bachman wion a T-Shirt

More winners!

Bruce Urguhort wins a T-Shirt too

Julie & Linda get their WTRS Sweatshirts for finishing all 5  races for 2010.

Wow!  A $50 certificate to Snails Pace!

Baz & happy runners

Baz & his harem

Baz & his harem - Take 2

Ranger Anthony, ? & Michelle Barton

For a 10% discount
on any purchase
bring your WTRS Bib
to Snails Pace!

Lauren Mierschin's WTRS  BLOG  
LOTS of WTRS 30K photos on Lauren's
FaceBook pages too, some of which were used here.

  The 2012 Winter Trail Run Series is over.
The Big Baz BashaRoo party on March 10th.
Next up is the San Juan Trail 50K Ultra on April 14th.