June 2, 2012
23rd Anniversary
Shadow of the Giants 50K
Big Baz's June 2 Shadow of the Giants 50K made the
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     Shadow  2012 - Race Report Story

2012 Shadow of the Giants 50K…. maybe 29.1 miles to be correct! 

I have just got back from making sure no one left a gold watch at Green Meadows… have to make sure the property is clean and tidy.  All is well to the point that all the ribbons have been moved from the magic course. Oh yes I have some good mates who really, really help this old bloke.

OK, where does one begin, maybe it all started back 23 years ago when I lived in Fish Camp, single handedly operating a B&B.  Back then I was a runner, 100 mile a week runner, obviously within a month or so I had plotted many trail courses around Fish Camp, including a magic 50K course.  Over the last 23 years the course was changed, either weather conditions etc., etc., but the course you ran on Saturday was close to the original first edition.  From your reaction it was really magic; shade under 31 miles, but no one complained.  Hopefully we can keep it for next year.

The 96 starters were under our usual amount of runners, but it is always nice to see some regulars including my mate Rob McNair who has run all 23 Shadows and won overall several times.  A good mate even remembers when I could keep up with him in races, back when!  Myself, my mate Frank and his wife Jan did all the marking and it worked well for the 50K, but I made a boo-boo for the 20K runners on Jackson Road… I was minutes late getting to an intersection and about 4, 20K runners had made the left turn and visited an aid station they didn’t expect to meet.  Hey shit happens!  Again no one really complained; a few extra miles works when you are having fun.  Oswaldo Lopez knows the course having run and won the race over the last 6 years, so he, Lon Freeman and Randy Vander Tuig were together, but then Ozzy decided Enough!  A few guys were waiting back on Jackson Road to see who would be leading, Mr. Lopez flew round the corner and was gone, heading towards GM and the finish line.  He was sun bathing when I got back to GM …then he went for a mini run with a mate back up to Jackson Road.  Lon Freeman took second place 13 minutes back and a nice surprise for the massive crowd was to see lovely Maria Rivera cross the line in third place.  Randy Vander Tuig was real happy to take third man overall! Second women was 34 years old Justin Owen, who was  followed by Orange County's favorite champ, Michelle Barton.  We had only a few dropped, real sorry for my mate Rick Herr, he has been running real well, but a knee problem has re surfaced. His lovely wife Julia was having second thoughts about cutting her race short, but we managed to get her bum into gear and she finished with a smile.  Me old mate Richard Velez, now 70, said it was his last Shadow, only missed a few of the 23 years.  The oldest finisher at 73 was Mr. Doug Malewicki, he did start early with a few who didn’t know the course, what a nice man!  29 women finished and as usual I got treated to some sweaty hugs, I must say we had the best looking women I have ever hugged in this year’s race.

Overall all the runners did good, everyone was happy to do the river crossing again at Big Sandy and get to see the big 3000 year-old Giant Sequoias at the loop.  Sorry - no bear sightings.  But I have seen the magic photos Mark took, wow did he catch some beauties crossing the river and at the finish line, check um out. Must thank all the volunteers we just wouldn’t be able to pull it off without them.  My new local Ham Operating team, who had never done it before worked out splendidly, actually want to come back next year.  It really helps to have a good team out there over the 29.1 miles that are dedicated.  Lovely Karen G and her helper from Reno, Jan did another magic job at the finish line all day.  Me mate Dave drove over from Merced to help and he as he always is, willing to help and do anything.  My new mate Big Jack enjoyed his first aid station job with McDoogal.  Tropical John Medinger was helping at every occasion and keeping an eye on his wife Lisa’s progress, her last long run before WS100.  Must mention me long time mate Frank Bozanich and his wife for coming to stay a few nights at my home in Oakhurst before the event.  I am missing some silver knives and forks, plus my sugar bowl, please return!  We always take Wednesday and Thursday to mark the trail and the evenings are spent drinking red wine and listening to my YES music. Of course, I sing and play with my air guitar on my deck, much to the dismay of my good neighbors next to my little property.

OK we all know all good things must come to an end, but the memories can always remain and from all the magic kind words after the race it seems we can all do it again next year in Fish Camp.  Sorry, no results on the Fun Run. My Summer Trail Run Series starts June 23rd above Oakhurst in the Sierras, 3 race series, starting with the Bass Lake Vista 14k.  Check out my web site for more details.  I am sorry I am not a computer Geek, no Face Book for big BAZ, but I think my mate Doug M does a good job, please send any stories or photos you take of the race, to him or me.  Enjoy your races over the remainder of the year, we all wish Ozzy the best of luck with his next ultra-challenge at Badwater in a few weeks. All ribbons have been removed from the trails, so my Forest Service mates will be happy when I pay my bills today in North Fork. Again thanks for coming, hope to see you again soon. 

Much Love Big BAZ XXXX
   bazhawley@sti.net                         www.bigbaztrailraces.com

My photographer mate Mark Haymond was seen in many places on the course.   Please check out his magic photos on www.markhaymond.smugmug.com  Thanks Mark, and happy 68th birthday on June 4th!


2012 Shadow Results
Place Name m/f Age Time
1 Oswaldo  Lopez m 40 3:31:36
2 Lon  Freeman m 37 3:44:20
3 Maria Rivera 23 4:09:06
4 Randy Vanderluig m 38 4:13:46
5 Glen Young m 30 4:13:48
6 Salvador Rodriquez m 46 4:25:38
7 Matt James m 35 4:26:05
8 Justine Owen 34 4:34:57
9 Rob McNair m 57 4:39:45
10 Kevin Peterson m 34 4:41:32
11 Michelle Barton 41 4:45:38
12 Katie  Botteril 30 4:55:57
13 Mark  Dorman m 41 4:55:58
14 Erik  Escher m 23 4:56:08
15 Dion  Dosher m 43 4:58:09
16 Derrick  Tsang m 31 4:58:11
17 Juliet  Morgan 45 4:59:36
18 Matt  Ruis m 32 5:02:01
19 Annie  Vogel-Cierna 26 5:03:08
20 Steve  Card m 44 5:09:16
21 Dennis  Coors m 40 5:09:55
22 Willard Weston m 51 5:13:49
23 Jeff Halsey m 27 5:14:09
24 Natt  Moore m 29 5:14:09
25 Elizabeth Hamilton 29 5:22:25
26 Gwendolyn Ostrowsly 30 5:24:57
27 Frank Bozanich m 68 5:28:57
28 Janelle  Louie 27 5:29:53
29 Mark  Laws m 40 5:32:09
30 Shanon  Luk 30 5:43:40
31 Matt  Radeski m 50 5:44:13
32 Marcus  England m 30 5:44:31
33 Bob  Ulloa m 60 5:47:24
34 Lorraine  Gersitz 50 5:47:24
35 Andrew  Foote m 62 5:50:44
36 David  Lehman m 50 5:51:39
37 Brad  Gastener m 40 5:51:49
38 Samantha  Pruitt 43 5:52:21
39 Karen  Winter 50 5:52:24
40 Ben  Gaetos m 50 5:54:47
41 Howie  Stern m 40 5:58:11
42 Michelle  Stern 30 5:58:12
43 Michelle  Racicot 50 5:58:14
44 Marty  Ramserrier m 40 5:58:47
45 Rebecca  Samet 50 5:58:59
46 Arthur  Byrne m 65 5:59:52
47 Lisa  Hensen 50 6:04:33
48 Hanh  Larson 20 6:09:56
49 Paul  Struffert m 57 6:10:03
50 Tracy  Cole 33 6:10:10
51 Brian  Miles m 40 6:10:20
52 Howard  Gest m 60 6:11:11
53 Bill  Gestner m 53 6:11:59
54 Rudy  Montoya m 44 6:12:37
55 Stephnie  Negin 30 6:12:37
56 Ricardo  Ornelas m 39 6:12:50
57 Sean  Ryan m 58 6:17:00
58 Dustin  Acree m 33 6:19:44
59 Cinthia  Fernandez 30 6:19:55
60 Jeff  Russell m 52 6:29:32
61 Brian  Tsuyuki m 60 6:30:32
62 Paulette  Odenthal 55 6:33:49
63 Michelle  Wooten 45 6:34:44
64 Andy  Bisom m 56 6:42:13
65 Jeanene  Warren 42 6:42:24
66 Julia  Holt 46 6:43:14
67 Craig  Malm m 61 6:43:15
68 Tim  Greilich m 48 6:44:00
69 Patty  Kahn 54 6:46:48
70 Kristine  Gillis 36 6:49:04
71 Sarah  Malm 33 6:53:22
72 Gina  Harris 47 6:53:44
73 Ken  Dempster m 41 7:01:33
74 James  Hamilton m 68 7:01:58
75 Palas  Policronates m 33 7:02:03
76 Vito  Rabino m 34 7:02:00
77 Amber  Truxler 33 7:02:43
78 Chris  Becker m 42 7:10:03
79 Mary  Barry 53 7:12:24
80 Ken  Bonus m 60 7:15:50
81 Chris  Larson m 41 7:16:34
82 Doug  Malewicki m 73 7:17:05
83 Tom  Chapman m 56 7:18:15
84 Larry  Fullbright m 53 7:18:35
85 Gina  Lawson- Egan 49 7:18:35
86 Calvin  Lee m 44 7:24:27
87 Brian  Stowe m 50 7:25:24
88 Kyung  Hue m 51 7:27:55
89 Min  Chae m 56 7:27:58
90 Jong  Lee m 57 7:27:58
91 Tessa  Lucero 49 7:46:36
92 Martin  Diekhoff   m 42 7:48:19
93 Richard  Velez m 70 8:25:07

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Shadow 50K photos below provided by Doug Malewicki.
(Click on an photo to see it in larger size.)

(The South entrance to Yosemite National Park is ljust 2 miles past the Green Meadows turn off)

Michelle Barton enjoying the drive up to Fish Camp.

Dale Marin and Doug Malewicki looking forward to a morning in the mountains with the giant trees.

Doug Malewicki & RD Baz Hawley - friends since 1973!  Geezer Doug just finished a Grand Canyon R2R2H2R on Tues May 29th.
("H" = overnight at a HOTEL on the North Rim.)

Big Baz with Julia Holt.

Doug with TransRockies buddy Juliet Morgan

Steve Harvey grabbed the camera and took a self portrait!

Michelle, dad Doug & Juliet. 

Big Baz & Michelle

Big Baz reviews tomorrow's course route.

Ben Gaetos & Steve Harvey

?, Rinato, Sharon, Matt, Big Baz, Patricia, Dale & ken.


Doug & Ken Bonnus heading down the trail to the dump.  Barely light at 5:30 AM.

Ken Dempster, Jim Hamilton & Doug Malewicki at the Nelder Grove

Entering the Nelder Grove aid station.


Erik Escher, 23 finished in 4:56:08

Jeff Halsey

Nelder Grove aid station.
Cal, ? & ?

We love it.  Worth the drive!

Justine Owen, 34 finished 2nd overall woman in 4:34:57

Michelle Barton cruising by.  She finished 3rd overall woman in 4:45:38

The elusive 23 timer, Rob McNair whizzes past the photographer. 

Dion Dosher, 43 finished 15th overall in 4:58:09

Kevin Peterson

Katie Botteril & Mark Dorman cruising along.

Juliet Morgan gives 73 year old geezer Doug an energy boosting kiss at the final aid station.
  4 miles left - Go Geezer Go!

Derrick Tsang, 31 ran the 50K in 4:58:11


Annie Vogel-Cierna, 26 finished in 5:03:08

Jeff Halsey and Natt Moore


Janelle Louie, 27 finished in 5:29:53

Frank Bozanich

Bob Ulloa, 60 and Lorraine Gersitz, 50 finished together in 5:47:24

Garmin 610 GPS elevation profile from the June 2, 2012 Shadow 50K

GPS plot of the course.

This is another picture from the Fresno Bee.  See more at the 2 page ONLINE article.


The 5 AM 50K FIVE!
Ken Dempster, Jim Hamilton, Mary Barry, Ken Bonus & Doug left the start line at 5:00:00

Juliet Morgan & Doug still kicking after the 50K.

Big Baz and his BIG Fans!

?, Michelle & Dion Dosher

Doug Malewicki with daughter Michelle Barton & Dale Marin

1st overall in 3:31:36, Oswaldo Lopez, 40 & Michelle Barton

Mark Dorman & Michelle

Oswaldo, Michelle and Maria Rivera
Cinthia Fernandez 30, Big Baz & Sean Ryan 58, thanking Baz for a great event! This was Sean's first ULTRA, which he finished in 6:17:00 and Cinthia's 1st Shadow of the Giants, which she finished in 6:19:55.


Matt Radesky, 50 came in 3rd in age with a  5:52:24

Dion Dosher, 43 came in 3rd in age with a 4:58:09

Mark Dorman, 41 came in 2nd in age in a time of 4:55:58

Matt James, 35 finished in 4:26:05 for a 2nd in age.

Lovely Annie Vogel-Cierna, 26 finished 1st in age 20-29 with a time of 5:03:08

Jeff Halsey 5:14:09
Natt Moore, 29 5:14:09

Justine Owen, 34 2nd overall woman in 4:34:57

First overall woman, Maria Rivera, 23 years old came in 3rd overall in 4:09:06

Maria got an extra prize from Big Baz.  What a future this young lady has ahead of her!

Michelle Racicot

Michelle Racicot, 50 finished 3rd in age with a 5:58:14

Karen Winter 50, 2nd in her age group with a 5:52:24

Lorraine Gersitz, 50 won 1st in age for her 5:47:24

Gwendolyn Ostrowsly, 30 finished 2nd in age with a 5:24:57
Katie Botteril, 30 came 1st in age with a 4:55:57


Frank Bozanich 68 gets his well earned 1st in the 60-69 age group with his 5:28:57 time 73 year old Geezer Doug gets his first place in age award from Baz for his 7:17:05 time Doug Malewicki with his long time buddy RD Big Baz!