June 23, 2012
Bass Lake Vista
Summer Trail Run Series 14K Results

STRS Bass Lake Vista 14K Story - June 23, 2012

G’Day to one and all.

What a weekend, the weather was magic; all my help arrived on time just after 6:30am.  What more does a race director need, maybe a few more runners to enjoy our magic Sierra National Forest, but the 25 starters we had enjoyed their day in the woods.  Must say the last two carrying bib numbers did enjoy travelling deeper into the woods than they should, but made it back to the finish area.  They did admit they saw white arrows and green and white stripped ribbon, but the road they took looked better.  Say no more!  They did see more cattle on their stroll, more than where seen at the staging area earlier in the AM. The Forest Service did promise me there was no danger from wild animals, but one massive bull did get pissed when I refused to give him a bib number.

We had 16 males and 5 lovely damsels on the start line, several who had run in the 2 previous STRS races.  We did more advertising this year with the help of Sierra Running Club and my mate Rob Simpson, but maybe they will turn up at the next trail race.  Me ole mate from Fresno, JK Lundberg forgot to shave before the race I noticed and a local hot challenger 16 year old Alek Simpson has never shaved!  One new face looked like a runner and took off fast with the lead group, Sean Marzolf was challenged at about 6 miles going up a steep part of the course, but managed to use his 33 minute-10K leg speed to pull away before the finish line. 54:58. not a course record, but Sean wants to run more trails, which is good for us, he enjoyed his beer to. So, Big Alek took second overall, less than 30 seconds back of Sean and then JK came in third without a worry in the world.  62 year-old Oakhurst champ Dave Miller took 4th place. Our first women Casey Piercay was all smiles crossing the line coming in 8th overall. Amie Voorhees took 2nd; only 3 places back of Casey, with 48 year old Debra Donald coming in 3rd place. The top three in the men’s and women’s division were happy with their plaques, equally happy were the winners in the Raffle/Quiz competition.  Big Aaron supplied some nice goodies from the store including a pair of running shoes were won by a really excited Rob Simpson.  I supplied a few prizes from a stack of old clothing I had in my garage, hey it was clean! Hope you enjoyed the food and drink, not to mention the fruit I get from a local grower in the Valley.

All in all I think we had another magic day in the woods above Oakhurst.  I hope you agree and tell a few running mates what they missed out on. Maybe they can join us at the Shadow of the Giants 18K on July 7, that course is truly magical, bring your camera. Hope you enjoy my silliness, cos I really do enjoy entertaining good people, just good clean fun!  Must thank Karen, McDoogal, Nancy and Mrs. Simpson for helping this old fart, without support it would not happen.  Thanks Aaron.

After the race I, along with Nancy decided to drive the 4 plus hours to the most famous hundred miler in the country, yes, the Western States 100 was my competition.  One Fresno mate I wanted to see out on the course was at Forest Hill when we arrived around 6pm… Big Mark Dorman had already run about 70 miles and looked happy to see Bazza.  His crew was very busy looking after him; I caught up with them again at the finish, Auburn High School Track about 5:30am Sunday morning…. He was still on course, but slowing.  My good photographer mate Mark Haywood informed me later on Sunday; Mark did finish the tough 100 miles in just over 27 hours.  That is magic!   Much Love Big BAZ the RD. XXX

Results - 2012 STRS 14K - June 23rd
Place Bib # Name Sex Age Time
1 128 Sean  Marzolf m 28 0:54:58
2 102 Alek  Simpson m 16 0:55:25
3 101 JK  Lundberg m 32 1:02:45
4 104 Dave  Miller m 62 1:08:22
5 105 Rob  Simpson m 42 1:09:48
6 106 Gabby  TeNyenhuis m 44 1:11:18
7 127 Conrad  Reimer m 29 1:12:02
8 123 Casey  Piersey f 28 1:16:43
9 124 Dominic  Andreotti m 30 1:16:47
10 103 Jason  Roche m 38 1:22:24
11 121 Amie  Voorhess f 38 1:22:38
12 125 Debra  Donald f 48 1:24:09
13 110 Michael  Caldwell m 49 1:25:03
14 119 Kathie  Reid f 46 1:28:24
15 113 John  Kensey m 35 1:29:28
16 122 Michelle  Wooten f 45 1:31:00
17 111 John  Devlin m 48 1:35:12
18 117 Jay  Newsome m 50 1:35:57
19 115 James  McCall m 66 1:36:28
20 109 Thomas  Broach m 63 1:42:38
21 118 Laura  Osborne f 34 1:43:01
22 120 Doug  Stephens m 42 1:43:17
23 126 Erin  Tennant f 30 1:51:37
24 114 Linnea  Ketcher f 57 3:14:00
25 116 Susan  Mencarini f 48 3:19:00

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