July 7, 2012
Shadow of the Giants

18K Results

Summer Trail Run Series 18K Shadow of the Giants Report - July 7,2012

2012 STRS 18K Story

Big BAZ here just returned from retrieving ribbons from the 18K course.  My mate Bob and I drove up and he dropped me off where McDoogal ran his aid station at the 6.3 mile mark.  Before we got there coming in from the Jackson Road end of the truck road you ran on…. guess what… we were busy chatting about drinking too many cans the night before when we nearly run into big Moma and 2 baby bears.  Oh yes there they were only 50 meters in front of us, on the dirt road. I stopped the truck and just looked in wonder how lucky we were to see such amazing wild beasts.  Bob did have his cell phone with camera, but just wasn’t quick enough to capture the moment.  Anyway we moved on, he dropped me off and I started up the steep climb and along the Graveyard of the Giants Trail removing my ribbons. It was another magic morning on the job, someone has to do it, but it isn’t really a job.  Bob reversed the course in my truck ending up where Brenda, the Nelder Grove host stays every weekend. She told us she saw the runners go by on Saturday.  Back to my little run, I am descending the final part of the swept trail down to where lovely Claudia stood on guard with her water station.  Just then I see two large ravens take off in from of me, plus the sound of something I had disturbed… Oh yes a f..kin large ugly looking brown bear.  It took off into the woods as though its ass was on fire…. It was larger than the previous bear encounter with cubs.  I moved on keeping one eye to my left hoping it didn't feel it needed to show its manhood!  Two minutes later I was with Bob and Brenda at the trailer in Nelder Grove to tell my story.  4 bears in one day!

Back to the event in hand; our second race in the Summer Series turned out magic for all.  We are so bloody lucky to have what we have in our local Sierra Mountains above Oakhurst.  The temperature was perfect for the 8:10 AM start and 39 eager runners gobbled up the first half mile to where I was directing traffic at the entrance to the Shadow of the Giant’s loop.  Even after such a short distance the runners were well spread out and seemed to be enjoying the views.  The speedy men came by and entered the one mile loop; followed by the first women, Katie Botteril. Before all the 39 starters had entered the loop, the leaders had return back on the truck road.  I noticed our lead women was not in the first 6 or 7 runners; sorry to say she got too excited and did a second loop.  Most had gone through before she appeared… no worries she shouted.  I returned to the staging area along with the photo guy from our local Sierra Star newspaper. We had a chat and he took notes.  My good mate Gabby had returned to join us; his back was giving him pain, so he called it a day, so now we are down to 38 on the course.  Back at the start my mates had prepared the table of goodies for the finishers. 

Jason Wara appeared on the dusty road after running for 1 hour and 21 minutes, looked as though he really enjoyed his run.  He managed to pull away from 16 year old Alek Simpson down the last hill where I saw my brown beast.  32 year old and still un-shaven, JK Lundberg came across the finish line in third place. Gave me a hug and said “It was magic”!  Our local old fart Dave Miller came in just after Sal Rodriguez to take 5th place overall.  Smiling Amie Voorhees came first in the women’s division, followed by first timer Emmy Hume, Libby Nye was only a minute back to place third.  Everyone enjoyed the 12 plus mile course, the awards went well and our Quiz/Raffle again tested all that hung around.  Must thank Aaron again for his donation of goodies and support for the series. The fruit supply worked out fine, and my support troop did another splendid job, couldn’t happen without them.  Lovely Karen was last to leave after Aaron,  McDoogal and I had to stay at the finish line to record my LA mate Tessa and her daughter finishing, they really enjoyed their hike.  All in all, a magic day, maybe we can all be up at Fish Camp for the final 15K race on the 21st.  Please note it is important the runners who intend to complete all three series races must let me know ASAP, so I can order my special series sweat shirts. At the moment I am printing 5 pieces, let me know.  Thanks.  I look forward to seeing you all again soon, any questions you have you can always email me at bazhawley@sti.net  

Sorry you missed seeing the bears!!!    Much Love Big BAZ XXX

Results - 2012 STRS 18K - July 7th
Place Name m/f Age Time
1 Jason  Wara m 29 1:21:10
2 Alek  Simpson m 16 1:23:17
3 JK  Lundberg m 32 1:24:35
4 Sal  Rodriguez m 46 1:26:11
5 Dave  Miller m 62 1:32:23
6 David  Trogden m 30 1:37:37
7 Rob  Simpson m 42 1:38:11
8 Steve  Bordenave m 47 1:38:25
9 Rob  Moore m 47 1:43:27
10 Shelley  Bryant m 46 1:43:30
11 Mick  Cooke m 43 1:43:48
12 Mike  Rizzotti m 35 1:44:58
13 Vince  Ellis m 39 1:45:59
14 Conrad  Reimer m 29 1:49:36
15 Jason  Roche m 38 1:53:49
16 Amie  Voorhees f 38 1:54:10
17 Emmy  Hume f 35 1:55:40
18 Libby  Nye f 22 1:56:35
19 Matt  White m 33 1:56:50
20 Debbie  Donald f 48 1:57:37
21 Kathie  Reid f 46 2:00:47
22 Michael  Caldwell m 49 2:01:54
23 John  Kensey m 35 2:05:08
24 Baz  Jager m 42 2:07:21
25 Amanda  Whitten f 29 2:09:17
26 Katie  Botterrill f 30 2:09:17
27 Ron  Hicks m 51 2:09:34
28 Doug  Stevens m 42 2:10:03
29 Brett  Adney m 33 2:13:39
30 Jay  Newsome m 50 2:14:12
31 James  McCall m 66 2:15:04
32 Casey  Brackney f 31 2:40:15
33 Laura  Osbourne f 34 2:41:11
34 Robin  Whiteman f 57 2:41:31
35 Gary  Whiteman m 62 2:42:46
36 Susan  Mencarini f 48 2:56:06
37 Camilla  Lucero f 19 4:15:00
38 Tessa  Lucero f 49 4:15:00

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