July 22, 2012
Shadow of the Giants - 7 Mile Results

Summer Trail Run Series 7 Mile  - July 22, 2012


Just got back from retrieving all the ribbons on the trail, no bear sightings!  But it sure was magic up there with no one around, hope you guys get a chance to visit again.  I do enjoy my job on a Saturday morning, especially when everyone has got back to the finish line safe.  All the work preparing for the series this year went well, just a few hiccups with our mates at the Forest Service.  You’ll notice they don’t bother us on race day, fine by me!  Again I know you want to thank all my helpers, we enjoyed the breakfast at Pete’s in Oakhurst after the race… nice to enjoy the chat after a tough day at the office.

The race went well for everyone especially 16 year old Alek Simpson… he loves his trails.  47 minutes on that course was maybe not a record, but real close.  My clean shaven mate JK finished second nearly 5 minutes back; he also has grown to love the trails.  He does have a challenge in San Francisco next week running a road marathon, he will be running with third place finisher Dave Miller, but Dave will be running the half, hopes to do well in his age group.  The two Amanda’s did good winning the women’s division, just one second apart at the finish line. Lovely Amie Voorhees came in third smiling as usual, the Coarsegold kid was the Queen of the Mountain this year.  I awarded Alek the men’s King Award… too young really to be a King I think!  Must thank all the new runners who turn up on race day, I am just hoping we can attract more for next year’s series.  My mates at Sierra Running Company in Fresno again gave me some prizes, let’s hope everyone got something.  Seems the runners who completed all the 3 series races were happy with the special shirts.

I have enjoyed the third year of the trail series, let’s hope we can all get together again in the summer of 2013.  I am open for suggestion to improve the events, but please let me be the captain, just wish I could show you my running talents.  Not tip-top when you get into your 70”s, but I still manage a few miles every week.  I hope you enjoy the rest of your running year, hope to get some miles in when I visit England for 6 weeks starting next month.  I am doing research for a book I want to write about my life growing up in the UK, 1941 to 1965.  More when I see you all again, keep an eye on my site for all updates.  Don’t forget you can email me anytime  bazhawley@sti.net  I return to live down in Orange County in two weeks… return to my Oakhurst home next April.

 TTFN…..  Much Love Big BAZ XXX

  2012 STRS  7 Mile Results

Place  Name m/f Age Time
1 Alek  Simpson m 16 0:47:15
2 JK  Lundberg m 32 0:51:59
3 Dave  Miller m 62 0:57:10
4 Chris  Peters m 41 0:57:55
5 Conrad  Reimer m 29 1:02:19
6 Babby  TeNyenhuis m 44 1:05:01
7 Amanda  Whitten f 29 1:07:49
8 Amanda  Murphy f 29 1:07:50
9 Amie  Voorhees f 38 1:10:47
10 Michael  Caldwell m 49 1:12:34
11 Kathie  Reid f 46 1:14:32
12 Robb  Pendergrass m 31 1:14:35
13 John  Kensey m 35 1:14:52
14 John  Edie m 56 1:15:59
15 Brett  Adney m 33 1:17:14
16 Jay  Newsome m 50 1:20:34
17 James  McCall m 66 1:20:38
18 Lana  Slivensky f 42 1:21:03
19 Doug  Stevens m 42 1:21:43
20 Eva  Busto f 57 1:22:38
21 Laura  Osbourne f 34 1:26:40
22 Kelly  Speirs f 31 1:30:19
23 Skye  Flacco f 32 1:30:29
24 Jillian  Moore f 25 1:41:41
25 Dee  Smith f 48 1:41:42
26 Susan  Mencarini f 48 1:56:09

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