November 3, 2012
Saddleback Trail Marathon
Rated toughest in California with 5,100' of climbs!

2012 Saddleback Trail Marathon - Race Report

2012 Saddleback Trail Marathon Story       

Morning all, just returned from the scene of the crime… removed the ribbons around Blue Jay and would you believe found my RV keys still on the ground, near where I parked.   Am I a lucky boy or what… definitely regarding having another successful trail race up in the Cleveland National Forest.  Oh yes I still concur it is the toughest trail marathon in California, I am sure there will be a few aching parts this morning.  I was bloody tired when I got home around 5:30pm, just one wine and I was showered and into bed… eyes opened about 4 and up I got to start another busy day. I  thanked all the volunteers for their support, an event in the mountains wouldn’t happen without their dedication to a tough sport. The ham radio guys were magic… some mix up on numbers… hope to fix that at the WTRS.  Only 2 runners made a short race of it, but are ok and will return.  My old mate Doug did good marking the early part of the course… he loves the cool morning breeze… not to mention his beer waiting at Bear Springs.  All my aid station crews did good… Big Chaz, down at Holy Jim did the job on his lonesome, he is the man.  My mate Bob again did a nice job at Blue Jay as did my mates Bill and Sands… again their support is magic.  Must mention I was hoping for more runners, after all it is the 24 year, but it happens there was another off- road event, so maybe we have to share! I am just happy I get my regular trouble makers and the few first timers who definitely want to return from what they said.  I try to make it different from the norm and as long as we all have fun that is what it is all about.

Our winner big Dean Dobberteen ran his usual fast race…with no complications, maybe some sweating!!!!  He is looking forward to the WTRS… Aaron Flynn was happy to take second overall followed by John Virgil, he looked as though he could have done it again…. Maybe the course is not so tough!

First women was Margret Nelsen and 10th overall, followed by Andrea Torng, she was all smiles as was third place finisher Rebecca Ragoff.  Nice to see some new names winning, 14 women finished this year. All the award winners did good… nice to see most sticking around cheering on all the finishers…. Even if the raffle show is interrupted!!!!  Hope most of you got something tasteful!!!

As I have mentioned the Winter Trail Run Series starts January 5th with a 12K, 5 races total one every two weeks followed by the SJT50K on March 2nd.  Busy winter for Big BAZ, even at 71 I still enjoy the Saturday gathering at Blue Jay Campground.  Tell a friend, running is only a part of the race day, it is all about sharing time with good people, we are definitely are special people.  Hey make the right vote on Tuesday, I don’t vote myself, but I always say you have to give everyone a second chance.  Look forward to more hugs in the new-year, enjoy the festive season and drink more red wine, along with running a few miles daily. 

Much Love Big BAZZA XXX

Hey Baz - Nice shirt design!

Saddleback Trail Marathon Winners
(BOLD RED times are the official current COURSE records
Year Men’s time Name Female’s time Name
2012 3:15:12 Dean Dobberteen 3:46:57 (10th OA) Margret  Nelsen
2011 3:10:32 Jon Clark 3:55:55 (8th OA) Michelle Barton
2010 3:14:15 Dean Dobberteen 3:26:03 (3rd OA) Michelle Barton
2009 3:28:11 Kevin Bean 3:50:15  (6th OA) Ashley Nordell
2008 3:25:48 Tracy Moore 4:04:46  (9th OA) Michelle Barton
2007 3:28:43 Rob McNair 3:37:43 (2nd OA) Christine Ensign
The GAP??        
2004 (RND data) 3:15:44 Steve Lind 3:52:56  (12th OA) Maike Sander
2003 (RND data) 3:16:04 Kevin Taylor 3:55:10  (13th OA) Michelle Barton


Place Name m/f age Time
1 Dean  Dobberteen m 36 3:15:12
2 Aaron  Flynn m 27 3:29:55
3 John  Virgil m 39 3:39:50
4 Micharl Gaylard m 38 3:42:41
5 Andrew O'Bannon m 29 3:42:50
6 Eric  Schultes m 24 3:43:49
7 Andrew  Kovacevic m 46 3:43:42
8 Joshua  Malpass m 34 3:46:10
9 Andrew  Lazenby m 36 3:46:18
10 Margret  Nelsen f 30 3:46:57
11 Mike  Ziobro m 49 3:57:15
12 Matt  Enright m 45 4:01:10
13 Brian  Blair m 35 4:09:52
14 Javier  Jorquiera m 52 4:14:41
15 Mike  Delgado m 55 4:18:02
16 Greg  Hardesty m 49 4:21:18
17 Andrea  Torng m 25 4:22:17
18 Dave  McClure m 53 4:22:25
19 Dave  Pederson m 50 4:23:07
20 Jezza  Fetzer m 41 4:28:09
21 Tom  Heinzel m 44 4:29
22 Jay  Reale m 48 4:30:40
23 Sam  Bosworth m 34 4:32:40
24 Grant  Long m 43 4:34:50
25 Arnold  Gaunt m 51 4:38:11
26 Brian  Celeya m 31 4:38:55
27 Scott  Templin m 51 4:41:15
28 Rebecca  Ragoff f 42 4:42:57
29 Alan  Singleton m 47 4:44:53
30 Steven De La Cruz m 38 4:45:25
31 Steve  Merrilees m 61 4:46:45
32 Jim  Vogl m 43 4:51:49
33 Ryan  Hayes m 36 4:57:54
34 Steve  Morris m 44 4:58:28
35 Martin  Santos m 42 5:02:50
36 Chris  Haines m 53 5:02:50
37 Jim  Warren m 60 5:04:55
38 Marisa  Willment f 49 5:08:17
39 Sina  Riahi m 18 5:08:49
40 Andrew  Moreau m 39 5:14:02
41 Martin  Mathews m 38 5:16:17
42 Rafael  Corvarrubiac m 44 5:18:15
43 David  Anderson m 50 5:18:45
44 Jose  Luna m 46 5:19:07
45 Donnett  Moothart f 52 5:19:18
46 Lori  Pratt-Smith f 59 5:23:26
47 Kyle  Fulmer m 31 5:24:30
48 David  Scott m 51 5:27:30
49 Heather  Hobbs f 35 5:30:53
50 George  Ruiz m 55 5:31:16
51 Ben  Gaetos m 55 5:31:44
52 Matt  Radeski m 52 5:31:46
53 Melanie  Weir f 48 5:31:58
54 Camella  Layson f 42 5:32:11
55 Eric  Edson m 46 5:37:26
56 Don  Bergeron m 42 5:37:52
57 Steve  Harvey m 68 5:39:41
58 Steve  Lee m 46 5:48:29
59 Lisa  Reed f 44 5:49:41
60 Carlos  Diaz m 55 5:56:59
61 Shawna  Norton f 32 6:06:00
62 Bud  Phillips m 65 6:06:40
63 Matt  Allaire m 41 6:06:45
64 Bodee  Maxwell f 51 6:09:20
65 Dina  Aman f 40 6:16:51
66 Doug  Malewicki m 73 6:32:47
67 Angela  Schatz f 45 6:33:40
68 Josh  Pagliviuso m 44 6:36:25
69 Nina  Reich f 43 6:36:47
70 Nancy  Gertler f 60 6:38:49
71 Stanford  Gerler m 60 6:38:49


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Marathon Photos submitted by:
Andrea Torng, Angela Schatz, Michelle Barton & Doug Malewicki
(Please email us if you know any of the missing names.)
Click on any picture to see a larger version.  Right click to Save As.
(If you want an original full size of any of these photos to print out, EMail:
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John Virgil was 3rd overall in 3:39:50

Another spectacular morning along Big Baz's MAGIC trails.
(Great quality from a cell phone camera - by Andrea Torng.)

Ryan Hayes 36, finished in 4:57:54

Andrew Kovacevic finished 7th overall in 3:43:42

1st place woman overall Margret Nelsen finished 10th overall in 3:46:47.
(Margret was kind enough to stop and turn around for a photo as she ran past on her way up Holy Jim.  I doubt if she know she had a 1/2 hour margin?)

Greg Hardesty was using Baz's Marathon for training for his upcoming Chimera 100 mile race.  He finished 16th overall in 4:21:18

Grant Long happy to be done with climbing Holy Jim.  Grant finished 24th overall in 4:34:40

Doug Malewicki at Bear Springs Ribbon tying and flour arrow trail marking duties from mile 2 to 11 done.  He started an hour early to make sure the markings would be done to Holy Jim Falls before the speedsters showed up.

Dave McClure, 53 finished 18th overall in 4:22:25

18 YEAR OLD Sina Riahi ran SADDLEBACK - his 1st Marathon EVER (ow!).  Sina came in 39TH in 5:08:49.  Congrats!

Tom Heinzel 44 FINISHED IN 4:29 FLAT.

A line of runners coming up the Main Divide as the sun rises and dissipates the mist below.
(Another AndreaTorng photo.)

Brian Celeya 31 finished in 4:38:55

Long time Saddleback marathon runner Jay Reale 48, came in 22nd in 4:30:40

Steven De La Cruz 38, finished 30th in 4:45:25

Steve Morris 44, finished in 4:58:28

Geezer Doug 73 finished 66th in 6:32:47.

Steve Merrilees 61, came in 31st overall in 4:46:45.

Maurie Bosquet, recovering from foot surgery, was working the aid station.  He yelled to Doug as he approached: "Hey old timer - don't you know this is a RACE".

Rebecca Ragoff 42, charges to the aid station.  Rebecca was 3rd overall woman (28th overall)  in a time of 4:42:57

Great view of Lake Elsinore from the Main Divide trail on the way back to Blue Jay.


Beautiful hills of the Cleveland National Forest.

Martin Santos 42, finished 5:02:50

Dean Dobberteen 36, finished 1st overall in 3:15:12

Arnold Gaunt 51, finished 25th in 4:38:11

Brian Celeya 31, finishing

Rebecca Ragoff happy to finish 3rd overall woman.

Alan Singleton 47, finished 29th overall in 4:44:53

Steven De La Cruz  wraps it up!

Steve Merrilees with just a few yards to the finish.

Ryan Hayes 36, came in 33rd in 4:57:54

Marissa Wilment beat her protege Sina by seconds with a time of 5:08:17

32 seconds later, Sina finished his 1st ever Marathon in 5:08:49.  Marissa's son is friends with Sina.  Soooo- Mom or don - which is the guilty one who convinced Sina That Saddleback would be a "fun" first marathon?

Andrew Moreau 39 finished in 5:14:02

Geezer Doug 73, wraps another fun day on Baz's Magic trails in 6:32:47.
Martin Mathews 38, finished in 5:16:17

Bill and Sandy Johnson, Baz's
ever faithful volunteers finally get a break after registering pre- race and all the timing.


1st place Dean Dobberteen wearing his classy INKnBURN  T-Shirt with Greg Hardesty

? with Andrea Torng & ?

?, Mike Delgado, ? and Big Baz

Baz with Angela Schatz who finished in 6:33:40

Eric Edson, George Ruiz, Michelle, Greg, Baz, Marissa & Sina

Steve Harvey 68, ran  a great time of 5:39:41.

George "Squirrell" Ruiz

The 3 generations: Siearr 12, Michelle and Grandpa Doug

Dean Dobberteen gets his 1st place overall award from Big Baz.

WOW!  Fancy trophy!  Thanks Baz...

Andrea Torng 25, was 2nd woman overall in 4:22:17

Once again Doug beats the "stiff" competition in the 70+ category to get a 1st place in age award. (Yeah, right?)

Marissa & Sina with their medals.

Jay Reale won a Harley Davidson Motorcycle phone!!

Michelle Barton &
George "Squirrell" Ruiz who has ran many 100 mile races.

? & Michelle


SADDLEBACK MARATHON Garmin GPS data w/Google Earth Views
(click on any picture to see a larger detailed version)

Top View of entire race route.  Note distances and elevation changes for each section.

Google Earth 3D view of the Marathon terrain.

2007 GPS record of the elevation changes
Doug Malewicki's Garmin 205 GPS. 
The built in computer sums all those ups and downs. Shows we climbed a TOTAL of

This is Lauren  Miertschin's elevation profile from the 2011 Marathon using a Garmin 305 GPS.  Her unit said there was 5,401' of total climbs.

In near perfect agreement with Lauren's data, Mari Russell's Garmin 405CX model showed total climbs were 5,376' in the 2011 race.

Click on: Flyby Tour (takes 2 steps)
Wait for Google Earth to open, then zoom down from orbit to the view that shows the red outline of the entire 26.2 mile course.  Once it stabilizes, click the Video Tour button (on the left).  This starts the animation and bring up the control bar.

The view during the animation will give you a great 3D feel for the mountains and valleys we traversed.
(Free download of Google Earth is at: )