February 2, 2013
18K Results

Winter Trail Run Series 18K  Story - February 2, 2013

Hi there boys and girls, 

How time flies.  Only seems yesterday we were in January.  Now it is Feb. 2 and the WTRS 18K is over and dusted.  As usual, there is always a trauma being a race director the week before the event.  This time I get the phone call and my mates Bill and Sands will miss the race due to Billy Boy having to visit the hospital.  The show must go on, of course, and my trusty team from over the mountain came to my rescue.  Julia, Rick, Matt and Scott are the salt of the earth, no problem is too great and they will sacrifice their own run to help, as they did for this year’s 18K.  They got behind the wheel and no one would know Big BAZZA was panicking on the Thursday, even thought to myself that I may not to get to hug all the early morning arrivals.  Thanks guys, I will redo my will.

It was noticed a smaller turn-out at the starting line, due to having so many running events over the weekend.  But as I tell people, it isn’t the size, it’s what you can do with it, or something like that!  Monica Morant, our New Balance connection turned up again with many samples of new shoes.  She offered help and was used at the finish line helping Julia and Scott.  Many nice folks rolled up their sleeves to help in Blue Jay’, including the Fetzer family, love um.

Monica set the 66 runners in motion just after 8:30, including again a few newbies to the trails.  It was noticed at the mile mark that the first 3 or 4 runners where going to be testing each other.  Everyone was smiling and happy to give this old bloke five as they started the 11 plus mile adventure.  I did my usual short cut to redirect the runners on their way back up the hill.  Lovely Michelle Barton was with camera and tells me she is coming back to racing, but slowly and carefully.  By the time I returned to Blue Jay my food supply had been prepared, drinks were on ice and the finish line team was ready.  As one may understand as the runs get longer it works out there are great time differences between runners.  This allowed lovely Julia to enter and complete her finish line list accurately.  We had one DNF, me good mate Kurt Whittington had the flu and just couldn’t make the distance. 

OK - it was Dean Dobberteen who got his first win of 2013 series, but it took him about 10 miles to take the lead; over taking first timer Cary Costa with a mile to go.  All was not finished for Rick Herr having trailed Dean and Cary for most of the race.  Rick managed to catch one of his running mates to come in second overall.  Exciting finish in Blue Jay.

Stephanie Smith ran well the whole distance and was full of smiles coming in 12th overall.  My girl from UCI, Annie Ciernia, was real happy with her second place and Alekdandra Korfanty took third, not bad for a first WTRS run.  Jay Hughes at 50 years of age ran well to come in 15th overall.  My long time hero Bill McDermott was happy to win his division. as was the 73 year old Doug Malewicki.  He wants to open a used medal store in Irvine soon.

Must thank me ole mate Bill Dickey but he wasn’t last so to speak!  My new mate Rodney Tolosa had the slowest time by far, but he did get to visit the Candy Store as part of the run, total mileage between 20 and 25 by all accounts.  His older brother Randall managed to find Rodney mumbling to himself on the trail.  All part of trail running!

I hope the awards and raffle went OK, especially with my co-announcer Matt Ruiz, all my giveaways are donations from yours truly, New Balance and our friendly "A Snail Pace" running store in Mission Viejo.  I am hoping to do it all again on Feb 16th.  Be assured everyone has commented on the "little" climb up Horse Thief Trail over the years… new scenery and definitely a race for the strong of mind.  I am asking for volunteers to man the aid station at Trabuco Trail head which all runners hit twice.  Let’s hope our weather stays the same, we sure have been lucky so far this year.  Be good to each other and maybe step up the miles over the next 10 days.  Thanks to everyone, I had another magic and memorable race, hope to see you all soon.

Much Love Big BAZ XXX

AND a BIG thanks for these FAST 18K RESULTS goes to Julia Holt.
(Same day results have NEVER happened before!)

       Love and Happy Valentines to all me ladies!  BIG BAZ XXX        

Results - 2013 WTRS 18K - February 2


Name m/f Age Time
1 Dean Dobberteen m 37 1:20:41
2 Rick Herr m 46 1:21:23
3 Cary Costa m 30 1:22:24
4 Jose Luna m 47 1:23:51
5 Tom Worthington m 26 1:24:04
6 Matt Ruiz m 32 1:24:17
7 Graham Lambert m 45 1:28:19
8 Jason Baldwin m 37 1:30:41
9 Skyler Wallace m 31 1:34:51
10 Mark Donaldson m 49 1:35:29
11 Matt Riley m 23 1:35:39
12 Stephanie Smith f 25 1:37:42
13 Philip Anthony m 42 1:41:19
14 Annie Ciernia f 26 1:41:40
15 Jay Hughes m 50 1:43:29
16 Matt Simanski m 43 1:44:16
17 Alekdandra Korfanty f 33 1:47:10
18 Andreas Weaver m 48 1:49:12
19 Randy Mulpas m 49 1:49:56
20 Jezza Fetzer m 42 1:50:04
21 Gerald Yahr m 52 1:51:11
22 Jess Dyrenforth m 43 1:51:42
23 Myra Bregman f 47 1:51:56
24 Nhut Tran m 31 1:52:02
25 Tiffany Forster f 27 1:53:33
26 Chip Butera m 54 1:53:50
27 Stephan Vanslyke m 46 1:55:00
28 Scott White m 48 1:55:02
29 Kristen Thorkelson f 41 1:55:03
30 Zach Johnston m 44 1:55:04
31 Gary Regalado m 49 1:55:54
32 Mark Turner m 49 1:57:27
33 Sharon Dressel f 45 1:58:53
34 David Wilson m 51 1:59:40
35 Mark Eickhoff m 51 2:01:31
36 Bill McDermott m 61 2:01:32
37 Ellen Phinney f 34 2:03:03
38 Jay Olsen m 59 2:03:06
39 David Bourgignon m 40 2:03:28
40 Ingrid Pederson f 33 2:03:34
41 Nate Lampert m 36 2:04:39
42 Ian Goquingco m 27 2:05:10
43 Louise Thornber f 44 2:09:59
44 Debbie Brisbin f 35 2:10:38
45 Susan Winkelman f 33 2:12:01
46 Art Acebedo m 46 2:14:37
47 Kurt Erlandson m 58 2:14:55
48 Andrew Bisom m 57 2:15:19
49 Jody Ricks f 46 2:15:29
50 Tracy Cole f 34 2:16:19
51 Marisa Willment f 49 2:18:31
52 Brittany Brickweg f 29 2:18:31
53 Julie Santillon f 30 2:20:28
54 Matt Brabeck m 37 2:25:10
55 Janine Swiatowski f 46 2:25:43
56 Doug Malewicki m 73 2:25:56
57 Randall Tolosa m 26 2:26:22
58 Ron Keith m 54 2:31:55
59 Brittany Hyland f 30 2:32:50
60 John Nowak m 49 2:34:14
61 Dave Mueller m 49 2:39:42
62 Laura Urish f 54 2:42:46
63 Brad McGee m 52 2:47:19
64 Bill Dickey m 73 3:37:00
65 Rodney Tolosa m 21 5:00:00

(click on this or any any picture to see a larger detailed version)
(If you want an original full size of any of these photos to print out, EMail: DMalewicki@cox.net
Identify it by section, row and column.  Free of course.  Baz will buy me a Starbucks next month!)

18K race photos contributed by Michelle Barton & Doug Malewicki.

Matt Brabeck & his fan club.
(Myra Bregman, Michelle Barton, Brittany Brickweg & )

Geezer Grandpa Doug with Matt's ladies

Of course, Baz wants in the photo with the ladies too!

Kurt Erlandson

Dean Dobberteen

The Red Belt rated Kung Fu twins!

 Jess, Matt, Myra & Doug

Lining up at the start

Fresh goodies await you when you finish!

Gathering around for last minute instructions by the Big Baz!


Out in front - Rick Herr & Dean Dobberteen
Cary Costa
Tom Worthington and Jose Luna striding past Baz

Jason Baldwin, Matt Ruiz and Kurt Whittington

Andreas Weaver

Nhut Tran & Mark Donaldson

WTF?  Is this some weird forest creature coming to attack?

Scott White, Ingrid Pederson & Nate Lampert

Myra Bregman, Jess Dyrenforth & Tiffany Forster

Matt Simanski

Mark Donaldson

Off on a lovely section of the trail (WITH NO POINTY ROCKS).

Brittany Brickweg & Marisa Willment ran the whole race together and finished in 2:18:31

Rodney Tolosa
, Ron Keith & Randall Tolosa

Julie Santillon, Matt Brabeck & John Nowak

Geezer Doug 73 having a fun day on the trails.

Laura Urish

February 3rd birthday girl - Janine Swiatkowski

11.2 miles of great scenery!

Ahah - The unidentified strange creature in side view.  It was merely David Bourgignon doing his signature cartwheel finish!

Arrows & ribbons steer the runners. Only 2 miles to go and 1,300 feet of climbs left

Maurie Bosquet likes to make BIG arrows for BIG Baz.

What do I SEE!!
Oh NOOOO - I said NO DOGS allowed per Forest Service rules!

But Baz be kind.  THIS is my magic dog.  He snouts around and finds very special mushrooms suited for mildly sane Race Directors.  Oh look where he is running now!

WOW! Good doggie found a giant hallucinatory mushroom for Big Baz!

Whoopee - I can run faster than Dean Dobberteen again.  I always said these trails are MAGIC!

I must stop. My toe is trying to eat my other toes.

I am not hallucinating.  Must cut off my toe before it eats me.  Well at least the toe nail.

By gosh - Now Baz sees the roots of all eeevil reachng out to grab his feet as he runs by. 

Is this bridge real OR will Baz fall into a deep, deep chasm?

Ahah - Special magic hexagram signs tell Baz it is safe to cross.

Dean Dobberteen avoiding all the eroded ditches.

Tom Worthington

Matt Ruiz

Graham Lambert

Jason Baldwin

What rocks?  What erosion?

Kurt WHittington

Skyler Wallace

Mark Donaldson

Matt Riley

Stephanie Smith charging up the hill

Stephanie Smith

Matt Simanski

2 runners coming up the long hill

Philip Anthony

Annie Ciernia

Alekdandra Korfanty

Jay Hughes

Jezza Fetzer

Andreas Weaver

Bill Dickey loves the trails!

Jess, Myra &

Here comes Bill Dickey 73.

David Wilson

Mark Eickhoff

Bill McDermott & Bill Dickey

Ingrid Pederson

High flying David Bourgignon

A great view of the snow covered mountains

Brittany Brickweg and Marissa Wilment cross the finish line together in 2:18:31


David Bourgignon, Scott White &

Scott White and his great T-Shirt

Annie Cierna &


Dean Dobberteen & Michelle Barton



Hey y'all - Time for the AWARDS

Matt Ruiz 32, 1st in age 30-39 in 1:24:17

Jay Hughes 50, 1st in 50-59 in 1:43:29


Bill McDermott 61, 1st in 60-69 in 2:01:32

Doug Malewicki 73, 1st in 70+ in 2:25:56

Laura Urish 54, 1st place woman in 50+ in a time of 2:42:46

Myra Bregman 47, 1st in 40-49 age group in 1:51:56

Ellen Phinney 34, 1st woman in 30-39 in 2:03:03

Tiffany Foster 27, 1st woman in 20-29 with a time of 1:53:33

Alekdandra Korfanty is very excited to get her WTRS award from the one & only Big Baz!

Alekdandra Korfanty 33, 3rd overall woman in 1:47:10

Annie Cierna gets a big hug from Big Baz.

Annie 26, came in 2nd woman overall in 1:40:40

Stephanie Smith 25,  1st place overall woman in 1:37:42.

Rick Herr, 46, 2nd place overall in 1:21:23

Dean Dobberteen, 37, 1st place overall winner in 1:20:41

Ingrid Pederson with her WTRS grandpa - Big Baz.

Big Baz thanks:


New Balance

for their support

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