February 16, 2013
21K Results

Winter Trail Run Series 21K  - February 16, 2013
NEW 21K COURSE RECORD of 1:33:58 set by Jon Clark

2013 WTRS 21K Story

Ladies and Gentlemen… G’Day.

This is your honorable Rev Big BAZ wanting to thank all of you for coming to Blue Jay, we are so bloody lucky to share the magic.  Looking back on the 35 or so years I have been involved in running, 27 as an RD, I don’t think I could have seen and felt so much  goodness in the air.  I tell my non-running friends including my X wife in Australia about our gatherings on a winter’s day in the Cleveland National Forest.  To try to put into words is near impossible.  How do you tell someone about the experience we share at 3,300 feet.  We have created a mini-monster of good fortune which we share, I feel pretty good about it myself.

Judging by all of you, including the noisy bastards that give me havoc regularly and the quiet newbies who just stare in amazement at our antics, how much better can it get.  The magic support I get from Bill, Sandy, Julia, Rick, Matt and Scott every race. Must thank the Wittington’s and my long time mate Maurie for their help at the aid station….Steve did good marking the course again. Without their time and effort behind the scenes it just wouldn’t happen the way it does.  We all owe them plenty.  Thanking everyone personally who gives me hugs and the occasional bottle of red is nay impossible… love ya.

Oh yes, there was a race on Saturday and what a race it turned out to be with so many speedsters turning up. Our little group of no runners who were watching at the mile mark in Blue Jay Campground got the feeling there would be blood drawn on the trail.  Jace was leading and smiling as was all the racers in the top 10.  Of course, every runner was happy to be in the sunshine and hoping for a magic day.  Jon took the lead after the Iron Gate and never looked back; he was again on a mission.  The snow on the Main Divide Road surprised a few as did the incline on Horse Thief Trail.  Those who run it all must be telling lies… yes the top runners run it all.  The aid station team worked out fine and where real happy to be in the sunshine at 4,000 feet.

At the finish line we were already anticipating a record time and we got it.  Jon Clark did the job by winning, Nickademus Hollon was less than a minute back and Jace Hinesly took third overall. 46 year old Rick Herr ran his best series race and was real happy.  Those running under 2 hours did great, that is not an easy half marathon.

14th overall was our first women, lovely Maggie Nelson, followed by Samantha Andrews and 3rd place was a regular racer Stephanie Smith. We had 33 women finishers out of the 103 starters, our youngest was 17 year old Brianna Holman who did miss the final turn into Falcon Trail, but she loved her day.  New Balance 18K queen Katie De Splinter did have problems on the course, but soon put on a happy face.  Hey for those who had falls and maybe a disappointing finish time … you finished and that is what it is all about folks!

Please note those who will finish all the series must contact me and confirm your sweat shirt size before next week (23rd).  I will be offering series T-shirts to all who run the 30K, I printed too many, as you do sometimes. Along with the raffle prizes that are in part donated by our good friends at A Snail Pace and New Balance, don’t forget 10% off if you show your bib # at the store.

If runners want to volunteer at the SJT50K we have openings please contact me soon.  Oh yes, that will be our final winter race and hopefully we can celebrate another day of giving… remember that song!  See you all again at the 30K March 2nd.  I do believe good things come to good people, we are very lucky to have what we have, when the rest of the world is going mad. 

As always, Much Love Big BAZ XXX

(Don't forget - if you ran the 21K using a Garmin or other GPS please email your recorded distance & total elevation gained info along with your GPS model to the webmaster.   The question we are attempting to answer is whether or not the total climbs during the race are anywhere near the 3,470' as recorded by an old Garmin 105 model several years ago!  Click HERE to see the averages as of Tuesday February 19th.)

Results - 2013 WTRS  21K - February 16
Place NAME m/f Age TIME   Place NAME m/f Age TIME
1 Jon Clark M 38 1:33:58   53 Gary Regalado M 49 2:31:25
2 Nickademus Hollon M 22 1:34:48   54 Nate Lampert M 36 2:31:40
3 Jace Hinesly M 23 1:36:10   55 Molly Kassouf F 42 2:32:16
4 Rick Herr M 46 1:39:42   56 Ian Goguingco M 27 2:32:16
5 James Walsh M 35 1:42:56   57 Mike Kennedy M 42 2:32:29
6 Dominic Grossman M 26 1:45:13   58 David Bourgignon M 40 2:34:48
7 Mark Donaldson M 49 1:45:49   59 Tom Mountain M 54 2:36:16
8 Jose Luna M 47 1:46:59   60 Dan Friess M 41 2:36:18
9 Matt Ruiz M 32 1:47:06   61 Bruce Urquhart M 57 2:36:59
10 Trevor Cox M 33 1:48:14   62 Mong Noiboon M 50 2:37:05
11 Graham Lambert M 45 1:49:49   63 Charlie Bachmann M 59 2:37:13
12 Darren Cox M 42 1:49:59   64 Brittany Brickweg F 29 2:37:38
13 Kevin Gillotti M 42 1:50:27   65 Susan Winkelman F 33 2:38:04
14 Maggie Nelson F 30 1:50:54   66 Mark Walton M 53 2:38:23
15 Dan Arsenault M 50 1:52:24   67 Kurt Erlandson M 58 2:40:24
16 Mike Bell M 31 1:52:41   68 Mike Kelly M 40 2:40:39
17 David Buczkowski M 45 1:54:44   69 Matt Brabeck M 37 2:41:01
18 James Harrington M 36 1:56:05   70 Debbie Fischer F 59 2:41:40
19 Samantha Andrews F 26 1:58:18   71 Marisa Willment F 49 2:42:02
20 Skylar Wallace M 31 1:59:16   72 Ingrid Pederson F 33 2:43:02
21 Philip Anthony M 42 1:59:20   73 Stephen De La Cruz M 39 2:46:59
22 Stephanie Smith F 25 1:59:24   74 John Thrane M 54 2:47:05
23 Jeff Wong M 54 2:00:08   75 Tracy Cole F 34 2:47:44
24 Steven Vandertang M 30 2:00:36   76 Jody Ricks F 46 2:48:30
25 Ron Creech M 46 2:08:30   77 Julie Santillan F 30 2:49:06
26 Annie Cierna F 26 2:09:19   78 Amy Ginn F 27 2:50:27
27 Jacobus Vanrensburg M 40 2:12:36   79 Art Acebedo M 46 2:50:37
28 Jezza Fetzer M 42 2:13:20   80 Jill Unze F 46 2:51:02
29 John Hanson M 38 2:13:20   81 Monica Morant F 41 2:52:42
30 Jay Hughes M 50 2:13:29   82 Patrick Deven M 36 2:53:16
31 Robert Filacchione M 47 2:13:34   83 Sharon Skinner F 34 2:53:38
32 Matt Simanski M 43 2:14:05   84 Richard Skinner M 41 2:53:38
33 Jon Centofranchi M 48 2:15:18   85 Andrew Bisom M 57 2:56:44
34 Paul Epperson M 27 2:16:02   86 Brittany Hyland F 30 2:57:04
35 Katie De Splinter F 29 2:16:13   87 Randall Tolosa M 26 2:59:45
36 Thomas Fedoruk M 39 2:16:29   88 Debbie Brisbin F 35 3:00:04
37 Jason Alleman M 42 2:16:46   89 Karyn Greene F 51 3:01:59
38 Eric Marking M 50 2:17:04   90 Susie Wallace F 49 3:01:59
39 Tom Gey M 60 2:17:13   91 Jon Nowack M 49 3:06:33
40 Tiffany Forster F 27 2:17:23   92 Jason Acosta M 16 3:13:58
41 Jess Dyrenforth M 43 2:17:54   93 Lorena Sammel F 33 3:14:45
42 Tod Reeder M 49 2:18:03   94 Jenny Ames F 40 3:16:54
43 Myra Bregman F 47 2:18:10   95 Steve Harvey M 67 3:16:54
44 Scott White M 48 2:23:09   96 Jane McGrath F 60 3:17:45
45 Stephen Van Slyke M 46 2:23:20   97 Doug Malewicki M 73 3:20:20
46 Jim Vogl M 43 2:26:02   98 Dave Mueller M 49 3:25:09
47 Eric De Splinter M 26 2:26:29   99 Jeremy Howes M 41 3:27:54
48 Amy Nissen F 39 2:26:39   100 Brad McGee M 52 3:36:33
49 Kristen Thorkelson F 41 2:27:05   101 Elizabeth Bachmann F 50 3:40:59
50 Allison Potrekus F 36 2:28:16   102 Deborah Acosta F 37 4:02:30
51 Mark Eickhoff M 51 2:28:58   103 Brianna Holmann F 17 4:05:45
52 Geoff Smith M 37 2:30:10            

21K photos provided by Michelle Barton, Jess Dyrenforth, Steve Harvey & Doug Malewicki

(click on any any picture to see a larger detailed version)
(If you want the original full size files of any of these photos to print out, EMail: DMalewicki@cox.net
Identify it by section, row and column.  Free of course.)

Passionate admirer with Nickademus Hollon

Dominic Grossman &

Michelle Barton, Myra Bregman, Jess Dryenforth & Doug Malewicki

Jose Luna

Doug...  Don't forget after the race come to my place and I'll show you my new rocking chair.  We can sit on the porch rocking and yelling "You kids git off my lawn".  Real geezer fun!
Close to 21K race time!

Jeremy Howes and fellow Catalina Island Eco-Marathon buddy Geezer Doug.  (Hard to tell that Jeremy is actually 6" taller than Doug.)



Dominic Grossman & Jace Hinesly start out hard.  Jon trailing.

David Bourgignoin leads a lady runner in partially matching pink!

Karen Greene out front of this pack of runners

Jess Dyenforth clowning it up.

Jon Clark

Jon Clark starts up the Main Divide

No one ever caught Jon again...

Nickademus Hollon in pursuit

Rick Herr & James Walsh

Trevor Cox 33

Darren Cox 42

Kevin Gillotti

Mark Donaldson

Dan Arsenault

James Harrington

Stephanie Smith

Philip Anthony

Tom Gey

Tiffany Forster ahead of
Eric De Splinter

Eric Marking

Mong Noiboon

Bruce Urquhart

Susan Winkelman & Ingrid Pederson

Amy Nissen & Matt Brabeck

David Bourggignon flying high as usual

Scott White

Molly Kassouf

Allison Potrekus

Brittany Brickweg

Andrew Bisom

Stephen Van Slyke

Kurt Erlandson

Marisa Willment

Jess Dyrebnforth clowning around (OR does Jess run the entire course like that?)
Myra Bregman leads Jess

Long line of uphill runners.

Jody Ricks

Jill Unze

Dan Friess

Steve Harvey & Jenny Ames

Patrick Deven & Amy Ginn

John Nowak, Doug  Malewicki & Jeremy Howes

Go - go - go

Up the Hill we go!
John Nowak & Jeremy Howes


Geezer Doug with snow capped mountains in the background

Elizabeth Bachmann

Dave Mueller

SNOW!  This is a bit after after the top of Horse Thief

More snow than the 21K has had on it since before 1998!

This photo from Steve Harvey shows how much snow was at the top of Horse Thief on the previous weekend!  We got lucky with our 21K weather.    

Steve Harvey motoring along.

Steve and Jenny Ames will be running TransRockies together in August and are already training!

The view of the final turn onto the Falcon Trail - just a short hop remains to the finish line

Here comes Jon Clark

There goes Jon Clark!  On his final few steps to a new 21K course record of 1:33:58!

Nickademus Hollon 22, finished only 50 seconds behind Jon.  in a time of 1:34:48

 Jace Hinsely 23, came in 3rd overall in 1:35:10

Rick Herr 46 was 4th overall in 1:39:42

James Walsh 35,came in 5th overall in 1:42:56

Jose Luna 47, came in 8th overall in 1:46:59

Trevor Cox came in  33, cam in 10th overall in1:48:14

Kevin Gillotti 42, finished 13th overall in a time of 1:50:27

Maggie Nelson, 30 FIRST woman in 1:50:54



Here comes the GEEZER.

Doug 73 (& for only one more month) finished in 3:20:20



Coffee and donuts at Monica Morant's New Balance display

Jess & Myra partying after their good race times.

Jace, Big Baz, Dominic and Jon

Dominic, Kevin, Michelle & Jon

Michelle Barton, Scott White &

Molly Kassouf

James Walsh &



OK me beauties - time fer me to hand out the extraordinarily expensive and magical 21K AWARDS!

Jon Clark FIRST place over all plus a NEW COURSE RECORD!

Baz & Jon

James Walsh  35,1st place in 30-39

Myra Bregman 47, 1st place woman in 40-49
Nickademus Hollon 22 earned 2nd place overall

Dominic Grossman 26, got 1st in in age 20-29

Doug Malewicki, 73, again won 1st in age 70+! 

  L-R Mark Donaldson, Dominic Grossman, Jace Hinesly  Bib Baz, Jon Clark, Nickademus Hollon, James Walsh & Rick Herr


Big Baz & Michelle Barton.


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  The 2013 Winter Trail Run Series is almost over.
Don't forget the WTRS 30K on March 2nd.

Next up is the San Juan Trail 50K Ultra on March 16th.