March 16, 2013
San Juan Trail  50K Results

The March 17th - BashaRoo 2 (and Happy St. Paddy's Day) PARTY was a great success!
(anything Big Baz puts on is always GREAT FUN!)


2013 SJT50K Story

Good morning each.

Hey there, I am still alive, just, my week long illness keeps kicking my ass, now my cough has got worse.  Must be old age and not enough wine!  Must get my body ready for my Sunday afternoon BashaRoo 2 in Laguna Woods.

So we did it again, another Magic trail race in the Cleveland Nation Forest, the last for this winter, although one wouldn’t consider the race day weather we have had since January, a winter’s morn.  So lucky, in so many ways to be able to run through the forests without a care in the world.  Of course, some didn’t look where they were going and returned to Blue Jay with war wounds.  The short 50K course is tough, the elevation gains and losses test all the runners, whatever your talents.  Again I was lucky enough to have my regular fast group, led by Dean, Jon and ten time starter Big Tom Nielsen.

The 51 starters were set to go before I mumbled some important instructions, like drink plenty of water etc.  Lovely Julia got them in motion on time, just after 7 o’clock.  Within seconds they were all gone, but no!  A few late starters arrived, but were soon bibbed up and off up the black top, following the white arrows and orange ribbon onto the trail.  My faithful support team did a magic job again in the dark, love um!

Me mate Bob and I drove down to the first aid station at the Candy Store parking lot before the first runners arrived.  Annie and hubby had their canopy up and were ready with all the delights of a first class aid station.  The speedsters arrived and left including first women Tracy Bowling, no one said much.  I returned to BJ after marking other parts of the course through Falcon Trail, to my horror, not really your actual horror, but my aid station crew for the Main Divide Road were not waiting at BJ.  They had come and go, picked up the big iron-gate key from Bob and obviously didn’t need to talk with the boss man!  Me long time mate, Maurie, knew what he was doing and had met up with his helpers for the day including me old mate Fred Pollard who did amazing things at the top of Horse Thief Trail.  I am lucky.

Runners came through BJ with smiles and still a spring in their stride… some, of course, where trying to fool big BAZ when it got close to the 5 hour cut off limit.  No one complained and now we had 44 runners still on the course.  More importantly little did some of the slower runners know when leaving Blue Jay to finish the rest of the course, we had a winner. Oh yes - a first timer to Bazza’s races came up from San Diego and took charge of this year’s SJT50K with no problems.  29 year old Joe Binder was not on my radar screen before the race, but he sure got my attention when he crossed the finish line in 4:03:33. Jon Clark had a real good day to take second and Dean Dobberteen was happy to place third overall.  Big Tom raced his 53 old body,  as hard as he could and took fourth place and finished his ten years of the race.  Tracy Bowling maintained he pressure on the blokes all day and was full of smiles with the first place in the women’s division and 6th overall!  Audrey Longval came in the top ten to take second and 46 year old Juliet Morgan took third.  All the award winners did good on the day.

The overall day was magic, no major problems on a well-marked course, thanks to Steve and me old mate Doug.  Julia, Rick, Matt and Scott have supported me at every race and thanks to my longest old mate Bob.  Without his total incompetence I really wouldn’t look so good, what are mates for!   Nice to see some young marines out there running and supported by their mates. Sorry I was not at my best sense of humor, my week long sickness really knocked shit out of me. But, thanks to everyone for supporting the event I do think we had a Magic day.  Hope to see a few of you up in Fish Camp for the 24th Annual Shadow of the Giants 50K on June 8.  I personally hope you all have a magic season of running and look forward to seeing you again soon.   

Much Love Big BAZ XXX

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San Juan Trail 50K Results 2013

Place NAME m/f AGE  TIME
1 Joe Binder m 29 4:03:33
2 Jon Clark m 38 4:17:27
3 Dean Dobberteen m 37 4:19:40
4 Tom Nielsen m 53 4:46:27
5 Loren Collingwood m 32 4:56:06
6 Tracy Bowling f 34 5:09:02
7 Mike Bell m 31 5:12:55
8 Nick Schling m 23 5:16:32
9 Audrey Longval f 27 5:18:27
10 Tom Dietrich m 32 5:33:12
11 Jose Figueroa m 42 5:42:59
12 Tracy Moore m 52 5:49:41
13 Jezza Fetzer m 42 6:02:18
14 Sean Callahan m 42 6:09:13
15 Vito Rubino m 35 6:09:31
16 Dave Liston m 56 6:18:43
17 Matt Burrell m 27 6:27:16
18 Dave Talmage m 23 6:27:27
19 Steve Merrilees m 61 6:27:31
20 Juliet Morgan f 46 6:29:55
21 Matt Simanski m 43 6:33:05
22 Brian Tomita m 39 6:34:04
23 Chris Muller m 43 6:48:28
24 Bill Ramsey m 59 6:54:13
25 Linda Kessman f 53 6:57:57
26 Luis Moreira m 34 6:58:09
27 Steve Vanslyke m 46 6:59:13
28 Steven Peterson m 44 6:59:26
29 Palas Policroniades f 34 7:11:23
30 Sarah Scharry f 38 7:11:28
31 James Guan m 30 7:12:57
32 Jay Reale m 49 7:15:04
33 Dan Sheeran m 51 7:18:18
34 Sirenio Victoria m 37 7:23:15
35 Chris Haines m 54 7:24:56
36 Melanie Weir f 48 7:32:58
37 John Vanderpot m 49 7:48:45
38 Andres Jaramillo m 43 7:49:12
39 Karyn Greene f 51 7:49:50
40 Alison Chavez f 36 7:50:08
41 Monica Morant f 41 8:22:57
42 Marcus England m 39 8:22:57
43 Clinton Anderson m 33 8:30:12
44 Yen Darcy f 56 9:31:54


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