June 8, 2013
24th Anniversary
Shadow of the Giants 50K

     Shadow 2013 - Race Report Story

2013 Shadow of the Giants 50K…. Officially GPS measured at 30.77 miles! 

Sorry I am a day late getting my story to press.  Reason is I had to look after my guests, just one left, he leaves Oakhurst tomorrow.  Whoopi!!!

Besides the Fish Camp temperature being around 100 degrees F, I think we all had a magic day. Your nice emails are really appreciated and fully noted. After celebrating the 24th Shadow we seem to be getting things right, but of course my supervisory capacity is stretched at times on race day by trying to keep everyone happy. There are so many nice stories to tell it would all seem repartition to tell them all and so I will keep things short.  Having organized some 400 plus races over 29 years, I really could write a book, maybe children could read!   The bottom line for me is after I know everyone is accounted for, the ribbons have been removed, I really do relax.  My drug of choice is red wine, Saturday night was no exception… seemed I entertained my guests totally by my love of singing to my magic musical sounds.  Not good when my mate Bob showed me the movie he took of the events of the night. And I thought I could dance and sing!  Hey I didn’t have to drive and my little property just outside Oakhurst is very private, piddling in the grass is acceptable to.

Friday arrived and now I must concentrate.  I had marked the course over 2 days, me mate Frank helped with running and marking some single track.  Usually this time of year you can still see patches of snow in the high country around big Sandy river crossing, but as us Californians know only half the average snow fall fell this winter and that is not good considering it is highly unlikely we will get much rain through the summer months.  Oh yes, years ago we had to cancel one Shadow race because of snow falling in early June… Rob McNair won that year and only 18 runners got through to the finish line at GM…another magic story.

The pre-race meal was again popular and I managed to get through the briefing etc. etc. Most of the runners arrive before 7 AM on Saturday, including Ozwaldo and a few of his mates. Michelle and her old dad came adding to the spice of the event… Doug wants a special age group for himself next year…75 plus! Tropical John did his best to start the race close to 7, he always is late!  Hey - we had about 32 women started.  Must mention the 20K fun run is getting popular.  TJ and I drove to meet the first runners at the Dump location, about 3.7 miles into the run.  First into view came 3 male runners with smiles… seemed to be just having a nice day in the woods. Miz Barton was not far behind and looked stunning as she usually does.  Once the runners had gone through I moved onto Jackson Road for my annual job of making sure the 50K runners make the left turn and the 20K entrants go straight through.  It is a good location for me to verbally abuse as many as I can, of course, certain runners did give a little back, usually using a single finger salute.  It is hell being a nice respectable RD sometimes.

The leaders went through in something over 70 minutes, the tail-enders were possibly going to see them after the 11 mile loop… maybe. Everyone seemed to be in a good spirits although the temperature was hovering over the 100 degrees in places.  The extra water worked out fine, all my aid station mates did a good work, but I must get my ham radio team back.  The 2 runners who did extra miles by missing my arrows at Big Sandy… hard shit! Those who use things to put in their ears are to blame, you must stay alert on our off-road courses.  Back at the finish line, my girl Karen was ready, first to appear was a regular winner at Shadow, Mr. Oswaldo Lopez, but less than a half second back was John Fitzgerald.  What a finish! Third place overall was my good mate Rick Herr, seems he was happy enjoying running with the other two guys for much of the race, but then they seemed to have an extra gear over the later miles of the race. My good Fresno mate, Rudy Montoya, had a good race coming in 5th, but only 2 places in front of  Orange County champ Michelle Barton. The second women was 21 year old Hannah Riedhl followed by Marianne Barrosa, who was 16th overall.  18 runners went under 5 hours. 

I am sure some of the runners who started early were happy, but we need to make it easier for Karen to calculate their respective positions… adjusting times when you already have runners finishing is not good.  But as usual she does a magic job with always a nice smile.  Liz Murakami finished strong, but was having a tough time after seeing the one mile loop at the Giant Sequoias.  Again my over-paid mates Jack and Cal at the aid station did wonders to get her on her way.  All my stations did good and, of course, that goes for all who helped on race day. Our Awards and Raffle was good entertainment for the price.  Julia is a special mate along with hubby Rick and mate Matt.  My long time Coventry mate, Bob, did fine work with all his complaining.  The magic location we have at Green Meadows works out fine… nothing was left when I did a walk through, I always hope to find a Rolex.

So my friends another magic weekend is over and hopefully we can all get ready for more abuse in 2014…  It will be a special race of course, but  without all your smiling faces it would not work.  Good luck for the remainder of the year.  My Summer Trail Run Series starts at the end of this month, if you are in the hood.  Keep checking my site and if there is something to say it will be said, nicely.

Much Love Big BAZ XXXX
   bazhawley@sti.net                         www.bigbaztrailraces.com

My photographer mate Mark Haymond was seen in many places on the course.
Please check out his magic photos on
Thanks Mark, and happy 69th birthday on June 4th!


2013 Shadow Results
Place Time Name  m/f Age
1 3:43:42 Oswaldo Lopez m 41
2 3:43:43 John Fitzgerald m 25
3 3:49:24 Rick Herr m 46
4 4:05:00 Randy Vander Tuig m 39
5 4:07:16 Rudy Montoya m 45
6 4:20:18 Eric Schulte m 24
7 4:20:28 Michelle Barton f 42
8 4:20:32 Eddie Nolan m 44
9 4:23:31 Matt Ruiz m 33
10 4:30:33 Nathaniel Moore m 30
11 4:33:22 Armando Figueroa m 57
12 4:36:12 Hannah Riedhl f 21
13 4:38:45 Mark Abramiuk m 39
14 4:38:58 Rob McNair m 58
15 4:46:02 Miguel Pena m 40
16 4:47:28 Marianne Barrosa f 38
17 4:52:00 Dion Doshier m 44
18 4:59:03 Jenny Ward f 33
19 5:04:39 Kyria Wilson f 35
20 5:09:16 Lina McCain f 47
21 5:09:22 Howie Stern m 43
22 5:14:55 Dennis Koors m 41
23 5:17:37 Tom Fredrickson m 24
24 5:18:49 Luis Pena m 42
25 5:21:38 Sarah Ferguson f 27
26 5:21:57 Scott Corbin m 44
27 5:24:36 Brian Lhee m 40
28 5:27:58 Kristin Rigby f 29
29 5:29:53 Matt Popiel m 31
30 5:31:11 Jeff Halsey m 28
31 5:37:10 David Castro m 40
32 5:42:07 Lisa Henson f 51
33 5:45:58 Eric Marking m 50
34 5:48:25 Geoff Cordmer m 53
35 5:48:35 Carlos Santillan m 31
36 5:53:27 Scott Glogovac m 58
37 5:56:34 Dennis Connor m 52
38 5:59:44 Sharon Luk f 33
39 6:01:00 Matt Pearcy m 38
40 6:02:54 Mark Laws m 48
41 6:03:43 Sean Ryan m 59
42 6:03:52 Jennifer Tyron f 42
43 6:03:53 Becky Mudd f 55
44 6:08:55 Jillian Moore f 26
45 6:09:28 Greg Unger m 39
46 6:15:24 Matt Radeski m 53
47 6:21:13 Howard Guest m 61
48 6:22:25 Mark Spenser m 52
49 6:22:33 Andrew Foote m 63
50 6:23:32 Sarah Diaz m 32
51 6:23:32 Kyle Bennel m 29
52 6:24:24 Julia Holt f 46
53 6:25:42 Brian Tsuyuki m 61
54 6:33:01 Gregg Rose m 55
55 6:33:26 Lisa Reilly f 33
56 6:33:26 Cameron Rielly m 38
57 6:35:35 Ron Hicks m 52
58 6:43:21 Wayne Farrar m 65
59 6:48:12 Shannon DeVaney f 33
60 6:51:38 Jim Skelding m 42
61 6:52:20 Martin Diekhoff m 43
62 7:01:01 Andrew Bisom m 57
63 7:01:01 Karyn Greene f 52
64 7:01:22 Rich Tuson m 44
65 7:02:05 Brian Stowe m 51
66 7:02:29 Mariel Trauner f 53
67 7:04:46 Egzine Richardson f 55
68 7:06:19 Akiro Kato m 42
69 7:06:19 Kista Cook f 46
70 7:06:32 Judith Cernoia f 54
71 7:07:23 Rebecca Samet f 52
72 7:07:29 Nicola Piggott f 32
73 7:13:03 Jeff Russell m 53
74 7:18:14 Robert Cervero m 62
75 7:19:14 John Magnussen m 60
76 7:20:21 Priscilla Parret f 28
77 7:23:52 Michelle Stern f 34
78 7:24:59 Tzvetka Sirkatova f 50
79 7:25:46 Dustin Acree m 34
80 7:28:52 Steve Petersen m 55
81 7:29:04 John Tice m 53
82 7:49:34 Patty Kahn f 53
83 7:52:25 Julie Santillan f 31
84 8:02:47 Jim Winne m 64
85 8:18:15 Doug Malewicki m 74
86 8:47:59 Liz Murakami f 53
87 9:03:55 Jeff Riddle m 55
88 9:09:01 Bill Dickey m 73

Share your favorite Shadow photos with us for Baz's website. 
We also will be happy to link to any online photo albums created for Shadow.

Please email them or album links to webmaster DMalewicki@cox.net
Shadow 50K photos below provided by Jess Dyrenforth, Brian Lhee, Kista Cook, Michelle Barton & Doug Malewicki.
(Click on an photo to see it in larger size.)

(The South entrance to Yosemite National Park is just 2 miles past the Green Meadows turn off)

Hmmph!  No madda wot ya blokes sigh, this H2O stuff is nowhere as satisfying as Merlot.

Kista Cook & the BIG BAZ!

Karyn Greene and Doug Malewicki

Doug & Kista

If you come to race Shadow you should set aside an extra day for some touring in Yosemite.

A not so rare sighting & photo by Michelle Barton

The lovely Creek running next to Green Meadows School

Gorgeous shot of half Dome from Glacier Point by Kista


The weary 5 AM starters.  MUST beat the HEAT.

The 6 AM, 50K starters: Priscilla, Nicola, Lisa, Cameron, John, Brian & Shannon with Big Baz.
Up front is Heidi who worked the mile 15 out and mile 25 back aid station with Mike.
Yes -it got up to 98 degrees!  How could that happen at mile high elevations?

Great morning glow photo by Kista

Rick Herr was ahead of Oswaldo for 1/2 the race

The awesome Hawksworth tree at about mile 17.

Akiro Kato & Kista Cook race through the creek crossing!!  Baz should charge extra for such fun!

Michelle Barton - 1st place woman

Ahah! Visual proof that Michelle's feet do indeed occasionally touch the ground.

Matt Ruiz striding in to the finish.

Only 10 feet to the finish!

Garmin 610 GPS elevation profile from the June 8, 2013 Shadow 50K

GPS plot of the course.



Patti Kahn, Geezer Doug &  Egzine Richardson

Rick & Julia

These married couples have too much fun!

Howie Stern should get some kind of award for this masterpiece