June 29, 2013
Bass Lake Vista
Summer Trail Run Series 14K Results

STRS Bass Lake Vista 14K Story - June 29, 2013


2013 STRS 14K   Report

Well my dears, I hope everyone enjoyed their morning in the woods at 5,000 feet.  I did!  Although the hot weather is causing havoc in the low land, our day was spent enjoying just a nice summers day,  about 75 degrees. Seems our small group of runners found the course enjoyable, well-marked and the cold water at the turn around point worked out fine for everyone thanks to McDoogal and Dave.  The speed demons crossed the finish line right on our predicted time.  Me and all me lady friends had everything prepared and my girl Karen was seated and ready for the masses.

Sean Marzolf a previous winner at the STRS had to work hard over the final miles to keep his young competitor at bay. 17 year-old Alek Simpson was happy with his second place finish and was happy to be back on the trail he loves. We had to wait 8 minutes to see Jason Ware cross the line to take 3rd.  My good mate JK was only second’s back to place fourth. 63 year-old Dave Miller had a magic run and thought he could run a second loop.  My good mate Kurt Whittington from Orange County enjoyed his first STRS race.

Lovely Katie Botterill won the women’s division and placed 10th overall. Michelle Van Ornan was all smiles crossing the finish line; she said it was good to be back in the high country.  28 year-old Katie Burns was only seconds behind Michelle to take third.

Our oldest runner Tollie Bibb enjoyed his first trip to the Sierras and can’t wait to return.  It was nice to see some first timers… let’s hope we can gather more for the 16K up in Fish Camp on the 13th. Thanks’ to SOLE2SOUL for their nice donation… all the award winners did good and, of course, our magic Raffle worked out fine with the help of my girl Laura. We must thank all the race day support, events like trail races must have good people to support the event.  I will do my very best to keep the races entertaining; keep watching my site for any last minute information.  Next year, I will make sure the WS 100 mile Endurance race is not on the same day… hate competition!  Must thank my mate Oscar in Fresno for his magic fruit basketsssss!

See you at the next race.   Much Love Big BAZ XX

Results - 2013 STRS 14K - June 29th
Place Bib# Name m/f Age Time
1 261 Sean  Marzolf m 29 0:54:14
2 282 Alek  Simpson m 17 0:54:20
3 269 Jason  Wara m 30 1:02:21
4 277 JK Lundberg m 33 1:02:54
5 270 Kurt  Whittington m 35 1:03:17
6 273 Sherman  Trent m 21 1:o4:44
7 263 Dave  Miller m 63 1:06:20
8 274 Dave  Larson m 46 1:07:27
9 281 Rob  Simpson m 43 1:10:35
10 253 Kattie  Botterill f 31 1:11:13
11 250 Dustin  Acree m 34 1:12:01
12 268 Michelle  Van 0rnan f 44 1:14:24
13 279 Kattie  Burns f 28 1:14:53
14 276 Conrad  Reimer m 30 1:18:03
15 280 Robert  Hake m 25 1:22:15
16 272 Ron  Ballecer m 41 1:28:03
17 264 Stephenie  Negin f 31 1:28:03
18 275 Mark  Spencer m 53 1:28:33
19 259 Ron  Hicks m 52 1:29:04
20 256 Rosie  Crockett f 42 1:29:19
21 255 Eva  Busto f 58 1:36:43
22 251 Brett  Adney m 34 1:37:46
23 260 Irene  Manzo f 47 1:38:35
24 262 Sal  Mejia m 50 1:38:36
25 266 Lauran  Sommers f 22 1:46:38
26 278 Doug  Stephens m 43 1:49:08
27 265 Laura  Osborne f 35 1:49:11
28 271 Myron  Yoshimura m 55 1:50:26
29 252 Tollie  Bibb m 70 2:12:04

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