July 13, 2013
Shadow of the Giants

16K Results

Summer Trail Run Series 18K Shadow of the Giants Report - July 13,2013

2013 STRS 16K Story            

Good Morning,

Sorry the story is a day late hitting my site, but the dreaded drink got to me over the weekend… My visitors made me do it!  Also the heat is getting to me to, so those are my excuses for my tardiness.  No major heat up at 5,000 feet on Saturday morning for the second race of the summer series.  Sorry about the small turn-out, maybe my promotional skills are lacking over the last month and or my new connection with the new running store in Fresno has communication problems. But from what we had going, the course was acceptable to all, the weather was fantastic, the awards and so called raffle went well and the breakfast at Pete’s in Oakhurst finished off a Magic morning. Sorry Mr. White was a late starter, but he managed to run the course and was not embarrassed by his lonely run.

Obviously, someone has to win and 5 minutes before the start my money was on my good mate Sean… but then a surprise visit from a previous series champ arrived out of breath and eager to run. The new confirmed educator in the Valley was real happy to challenge all at the starting line at the Snow Play Area just outside Fish Camp.

I had my girl Karen do the honors of starting the race, but she had to give me 5 minutes to get to my location to direct the body traffic at the first major intersection at 1.7 miles. McDoogal and Pete "the Sweep" were with me in the white truck and continued to the important water aid station about half way on the course.  First came into view was two smiling runners, 29 year old Sean Marzolf  and his 26 year old competition, Benny and the “Jets” Madrigal.  They soon disappeared on the dusty section of the course, and still climbing.  One of my Southern Cal visitors Rick Herr was only 100 meters back, followed by his partner in crime, Matt Ruiz.  Wasn’t long before Kristen Goryl came galloping by, closely followed by Amanda Murphy.  A family of 3 including the youngest runner were the tail ender’s at my spot… old Tollie was enjoying his second race in the woods.


I made some arrows and a sign for the return trip and got back to find my fair maidens had prepared the gourmet feast for the finishers including cold beer. We waited and guessing who would appear from the trees first… Big Benny took the honors in a magic finish time of 61.5 minutes… amazing.  Sean was less than 2 minutes back with Rick charging into the parking area as though his ass was on fire to take 3rd overall. 63 year old local Dave Miller has only one speed on all his races… flat-out!  Kristen was followed to the finish line by Amanda with Amy Voorhees making up the first 3 in the women’s division. Another of my visitors Julia the “Robber” Holt enjoyed her race and was excited to be 16th overall… amazing what you can do when you let go and race!  Tyler the 12 year old raced across the finish line and was really please he beat his older members of the family!

All in all a nice morning.  Just hope the good word can travel amongst the running profession in the Valley, we are allowed 200 runners.  Our final race of the series is up at Nelder Grove, and it really is magic and part of the famous Shadow of the Giants course… you get to touch the 3,000 year old Giant Sequoia, bring your camera. I will be there with my trusted staff around 7am… there will be aide on the 18K course, but please carry water at all times.  See you on the 3rd and stay healthy and keep smiling.   Love Big BAZ XXX

Thanks.  I look forward to seeing you all again soon, any questions you have you can always email me at bazhawley@sti.net

Results - 2013 STRS 16K - July 13th
Place Name m/f Age Time
Bib # Place Name m/f Age Time
313 1 Benny Madrigal m 26 1:01:30
311 2 Sean Marzolf m 29 1:03:03
301 3 Rick Herr m 46 1:03:55
302 4 Matt Ruiz m 33 1:07:08
292 5 Trent Sherman m 21 1:11:19
290 6 Dave Miller m 63 1:16:52
309 7 Darren Townzen m 46 1:16:58
308 8 Rob Simpson m 43 1:17:01
312 9 Conrad Reimer m 30 1:25:03
288 10 Kristen Goryl f 36 1:34:01
291 11 Mike Rizzotti m 36 1:34:02
310 12 Amanda Murphy f 30 1:37:01
306 13 Shawn Forry m 31 1:37:03
294 14 Amie Voorhas f 39 1:41:03
293 15 Corrie Sizemore f 28 1:46:17
300 16 Julia Holt f 46 1:46:30
287 17 Eva Busto f 58 1:51:18
307 18 Doug Stephens m 43 1:54:23
296 19 Matt White m 34 2:00:44
289 20 Kathleen Lee f 44 2:13:01
286 21 Tollie Bibb m 70 2:25:27
304 22 Tyler Aimbez m 12 3:12:46
303 23 Jennifer Willem f 35 3:12:53
305 24 Ernesto Sotello m 37 3:12:53


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