August 3, 2013
STRS 18K Results

Summer Trail Run Series 18K - August 3, 2013


2013 STRS 18K Story

G’Day boys and girls.  Well another magic series over, shame I know, I was just getting to enjoy myself on a Saturday morning in the Sierra’s.

The small turn out still enjoyed the course, the best aid station in the world and especially the camaraderie we share at the finish line.  Except for a small hitch in the series-shirt distribution all went well.  Lovely Karen and my right hand mate McDoogal did another fine job, just wish we had a 100 runners to share our time with at nearly 5,000 feet.  Lucky the smoke from the local fire was not a problem, one dick head did complain about the rocks on the course in places…. Idiot!

McDoogal and I had just finish putting arrows at the big trees loop when the first 3 runners arrived… so I had a 7 minute start to get to my 6 mile location.  First to arrive was me mate Sean, followed by the 17 year old local, then Benny and the Jets, he seemed to be having a tough day!  The first women, Sarah Ferguson arrived and wasted no time grabbing some refreshing agua and off she ran up the steep climb. The two Amanda’s were not far behind and enjoying their day.  I finally decided to leave my post after leaving a jug of water etc. for the last 2 slow pokes.  I ran into them about a mile back towards the start.  Tessa and daughter Camilla were fine, just moving slowly.  The festivities had begun at the finish line when I arrived… who needs the RD! 

My first beer never tasted so good, runners were helping themselves and enjoying the goodies, especially the fruit.  Karen had enough award winners to start the proceedings… all the winners did good.  My good mate Steve again bought me a nice bottle of red, which I will get into on my own tonight!  Must mention my new friends from England the Hanley’s… they turn up on race morning cos they were visiting the area… Big Simon ran well coming in 12th overall; they hope to return next year!  Sean Marzolf not only won the 18K, but was given this year’s “King of the Mountain” My darling Eva Busto had a magic series and laughed when receiving her award of “Queen of the Mountain”… She hopes we all can do the Smokey Bear Run on Sept. 28.  I will be there running my first comeback run for many years!  The oldest old fart Tollie Bibb enjoyed his first series and will be ready for 2014.

All in all I want to thank you all for supporting my little races…I have as much fun as you, trust me.  At my age, it is the only fun I have!  We are a different bunch of athletes, to those who choose the street events, shame they miss out! So until I see you again, enjoy every run and hopefully we can touch base next year for more Magic in the Woods.  Keep an eye on my site for all my race plans.

Love Big BAZ XXXX    Don’t forget you can email me anytime 

  2013 STRS 18K Results

Place  Name m/f Age Time
1 Sean  Marzolf m 29 1:10:55
2 Alek  Simpson m 17 1:12:19
3 Benny  Madrigal m 26 1:14:43
4 Trent  Sherman m 21 1:20:56
5 Dave  Miller m 63 1:27:29
6 Rob  Simpson m 43 1:28:44
7 JK  Lundberg m 33 1:29:54
8 Mark  Dorman m 41 1:31:32
9 Steve  Bordenave m 49 1:37:55
10 Sarah  Fergason f 27 1:41:48
11 Conrad  Reimer m 30 1:42:49
12 Simon  Handley m 45 1:44:59
13 Patrick  Fergason m 29 1:45:18
14 Rand  Hilecek m 29 1:46:05
15 Mark  Spencer m 52 1:54:28
16 Amanda  Whitten f 30 1:54:47
17 Brian  Alverez m 47 1:58:48
18 Dan  Guzman m 47 2:00:02
19 Amanda  Murphy f 30 2:03:02
20 Eva  Busto f 58 2:09:01
21 Glenda  Jacobsen f 49 2:09:21
22 Brett  Adney m 34 2:14:09
23 Elizebeth  Guzman f 45 2:15:04
24 Doug  Stephens m 43 2:31:34
25 Laura  Osborne f 35 2:48:57
26 Jennifer  O'Reily f 40 2:48:58
27 Tollie  Bibb m 70 2:50:03
28 Tessa  Lucero f 50 4:15:55
29 Camella  Lucero f 20 4:15:56


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