February 1, 2014
18K Results

Winter Trail Run Series 18K  Story - February 1, 2014

Hi there boys and girls, 

Well my nuts finally appeared….. I am sure most males had the same problem.  Oh yes, it was cool in Blue Jay Campground before the sun came up, but I managed to finalize the course markings.  My trusty 2 person team arrived as usual after I had done all the work… maybe I shouldn’t say that!  I am so bloody lucky to have my kids helping the old bloke…. Me.  We set up the start and finish area as usual just when the sun started to brighten up the site.  My old mates Bill and Sands arrived on time before seven, but Sands refused to get out of the perfectly warm Jeep until the first runners arrived to check in.  The wind was stopping the temperature rising and as runners arrived it was pointed out that it was my fault! Of course, you all know my response to that! Hey shit happens and get used to a bad winters day in Southern California.  One nice lady who had flown in from Boston loved the heat!!!!

Finally I decide to get the race under way… keeping the briefing to a minimum, but Big Dave my Gypsy friend had to give me shit, just when his dress started to fly up… Not a pretty site I might add, and he is a grown man!  80 starters and 80 finishers at the end of the day, one nice lady didn’t listen when I made mention about the sharp right turn on Chiquita Trail… hey, she could have ended up in SD, but managed to enjoy a mile or so.  I went out on the trail again to rework the intersection… fully clothed of course and noticed it was warming up some.  As I arrived back at my truck at the iron gate to add just a couple of arrows, a big black shadow went past me as though his ass was on fire.  Three runners were at the finish line waiting for their hugs… My Fetzer family had started laying out the food table.

Mike Powers won again by only 25 seconds with tall Mark Pokora taking second.  A minute later Liam Clemons finished strong placing third. The top seven ran under 90 minutes and all agree the course was magic.  My favorite PHD Annie Cierna came in twelfth and loved every minute to beat 15K winner Laura Morris. Christy Parker was again happy to place third overall.  By the way a quarter of the runners were of the fair sex…. Women, right.

The awards went well, especially the nice gifts my mates at Asics gave, just isn’t cheap anymore to run a marathon. Must thank old Doug for his photos, but he does request runners shout as they are coming up on him, so he can get his camera out and ready. Picky old turd burglar. On my way off the mountain I was reminded how lucky I have been over the last 30 years of being an RD in the sport of trail running.  Especially, when I hear people wanting me to carry on the series for as long as I am able.  What else would I do every cold winter in SC. Over the years I have made so many personal friends and that means a lot to this Coventry Kid.  Maybe we can all meet up on February 23rd in Laguna Woods at the BashaRoo, have a drink and tell lies about all those good times we have shared.  Let me know you are coming.  As for the 21K, those trying it for the first time… good luck, for those who have run/walked it over the years… Are you so stupid!!!!!  Please make sure I have all the sweat shirt sizes for the series finishers.  They will be printed for the Feb 15th race.  Those wanting to run the magic SJT50K… get your entries in now, looks like it will be an event.

Until that time, enjoy being the best you can.   Love Big BAZ XXX

AND a BIG thanks for these FAST 18K RESULTS
goes to Julia Holt & Matt Ruiz.

       Love and Happy Valentines to all me ladies!  BIG BAZ XXX

Results - 2014 WTRS 18K - February 1

1 Michael Powers m 28 1:18:00
2 Mark Pokora m 27 1:18:25
3 Liam Clemons m 35 1:19:27
4 Casey Van Maanen m 40 1:23:20
5 Matt Ruiz m 33 1:23:29
6 Mark Donaldson m 50 1:24:44
7 Jose Luna m 47 1:26:12
8 Jason Baldwin m 38 1:31:01
9 Skyler Wallace m 32 1:35:39
10 Cristian Raicea m 32 1:37:19
11 Jacobus Vanrensberg m 41 1:38:50
12 Annie Ciernia f 27 1:38:59
13 Philip Anthony m 43 1:40:02
14 Laura Morris f 44 1:40:44
15 Jezza Fetzer m 43 1:41:06
16 Christy Baker f 42 1:42:04
17 Rob McDearmon m 42 1:42:25
18 Ryan Privatski m 46 1:42:33
19 Robert Filacchione m 48 1:43:09
20 Jess Dyrenforth m 44 1:43:35
21 Jackie Dineen f 47 1:44:16
22 Ingrid Pedersen f 34 1:46:18
23 Kevin Brown m 38 1:47:12
24 Doug Pitchford m 43 1:47:50
25 Jasmine McGill f 19 1:49:43
26 Patrick Quealy m 38 1:49:47
27 John Hanson m 40 1:50:24
28 Duane Darling m 60 1:52:39
29 Chip Butera m 55 1:53:49
30 David Wilson m 52 1:54:34
31 Paul Epperson m 28 1:55:03
32 Jenny Fritzche f 48 1:55:05
33 Daynon Higgins m 39 1:55:54
34 Gary Regalado m 50 1:55:56
35 Tiffany Forster f 28 1:55:57
36 Carlos Santillan m 33 1:55:58
37 Steve De La Cruz m 40 1:56:00
38 Mark Turner m 50 1:56:27
39 Kurt Erlandson m 59 1:56:41
40 Dave Bourguignon m 41 1:56:50
41 Jay Reale m 49 1:57:35
42 Kristen Thorkelson f 42 1:57:38
43 Bruce Urquhart m 58 1:58:14
44 Greg Tice m 57 1:58:39
45 Joanne Kurtzer f 44 1:58:42
46 Arnold Gaunt m 52 1:59:42
47 Scott White m 49 2:00:10
48 Matthew Boone m 33 2:00:48
49 Tyler Johnson m 37 2:01:19
50 Tim  Clark m 47 2:02:25
51 Julie Santillan f 31 2:03:20
52 Bill McDermott m 62 2:04:18
53 Gerald Yahr m 53 2:05:40
54 Charlie Bachmann m 60 2:05:44
55 Linda Kessman f 53 2:06:26
56 Mark Eickhoff m 52 2:06:47
57 Mark Lindemann m 56 2:07:23
58 Karyn Greene f 52 2:07:34
59 John Loeschhorn m 69 2:08:40
60 Art Acebedo m 47 2:12:58
61 James Field m 44 2:15:05
62 Debbie Penko f 22 2:16:01
63 Jim Fricks m 61 2:17:15
64 Ken Dempster m 43 2:17:45
65 A. J. Shaka m 55 2:19:10
66 Jill Unze f 47 2:23:23
67 Rick Spencer m 64 2:23:28
68 Craig Reese m 48 2:25:50
69 Alan Bonnemaison m 48 2:33:33
70 Ron Keith m 55 2:35:41
71 Emmett Rahl m 42 2:36:49
72 Elizabeth Bachmann f 51 2:39:59
73 Brad McGee m 53 2:45:51
74 Terri Fricks f 60 2:46:03
75 Chris Diaz m 54 2:49:10
76 Alison Mcginnis f 33 2:49:39
77 Elizabeth Waite f 30 2:49:39
78 Doug Malewicki m 74 2:59:19
79 James Sewell m 55 2:59:25
80 Jeanene Warren f 44 3:03:55

EMail missing info & results corrections to: DMalewicki@cox.net 

Don't forget to email me your GPS data from the 18K.  DMalewicki@cox.net 

This time we are going to learn how inaccurate the old number of 4,020' for elevations gains was.  That number was collected with an ancient Garmin 105 seven years ago in 2007.

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Identify it by section, row and column.  Free of course.  Baz will buy me a Starbucks next month!)

18K race photos contributed by Jess Dyrenforth & Doug Malewicki.







Baz prepares for the MAGIC Raffle!

Asics trail running shoes added a man and woman's prize - an entry into the LA Marathon worth $200 each!.  Thanks Asics & Rob McDearmon.

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