February 15, 2014
21K Results

Winter Trail Run Series 21K  - February 15, 2014

2014 WTRS 21K Story

So you think we should do all this running series shit again next winter… why bloody not.  I am up for it and as long as my close team of helpers, assistants & mates, feel they are in support, I am willing to give it another Bash.  This year has been real special for me as an RD. I have been thinking back over the last 30 years and really, really don’t think I have had as much fun putting on trail running events…..today's was right up there with the best.

Unfortunately, I did get a call after midnight from my good mates Sandy of Bill and Sandy, my regular desk job duo in Blue Jay… Bill had been taken to hospital… bummer.  Hopefully he is OK and will be back feeling tip top soon.  That was a big concern for this RD… but as usual my Corona trio of Julia, Rick and Matt came to my aid.  What mates they are, dropped all their plans for race day to look after the old Wanker.  No one would have known I had a problem.  So my early morning drive in me truck up Ortega Hwy was somewhat tense.  But, right on time the four of us meet up at the iron-gate… giving the bad news was accepted and within seconds Julia my little Rose Bud had it all figured out.  We assembled the starting area and all was tip top for the rest of the day.  Magic in fact.

Some new runners arrived and of course my usual band of rowdies, hey what more can a man ask for.  4 mates brought me my favorite wine (my favorite wine being anything red and in a bottle), at least I will be happy for a few more days (4 at least)!  90 runners seemed to be very happy with the magic weather.  M and M my top of the hill aid station were settled and ready for the masses to arrive at the top of the first hill.  The lead group arrived and disappeared down Trabuco Trail, all I was hoping was me good old mate Doug Malewicki would be past the right turn you make at the dry river bed crossing to start the dreaded climb up Horse Thief.  He was and the markings were perfect as usual.

My job after the runners leave the campground is to reverse arrows and ribbons for the return and make sure Falcon trail is marked…. All in a day’s work of course.  My young friends back at the finish line were ready with the table settings and the Corona gang had the finish line ready.  I am lucky!  We gambled on who the winner would be, cos several of our previous speedsters did not show… maybe Horse Thief is too tough!  Big James Walsh came back to the 21K this year and did good to take first place overall.  He steamed across the finish line, not a course record, but close. Nearly 4 minutes later my mate Mark Donaldson crossed the tape… what a WTRS he has had this year. Third place was James Harrington, he loved it, even Horse Thief Trail… a sadist maybe.  In the women’s division there was only one winner… lovely 31 year-old Maggie ‘May’ Nelsen… she ran up HT by the way!  That may be why she came in the top 5 overall.   Second was Laura Morris, smiling of course. And Most Improved Ingrid Pedersen took third place.  Almost a third of our runners were of the fairer sex.  Again there were many stories told… some maybe true!  All the award winners did great.

Big Matt Ruiz always does a good job helping at the awards and the new series of questions went down well.  A Snail’s Pace again helped out with goodies.  A big thank you to lovely Astrid who handed out the handsome series sweatshirts to our 31 runners who finished all 4 races.   So my friends all in all things went magic… I might add the last to cross the finish line was young  Samantha, she had a tough day out there, but managed to regroup and finished with a smile with her two good mates waiting in Blue Jay.  I am hoping to see many of you next Sunday for the 3rd annual BashaRoo in Laguna Woods, please let me know you are attending.  It is nice to relax, drink a beer, tell a few lies and listen to rock and roll over hot Pizza.  Hey thanks to everyone who came to the series, whether you ran just one race or were lucky to run all 4 and receive the popular series sweat shirt.  Maybe 50K is too far, but I hope many will consider the March 1st date up at Blue Jay.  It is the final race before I move back to my little property near Yosemite National Park in Oakhurst.  The 25th running of the Shadow of the Giants 50K is June 7 in Fish Camp California… includes a nice 20K Fun Run on the 50K course.  My long time mate Rob McNair will be running his 25th Shadow, that is a good mate! Whatever you do the rest of the year, keep running, smiling and keep hugging good people.  That is your lot for now, Big BAZ deserves a nice red to finish off another Magic day.  My email address accepts all updates on your miserable lives, so write me.

 Much Love Big BAZ the RD XXXX

Results - 2014 WTRS 21K - February 15
1 James Walsh m 36 1:41:06
2 Mark Donaldson m 50 1:44:48
3 James Harrington m 37 1:49:06
4 Liam Clemons m 35 1:52:45
5 Maggie Nelsen f 31 1:52:54
6 Ramon Camacho m 31 1:53:40
7 Matt Ruiz m 33 1:54:09
8 Jimmy Adames m 46 2:00:31
9 Mike Bell m 32 2:02:10
10 Jacobus van Rensburg m 41 2:03:49
11 Laura Morris f 44 2:05:25
12 Ingrid Pedersen f 34 2:08:30
13 Skyler Wallace m 32 2:08:42
14 Ardy Azadgan m 31 2:11:58
15 Molly Kassouf f 43 2:12:10
16 Jezza Fetzer m 43 2:12:12
17 Ryan Privratsky m 46 2:12:32
18 Rob McNair m 59 2:13:23
19 Sue Zihlmann f 50 2:13:47
20 Rob McDearmon m 43 2:13:48
21 Carl Tedesco m 44 2:13:59
22 Paul Huffman m 56 2:14:26
23 Kevin Brown m 38 2:14:49
24 Annie Ciernia f 28 2:14:52
25 Coleen Reinertson f 47 2:16:00
26 Abdulaziz Alhazeen m 27 2:17:07
27 John Hanson m 40 2:17:34
28 Chip Butera m 55 2:17:35
29 Chris Barrier m 53 2:17:41
30 Jenny Fritzsche f 48 2:17:56
31 Jim Laurent m 49 2:17:59
32 Duane Darling m 60 2:22:06
33 Susan Winkelman f 34 2:22:41
34 Michelle Barton f 43 2:24:00
35 Jackie Dineen f 47 2:24:04
36 Stephen De La Cruz m 40 2:27:06
37 Carlos Santillan m 33 2:27:23
38 Joe Graziani m 31 2:28:05
39 Tom Doyle m 49 2:29:51
40 Steve Merrilees m 62 2:30:23
41 Julie Santillan f 31 2:30:40
42 Bill Trapp m 66 2:32:01
43 Kurt Erlandson m 59 2:32:38
44 Kathleen Gouldy f 32 2:33:01
45 Jay Olsen m 60 2:33:22
46 Eric Marking m 51 2:34:04
47 Jennifer Kavak f 22 2:34:33
48 Matthew Boone m 33 2:35:54
49 Tom De Nault m 49 2:37:27
50 Patrick Quealy m 38 2:37:31
51 Lauren Heim f 29 2:38:36
52 Bruce Urquhart m 56 2:40:33
53 Charlie Bachmann m 60 2:40:41
54 Gerald Yahr m 53 2:42:55
55 David Bourguignon m 41 2:43:52
56 Nancy Eiring f 40 2:44:55
57 Jim Vogl m 44 2:46:20
58 Mark Lindemann m 57 2:47:48
59 Hung Vo m 44 2:49:05
60 Rob Harris m 47 2:50:00
61 Peter Rowat m 72 2:50:20
62 Kyle Duggan m 30 2:51:21
63 Jeanene Warren f 44 2:51:30
64 Karyn Greene f 52 2:51:50
65 Andy Snipes m 28 2:53:11
66 A. J. Shaka m 55 2:53:30
67 Hans Christiansen m 52 2:54:39
68 Mark Turner m 50 2:54:56
69 Debbie Penko f 36 2:55:06
70 Jim Fricks m 61 2:56:15
71 Kristen Thorkelson f 42 2:56:30
72 Scott White m 49 2:56:57
73 William Clarkson m 43 2:57:40
74 Jennifer Cosco f 29 2:57:54
75 James Field m 44 2:58:03
76 Katrina Olsen f 22 3:02:49
77 John Loeschhorn m 69 3:06:55
78 Terri Fricks f 60 3:08:52
79 Rick Spencer m 64 3:11:12
80 Tammy Lackey f 46 3:12:48
81 Edgar Galdamez m 43 3:21:21
82 Sue Corralz f 45 3:21:25
83 Eric Adair m 51 3:24:26
84 Elizabeth Bachmann f 51 3:30:15
85 Alan Bonnemaison m 48 3:37:04
86 James Sewell m 56 3:49:32
87 Doug Malewicki m 74 4:15:06
88 Samantha Morcos f 21 4:19:00
2014 WTRS 21K GPS Summary
(A true 21K is 13.05 miles.  Website shows Elevation GAINS as 2,888 feet.)
Name Garmin Forerunner Model Distance (miles) Elevation GAINS (feet)
Mark Donaldson 210 12.50 2,687
Terri Fricks 910XT 12.56 2,989
Doug Malewicki 610, 12.75 2,875
  Average: 12.60 2,850
Actual kilometers =  20.33K  
2012 - Mark Donaldson 305 12.61 3,336
2013 - Mark Donaldson 305 12.64 3,458
The very first time we had a good group of modern GPS devices record the 21K was last year!  Click HERE to see the 2013 results.

The old 2007 data showed 3,407' of total ascents.  The 2014 data show on the left of 12.60 miles average and 2,850 feet of total ascents agrees beautifully with that 2013 data of of 12.63 miles and 2,888'.

21K photos provided by Michelle Barton & Doug Malewicki
(click on any any picture to see a larger detailed version)
(If you want the original full size files of any of these photos to print out, EMail: DMalewicki@cox.net
Identify it by section, row and column.  Free of course.)










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