November 1, 2014
50K Results

San Juan Trail 50K  - November 1, 2014

2014 SJT 50K Story

Well my running mates, we managed to get the race into the history books… just!  With all the weather forecasts that were out there early in the week I was getting worried. But, because of my mellow attitude, honesty and good living the powers that be gave us a real nice running day.  What made the low key race so special was you guys and gals… or maybe all the runners and the many magic volunteers.  There were no race day problems, maybe just one bib number we couldn’t account for, but all was tip top at the end and Bill and Sands accounted for all the 35 finishers.  Thanks guys.

Jon Clark "The Slayer" was happy with his controlled win.  A little concerned for the first few miles with a new runner he brought to the race… just didn’t tell him about the rocks going down Chiquita Trail. Evan pulled a ham string which caused him to stop at the Candy store… but he threatened "The Slayer" that he will be back to Blue Jay in the new year. Michael Gaylard came in 20 minutes behind to take second and me ole mate Big Tom Neilsen took third place, still has it at 54… wow that’s nearly old.  Long way to catch Bazza though!!!!

Mari Russell had a nice day in the woods… she stayed in front all day.  Local RD Molly Kassouf ran well to take second place in the women’s division and Katy Spencer took third.  All the runners I spoke to enjoyed the weather, although some felt a chilled coming home on the Main Divide Road at 4,000 feet.

Matt Ruiz enjoyed his fourth place considering his teaching work load and a tumble he took on Thursday marking the trail down to the Candy Store. The old fart Kurt Erlandson, now 60, was real pleased with his run and his first ever award at Blue Jay. Good training for his 100 miler in two weeks. Must recognize Andrea Randle; she had a great race. All the award winners where happy with their glass hardware… if someone didn’t pick up their award let me know. Much of the food that was not eaten ended up with me mates at the Fire Station… not the 2 bottles of red I got as a prezie.

OK, I hope to see some of you at the 2015 WTRS… all the race dates and info are posted on my BigBaz web site.  I have decided to cancel the SJT50K race I have posted for March 7, 2015… and make it a 30K which we have had before some time ago.  Me mate Doug will change the site soon.  Hey you have plenty of time to get some miles in before Jan 3… I just hope we can attract more newbies to the WTRS.  I know the calendar is full of races these days and our trail events have to be shared, all good for the trail running public.  A big difference to when I first started as an RD back in 1984, there again lots of things have changed in the sport,  mostly good of course.  Just want to wish everyone good wishes for all your endeavors through the Festive Season and get those hugs ready for the New Year up at Blue Jay…  Keep checking on my site for more romantic episodes in the life of an old wine drinking RD. Keep smiling, it costs nothing.

Much Love Big BAZ XXXX

2014 SJT 50K Results - November 1
1 Jon Clark m 40 4:49:50
2 Michael Gaylard m 39 5:09:10
3 Big Tom Nielson m 54 5:22:40
4 Matthew Ruiz m 34 5:28:22
5 Jorge Corral m 43 5:39:52
6 Brian Tomita m 40 6:05:31
7 Jezza Fetzer m 43 6:06:44
8 Mari Russell f 50 6:08:59
9 Kyle Fulmer m 33 6:12:04
10 Scott Keil m 43 6:16:02
11 Molly Kassouf f 43 6:20:59
12 Katy Spencer f 20 6:34:12
13 Julia Santillan f 31 6:41:28
14 Paul Pietsch m 44 6:41:28
15 Thao Tran m 44 6:46:06
16 Darryl Shedarosich m 54 6:47:46
17 Robert Franks m 46 6:51:01
18 Jessica Hardy f 43 7:05:15
19 Andrea Randle f 52 7:07:45
20 Markus Heon m 45 7:07:45
21 Steve De La Cruz m 40 7:11:06
22 Francisco Garcia m 39 7:11:37
23 Julie Canales f 43 7:13:20
24 Lindsey Janke f 28 7:21:12
25 Juan Jaurequi m 38 7:27:09
26 Kurt Erlandson m 60 7:29:17
27 Cynthie Cuno f 36 7:29:57
28 Hung Vo m 44 7:32:02
29 Ian Faller m 48 7:37:02
30 Chris Haines m 55 7:37:47
31 Ben Smith m 52 7:45:15
32 T Albert f 42 8:06:16
33 Junko Takeya f 43 8:14:37
34 Larry Gassen m 59 8:14:37
35 Larry Rich m 54 8:28:54

21K photos provided by Michelle Barton & Doug Malewicki
(click on any any picture to see a larger detailed version)
(If you want the original full size files of any of these photos to print out, EMail:
Identify it by section, row and column.  Free of course.)


Sam Mclure



Geezer Doug Malewicki finishes making a 100% biodegradable flour arrow to guide runners up the Main Divide. 

Mike Antrim, Jon Resnick & Sam McClure

 Jon Resnick, Sam McClure & Mike Antrim,

Jon Resnick is amazed at the bright red bark!



Poof!  Before we can even pull out a camera Jon Clark whooshes by at Mach .01!

Baz's mate Matt Ruiz

Big Tommy Nielson

Trabuco aid station super volunteer Maurie Bousquet with Sam McClure

Jorge Corral

Mike Antrim

Trail marking Doug with his ribbon dispenser and flour bag.

Mari Russell - 1st place woman turns around for a picture

Jezza Fetzer

The trail marking buddies

Molly Kassouf - 2nd overall woman

Andrea Randle with Markus Hoen

Juan Jaurequi

Thao Tran






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Next up is the San Juan Trail 50K Ultra on March 1st.