January 9, 2016
12K Results
HAPPY 24th Anniversary to the WTRS & Big Baz, RD

Winter Trail Run Series WTRS 12K Story - January 9, 2016

Hello each.  Well, did we have a magic day up at Blue Jay or what?  As you all know a race director’s job is to make sure all runners are entertained, have a nice run on a well-marked course and meet nice competitors who want to share the energy we give out. My little job was easy, one, I know most of the runners, and secondly the new visitors got up to speed very quickly with my silly stuff.  Thanks, as you can tell I enjoy my day too… abuse over the years goes both ways and I sure got my yearly quota at the first 2016 WTRS 12K… it is going to be hard to maintain our high standards.  Don’t think it would be the same if we had 500 runners at BJ, there would be some dick head who would take it all too serious.  Thanks guys.

OK a few words on the race itself… I really feel sorry for the 2 young runners who I found wandering on the wrong trail when I was returning from my direction-change on your way back to Blue Jay… I think me old mate Kiera wanted to stay and help and say high to all. Seems they missed the first turn at our new toilet location and stayed on the black top…. Many sorries guys hope you want to come back.  As for the 91 participants who took my advice in following the person in front, all seemed to have a magic run.  No complaints, usually I get some wanker who has to complain about something out on the tough trail. On a personal observation …. We are getting older and whether the festive season just adds those extra inches, but most of my old-time mates looked very jolly! That is my word (me being nice)!

Mr. Jon Clark set the pace and found he had no one to talk to after about the first half mile… that is his own fault!  Not too many stories from runners, yes a few falls, some blood, usual stuff.  Me mate Rick Herr twisted his ankle and allowed his good mate Matt Ruiz to pass him after about 5 miles.  At 49, I think big Rick is finished !!!! Joke Joyce! Big Adam ran his best race… only beating his dad by over an hour. The times they are a changing. I do want to thank Edvard Lundberg for his visit from Sweden… did good coming in 19th.  I think all the award winners were happy, nice to win something, especially the first timers to our little races. Jen Hollingworth, a first timer, beat some of our previous women winners… go girl! Lovely Laura Morris and RD Molly Kassouf came in second and third respectively only 61 seconds apart. All the smiling faces at the finish line told me everything.

We did have many late entrants, be nice if I knew you were coming earlier… not complaining of course! We must thank Bill and Sandy working the table. As for my mates Julia, Rick, Matt and Big Scott, again thanks… hey I am a lucky boy having such good help especially on race day, sure makes it easy for Big BAZ . Must thank Snail’s Pace for their donation and the goodies given by Big Rob at Asics. Hope you got a T-shirt… hope you like my TRAILS ROCK shirts I would like to sell… let me know if you want one, I will bring them to the 15K or I can mail them for another couple of bucks.  This year’s shirt will be available for those running 2 of the series races.  Obviously, I would love to see you all at all the races, but I do know there are other races on the calendar, good luck. To all the misfits who will return for more abuse, “muchas gracias”. 14 year old Amy Lambert will be back, nice to see the young folk putting up with the RD… thanks to mum and dad, of course.

Again if you want to request any changes to our little gathering, let me know next year!  Please enjoy your running, be safe out there and I will be at Blue Jay on January 23rd.  Bring a friend maybe.  We will talk about having a little bash after the 21K to celebrate something.  My series has meant a lot to me the last 27 years, shit where did all that time go.  Much Love as always.  Big BAZZA XXXX

Results - 2016 WTRS 12K - January 9
1 Jon Clark m 41 1:00:37
2 Matt Ruiz m 35 1:04:07
3 Rick Herr m 49 1:04:57
4 Zachary Wilcox m 26 1:05:54
5 Adam VanBerckelaer m 38 1:07:59
6 Cameron Ware m 24 1:09:16
7 Jimmy Adames m 48 1:09:56
8 Alex Kuhn m 30 1:10:28
9 Ben Hien m 46 1:11:10
10 Jezza Fetzer m 45 1:11:33
11 Jacobus Vanrensberg m 43 1:12:24
12 Weston Popichak m 28 1:12:37
13 Guston Fieldhouse m 49 1:12:53
14 Stephen De La Cruz m 41 1:13:48
15 Rob McDearmon m 44 1:16:05
16 Jen Hollingworth f 33 1:16:15
17 Mark Kelly m 52 1:16:28
18 Jason Baldwin m 40 1:18:20
19 Edvard Lundberg m 28 1:18:24
20 Ryan Privratsky m 48 1:18:29
21 PJ Quealy m 40 1:18:47
22 Laura Morris f 46 1:19:16
23 Stuart Glick m 57 1:19:32
24 Larry Davidson m 59 1:19:57
25 Molly Kassouf f 45 1:20:17
26 Jessica Modica f 36 1:20:19
27 Ekaterina Hardin f 31 1:21:20
28 Tim Hughes m 66 1:21:40
29 Steve Van Slyke m 49 1:22:01
30 Amy Lambert f 14 1:22:26
31 Steve Sponagle m 60 1:23:04
32 Thomas Gey m 63 1:23:22
33 Randy Mulpas m 52 1:23:31
34 Ted McKay m 57 1:23:49
35 Diana Greenwood f 53 1:25:01
36 Geoff Smith m 40 1:25:10
37 Phillip Anthony m 44 1:26:12
38 Chris Futterer m 49 1:26:24
39 Hunter Burdette m 21 1:26:39
40 Margaret Human f 51 1:26:50
41 Eric Hass m 46 1:28:16
42 Len Wittrock m 50 1:29:42
43 David Bourgignon m 43 1:32:00
44 John Thrane m 57 1:32:08
45 Noemie Neipert f 36 1:33:30
46 Kyle Duggan m 32 1:34:10
47 Greg Tice m 59 1:34:36
48 Lester Neipert m 44 1:34:48
49 Helene Nilsson f 52 1:35:38
50 Scott White m 51 1:35:51
51 Karyn Greene f 54 1:36:30
52 Michela Hendricks f 38 1:36:44
53 Erin Chamberlain f 36 1:36:50
54 Mark Turner m 52 1:36:52
55 Gene Van Buren m 44 1:37:42
56 Peter Van Zitter m 61 1:38:34
57 Tom St. John m 34 1:38:54
58 Michelle Barton f 41 1:38:54
59 Johnathon St. John m 39 1:38:59
60 Pontus Nilsson m 53 1:39:10
61 Jim Fricks m 63 1:40:21
62 Taylor Payne f 21 1:40:34
63 Andrew Bisom m 60 1:40:51
64 Charlie Bachman m 62 1:41:13
65 Mason White m 13 1:42:05
66 Stephen White m 51 1:42:05
67 Mikelle Daily f 45 1:42:53
68 Brian McLeod m 56 1:43:50
69 Liam Arenas m 13 1:44:04
70 Mark Linderman m 58 1:45:05
71 Greg Bard m 58 1:45:50
72 Sophia Van Slyke f 12 1:46:48
73 James Miller m 66 1:47:13
74 Tiffany Forster f 30 1:48:50
75 Pete Anson m 59 1:49:10
76 Carol Ruprecht f 56 1:49:15
77 Steve Harvey m 71 1:49:28
78 Jan Van Slyke f 52 1:49:42
79 James Field m 46 1:50:40
80 Lisa McKowan f 36 1:52:53
81 Michael Stein m 45 1:55:25
82 Shane Portnoff m 42 1:55:35
83 Kat Cobb f 41 1:56:58
84 Elizabeth Bachman f 53 1:58:28
85 Doug Malewicki m 76 2:01:23
86 Shannon Wilmoth f 18 2:05:14
87 Ron Wilmoth m 60 2:05:21
88 John Reardon m 44 2:08:59
89 Dan Sciortino m 38 2:11:08
90 Stephanie Wilmoth f 58 2:11:32
91 Bigus D Vanberckelaer m 68 2:12:50
  Garret Shope m 23  
  Laine Varela f 16  

PHOTOS WILL BE POSTED BY SUNDAY AFTERNOON, with contributions from others added over the next few days.
12K Photos by... Michele Barton, Edvard Lundberg & Doug Malewicki
please email corrections to DMalewicki@cox.net.  Thanks.

(Click on any any picture to see a larger detailed version)
(If you want an original full size of any of these photos to print out, EMail: DMalewicki@cox.net
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Edvard Lundgren from Sweden, Doug Malewicki, Big Baz, Andrew Bisom & Karen Greene


Mark Linderman & Edvard

Steve Sponagle, Michelle Barton, Thomas Gey & Jess Dyrenforth

Molly, Michelle & Steve

OK runners. - Listen up!

I promise there will be no rain today.

Yeah says Ekatrina Hardin


Who came the farthest distance to my 12K?

I am the boss!

Siberia, Sweden and California

On your mark....


Ted McKay gets a high 5 from BigBaz as he finishes.

John Reardon gets a congratulations from RD Big Baz after crossing the finishing line.

Bigus D Vanberckelaer just after finishing



Michelle Barton and Steve Sponagle
David Bourgignon in his traditional anti-breast cancer outfit


Famous RD Big Baz Hawley

Matt Ruiz 2nd overall in 1:04:07

Jon Clark Overall winner in 1:00:37!

Michelle Barton 1st woman 40-49


Post race fun and  WTRS RAFFLE GOODIES!

David kneels as he brings a beer to King Baz.

27 Year old WTRS race shirt!

Doug, Edvard, Michelle, Baz & Dr. Mark Kelly.



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