January 23, 2016
15K Results

Winter Trail Run Series 15K Report - January 23, 2016

Big Baz's 2016 WTRS 15K Story

How lucky I am to have so many good mates around in one day, especially when you get into an age group I will not mention.  I feel sorry for the others my age! Hey “That’s Life”, as Francis Albert Sinatra would say, of course you all remember him in The Man with the Golden Arm… Billy May wrote the sound track to the movie back in the late 50’s I think! OK, you don’t remember.

Well, my dears, we were not alone in the woods for the 2016 15K WTRS race. I arrived a little earlier to mark the first mile of the course, hate for you to get lost in the first mile, as happened at the 12K.  By the time I hit Lower Blue Jay just before 6:30 am there was a car already positioned near the start area… of course, I thought it was a runner.  But no, it was young folks visiting an over-night couple who had took up camp in our area.  A no no, I might add cos I pay extra to reserve our start and finish area from the Forest Service. In my quiet demure way, as you all know, I suggested they would have to move. The story gets more involved, but lucky for old bazza I did not get into trouble and the uniformed FS guys did their thing.  Also on the subject, I have never seen so many people on the trails in my 32 years of race directing in the Blue Jay area.  Lucky for us they were a friendly group of about 40 people plus dog strutting their stuff heading out to Sugar Loaf. They were impressed with the runners and kindly respected the racers and stood aside when they heard heavy breathing.

I managed to greet everyone at about the mile mark… the front group said hi, but I could see the heat was on. Obviously, everyone was happy it wasn’t raining as we were told it could be. My challenge is always to get the redirecting done before the first runner arrives back at LBJ… Mr. Clark beat me at the 12K...the swine!

My good mates Julia and hubby Rick Herr were ready with the stop watch at the finish line. The food and drinks were already set up with additional help from my non-runner friends. Thanks guys. Didn’t have to wait long before 2 figures came into view through the trees, just seconds apart Jon Clark managed to hold off Liam Clemons in a very respectable time.  Clarky told me he really had a job on his hands the whole race and respectfully gave Liam plenty of kudos.  Third place was me mate Matt Ruiz, probably the most improving runner in the 74 starters. The top 10 runners sure enjoyed a perfect running day. 12K winner Jen Hollingsworth again proved she is really in form by winning again in an impressive time, but only 2 minutes in front of lovely Laura Morris.  Ingrid O’Keefe returned to Blue Jay after being missed for a few years (had a baby) and took 3rd place only 25 seconds behind Laura. All the award winners were real happy. Sorry my mate screwed up with the color of the large race shirts… shit happens he said. Matt and Jezza always take control of the awards presentation and the light hearted quiz questions. What would I do without all the magic help I get including my mate Linda Kessman who helped with marking the course the day before.

Well, 2 races to go and then we have a new leader in Blue Jay for the WTRS.  I know Molly will do good.  She is concerned about being a little quieter than yours truly, but I am trying to lift her game in presentation and have promised if needed I will help out… how could I not stay involved. All of you I have known for so many years have made it all worth every minute of my time. I can hear a violin playing in the back ground!  So get ready for the 18K on the 6th… I do realize there are so many good races you can choose to run, but come back and make my day.  The 21K is awaiting for the really adventurous, but we plan to have something special back at Blue Jay when you finish, more info on my site. I just hope we can hang around and suck on a few tubes to celebrate me falling off the perch being the RD.  If you see any of the older runners that used to attend remind them to come along. Just a special thanks to Scott and Dave, having your pleasant comments at each race makes my life worth living, who the fu,,, needs enemies when I have friends like you guys. Thanks to all I had another magic Saturday, now I need a quiet wine!    Much Love Big BAZ XXX

 Results - 2016 WTRS 15K- January 23
1 Jon Clark m 41 1:09:30
2 Liam Clemons m 37 1:09:36
3 Matt Ruiz m 35 1:12:24
4 Darren Cox m 45 1:13:42
5 Mark Donaldsom m 52 1:15:11
6 Wesley Ewart m 21 1:18:38
7 Jimmy Adames m 48 1:18:44
8 Guston Fieldhouse m 49 1:20:08
9 Jason Baldwin m 40 1:21:49
10 Steven De La Cruz m 41 1:22:48
11 Jacobus Vanrensberg m 43 1:24:08
12 Jen Hollingsworth f 33 1:25:45
13 Ryan Privratsky m 48 1:25:48
14 Antonio Huerta m 31 1:26:01
15 PJ Quealy m 40 1:26:04
16 Kevin Brown m 40 1:26:31
17 Weston Popichak m 28 1:27:18
18 Laura Morris f 46 1:27:40
19 Ingrid O'Keefe f 36 1:28:05
20 Jezza Fetzer m 45 1:28:40
21 Tim Hughes m 66 1:30:28
22 Ted McKay m 57 1:31:06
23 Steve Sponagle m 60 1:31:11
24 Mark Haskins m 47 1:31:45
25 Raymundo Huerta m 35 1:31:51
26 Jess Dyrenforth m 46 1:31:56
27 Molly Kassouf f 45 1:32:53
28 Matt Schnitzer m 24 1:34:01
29 David Wilson m 54 1:34:24
30 Thomas Gey m 63 1:35:26
31 Arnold Gaunt m 54 1:35:44
32 Diana Greenwood f 53 1:37:51
33 Eddie Nani m 35 1:38:26
34 Doug Pollock m 41 1:41:30
35 Dave Bourguignon m 43 1:42:48
36 Scott White m 51 1:43:33
37 Kyle Duggan m 32 1:44:07
38 Gerald Yahr m 55 1:44:33
39 Chip Butera m 57 1:44:33
40 Jessica Modica f 36 1:44:35
41 Karyn Greene f 54 1:45:20
42 Brian Murphy m 52 1:45:40
43 John Hanson m 42 1:45:57
44 Helene Nilsson f 52 1:46:45
45 Tiffany Forster f 30 1:47:04
46 Andrea Willems f 46 1:47:27
47 Mark Turner m 52 1:47:39
48 Liam Arenas-Field m 13 1:49:33
49 Mikelle Daily f 45 1:49:34
50 Jodi Marvel f 36 1:49:43
51 Scott Homan m 55 1:50:00
52 Michela Hendricks f 39 1:50:36
53 Christy Bartlett f 42 1:51:54
54 Sophia Van Slyke f 12 1:51:55
55 Steve Van Slyke m 49 1:51:57
56 Pontus Nilsson m 53 1:53:13
57 Craig Reese m 51 1:54:06
58 Peter Van Zitter m 61 1:54:36
59 James Miller m 66 1:55:20
60 Pete Anson m 59 1:56:40
61 Kurt Erlandson m 61 1:57:18
62 Michelle Barton f 41 1:59:00
63 Steve Harvey m 71 1:59:23
64 Carol Ruprecht f 56 1:59:43
65 Melanie Weir f 51 2:00:17
66 Mark Linderman m 58 2:00:28
67 James Field m 46 2:03:04
68 Brian Stowe m 54 2:03:20
69 Bonnie Leatherwood f 36 2:13:50
70 Renee Leatherwood f 38 2:13:50
71 Michael Stein m 46 2:16:59
72 Elizabeth Bachman f 53 2:18:02
73 Doug Malewicki m 76 2:18:02
74 Brad McGee m 55 2:22:42

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15K race photos contributed by Arnold Gaunt, Jess Dyrenforth, Michelle Barton & Doug Malewicki



Kurt Erlandson
Karyn Greene and Molly Kassouf interrupting Big Baz's pre- race talk.

Little does anyone know that Big Baz is actually a one-of-a-kind synthetic human android controlled by unseen comedians and assorted super heroes.

Arnold Gaunt takes one more sip before the race.

This way mates!






12 year old (!) Sophia Van Slyke finished in 1:51:55 (1st woman under 20)


Mark Linderman wins trail owie of the race award. 
There were others!

Michele Barton had a birthday earlier in the week

Symbolic Badwater Buckle cake!

Very yummy birthday cake by Chef Steve Sponagle

Arnold, Steve, Michelle, Jess and Dad Doug




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