February 6, 2016
18K Results

Winter Trail Run Series 18K
 Story - February 6, 2016

G’Day to one and ALL

What a magic day, I love this El Nino or whatever it is called.  When I arrived at Blue Jay in the dark to finish off the trail marking, it was colder than a witch’s tit.  Did what I had to do and retreated to Lower BJ, where I thought it may be warmer… Not!  But because I am a very lucky bloke the weather gods came to the rescue and the day became the best day of the year.  Julia, Rick, Matt and big Scott arrived on time as usual to help set up the complicated procedure of assembling the EZ-ups and those tricky fold out tables.  How lucky am I to have so much talent helping on race day.  The gambling board was made up by big Scott, totally out of my engineering skills trust me.  Lovely Jackie was the first to sign up on race day, then the masses arrived, but not to worry Julia and hubby Rick and the new star of the forest trails Matt Ruiz took the very tricky job at the registration table in their stride. Of course, my 30 odd years of being an RD was available to help where needed.  Hey let’s face it smart people rule!!!!

Remembering all the kind words I received before the start was magic… one fu…g joker asked what I intended to do not being able to put on races… move into an old peoples home, he asked.  What a prick, I already live in Laguna Woods!  He will not be at the 21K!!!  As for the few who remembered I like red wine, thanks, I have one open right now, I love that 2 dollar shit!

I was happy with the 57 starters, getting tough to get that 150 runners the Forest Service accept. So many other running events going on at weekends these last few years…. But I might add our new RD Molly will bring a nice addition with her already long list of runners she has. She will attend the 21K.

OK, we got the runners out of the campground OK… Jon Clark was followed by my new hero Mr. Ruiz, all the runners were happy the temperature had climbed into the 60’s. Sorry for a couple of starters that maybe didn’t get to the 2 mile mark before falling…. Dam rocks! They will be back on the 20th. I did my usual chore of redirecting the course… felt a little funny to be doing it for the last time!  I did have Kurt Erlandson with me for the first couple of miles… giving him instructions on how to pick up all the ribbons. He did good for a first timer at 61 years of age!  By the time I got back to LBJ my Kids had prepared the food table and had the finish line table set up, they do good work. I have been so bloody lucky since they came on board, seems no job is too much. I do know Big Rick will be running in the 21K… his foot problem has nearly repaired.

OK let’s move on, I need to open another bottle!  Jon went on to win, me mate Darren Cox was happy with his second place overall and of course math teacher Matt wasn’t far behind to take 3rd place. In the lovely lady division Jenny Fritsche came in 15th overall and Jackie Dineen was only minutes behind and my little darling Karyn Greene couldn’t stop smiling when she received her 3rd place overall woman’s award.  All the age-group winners were happy with the nice glass ware. Our very young award winners were very well received… magic to see those school kids battling on the tough trails, that’s our future of course.

OK this is me winding down… how we can improve the running experience we all share in Blue Jay will not be easy, I really have made some magic mates over the years. I look forward to another special day on Feb 20… don’t forget we will be fixing some magic Mexican delights for your pleasure. If you want to bring anything to add to the festivities after the race, magic!  Big Scott is in charge of the SB Rules and we will post the winners etc, etc. This is me going for a piddle… Enjoy your day and I hope to see you on the 20th. 

Until that time, enjoy being the best you can. Much Love Big BAZ XXX   bazhawley@sti.net

Results - 2016 WTRS 18K - February 6

1 Jon Clark m 41 1:20:52
2 Darren Cox m 45 1:25:15
3 Matt Ruiz m 35 1:27:53
4 Jose Luna m 50 1:31:11
5 Jimmy Adames m 46 1:34:47
6 Jason Baldwin m 40 1:37:01
7 Jezza Fetzer m 45 1:38:13
8 Kevin Brown m 40 1:39:57
9 Dave Brobeck m 43 1:41:30
10 Ryan Privratsky m 48 1:44:28
11 Tim Hughes m 67 1:46:33
12 Rob McDearmon m 45 1:49:32
13 Steve Sponagle m 60 1:51:48
14 Guston Fieldhouse m 49 1:52:30
15 Jenny Fritsche f 50 1:53:01
16 David Wilson m 54 1:54:00
17 Phillip Anthony m 45 1:55:50
18 Thomas Gey m 63 1:56:51
19 Jackie Dineen f 48 1:57:26
20 Doug Pollock m 41 2:02:36
21 Scott White m 51 2:03:30
22 John Thrane m 57 2:05:27
23 Karyn Greene f 54 2:05:35
24 Scott Homan m 55 2:07:02
25 Greg Tice m 59 2:07:08
26 Kyle Duggan m 32 2:08:03
27 Liam Arenas-Field m 13 2:09:30
28 Dave Bourguignon m 43 2:11:21
29 Mark Turner m 52 2:12:20
30 Sophia Van Slyke f 12 2:15:44
31 Steve Van Slyke m 49 2:15:45
32 Carol Ruprecht f 56 2:16:11
33 Michela Hendricks f 39 2:17:06
34 Lisa McKowan f 37 2:17:18
35 Charlie Bachman m 62 2:17:40
36 James Miller m 66 2:17:45
37 Shane Portnoff m 42 2:19:22
38 Mark Lindemann m 59 2:20:31
39 Craig Reese m 51 2:20:34
40 Michelle Barton f 44 2:21:48
41 Jim Fricks m 63 2:23:25
42 Pontus Nilsson m 53 2:24:39
43 Steve Harvey m 71 2:25:05
44 Brian Stowe m 54 2:26:30
45 James Field m 46 2:28:58
46 Andrew Bisom m 60 2:29:06
47 Michael Stein m 45 2:29:14
48 Sandy Salisbury f 62 2:29:21
49 Kendra Blankenship f 40 2:29:22
50 Bonnie Leatherwood f 36 2:29:23
51 Pete Anson m 59 2:30:49
52 Doug Malewicki m 76 2:33:15
53 Shannon Wilmoth f 18 2:58:28
54 Ron Wilmoth m 60 2:58:28
55 Dan Sciortino m 38 2:58:40

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18K race photos contributed by Steve Sponagle, Michelle Barton & Doug Malewicki.



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Doug Malewicki, Big Baz and Michelle Barton





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