February 20, 2016
21K Results

Winter Trail Run Series 21K  - February 20, 2016

2016 WTRS 21K Story

Good evening, about 5:45 PM on Saturday.

I really do have mixed feelings, something tells me after 32 years of organizing trail races off Ortega Highway do I want to pull the plug. But after today’s Magic event in Blue Jay Campground, I feel the stars did align for one last time.  The winter weather was magic, the great turn-out and the pleasure of spending another 4 hours with my best mates could not be repeated, knowing lovely Molly is taking charge, I feel real confident you will all be in good hands and the magic will continue for many more years. With more good health you never know I could be at the starting line next year.

The supply of wine I have stowed away on my rack will remind me of all the memorable times in the Cleveland Nation Forest at the WTRS.  Judging by your nice comments it really has been worth the experience for one and all over the last 20 plus years. Just too many personal stories come to mind at each and every race, I wonder what the mugs at other races out there do for fun!

I would give my left nut to have been able to run in the race this morning. Watching you all pass me on the road above Lower Blue Jay was something I will never forget.  Jon Clark had made his usual early move, even some campers watching had to be thinking - how does he run so fast and it is only the first mile! It amazes me too, but I have to give credit to all the starters, knowing the challenge they have ahead.  My good mate Maurie was already in his position at the top of the first hill before you turn down Trabuco Trail.  Mr. Clark took only 15 minutes to run the two and a half miles to where you turn right and start the climb up lovely Horse Thief Trail. By now his lead is substantial, but even having the flu that has been around didn’t stop him thinking of running the switch backs up to the Main Divide. Once on the MDR he still tried hard to now break his best time, unfortunately he only ran 1:40:33… tough! Queen of the Mountain, Laura Morris, had a challenging race to beat Molly Kassouf by less than 60 seconds.  Jen Hollingsworth came third just behind Molly.  Must say no one had a negative comment, as if I would listen anyway!!!! I heard one couple didn’t feel there were enough markings going down Trabuco… shit, how can you get lost on a single trail, my magic map tells the story.

Time now to thank my Kids, Julia, Rick and Matt and, of course, all the many people who help out at the finish line. Big Jezza enjoys his time on the trail and always offers his commanding voice at the awards.   All the magic moments just seem to happen nicely at every race. Hope the series finishers enjoyed their sweat shirts, I think we had over 25 runners finishing all 4 races.

OK time for another wine… I just feel that over all the years I have been involved in trail running including being a runner and an RD, they have been by far the best years of my sporting life. I have watched every one of you take on the tough challenges of the sport and can say there isn’t anything I could feel better about when everyone gets to the finish line and we can enjoy a beer and have fun. I wish you all well whatever your next trail adventure. I will try to return to the WTRS each year to keep you on your toes. You do have a chance for one last Big BAZ extravaganza, that is my Shadow of the Giants 50K, including my 20K Fun Run on June 11 up in Fish Camp, just outside the south entrance to the very world famous Yosemite National Park.  I will move back up to my little property in Oakhurst in mid-April, so use my email to connect if needed with any questions. Following that I will return to spend most of my drinking time in the Laguna Woods occupational center.  Feel free to offer me nights out for a few hugs. One last question… “How do you keep a sex maniac in suspense”…. Tell you next time in Blue Jay!

Enjoy life and never give up….  Much Love Big BAZ XXOOXXOOXX

Results - 2015 WTRS 21K - Feb 20
1 Jon Clark m 45 1:40:33
2 Mark Donaldson m 52 1:47:39
3 Matt Ruiz m 35 1:48:22
4 Jose Luna m 50 1:50:44
5 Guston Fieldhouse m 49 1:54:16
6 Jeff Dinkin m 50 1:54:24
7 Jimmy Adames m 48 1:57:09
8 Steve Livingston m 47 1:58:53
9 Derek Garland m 30 1:59:11
10 Jezza Fetzer m 45 2:00:05
11 Antonio Huerta m 31 2:00:38
12 Evodio Neri m 44 2:01:17
13 Ventura Gallegos m 41 2:01:56
14 Jason Baldwin m 40 2:03:36
15 Kurt Whittington m 38 2:04:50
16 Jacobus Vanrensburg m 43 2:05:36
17 Kevin Brown m 40 2:06:26
18 Trevor Cox m 36 2:06:43
19 Laura Morris f 46 2:08:20
20 Adam Van Berckelaer m 38 2:09:07
21 Molly Kassouf f 45 2:09:11
22 Jen Hollingsworth f 33 2:10:05
23 Ryan Privratsky m 48 2:10:43
24 Stuart Glick m 57 2:11:15
25 Tim Hughes m 67 2:12:34
26 Steven Sponagle m 60 2:12:35
27 Steve Peterson m 47 2:15:05
28 Maximo Roldan m 53 2:16:54
29 Rob McDearmon m 45 2:17:01
30 Robert Harris m 56 2:17:46
31 Arnold Gaunt m 54 2:18:18
32 Doug Hall m 60 2:19:10
33 Jenny Fritzsche f 50 2:19:25
34 Eric Burton m 44 2:19:52
35 David Paul m 42 2:19:56
36 Julie Blackwell f 33 2:20:01
37 Rick Herr m 49 2:20:25
38 Tom Gey m 63 2:21:34
39 Nick Moscos m 58 2:23:11
40 Weston Popichak m 29 2:25:04
41 David Wilson m 54 2:25:42
42 Chris Quenneville m 57 2:29:23
43 Greg Tice m 59 2:30:51
44 Geoff Smith m 40 2:32:24
45 John Thrane m 57 2:32:35
46 Sharon Dressel f 48 2:33:00
47 Jim Warren m 63 2:33:25
48 Linda Kessman f 56 2:34:21
49 Kyle Duggan m 32 2:34:24
50 Karyn Greene f 54 2:36:52
51 Stacy Bracken f 52 2:37:35
52 Eddie Nani m 36 2:37:54
53 Chris Futterer m 49 2:38:01
54 Jamie McPherson f 26 2:38:41
55 Louise Thornber f 47 2:40:22
56 Joanne Kurtzer f 46 2:40:22
57 Ray Reale m 52 2:41:24
58 Dave Bourguignon m 43 2:42:17
59 Liam Arenas-Field m 13 2:42:17
60 Bob Morris m 63 2:43:47
61 Sophia Van Slyke f 12 2:43:48
62 Steven Van Slyke m 49 2:43:54
63 Michela Hendricks f 39 2:45:38
64 Lisa McKowan f 37 2:47:10
65 Pontus Nilsson m 53 2:47:15
66 Vicki Reale f 42 2:51:45
67 Scott Homan m 55 2:51:59
68 Shane Portnoff m 42 2:53:51
69 Kristin Blaney f 45 2:54:46
70 Dan Shulstad m 57 2:55:30
71 Andrew Bisom m 60 2:56:05
72 Jim Fricks m 63 2:56:31
73 Carol Ruprecht f 56 2:58:24
74 Ankineedu Bolla m 41 3:00:46
75 Terry Fricks f 62 3:00:46
76 Dan Sciortino m 38 3:01:18
77 Mark Lindemman m 59 3:02:25
78 John Loeschhorn m 71 3:03:46
79 James Field m 46 3:06:19
80 Jim Vogl m 46 3:06:34
81 Brian Stowe m 54 3:07:06
82 Emmit Rahl m 44 3:08:11
83 Craig Reese m 51 3:12:05
84 Sandy Salisbury f 62 3:15:21
85 Art Acebedo m 49 3:23:14
86 Chris Diaz m 56 3:24:17
87 Doug Malewicki m 76 3:28:25
88 Giovanna Gibson f 55 3:33:43
89 Michael Stein m 45 3:35:41
90 Ray Menzies m 66 3:44:17
91 Jeremy Howes m 44 3:51:58

21K photos provided by Arnold Gaunt, Karyn Greene, Michelle Barton, Steve Sponagle, Wilkie Irwandy & Doug Malewicki
(click on any any picture to see a larger detailed version)
(If you want the original full size files of any of these photos to print out, EMail: DMalewicki@cox.net
Identify it by section, row and column.  Free of course.)




Lian Arenas-Field turned 13 and had this awesome cake.  He was  first place in men under 20 years old with a time of 2:42:17

I don't know anyone except Liam who ever rated an appropriate FLASH birthday cake (certainly not Baz himself).

Happy Birthday Liam!



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AND all the way from Sweden wearing his Big Baz WTRS Shirt is Edvard Lundberg who was out to the USA and ran this years WTRS 12K.  He sent this selfie from his gym after he just set a new deadlift PR of 230 kilograms = 506 lbs.  He said it was the WTRS shirt and the Big Baz ENERGY it exuded that did the trick!

His friends from around the world